Khyren, by Bek
Name MeaningKhyren Shakok, Shakok meaning Spirit of the Winter or Winter
Name Originfirst name=Bek's mind, last name=native american mythology
Date of Birth08 Jun 2014
Age2 years
Subspecies50% Canis lupus lupus (Russian)
50% Canis lupus occidentalis (Valley)
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeRabbit Lake
Current packCasa Di Cavalieri
'Souls Profile

Current Pack

Casa Di Cavalieri

Joining date 10/28/15
Joining Rank Prova
Most Recent Rank Bracciante Seconda
Significance moderate - brute work
Co-Rank none

Previous Pack

New Dawn

Rank: subbord
Co-Rank: none


Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  'Souls History
    1.   2.1  Current situation
    2.   2.2  IC Assumptions
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Sexuality
  5.   5.  Spirituality
  6.   6.  Relationships
    1.   6.1  Family
    2.   6.2  NPC's
    3.   6.3  All Friends/acquaintances
    4.   6.4  All enemies
  7.   7.  Heat
  8.   8.  Love Interests
  9.   9.  Likes and Dislikes
    1.   9.1  Likes
    2.   9.2  Dislikes
  10. 10.  Fears
  11. 11.  Substances
  12. 12.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1. 12.1  Strengths
    2. 12.2  Weaknesses
  13. 13.  Appearance
    1. 13.1  Luperci Forms
    2. 13.2  Stature
    3. 13.3  Eyes
    4. 13.4  Scars
    5. 13.5  'Souls (open) threads

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Khyren was first-born and the strongest of the only litter of pups from her mother, Darla, a grey and white wolf, and her father Hotak, a pure black wolf. Her siblings were Rosh, a grey female, Geth, a white and grey male, and her youngest sister Sharma, a black wolf like Khyren. Sharma and Khyren would do everything together. Khyren was the strongest, and Sharma was the weakest, but they were together and doing rougher and tougher things than their other two siblings. Their father became very abusive towards their mother and her brother after their birth. The poor pups always hated it when their father bite or struck out at their mother or at Geth. One day, their parents got into a huge fight. They were well matched and the pups knew that only one of their parents were going to survive the fight. Geth ventures to close to the furious wolves and accidentally got struck by his father, Hotak. Both parents paused their brutal fight and look at Geth. He was lying motionless by the roots of a rowan tree, blood dribbling out of the corners of his mouth. Geth was dead. Darla was furious at Hotak and extremely saddened by the death of her only male pup. She lunged at Hotak's unprotected neck and bit down until she struck bone. Hotak snarled when Darla attacked, but then he was silenced by a terrible snap. She had broken his neck. She sadly went to bury her dead pup before going back to comfort her other pups. In all this Darla and Hotak had been in their Secui forms. Almost a year later a group of coyote Luperci came killed her mother, and her siblings. She was all alone. She tried to avenge her family's death by killing the coyote pack out of pure rage and fury. She fashioned herself with and bow and arrows and trained day and night till she could split a twig twenty yards away. She attacked the coyote pack in their camp one night, confident that she would succeed. But Khyren only managed too kill three of their ranks and injure few before she was brutally injured in her face. She was blinded by the blood that flooded her eyes, she had little time to chose to either take few more coyotes with her before she dies, or too flee and live with the guilt of never getting to avenge her family. She chose to flee. Afterwards she took on the life as a loner, hunting and fighting for herself. Never looking back. But never did she expect that things would ever change for her... She was wrong.

2.  'Souls History

7/9/15 Khyren joined the pack of New Dawn a half staged loner. She had retained submissive behaviour as she was confronted by the pack's beta male Altair, at the border where he let her into the pack. She had never been so happy.

8/15/15 Anathema attacked New Dawn and Khyren fought for her pack but the pack broke apparent and scattered. Her pack she had only been in for one month was gone...

8/23/15 Went to Casa di Cavalieri with Munroe Knight's family to cool down and heal.

8/25/15 Left Casa early in the morning after saying her goodbyes.

10/5/15 Was raped by Basilo Lyio and as conceived her first litter of pups.

10/28/15 Joined Casa Di Cavalieri

12/4/15 Gave birth to one stillborn son and a little female pup named Krasivoya.

02/2/16 Krasivoya died in her sleep due to chronic respiratory failure, leaving behind the young mother Khyren with a hole in her heart.

5/?/16 After the asteroid strike left her pack devastated, she barely made it out of the camp alive.

2.1  Current situation

  • Ignoring the past and thinking of her future with the living canines around her.
  • Helping out in the pack after the disaster
  • Trying to stay strong and confident though tough times.
  • Thinking about how to confess her feelings to Munroe, and if he feels the same.

2.2  IC Assumptions

  • Seeing Khyren working around the Fort, fixing stuff and doing brute work
  • Passing by Khyren while she walks to and from the Court House
  • Khyren helping out with the animals and others
  • Khyren training her owl/petting it and feeding it

3.  Personality

Khyren has a bit of a mysterious personality. She is a strong silent type, and a loner at heart. But has always wished that one day she would find love and be social. She is secretive and suspicious of others. It takes all long time to win her trust, unless you are of Casa Di Cavalieri. She holds a grudge, oh yes, and she lets you pay for what you have done - but if you are someone close to her, she may forgive you in no time. She loves hunting and her favorite prey to kill is squirrels, because they are fast, fun to track in the tree tops, and hard to kill. It makes hunting more fun for her if it is a squirrel hunt. She loves pups, no, she absolutely adores them! She is someone to look into if you want her to watch over and protect your pups. She won't you down! She is great singer and loves to sing in the forest by herself in the trees when no one is looking or listening. She also loves climbing. If someone got to know her good enough she can be a bit more outgoing, kind and loyal. She has began to be more socially active and trusting and has better social skills do to her time in different packs. If you want to learn more about her personality, you will have to meet her yourself...

4.  Sexuality

Khyren is sort of a bisexual, but she prefers males over females 75% of the time.

 - Is searching for a mate within Casa

5.  Spirituality

She is currently an agnostic but is warming up to the legends of a wolf god called Fenris

6.  Relationships

6.1  Family

Parents: - deceased

Siblings: Unknown to her that her sister Rosha Shakok is alive.

Children: Krasivoya - deceased

Bloodline: Shakok

6.2  NPC's

Kotori A crippled Great Horned Owl

6.3  All Friends/acquaintances

AC= Acquaintance FD= Friend MT= Mate BF= Best friend F= Family

  • NPC-Kotori(owl) <BF
  • Casa di Cavalieri <FD
  • Aniwaya <AC
  • Munroe Night <BF
  • Marius Night <AC
  • Cody Dallas <AC
  • Kira Rain <AC

6.4  All enemies

  • All of Anathema
  • Most coyote luperci
  • Basilio Lykoi
  • Lithia Napier

7.  Heat

She is in heat usually towards early spring and late autumn that lasts between 10-15 days. Her latest heat was October 8-10.

8.  Love Interests

Current Mate:


Current Crush:

Munroe Knight

Past Mates:


Past Crushes:


9.  Likes and Dislikes


  • bow hunting
  • singing
  • climbing
  • the night
  • carving on wood
  • water
  • pups
  • rain

9.2  Dislikes

  • coyotes, in most cases
  • harsh light
  • people who care more about looks and mating then others feelings and personalities
  • ships
  • salt
  • small dresses and most jewelery that is put on arms, tail, or legs.
  • sea fish
  • horses

10.  Fears

  • males
  • rapists
  • nights when the moon is missing
  • humans
  • weakness

11.  Substances

  • Alcohol: takes it from time to time to drown her sorrows

12.  Abilities, talents and skills

-all her strengths are rated moderate, skilled, or master

12.1  Strengths

  • Bow and arrow shooting (master)
  • Herbal healing (moderate)
  • climbing (skilled)
  • upper body strength (skilled)
  • singing (skilled)
  • dagger wielding (skilled)
  • bird training and taming(skilled)
  • bird speech (moderate)

12.2  Weaknesses

  • crowds
  • sense of smell
  • extreme light
  • awkward situations
  • sword wielding
  • cutting her ribs right under one or both of her arms (fighting weakness)

13.  Appearance

In Khyren's Lupus form she is a leath black she-wolf with deep, emerald-green eyes. Her tail is laced with small stripes of silver and grey at the very tip. She has a long tail, large ears, and a slim muzzle, unusual for her wolf blood. Her green eye the right has a sliver of gold coming from the pupil to the edge of the iris. Her muzzle has one large scar that stretches from one side of her muzzle to the other. Also she has a deep scar on her right eye across her eyebrow in that center, just skipping over her eyelid, to her cheek below her eye. She has a V-shaped nick at the tip of her right ear as well, one nicks on the back of the left ear and two low nicks in the front. Two scars cross over each other on her right shoulder and another three slashes parallel to one another vertical on her collarbone near there as well. Many small scars also cross cross her paws/fingrrs. More, less noticeable scars, scatter her pelt. She is a large wolf, in her Lupus form she is 39 inches and 91 pounds. In her Secui form she is 50 inches and 152 pounds. In her Optime form she is 87 inches and 223 pounds. When she is in Secui form she has large paws, and her mane around her neck is very thin for a female her size but of medium length. She has a semi deep, smooth, alto voice that is usually stern, straight, and direct. She rolls her r's like her father did because he was originally from Russia before he traveled in a homemade craft to Canada and infecting her mother with the virus that made her family luperci. Her accent has faded now, but it is still noticeable. When in Optime, she likes her fur combed over her face ruggedly, it is medium length and dangles over her eyes at times and now likes to wear two hawk feathers in her mane. She has muscular, long, front legs/arms and large paws. When in Optime she had developed her strong arms from using her bow frequently. She just naturally has large hands/paws. Her tail is long and moderately fluffy but sleek and spiky in some places. In Optime, she also likes to wear her rank cloak of the Bracciante class: the robe fabric purple in color, and thick rabbits fur as the collar and a deer skin ribbon to tie it off at her neck. She usually has a bow over her on her back and around her shoulder with a sheepskin arrow sheath. But wherever she goes, she has a hidden knife in a anklet sheath on her left leg, just in case.

13.1  Luperci Forms


  • 39 in.
  • 91 lb

Looks like a large black wolf. Large paws and strong shoulders, slim muzzle.


  • 50 in.
  • 152 lb

Very large and wolf-like with slightly human like paws and thick fur around the neck.


  • 87 in.
  • 223 lb

Slim with very human like arms and body. Face and legs plus tail are most wolf like. Has strong arms and large hands with long sharp claws. (Pixels colored by Ann :3)

13.2  Stature

Tall and no slouch, confident with an aura of mystery about her.

13.3  Eyes

Almond shaped and are a bright emerald green with a sliver of gold on the left iris.

13.4  Scars

Scattered on pelt. Most noticeable on face. More information in Appearance.

13.5  'Souls (open) threads

  • : open to Casa members