Kyrini, by Tri
Name MeaningUnknown
Name OriginUnknown
Date of BirthOctober 6, 2010
Subspecies100% Coyote
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth PlaceMexico

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Joining dateNovember 23, 2014
Previous Rank(s)N/A

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Joining dateN/A

Kyrini's Wiki profile. Not much to say here.


Kyrini was born to unknown parents in a den in the desert. The father died shortly after she was born. Her mother, on the other hand, loved her and took care of her even with her father being deceased. By the time she was two weeks old, she started wandering out of the den. Her mom easily spotted Kyrini, and she was brought back to the den. Whenever she learned to talk, she asked why she didn't have a father, so her mother told her that she died right after she was born. She was devastated to hear the news, so she went to a corner crying, then she noticed a bone that was supposedly her father's. She started using her claws to carve the Spanish word "Papá". She kept it with her for the rest of her life. When Kyrini was a year old, she saw her mother's battle with a wolf Luperci and die. Kyrini was traumatized and ran away to a forest. After gathering some supplies from the woodland area, she started to travel north until she reached the border of Texas, then more until she reached Canada. She made frequent stops along the way to gather supplies and rest for some nights. When she got there, she made a shelter near a riverbank in the woods.

When Kyrini managed to stumble upon Inferni's territory, she met Vesper and joined the pack. She then met a few other coyotes in the pack. She currently resides in D'Neville Mansion


Kyrini has a thick Mexican accent. She can be pretty calm, but if Kyrini is upset, she is aggressive. When scared, she usually flees from the situation. When she is around feral coyotes, she speaks Spanish around them. When any wolf Luperci is around, she usually runs away and hides from them (since coyotes and wolves are mortal enemies as wild animals). She is usually active at dusk or early dawn. Whenever a dog Luperci is around, she is playful and friendly. She also stalks dog Luperci whenever they hunt. She is curious, so sometimes she puts herself into slight danger. She really eats any prey animal, including frogs, insects, game birds, fish, cats (even though they aren't really prey animals), rabbits, and any rodent. Whenever a carcass is around with nobody around it, she usually takes it away (only if the carcass is away from pack territory). She always gives respect to higher ranks. She is also fascinated in the art of carving, so she usually carves into wood and bones to sharpen her claws or make her own art. Whenever she is in love, she always keeps it in secrecy until the male and herself have bonded enough until she is comfortable enough to tell him.



  • Parents

Unknown Mother (deceased) Unknown Father (deceased)



Vesper Kali de le Poer Kasia Salazar


Unknown Wolves that killed her parents


This cream furred Canis Latrans Ortus features copper red hints on her fur. Her golden eyes glimmer in direct sunlight. The copper hints on her muzzle and cheeks seem darker than the rest that cover all of the parts of her body, leaving cream fur showing. The hints range from two to three inches long. She has long fur that varies from one to two inches and is very thick, leaving barely any other traces of skin on her. The claws on her toes are about three centimeters long, unlike the claws on her fingers which are one and a half centimeters long. Her hair in her Optime form is shoulder length and is a dark red color. Her tail is the bushiest part of her body, the fur being about three and a half inches in length. Her ears are about as big as a regular coyote's. Her breasts are completely furred over. Her shoulders seem especially fluffy, but not as fluffy as her tail. Her muzzle is about three inches long. Her tail is long as well, being about a foot long. Her chest is as fluffy as her shoulders. The chest fluff goes around her back as well. Finally, the hints on her legs go as long as the legs themselves, but are the lightest of the hints.