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Kostya Arsov

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Forms
  2.   2.  Personality
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1.  Appearance

Kostya is a large and bulky Tundra Wolf. His natural fur colour is black, lightening as is goes down from his back, with white fur on his paws and lower legs, underbelly and around his muzzle and eyes, which are ice blue.

Kostya has a set of five plain silver studs in both ears, and has a necklace with a leather strap and a medallion made of a curved silver design with a sapphire set in the middle. He has also dyed his black fur to have a faint light blue tint of a shade similar to his eyes.

Kostya has a fair amount of scars from his wandering. Most are small nicks and scratches that are hidden by his fur, though a few major wounds have shown through as visible scar. The two most visible of these are a set of four claw marks running down the left side of his muzzle and a similar set of marks on his right haunch. He also has a small sliver missing out of his left ear, where his top most stud has been ripped out.

When in Optime form Kostya generally does not wear clothing, instead just wearing a leather harness made of multiple straps over his torso. This harness has hooks for holding prey, a sheath to hold a long knife and also has an attached quiver on the back. The quiver and harness are designed so that they can be wrapped around each other and carried on the back of Kostya's Lupus form.

Kostya leaves his mane unstyled but trims it so that it does not get in the way of his harness or bow.

Since settling in souls Kostya has gained two new sets of scars, both from the same bear that gave him his old set. These scars run along his stomach and the right side of his chest and consist of four parallel scars.

1.1  Forms

  • Lupus: 95 lbs. 32 in. 68 in
  • Secui: 150 lbs. 38 in. 75 in
  • Optime: 270 lbs. 7 ft 3 in.

2.  Personality

Kostya is not the most sociable wolf. Content to keep to himself he will generally act in a friendly manner to anybody that he might meet, but will take him a long time to actually become friends with anybody, often moving on before he gets to that point. When he does become friends with someone Kostya tends to value that person highly, and will fiercely defend them against criticism or attack.

Kostya does not typically display his anger in an overt manner, instead using several discreet methods to show he is angry with or dislikes somebody. One of the more noticeable methods is his name. Even if he is dealing with someone below him he will introduce himself as Kostya when he is happy and is perfectly fine with people using that name for him. The only people he asks to call him Konstantin are those who he is angry with or dislikes.

Despite his general attitude Kostya does get angry on occasion. He is more likely to be actually angered by words, especially harsh words or threats directed at those he cares about, than actions against himself. As he usually hides his anger he often seems to go from seemingly calm to attacking someone in anger, occasionally giving off the false impression of having a short temper.

As a matter of practicality, due to his spending most of his time in Lupus form, Kostya does not tend to wear clothing when in his Optime form, though if he is staying somewhere and it is requested of him he has no particular aversion to wearing clothing while he is there. Kostya is uncomfortable staying in one place for too long and generally prefers to be constantly on the move, though he is not averse to doing so inside a particular territory. He is most comfortable in his Lupus form and will generally try to stay either in that form whenever possible, only using his Optime form is he is injured or hunting something large and needs to use his bow.

Over his life and through instruction from his parents Kostya has developed reasonable skills in hunting, both with traditional methods and with his bow, and is proud of these skills. Carrying a highly breakable object such as a bow around the wilderness has also forced him to learn how to make his own as a necessity.

3.  History

Kostya has spent most of his life travelling. Originally born in central Russia his parents fled to America after their clan fell into conflict with a larger one, taking their newborn cub with them. Kostya was 6 months old when they undertook this journey and remembers little of it, apart from one night.

The ship that Kostya and his parents were travelling on was hit by a terrible storm one night while crossing the Atlantic. The male passengers were called up onto the deck to help the crew try and contain the damage, and when the night was over and the storm passed, there was no sign of Kostya's father.

Despite the loss Kostya's mother did her best to continue raising him. When their boat finally landed in New Orleans the two travelled throughout the country, slowly heading north towards the colder lands, where they were more comfortable. As they travelled Kostya's mother taught him the skills he would need, chiefly among them how to make and wield bows, and how to use a knife. She handed down to Kostya his fathers knife, an old Russian military blade and the only thing they had left of him. Eventually the pair made their way to the vicinity of Nova Scotia, specifically the Drifter Bay region, when tragedy struck once more. Seeking shelter in a cave for the night Kostya and his mother accidentally disturbed large bear nesting in the cave. Tired and weak from the long journey Kostya and his mother were unable to fight back against the larger animal and Kostya's mother was killed, while he himself was wounded on his face and back leg.

And this is where the next chapter of Kostya's life begins. Angry at his only remaining parent being taken from him Kostya has stayed in the Drafter's Bay area, slowly building his strength for the day when he can take revenge on the bear that killed his mother.

Since settling in souls Kostya has mainly been scouting the area, learning about the packs that surround him and meeting new people. He has settled himself with a den in the Drifter Bay region and makes regular sightseeing trips down to the city of Halifax.

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