Kaylee Lockyer

Kaylee Lockyer is a current Bracciante Seconda of Casa di Cavalieri. She was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Kaylee Lockyer

by Kiri



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Date of Birth

11 January 2011




Birth place

Halifax, Nova Scotia


75% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Labrador Wolf



Casa di Cavalieri

Joining date3 May 2013
RankBracciante Seconda


Standing a hair above 6 feet tall Kaylee is just on the lower range of average for a wolf, though her thin, agile build tends to make her look smaller than she actually is. This agile build translates over to her Lupus and Secui forms, though the thick, spiky fur of the latter tends to obscure her figure a bit.

For the most part Kaylee's fur is a light silver colour, darkening slightly in socks on her paws and all the way to grey around her muzzle. In Lupus she has a fur of a light, dusty gold colour highlighting her ears and small spots throughout the rest of her fur and in Optime form this dusty colour makes up her mane.

In Optime form, where Kaylee is most often seen, she comes across as small and compact, with an hourglass figure that her thin fur and preference for tight clothing do little to hide. Her dusty gold hair tends to be kept in a style halfway between spiky and shaggy; shoulder length at the back and sides and shorter to the front of her face, with a rouge fringe that occasionally drops down over her eyes. Hair Reference. Kaylee is almost always wearing some form of jewelry when she is in Optime form, the shinier the better! This includes a fairly large collection of ear piercings and her habit of weaving colourful feathers into her hair.


  • Pearl Bush (#EAE2D7): base pelt color.
  • Laser (#C9A170): ear rims, dusted throughout pelt.
  • Schooner (#8E867B): Muzzle, ticking.
  • Soft Amber (#CCC1B1): Hind socks, front "gloves."
  • Laser (#C9A170): Optime hair.
  • Marigold (#C28E2B): eyes.

Art by Players





70 lbs (~31 kg)
26 in (~66 cm)

140 lbs (~64 kg)
32 in (~81 cm)

170 lbs (~77 kg)
6ft (~182 cm)

Small and agile.

Thicker, mane darkens to the orange-cream

Thin, agile, curvy. Shaggy Hair



  • Piercings:
  • Tattoos: None
  • Scars: --


  • Two knives, Luperci made. Long, thin blades with carved bone handles. Held in horizontal sheaths at the back of her belt.
  • One pocket knife, human made. Polished Steel.
  • Leather edged hip flask.
  • (Worn when travelling or trading) One large pack, containing:
    • Basic survival gear: flint and tinder, rope, fishing line, whetstone, water bottle etc.
    • One hatchet, strapped to outside.
    • One thick blanket, strapped to outside.
    • Usually some food.
    • Various trading goods.
  • Various jewelry:
    • Plain gold band worn around her right wrist, inscribed with parent's initials.
    • Gold Serpent Armlet on upper right arm.
    • Collection of colourful bangles on right wrist. Changes constantly, usually 5-10 on there.
    • Peacock feather necklace (Middle One).
    • Sometimes weaves colourful feathers into her hair. Amber and blue ones are her particular favorites.


  • Common Wear (Kaylee is wearing this unless said otherwise.)
  • Alternative wear
    • Hooded traveling cloak, black. Edged with Rabbit fur.
    • Wool Sweater, Grey.
    • Heavy duty trousers, navy blue.



  • Scent:
    • Casa di Cavalieri scent: Metal stone, and salt. Wolfish.
    • Personal Scent: Spices, Alcohol, Oil, Mint.
  • Speech:
    • Voice Actor: Hayley Williams
    • Kaylee speaks fast and with a lot of contractions. It's not uncommon for her to stumble over her words and/or backtrack without stopping for a breath.
    • Has a pleasant singing voice.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Tends to be very touchy-feely with those she is close to.
    • Those she is fond of are almost always bestowed with a nickname, usually not particularly complementary.
    • Kaylee hums, or sings softly, when thinking or performing tasks that occupy her mind.
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Very rarely seen entirely still unless sleeping. Kaylee usually either paces about or fidgets relentlessly.
    • When she is still, has a tendency towards unconsciously defensive body language, i.e. crossed arms, avoiding displaying her back.
    • Kaylee's manner of walking and carrying her weight in Optime is very much a humanised style.


Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Casa di Cavalieri members may assume the following:


Loveable RogueThe HedonistHidden Heart of Gold

Kaylee isn't a serious individual by nature. She likes fun and relaxation and this comes across in her casual, usually friendly way or presenting herself to the world. Kaylee generally cares little for the opinions of others and can often come across as crass or rude, though there is usually a friendly undertone to her actions. While fully aware of the darker side of the world and it's inhabitants she usually does her best to ignore this. She turns to various substances with worrying regularity, either for recreation or to take herself away from the realities of the world, but stoutly denies that she has a problem.

Kaylee is all about looking out for herself and wringing as much fun out of the world as she can. She has a tendency to disregard the wants and goals of others if they don't coincide with her own goals. Despite this she will always help her friends or those truly in need, though if it costs her she will often only half be joking when she informs them that they "owe her one". She has a soft spot for the young and weak and will generally be much more willing to help them and display a much kinder face.

In some ways Kaylee is rather more closed off that she would seem at first, using her open personality to hide the things she doesn't want to show. She has a tendency to not show anger, sadness or other negative emotions, instead bottling them up inside her; an unhealthy process that occasionally leads to short, infrequent breakdowns. While she doesn't openly show anger often, she isn't above taking revenge on those who have angered or wronged her, usually in subtle ways that can't be directly traced back to her.



  • Kaylee is an optimist at heart, but sometimes finds it hard to keep this viewpoint going when presented with the nastier parts of the world.
  • Despite being rather submissive to those she identifies as stronger than her, Kaylee dislikes actually showing overt submission or respect and any acts of such are usually grudging.
  • Kaylee is slow to genuinely warm up to someone and her interactions with most are casual and pleasant, but distant. Once she decides someone is truly her friend, they have a friend for life.
  • Kaylee looks out for herself first and foremost and her needs and wants are always the most important to her. Despite this, if someone - even a stranger - is in a dire situation and genuinely needs her help she will always help them.


  • Fears: Being abandoned. Being caged. Hurting those she cares about.
  • Motivations: Herself, her happiness. Moral code. Fun.
  • Traits: Roguish, Self-Absorbed, Playful, Casual.
  • Alignment: True Neutral
    • "Has few close friends and would never betray those she has, unless circumstances are dire."
    • "Is generally well liked by her community, but normally will not seek to improve the community."
    • "Will support her nation when profitable to do so, but will not act against her nation if profitable."
    • "Will not harm others for profit.'


Kaylee tends to be rather short on ideals. Despite her generally optimistic outlook she has trouble with thinking that an individual can really change the world, and generally just focuses on trying to enjoy herself in her current situation rather than improve that situation or herself.


  • Kaylee hordes shiny objects, particularly jewelry which she displays on herself.
  • Kaylee is a regular social drinker and partaker of various substances.
  • Kaylee enjoys trading and the challenge of getting a good deal out of someone, though often forgoes the good deal part if something shiny catches her eyes.
  • Kaylee tend to randomly get the desire for a particular object or experience - such as to catch a particular type of fish or try a particular type of food - and will put a lot of effort into this but likely never do it again once she has done it once.


  • Species: No bias.
  • Non-Luperci: Considers them strange, but otherwise they're a-okay
  • Gender: Both are equal
  • Color: Earth tones
  • Outlook: Slightly derisive of those she finds overly formal or boring.
  • Age:


Kinsey Scale 2

Predominantly heterosexual, but more than incidentally homosexual


  • Very open to trying new things, thinks that she should try anything at least once.
  • Habitual recreational drinker.
  • Heavy drinker if upset or troubled.
  • Occasional user of cannabis, in small amounts for recreation or large amounts if trying not to think about something.




Key Relations

Family: Lockyer

  • Mother: --
  • Father: --
  • Half siblings: --

Minor Relations

  • Lola Competition. Kaylee thinks Lola is "too pretty and too perfect," and constantly searches for a flaw in her best friend's lover.

Former Relations


Kaylee has a room in the lower levels of the courthouse.



  • Kaylee is quick and agile, she is an excellent short distance sprinter, has great reflexes and coordination and is good at climbing or moving over rough terrain quickly.
  • Kaylee is adept at using daggers and small blades, using her speed to hit enemies with a multitude of light, disabling strikes.
  • Kaylee is a combat pragmatist she will do whatever it takes to win and has a deep bag of dirty tricks to dip into.
  • Kaylee is a proficient trader and has spent most of her young life helping her grandmother in her shop.
  • Kaylee is good at reading the body language of others and is good at reading someone's mood or intentions from subtle cues.
  • Kaylee has a sharp nose.
  • Kaylee is sneaky and prides herself on being able to walk quietly and surprise people. She has rudimentary knowledge of erasing trails and using oils and herbs to mask her scent.
  • Kaylee has some skill at gardening and growing things, though is far from an expert.


  • Kaylee is physically weak, her thin build providing her little in pure strength. Someone as large as her with an average build would be able to overpower her.
  • Kaylee has an addictive personality and is often a slave to her baser habits.
  • Kaylee has poor impulse control and will often say or do things that she wouldn't if she had stopped to think for a second.
  • Aside from her above average sense of smell Kaylee is a poor tracker and an inexperienced woodsman. While not completely hopeless at it, she is far from the best at following prey or getting her bearings in unfamiliar terrain.
  • Kaylee both fears commitment and feels obliged to it. She will often go out of her way and sometimes sour a relationship to avoid making promises or oaths, but will stick firmly to those she does make.


Kaylee was born and raised in Halifax, Nova Scotia by her grandmother due to her parents mysterious and early deaths. She learned the finer points of trading from an early age and grew up to be a merchant-- of a sort, until she convinced Alistair Callow-Knight to bring her to Casa di Cavalieri.


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