Krystalle Horzana-Cubbins

Krystalle Horzana-Cubbins

Krystalle, Art by Nat
PlayerCNPC of J
Former PlayersKiki, Bria
Date of Birth06 May 2007
Subspecies80% Canis lupus familiaris ortus
20% Canis rufus rufus ortus
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeNakzhi
Current packLoner
'Souls Profile


PackCour des Miracles
RankSeigneur (NPC)
SignificanceNPC Member


Crimson DreamsPlebian
Dahlia de Mai
May 18, 2011
Cercatori d'Arte
20 Feb. 2011
Incidente di Parola
Beginner Writer

Krystalle Horzana-Cubbins is an old friend of Mars Bartholomew Russo, born in the deserts if what was once Nevada. After his departure, she got up the gusto to follow him to 'Souls. She currently is a loner, travelling with Mars Bartholomew Russo in search for his wife, Orin Takekuro.

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Family
    2.   3.2  Friends
  4.   4.  Skills
    1.   4.1  Crafting Skills
    2.   4.2  Knowledge Skills
    3.   4.3  Music Skills
    4.   4.4  Other Passable Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance

1.  History

Krystalle was born in the reclusive settlement called Nakzhi, found in Nevada, USA. Her mother was distant, she was raised primarily by her religious-fanatic, free-love father who disapproved of her writing and reading preference despite his telling of various fairy tales. Kept away from most of the "normal" things that are experienced in a group (puppies, birth, etc.), Krystalle was -- along with her brothers and sisters -- forced into the sex-is-love lifestyle early on. Her first experiences were with her sibling, Koralo, under the watchful eyes of nursemaids.

When she was 1 year, she left Nakzhi in search of her mother's home, despite the fact that people don't really leave Nakzhi. She made her way to San Solace, Mexico. Expecting to be welcomed as family, she was disappointed when the Santos family rejected her outright and made her a pariah. She stayed there for a year before finding her way up to southern California, where she met Mars Bartholomew Russo.

2.  Personality

Krys is a highly intellectual soul, able to read and write in both English and Spanish, and is semi-fluent in Spanish-similar languages such as Portuguese. With an extensive vocabulary and desire to absorbed knowledge, she can see intimidating. However, she's quite social, enjoying parties and gatherings. Her outlook on life is positive, a high flying optimist who tries to make as many friends as possible. Her greatest joy in life is cheering up others, making sure everyone around her is comfortable at all times, a hobby made easier by her abilities to identify the emotions of other Luperci with ease.

Despite her outgoing exterior, she's blunt and to the point when in a sour mood, unafraid to make others cry through use of vicious insults. Her moods can often be random, changing throughout the day with the influx of circumstances that surround her.

Krys is rather vain, and keeps herself very clean. She's sensitive about the topic of her missing tail, jealous of others who have especially pretty tails. It's quite easy to tell she's attracted to someone, as she becomes shy and awkward; outrageous displays of affection make her anxious, as well, and can turn her into a mass of shy. With a slight fear of how people perceive her, she locks her emotions away and can become hard to read.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

See the Horzana and Santos families for more information.

  • Parents - Maribel Santos and Anchjo Horzana
    • Step-Father - Regulo Hito
  • Siblings - Jozefo Horzana, Koralo Santos, Anbessa Santos, Miela Horzana, Dezirinda Horzana, Dimas Santos, Ximen Santos, Unnamed
  • Half-Siblings:
    • by Maribel Santos, with Regulo Hito - Caridad Hito, Iago Santos, Unnamed
  • Children:
  • Nieces & Nephews:
    • Anbessa Santos with Pipra Mielo - Venka Santos, Fidelia Santos, Sofronio Mielo
    • Agapito Morales with Dezirinda Horzana - Alejandro Horzana, Fonsie Morales, Carmelita Horzana
    • Agapito Morales with Miela Horzana - Gaspar Horzana, Vincente Horzana

3.2  Friends

  • Mars Bartholomew Russo: A longtime friend and the father of her children. Krystalle still has an odd attraction to the male, due to his split-personalities, but accepts that he has a mate.

4.  Skills

4.1  Crafting Skills

  • Can craft quite intricate pinch-pot pieces, as well as fired pottery pieces.
  • Capable of making blank books for writing, out of both old books and crude paper.

4.2  Knowledge Skills

  • Fluent in both English and Spanish.
  • Able to read and write (in English and Spanish).

4.3  Music Skills

  • Percussion (drum specific).

4.4  Other Passable Skills

  • Cooking (simple, meat- or bread-based items).
  • Painting
  • Clothing/item design (though not sewing or crafting).

5.  Appearance

Build. Krys is a solid female, with an athletic build. Her body is smaller than the average wolf, but much larger than a coyote, following the lines of the domesticated blood that makes up most of her genetics. Her limbs are well-toned, the muscle spread out evenly to give her a sturdy frame.

Fur. Her pelt is satiny, longer at at three obvious places: her chest, the backs of her legs and elbows. Her base is sable in color, with darker patches between her shoulders as well as beneath each eye. The fur at her neck is white, creating a collar that extends down her chest, ending before it reaches her stomach; her muzzle is the same color, with a stripe that ends at a point on her forehead. The fur at the back of her thighs is a slightly lighter shade than her base, but the color difference is very subtle.

Eyes, Ears and Markings. Her ears, the same dark shade of brown as her eye stripes and the patches at the back of her neck, flop forward at all times, unable to stand erect. Her paw pads are black, as well as her nose, though her nose has a small pink dot in the left corner. Unlike most canines, Krystalle has no tail; it's cropped close to the base, and the size of the stub inhibits her to show emotions with it. Though not albino, her eyes are a very light pink shade.


  • Small, tarnished silver studs at the outside base of each ear.
  • Tarnished silver hoop with brightly colored glass beads, worn at her lower left lip.
  • Metal bar surface piercings at each hip.
  • Tattoo following her ribcage -- "come here pretty" -- in loose script.
  • Tattoo along the underside of her right arm -- "espejo" -- in loose script.
  • A black collar with tarnished studs pushed through it.


In her Optime form, Krystalle reaches a fully erect height of five feet and ten inches. Unlike some other Luperci, she keeps her weight shifted to her feet rather than her thighs, to prevent hunching over due to sheer vanity. The scruffy fur atop her head grows longer, but stays rather stiff, resembling a human mohawk. She still has bangs, most of which fall to the left side of her head to give her a more feminine look. As her fur is thinner, having no need for a thick coat in the warm weather of California, she has taken to wearing human clothing: a leather jacket with a tarnished, studded collar and a green plaid kilt that falls to her knees are most common. Both items were made for her by the dual-personality male, Mars Russo.