Lithia Napier

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    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
    1.   2.1  Ideals
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family: Napier
    2.   3.2  Relations
  4.   4.  Skills and Inventory
    1.   4.1  Abilities
    2.   4.2  Inventory
  5.   5.  History
    1.   5.1  Achievements

Lithia is the daughter of Axelle Napier and Itzal, born in Anathema on May 7th, 2014 alongside her sister Tzila Napier. During her time in Anathema, Lithia honed skills in spying, manipulating, stealth, secrets trade, trading, and divination. She worked up towards the Oriax rank and held it until her eventual leave and betrayal of her birthplace in April 2016. After being rejected, threatened, abandoned by her mother and father, and ultimately becoming bored with her life in the pack, Lithia went scouting in the West for something new and met Kin Collins who invited her to join Sapient. Later that same night, Lithia returned to her home, gathered her sister and her slave, Totem, and headed out for Sapient leaving Anathema behind them.

In April 2016, Lithia, alongside her sister and slave, sold Anathema's secrets and security for entrance to her new pack. Despite feeling as though she could have gotten on Aeron Ganesa's good side, she doesn't regret what she had done and revokes all loyalties to her birth pack.






  • Date of Birth: 07 May 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Government Estate
  • Mate: --
  • Pack: Sapient (28 Apr 2016)
  • Rank: Parva
  • Previous Packs:
  • cNPC: Totem
  • yNPC:
    • none
  • Minor NPCs:
    • Gezi (pinto stallion)



  • None at the moment, sorry!

Sapient members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Lithia around the territory either by herself, or with Tzila or Totem
    • OK to assume general conversation; anything more intricate, please PM me first!!
  • Seeing Lithia training (hand-to-hand, short swords) or practicing Voodoo/Divination (scrying with rocks, or reading Voodoo books)

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Lithia is a wolf coyote hybrid, though mostly resembles the wolf-side of her heritage. She sports subtle differences in her appearance, such as larger ears.
  • Fur: Due to both her coyote and Iranian wolf heritage, Lithia's fur is thin and smooth.
    • Optime Hair: Lithia's hair is usually worn long, and she often cuts her bangs a little shorter. When she doesn't wear it long, Lithia braids her hair to the side.
  • Facial Features: She has the features of a Wolf: large nose, broad muzzle, and larger ears - but they are not pointed.
  • Build and Size: Lithia has a lean, solid body type, and stands at a comfortable height at 6'5" (in Optime form). Lithia always holds herself proudly and confidently, due her narcissistic and self-aware nature.
    • Lupus: In this form, Lithia assumes an average size. Her muscles ripple beneath her fur, but do not make her bulky.
      • This is similar in Secui form as well. Only when in Secui form, her legs are elongated, her fur is shaggier, and her muscles are well-defined.
    • Optime: Lithia is lean and tall in her Optime form. Her body is toned and she stands at 6' 5" in this form. She often wears clothes and even sometimes braids her hair.
  • Humanization: Medium — Lithia prefers this form and often wears clothing, jewelry, accessories, and uses swords, bows, and daggers for weapons. Check out Lithia's Accessories.


Coloration and Palette

  • Nose, Claws, and Paw Pads: Black
General Colors
Tide (#B5B0AB)
Thunder (#151014)
Wild Strawberry (#FD38A7)

Above (c) Requiem
Art (c) Khalliys


xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


Lithia rarely ever uses this form.

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)


She only uses this form to hunt or attack in feral form.

xx lbs (xx kg)
6ft 5in (xx in / xx cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Lithia uses this form the most because many of her everyday tasks require hands. She is usually found in this form, and rarely found in her others.


1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Location, description, how it was obtained.
  • Piercings:
    • 2 silver rings in the top of her left ear
  • Tattoos: None.


  • Speech: idk yet :o
  • Scent: marsh, rust, wood, stone, horses
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Lithia has been obsessed with Kentaro Lykoi since she was a pup, but after her dedication to him was rudely rejected, she now hates him.
    • Lithia generally prefers to act like a loner when meeting strangers, due to Anathema's smeared reputation.
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Lithia is generally imposing, demanding. She probably makes timid company uncomfortable.


Lithia will wear anything that compliments her, but normally gravitates to a skirt, belt (equipped with various explorer tools, weapons, water, herbs, etc.), and a forest-neutral-colored shirt. She prefers non-constricting clothing because she often climbs trees, runs, and hunts.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • A silver rivets necklace, given to her by her mom for her Rast.
  • Occasionally wears an old Victorian ruby necklace, given to her by Kentaro Lykoi for her Rast. She doesn't show it, but she cherishes this piece of jewelry.
  • Sometimes wears a side fanny (minus the gears) to hold her things.
  • Acquired a spell bottle (Psychic Enchantment), given to her by the Ved'maova sisters for her Rast Ceremony. She doesn't wear it, but often carries it with her when she does divination.


  • Leather skirt (black), made by Szenne
  • Crop top (back) for some occasions, worn in this color (#764E64).
  • Loose-fitted tank-top in deep forest green (#32372E).


  • Short Swords (2): Only used when engaging in serious battle or training.
  • Dagger: Used in close-contact situations, such as hand-to-hand or martial arts fighting styles.
  • Hand-to-Hand: Used in all other times - seen here during her fight with Khyren.

2.  Personality

Alpha Bitch · The Fighting Narcissist · Beauty is Bad · Death Glare · Faux Affably Evil
Influences: Azula · Astrid

  • In favor of Slaves. Accepts slaves and their treatment. She believes that, for whatever reasons, they were unfortunate to wind up in that situation, they deserve their experiences, and if they were strong enough, they could break away from slavery. However, some slaves are just broken to be loyal and serve.
  • Intolerable of Disrespect. If disrespected, Lithia will make sure she lets the opposer know. If she is further disrespected, she will correct the issue either vocally or forcefully.
  • Narcissistic. Loves herself before anyone else.
    • Selfish. Chooses the option that is most convenient or beneficial to her before helping anyone else.
  • Spoiled. Always gets what she wants.
  • Literal-Minded. Takes everything too serious.
  • Determined. Will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She is driven by power and domination like her mother, though not in the sense where she wants to usurp a leader and take over. Instead, Lithia strives for domination over others.
  • Controlled. Always in complete control of herself, whether it is controlling her impulses or her emotions.
  • Distrustful. Doesn't see the best in others, and will often push away relationships because she doesn't trust their intentions.
  • Emotionless. Doesn't show emotions outwardly. Sure, she feels them, thinks about them, freaks out about them - but never shows them.
  • Manipulative. Doesn't take friends or relationships seriously. Instead she just uses her friends like expendables and manipulates them into doing what she wants, when she wants it.

2.1  Ideals


Controlling, narcissistic, manipulative, dramatic, indifferent

  • Outlook:
    • Optimistic: She usually holds a positive outlook on things, even when her divination tells her otherwise.
  • Sociability:
    • Extroverted: She is unafraid to voice her opinion, but as mentioned above, does not express her feelings or emotions about anything.
    • Dominant: Due to her controlling, manipulative nature, Lithia prefers to be the dominant one in any situation that she can.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • You shall not murder.
    • You shall honor no authority above yourself.
    • You shall pursue pleasure.


  • Knowledge -- either by book, observation, or being physically taught
  • Praise -- she likes being noted for her achievements


  • Defeat: In her never ending quest for Kentaro's hand in mateship, Lithia is increasingly threatened by his strengthening involvement with Amorette Aston and his family with her. Lithia does believe that she can get anything she wants, however, in this case, it is impending doom for her.
  • Love: Being raised without much parental affection led Lithia to be unable to show passion for anything. She tends to be uninterested in sex, the idea of love, or mateship if it is not with her obsession, Kentaro. Even as she grows increasingly closer with his son, Greed, she feels nothing but awkwardness toward the situation as of yet.
  • Losing Control: This can mean a number of things: control of herself, her emotions, her words, the situations at her fingertips. Lithia strives to be in control of all that she can, and it truly scares her when things start to spiral out of control.


  • Packs: She thinks Casa di Cavalieri are nosy-bodies and meddle in situations where they don't belong.
  • Sexuality: She questions the point of homosexual relationships and mateships only because she is led to believe mateships are mostly for reproduction.


Heterosexual — Lithia is a flirt to get what she wants, but otherwise, does not view love as something she'd take into account. At this point, Lithia is not interested in the opposite sex, or any sex for that matter. She knows how to tease in a malicious, playful manner, but if she were to mean it, the action would turn out a lot more awkward and hesitated. She's a good flirt when she's doing it for manipulation purposes, but a bad one when her feelings are tied up in it.


  • Likes: divination, tarot cards, horses, crows, low-speech, stealth, reading, training, natural oddities (ex. Grandfather's Tears), being mean to others
  • Dislikes: failure, mockery, loss of control, loss of a family member, defeat
    • Amorette Aston: Lithia does not like Amorette because she's Kentaro's object of affection. She's in the way of Lithia's ultimate goal. It also doesn't help that she's overtly protective of him as well. There's no way Lithia could sneak of flirty glance in Kentaro's direction with her around. Lithia also hates that Kentaro refused her because he had taken Amorette to be his only mate.


Lithia has the occasional drink here and there - mostly at parties and never alone. She has never tried any drugs, however.


Lithia doesn't concretely believe in any religion solidly. However, she is intrigued by the Voodoo books in the library, and often practices various forms of divination.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Napier

3.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Axelle Napier: Lithia's mother. They have probably the least affectionate relationship out of the two sisters. Axelle sees Lithia as her heir, but Lithia only utilizes her mother's training for her purposes. After her father disappears and Axelle is largely absent through most of Lithia's grieving process, the young Napier began to develop resentment for Axelle.
  • Kentaro Lykoi: Lithia's childhood love obsession. He is so far the only one that Lithia thinks she loves, even though she has no idea what the feeling of it feels like. She had recently confessed this to him with negative results. Still, even with his mate in the way, Lithia refuses to give up. She's determined to win him over somehow.
  • Itzal: Lithia's father. They had a decent relationship. Itzal was a little more affectionate towards her than Axelle was - and Eztli even more so, but not in the conventional way. Lithia appreciated all the things he taught her about life, weapons, and stealth. After Itzal disappeared, Lithia grieved for him alone, quietly. She aided in the search to find him, but came up empty-handed like everyone else did.
  • Tzila Napier: Lithia's booksmart sister, who has taken a liking to the weak-minded slave. As a whole, Lithia respects Tzila and while there is some sisterly competition between them, their relationship is mostly positive.

Other Relations


  • Greed Lykoi: Lithia respects him enough to tolerate him. He always seems to want to tag along with her, which she finds pretty strange. She doesn't like when he touches her or seems to outshine her. However, Lithia sometimes enjoys his company, enjoys teasing him about varying things, and most of all, enjoys the idea of a friend on the "inside" (the inside of Kentaro's life).
  • Nikita Russo: Lithia thought Nikita was interesting and she liked his foreign accent. She felt that he had a curious air about him and thought that he might have been able to tell interesting stories.
  • Sabine Perrin du Lac: After meeting Sabine in Fellmoor Swamp, Lithia learned the simplest form of divination: tarot readings, in exchange for a dagger she had on her. While Sabine wasn’t very friendly, Lithia couldn’t help but be curious about the woman and her camp.
  • Azalea de la Cyra: Azalea, under orders of Axelle, accompanied Lithia to the Outpost to pick up a slave. However, the two women wound up robbing and killing the slavers, looting their wagon, stealing their horses, and taking the remaining slave, Totem. From this ordeal, Lithia respects Azalea, but knows that the woman is only truly loyal to her mother.


  • Lelouch Amarok: Playing with him as a pup and an adult has led Lithia to think of him as "fun" in a peculiar way.
  • Nyx: Lithia thinks Nyx is easy to persuade and sees her stutter as a sign of weakness. So far, Nyx has shown to be rather flexible in Lithia’s grasp and the Napier daughter thinks the Eligos is weak-minded.
  • Ciara After scouting around Krokar, Lithia is caught by Ciara who questions her. Lithia lies and tells her that she planned to establish a trade relationship with Krokar, but having nothing on her, Ciara doesn’t totally believe her. At the moment, Lithia doesn’t have a set opinion about her.
  • Aindrea Donovan:
  • Galilani Adahy: Lithia thinks Galilani is an airhead, and like Nyx, easy to manipulate and control. Though, after Galilani offers what very little information she knew about her father's whereabouts, Lithia decided that she respected the stuttering girl. She could easily read the genuinity in the girl's eyes.
  • Wrath Lykoi: Greed's brother and another of Amorette's offspring. Lithia has conflicting opinions about Wrath. She automatically doesn't like him because he's one of Amorette's pups, but then again at the same time, he seemed thoughtful, if not a little nosey.


  • Amorette Aston: Lithia does not like Amorette because she's Kentaro's object of affection. She's in the way of Lithia's ultimate goal, and is also overtly protective of Kentaro as well. Lithia also hates that Kentaro refused her because he had taken Amorette to be his only mate.
  • Inocencio Kit Victor: Lithia thinks he's weak and easily manipulated. She sees through his weakness, and after asking him a few uncomfortable questions, eventually orders him to sexually please her - which he does, unwillingly.
  • Hal Everhart: Lithia thinks that his threats to her were empty, and if ever faced with him in a fight, Lithia is sure that she would win.
  • Lust Lykoi: Lithia dislikes Lust automatically because she’s Amorette’s daughter. She also thinks that Lust is a pushy whore who throws herself at everyone – including her brothers.
  • Skoll Haskel: Lithia thinks Skoll throws around empty threats. When meeting him in the forest by Casa di Cavalieri, he threatened to throw her over their borders – but she saw right threw him. Then she laughed at his threats.
  • Marceline Sawtooth: Seeing Marceline scouring at her mother's pack meeting soiled Lithia's opinion of her. Lithia thinks Marceline is disrespectful and for the moment, dislikes her.

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Axelle Napier taught Lithia and her sister most of what they know about their bladed and ranged weapons. Lithia doesn't often practice, which could be the reason her skill is deteriorating over time.
  • Short Swords (Journeyman): Lithia knows an array of combat moves that incorporate both martial arts styles with slashes and lunges of her short swords.
  • Archery (Journeyman): Lithia doesn't use her bow often, but it is a useful tool when staking out, watching another canine or pack and having a ranged weapon to keep safe with just in case. Lithia's aim isn't the best, and more often than not, needs some work.
  • Hand-to-Hand (Journeyman): Lithia's skill in this category is not so much specialized martial arts as its just stylized basic, hand-to-hand moves. Once in a while, Lithia will attempt a high kick or a leg sweep, but she's mostly the "wrestle around on the floor and throw punches" type.
  • Due to lack of practice, Lithia easily becomes rusty with all of these things (except for the hand-to-hand fighting).


  • Education and Learning: Lithia was once specialized in Exploration and Stealth. Exploration prompted her to get familiar with the land by learning about plants, strategies, and methods, while Stealth familiarized her with tools like scouting and navigation.
  • Scouting (Journeyman): Lithia is very observant when traveling, and absorbs everything she can from just experiencing a place. She'd notice environment changes or something out of place somewhere she has visited a couple times over. Lithia has learned to use all of her senses when scouting, patrolling, or watching someone else.
    • Stealth (Journeyman): Like the above skill, Lithia has learned to use her senses to determine how to stay almost invisible. Using her five senses, Lithia knows where to step, be downwind, and quiet her breathing when hiding from someone else or watching them from a distance.
  • Navigation (Journeyman): Lithia pays most attention to sounds and sight of a place before really paying attention to the finer details, such as atmospheric hum (if there is one) or species seen in the area, scents, etc.
  • Plants (Dabbler): Lithia is able to at least identify poisonous plants by their appearance and smell.
  • Hunting/Tracking (Master): With navigation, scouting, and stealth on her side, Lithia is able to easily follow the scents, sounds, and physical clues of her target, whether it be a fellow canine or an elk for dinner. She has no problem bringing down smaller prey, but prefers to avoid larger prey entirely if she can't take it down herself.
  • Lithia is not able to pinpoint healing plants and wouldn't know what to do with them to make them heal anyway.
  • Lithia doesn't trust anyone enough to hunt with them, and automatically assumes that they will mess up the hunt and cause her to go hungry.


  • Education and Learning: coming soon.
  • Fortune-Telling [Tarot] (Journeyman): info.
    • Secret-Collecting/Keeping (Journeyman): info.
  • Point of weakness :o

4.2  Inventory


Lithia is willing to trade goods, information, or services, depending on what someone else can offer. In the past, Lithia traded a few plants for Miwa's toxicology services. Miwa was asked to study some polluted water from Grandfather's Tears. [1]

  • Offering: Sapien tradeables, information, plants, material items (found in the cities), training
  • Accepting: plants, information, horses, ravens, crows, favors, glassware (or clay ware), herbs, jerky, weapons, jewelry, poisons, foals



  • Rabbit
  • Elk
  • Canine (on occasion)


  • Will trade almost anything for information: favors (IOUs, basically), information, or items


  • Lithia offers training in any of her given skills
    • Note: Experience varies, so training quality will vary
  • Lithia will NOT teach your character about Stealth or Secrets Trading.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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history overview here



  • DD Mon: your character was born hooray!


  • DD Mon: they turned a year old hooray!



  1. You come alone, letting us all savor the moment (Oct 18)
    Lithia play fights with Lelouch Amarok after blaming him for killing her cricket.


  1. I have promised not to save you (02 Jan)
    After falling face first down a hill of snow, Lithia is found by "Ra Hamada" and acts quite rudely to him and his talking cat.
  2. The hammer's coming down (02 Jan)
    Lithia explores a bar in Barrington with Nyx, and they find an old skeleton and take home some booze.
  3. This self-destructing dance never would've ended (04 Jan)
    Lithia is attempting to skin a rabbit, and when joined by Kentaro Lykoi, she hopes that he will teach her, but he doesn't know how to skin either.
  4. I found you through haunted trees (07 Jan)
    Lithia prepares for her Rast Ceremony by crafting an earring made from owl talons and feathers.
  5. The ice cold waters (11 Jan)
    After exploring the swamps, Lithia finds the peculiar figure of a woman standing on the shore.
  6. I lock myself inside my head and just run in place (14 Jan)
    Lithia is training with her mother, but gets angry when she is knocked to the ground by Axelle's powerful kick and leaves.
  7. Through the fog I saw no star (16 Jan)
    After losing her way in the swamps at night, Lithia runs into the swamp witch Sabine Perrin du Lac and questions her magical bottles hanging from the trees.
  8. She opened her mouth, but what came out was charred black (16 Jan)
    Lithia meets Dullahan Eternity while hunting in the woods, and the man introduces her to his slave. Lithia questions him about slaves.
  9. Each pebble in this world keeps its own counsel (17 Jan)
    Leticia Aniama teaches Lithia how to do a basic tarot reading, and gives her a pack of old cards to practice with.
  10. an eye, a widening, deepening pinkness (17 Jan)
    Lithia meets "Ophelia" and her son, "Francis" in Drifter's Bay, and asks them about Salsola.
  11. Mythic creatures in the rubble (22 Jan)
    Breaking away from her camp, Lithia meets Constantine von Troy by an old cabin.
  12. [M] The sun burnt out tonight (23 Jan)
    Lithia and Azalea are on their way to the Outpost, when they decide to rob a slave trader on the road. Despite losing one of the goods, Lithia is able to retain a slave for free. He offers his gratitude by helping them steal the dead men's horses to return.
  13. Sweet shadow taking hold of the light (29 Jan)
    Lithia, Azalea, and Totem return to Anathema, and Axelle accepts the slave into the pack.
  14. I gave my life to save her (13 Feb)
    Nikita Russo tells Lithia about his home in Russia.
  15. Shopping Day (14 Feb)
    While exploring Barrington, Lithia finds Lelouch and his friend, Bertolt, who still smells of New Dawn. She questions him, and then joins in on their clothing game.
  1. Through my lips to unawakened earth (17 Feb)
    Lithia leads Havoc Creed the rest of the way to Anathema and calls her mother, Axelle, to perform the joining ritual.
  2. I really wish these snakes were your arms (20 Feb)
    Lithia does a tarot reading for Skana Creo.
  3. Drawn like a moth to a flame (27 Feb)
    While exploring Grandfather's Tears, Lithia comes upon Nadia Ancientfire and they both try to exploit each other for information.
  4. [M] Meeting the Sister (17 Mar)
    Lithia meets Inocencio Kit Victor, and upon learning his past, brings out the inner "slave" in him by ordering him to please her.
  5. In my field of paper flowers (20 Mar)
    The Ved'maova sisters lead a Spring Rebirth ritual, and Lithia is their first candidate.
  6. Climb up my rattling spine and I'll contract (21 Mar)
    While the Ved'maova sisters are in the middle of a ritual, Lithia comes to watch. However, when they make it clear that they don't want her there, she asks for a love potion instead. In return, they ask her to persuade Axelle to let them use her horse cart.
  7. Your lips curved in smooth combat (22 Mar)
    Lithia confronts Kentaro with news of what she found in Grandfather's Tears.
  8. A Welcome Trade (12 May)
    Lithia finds Lilith Fairbreeze in the woods and learns that she's a trader.
  9. He's got his hand in your chest (15 May)
    Lithia questions Tzila about her relationship with Inocencio Kit Victor.
  10. [M] She takes a dip in my daydreams (15 May)
    Lithia is hanging around the Inferni borders, in a tree, jotting down notes when she is discovered by Hal, making a trap along the borders.
  11. The Navigator (12 Jun)
    While trading Mack some alcohol for a few horse bridles, many Luperci, including Lithia, gawk at a cougar that enters the Outpost.
  12. [M] They've got this kingdom locked up (05 Jul)
    Lithia goes down to the dungeons to taunt their newly captured prisoners Szenne, Ocke, Briston, and Ronan.
  13. Can you set freedom in play? (05 Jul)
    [PACK EVENT] Lithia fights Szenne in the arena; the fight is pretty evenly matched, but stops short.
  14. I could sing forever (08 Jul)
    Lithia finds Bridget in the Library and they talk about the books they're reading.
  15. And they say to our enemies death is too kind (11 Jul)
    After the arena fights, Kentaro throws a banquet. Lithia is the only one of her family to attend.