Kohana Chatan

Kohana Chatan

Kohana, by Nat

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Date of BirthApril 15, 2010




Birth placeSouth Dakota
Subspecies100% Dog
Saluki x Borzoi mix


Aug 2013-Sep 2013
Tsula Agateno

Kohana Chatan is a former member of AniWaya, where he was ranked as a scout.

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  1.   1.  Personality
  2.   2.  Appearance
  3.   3.  History

1.  Personality

Kohana has many personality qualities seen by his dual breed heritage. He tends to be quiet and slightly reserved but not overly shy. He is very in tune with both nature in general and animals in particular. He tends to prefer to listen and observe rather than speak or act. He generally thinks before he acts or speaks. He is naturally cautious but is generally friendly to most people.

He can be overprotective of those he cares for and will viciously fight to protect them. He is generally loyal and affectionate but especially around those he does not know, he can be a bit aloof. He tends to be rather gentle and is good with both children and animals. Kohana is an eager learner and tends to be highly curious about the world. His alignment would best be described as Neutral Good. He believes that everything has a spirit and generally followed the traditional Siouan religion.

He is especially good with horses, having essentially grown up the saddle from a young age. He is a good hunter and a decent warrior. But his two main skills are scouting and running. Both Salukis and Borzois are known for their speed and endurance in running and Kohana is a prime example of this ability. He likes to run and does some of his best thinking when he runs. He also uses running to get away from any evilness he feels he has in him or has done, even if it was needed for the greater good. He can read and write both English and Lakota Sioux, and speak both fluently as well as other Sioux languages to various degrees.

2.  Appearance

Kohana has a mix of Saluki and Borzoi features: feathering on his tail and the backs of his legs and thighs, long Saluki ears, a Borzoi shaped head, and the height and bulk of a Borzoi. His fur is longer than a purebred Borzoi but has slight wave to it. His base color is cream (#FFFDD0) that darkens to fawn (#E5AA70) along his spine and lightening to ivory (#FFFFF0) by his belly and feet as well as near his snout and around his eyes. He also has buff (#F0DC82) hightlights in his fur. His eyes are Heliotrope purple (#DF73FF).

In Lupus form, Kohana stands 30 in. at the shoulder and weighs 90 lbs. In Optime form, his preferred form, he stands 6'5" and weighs 210 lbs. His is tall and lean, though still fairly muscular but not in a bulky way. In Optime form, he wears simple leather pants and a leather shirt, both with some beading on them and fringe. He also has a bear claw necklace. His hair is kept into two braids. He stands tall and self-assured, yet unassuming. His gait is smooth and nearly silent and he moves with considerable grace and poise. He has a spear that has some eagle feathers on it and has a hunting knife made of flint, as well as a bow and arrows.

3.  History

Kohana Chatan was born to a mixed group of canines though his father was a Borzoi and his mother was a Saluki. His tribe was Oglala Sioux and they allowed many outsiders to stay with them, though they did require that they assimilate themselves into the culture, which his grandparents did, giving birth to his parents, who then married and had him and his siblings. He was the youngest from their second litter, having two older sisters and an older brother from the first litter, and a twin sister in the one he was born in. The tribe is based in the Black Hills of South Dakota. His father is one of the tribe's hunters and he taught his two sons to hunt. His grandfather was the one who made the most impression on him, teaching him about horses from the time he was a pup.

His childhood was a happy one and when he was able to shift, he went on a vision quest. While on this vision quest, he saw a bald eagle come and tell him that when the time came, to go to a place in the east where many canines gathered. The eagle also said that Kohana would become a great messenger and that when the time came, the eagle would return to him for more guidance. Following that and becoming an adult, Kohana became a scout among his tribe, running messages for his tribe to others. Then not long after his third birthday, the medicine man said that it was time for him to go east to a place that many called Souls, where he would find more guidance from the spirits and would find a new home.