Kamari Kaiser

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    2.   1.2  Essentials
  2.   2.  Relationships
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    2.   2.2  Relations
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Kamari Kaiser and her twin brother, Kamil, were born to a pair of Salsolan slaves, Abeni and Heine Kaiser. They grew up with little due to their lowborn birth, and were only allowed a chance at anything greater because of their mother's master, Lokr Revlis, who helped provide lessons for the twins until they were of shifting age.

She participated in the Inferni-Salsola War, its conclusion upon which helped Kamari realize how she might—finally—be of use to the Kingdom. She became more interested in fighting, stealth, espionage, languages, and social manipulation. In the spring of 2018, a few weeks after a meeting-gone-wrong in front of Hierophant Elphaba Revlis, Kamari found herself betrothed to her childhood friend, Krios Heiwa, resulting in their later, forced mateship in September 2018.

Kamari is a member of Salsola, currently ranked as the Emissary, the elite spy.

Upon joining the ranks of the highborns, she has done what she can to protect, provide, and bring honor to the Kaiser family. Kamari has channeled her skills to aid her in scouting, stealth, and espionage, and has taken up the jobs of Vendetta (a scout) and Sapienza (an infiltrator). She works closely with O'Riley Eternity, who has helped her perfect these talents and is one of the key individuals that set her down this path.

Outside of the pack, Kamari assumes the name "Birch Kaid", and wears masculine scents and/or neutral ones that do not make her stand out.

Kamari won the “Just Kiss!!” superlative with Krios Revlis in the 2018 yearbook’s superlatives.





N P C s

E T C .

  • Nickname: Kam
  • Alias: Birch Kaid
  • Pronunciation: kah-MAR-ee k-EYE-zzahr
  • Meaning: "moon"
  • Origin: Arabic
  • Epithet: The Shadow

P A C K ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S !

  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Emissary
  • Previous Ranks:
  • The Shield Apprentice (Jun-Jul 2018)
  • The Henchman (Mar-May 2018)
  • The Warden (Feb 2018)
  • The Tradesman (Jan 2018)
  • The Confidant (Dec 2017)
  • The Family (Oct-Nov 2017)
  • Bambino (Feb-Oct 2017)

Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Kamari…
    • …around the Kingdom
    • …with her companions
    • …training (archery, knives, hand-to-hand), particularly in the forested areas
  • Knowing…
    • …of Kamari’s parents being ex-slaves
    • …of her talents in the stealth field
    • …that she likes to climb trees and is good at it

1.  Basics

1.1  Appearance


  • Species: Primarily a mix of wolf and jackal, Kamari displays more jackal-like features both in her size and overall lack of mass. Other key giveaways are her larger ears and peppered back markings. To those that have never seen a jackal before, Kamari is often mistaken to have coyote-like traits.
  • Fur: Double-coated, but short; its thicker around her neck and tail, but, even these areas, they're nowhere near as fluffy as her father's
    • Optime Hair: Short and spiky overall, however, she lets her bangs grow out so as to not make her look as masculine.
  • Facial Features: Larger ears due to her jackal ancestry; thinner, tapered muzzle
  • Build and Size: Stands on the shorter side because of the strong jackal bloodlines in her family; she's also naturally thin and lithe in build
    • Lupus: Small and lean compared to most of her peers, other noticeable features are her long legs. She's very agile in this form and is very flexible, something she uses to her advantage should she need to escape someone/thing.
    • Secui: While more muscled than her Lupus, it's nothing to brag about. Her legs are still noticeably long, though, even in this form, she stands on the small end of most other Luperci in their Lupus forms.
    • Optime: Short, lithe, and lean, Kamari is forever cursed with her pint size genetics. She's very fast and agile though, and her knack for climbing trees and practice with a bow and arrow give her surprising upper-body strength.
  • Humanization: Highly humanized, and has a noticeable preference for her Optime form over the others because of it (and other reasons). She has a feral streak to her though that makes her unfit to be invited to anything that requires above-and-beyond manners of elegance or grace, not that she would be found willingly going to such conventions anyways.


  • Fur:
    • Primarily Silver Sand (#c1c5c7)
  • Markings:
    • Outer Space (#33383C) ears
    • Gray Chateau (#9da1a3) blaze, gradually fading into Nevada (#666a6c) as it reaches the bridge of her nose. It also cuts between the lighter undertones surrounding her eye and that of her cheek. Gray Chateau runs the middle of her forehead, up the length of her spine, and stops just after the first few bones of her tail. The color spills over, dribbling into her primary color in the form of faint brindling.
    • A series of upside-down chevrons form at the base of her neck, and work their way down to her mid-back before breaking off into a single ripple that’s point touches her lower back. The coalition wraps from her shoulders, and slips down her spine. They are primarily Porcelain (#ebedee) in color, with Outer Space (#33383c) pooling between two at her shoulders.
    • Porcelain (#ebedee) undertones, beginning on her muzzle, working their way alongside the gradient blaze up to her brow spots; they brush under her eyes, spill across her cheeks, and down her throat. After being cut by Silver Sand (#c1c5c7), they begin again at her chest, running down her legs, along her belly, and along the underside of her tail. The insides of her ears are also this color.
  • Eyes: Bermuda (#76d4ab)
  • Optime Hair: Dominantly Porcelain (#ebedee) with a few pieces of Silver Sand (#c1c5c7) woven in
  • Nose, Paw Pads, Claws: Shark (#333436)



Dawn Pink (#f4efe7)
Mongoose (#b89575)
Arrowtown (#978472)
Roman Coffee (#765b48)
Judge Gray (#574537)
Cocoa Brown (#362c26)


Danube (#7babdc)

Nose, Pawpads, Claws

Shark (#333436)


21 in (53 cm)
24 lbs (11 kg)


Used primarily for sneaking around, some tracking, or long-distance travel. She is wary about using this form in unfamiliar terrain due to the increased likelihood of being attacked.

36 in (91 cm)
93 lbs (42 kg)


Used for much of the same reasons as her Lupus, however, if she is in the company of others in their Lupus, she may choose to use her Secui instead so as to not feel as small standing next to them.

5ft 4in (64 in / 163 cm)
123 lbs (56 kg)

Optime (Preferred)

Kamari's usual form for everyday activities and duties.


  • Four, faint scratch marks on her left forearm from a bobcat [1]
  • Slash across her chest from the right side of her collarbone to the top of her left breast; received from Delfina Heiwa [M] [2]
  • Stab wound on her left side that was cauterized closed; received from Delfina Heiwa [M] [3]


  • Bow made of yew wood and a leather hip quiver; gift from her father
  • Knife and holster that are worn at the small of her back via a belt



by Alaine by Remarin by Raze

1.2  Essentials


Bold, confident, outspoken, persistent/adamant, patient, smart, free spirit, curious, adventurous, feisty, TBA


  • Likes: Cats, horses, honesty, loyalty, respect, being treated as an equal, puzzles, challenges, fighting, scouting/tracking/sneaking, climbing trees
  • Dislikes: Being looked down on, arrogance, cold, superficial/two-faced packmates


  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extrovert, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Motivations: Honor, friends, loyalty to the Kingdom
  • Fears: Dishonor, failure, physical lameness


  • Packs: Salsola above all others, an Infernian’s word and loyalty cannot be trusted
  • Species: None
  • Non-Luperci: Never met one
  • Social Class: Most highborns are selfish, arrogant, shallow, and two-faced
  • Gender: Boys sometimes do stupid things for stupid reasons
  • Color: None
  • Sexuality: None, though, she does not view polygamy very lightly
  • Age: Elders are to be respected, though, their advice and rules may not always be heeded


Strictly heterosexual with a preference for men. Kamari is drawn to someone who is confident, though, not overly so. Those that can stand toe-to-toe with her fiery nature, or, are able to not stoke it at all, often keep her interest. She despises weak personalities, and views polygamous relationships and chronic one night stands as dirty, disgusting, and without loyalty. Kamari is also not a large fan of intimate, public displays of affection, viewing them as a more private matter between couples.


None, does not believe in a higher power or have faith in the magic and witchery taken by many of Salsola's women. She questions religions, and often believes them to be nothing more than a cult designed to take advantage of the weak-willed and minded.


  • Speech: Disney’s Fa Mulan [5], [6], [7], [8]
    • Tomboy, respectful, abrasive, playful
    • Fluent in German, French, and Arabic; knowledgeable with a handful of random words/phrases in other languages such as Mongolian, Kazakh, and Russian
  • Unique Scent: Tree (pine, cedar, juniper, etc.) and forest, wood, dirt, wood smoke, feline, horses, various animal furs
    • Additional Scents:
      • Salsola (Seasalt, damp soil, smoke, bog and thicket) (Salsola disguises their scent outside of the pack)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often tries to minimalize presence (being very still, finding places/areas to stand in that are out of the way/hidden/easily overlooked)
  • General Posture and Body Language: Flexible/non-rigid, lax, proud, patient; cat-like

2.  Relationships

2.1  Family

2.2  Relations

Key Relations

  • Krios Revlis is a highborn that became Kamari’s first friend, and, later, became her betrothed and mate. Their different social statuses and beginnings often caused her to try to keep him at a distance and started unnecessary fights between them, but, since his mother’s passing and their mateship to one another, Kamari has started to be more open to their friendship. Their relationship is rather chaotic and is full of teases and jabs at one another. She trusts him, and genuinely enjoys his company.
  • O'Riley Eternity is someone that Kamari reveres for his knowledge, experience, and expertise. She is very loyal to him, respects him, and sees him as something of a role model. Because of this and their similar affinities in job fields, she often goes to him for advice and has worked with him on multiple occasions. They have practiced writing in code with one another for espionage missions.
  • Velimir Voronin is a man that was introduced to her by her father, and later became her mentor of sorts. While initially rather cold and somewhat rude with him, Kamari eventually accepts him and the pair share an amiable teacher-student, family-like relationship. Velimir became a second source for advice, and is valued for his fighting prowess, skills, and his life experiences. She considers him to be something of what a grandfather might be like.
  • Heine Kaiser and Abeni are her parents. Kamari feels a stronger connection with her father than she does her mother, and takes after a lot of Heine’s traits and talents. She highly respects Heine and all that he has done for her. Of her mother, Kamari adores her, but, often feels she has to protect her. As well, because of Kamari’s tomboyish and brave nature, she often finds herself unable to feel a connection with Abeni’s softer, gentler personality.
  • Kamil Kaiser is her twin brother. While once very close and inseparable, as they grew older, they grew apart. Where Kamari strove to better their situation, Kamil could only focus and dwell upon their family’s plight. Kamari’s betrothal by the pack’s then-second-in-command, Elphaba, was the final straw that led Kamil to flee the Kingdom. Kamari has treated his unannounced departure neutrally. While worried about his wellbeing, she does harbor some bitter feelings for his actions.

Other Relations

  • Elphaba Revlis was her teacher’s daughter, and has always been someone that Kamari has regarded with respect for her age and rank before Elphaba as an individual. Though she is polite and loyal to the Boss, Kamari is often quite wary of the cardinal-eyed Revlis, knowing that things are not always as they seem with the woman.
  • Brocade Valentine is a relative of Krios’ and a seasoned warrior that Kamari respects. The two have been on a handful of missions together (during war and in multiple infiltration operations), and his ability to work silently, effectively, and his fighting prowess earned him the Kaiser’s confidence and loyalty. She thinks that he has a good head on his shoulders, and that he has a likeable personality.
  • Helena Troy Lykoi ---
  • Kaeli Blacksun ---
  • Idrieus Eternity ---
  • Grievous Eternity ---
  • Lokr Revlis was her Godfather. He was a familiar figure in her life, having taught her many lessons in the way of Salsola as well as other life skills and marks of sophistication, such as reading and writing. Her respect for him dwindled due to his noticeable absence during the Inferni-Salsola War, and then even further when he was outed as being a traitor to the Kingdom. While she would not want to harm her old teacher, she is bitter about his betrayal and seemingly hypocritical culture lessons that he taught her.
  • Scorpius D'Angelo is a man that Kamari greatly respects. Despite his intimidating nature, she no longer fears him as much as she once did. She thinks him very wise. It is through him that Kamari further improved her fighting skills and learned about horses and their upkeep.
  • Vesta is something of what Kamari imagined having an older sister would be like. Vesta was a teacher, a friend, and a sparring partner. She was someone that Kamari trusts her back to in a fight (a loyalty that has been proven sound). Kamari thinks quite highly of her and enjoys the fun they have with one another.

Minor Relations

3.  Skills

Key: Dabbler --> Apprentice --> Journeyman --> Master


  • Education and Learning: She was first tempted into this field by O'Riley Eternity when Kamari needed to find a suitable representation of her answer to her Cueponi Riddle. Her later part in participating in an infiltration mission during the Inferni-Salsola War only furthered her interests. Kamari has since bettered her skills through practice and missions with O’Riley, and working in operations alongside individuals like Brocade Valentine, or taking certain specialized lessons from those like Helena Troy Lykoi and Velimir Voronin. Of others, Kamari is self-taught or her natural talents in observation, logic, and intelligence aides her actions.
  • Stealth and Observation (Journeyman): A skill originally taught to her by her father as part of lessons in hunting, Kamari furthered her technique with the aid of her father, her feline companions, and through her own personal games and exercises. She is able to easily blend into her surroundings, be it on the ground or up in a tree. She is highly aware of her surroundings, her environment, and her role and place within it, allowing her to move in a way that draws the least attention to herself. Her small size also helps her into fitting into places and hiding that other Luperci might not be capable of or would consider.
  • Social Manipulation, Information Gathering (Journeyman): Kamari’s perceptive nature, adaptability, and quick thinking allows her to generally be able to mold conversations into directions that she wants them to go to gain information, or, direct them away from topics she does not wish to speak on. She is quite good at controlling her emotions and outward expressions and manipulating them to match what is needed at a given moment. She is also skilled in reading others, and often has a good idea of how others might respond to loaded or directing questions or comments. When dealing with Outsiders, Kamari tends to use her alter ego’s innocent and ignorant front to make her targets more willing to speak with her.
  • Slight of Hand (Dabbler): A new talent taught to her by Velimir, Kamari showed an interest in the talent when considered how it might aid her with obtaining physical items either for leverage or due to being unable to coerce the information or their forfeiture by her targets.
  • Multilingual (Common Tongue, German, Arabic, French): Kamari grew up in a world that was rich in languages, her own home being where this part of her brain was first unlocked and nurtured. She learned German and French from her father, Arabic from her mother. Practice and usage of these languages were maintained through speaking and interacting with various packmates within the Thistle Kingdom. Kamari only knows bits and pieces of other languages, such as Mongolian, Kazakh, and Russian, because of her mentor-companion, Velimir.
  • Reading and Writing (Apprentice): A rare skill for a slave (or ex-slave) to have, Kamari was originally taught how to read by her father, and this skill was later enhanced and expanded upon with the capability to write when she began taking lessons with Lokr. She can write fluently in Common Tongue, German, and French (thanks to help from Helena), and can write phonetically (as it sounds) in Arabic, though she is by no means a scholar in her writings in any language. With O'Riley, Kamari has been able to create a unique, code-like language in which the two may crudely communicate in in secret.

Fighting and Other

  • Education and Learning: Kamari showed interest in fighting and being independent from others from a young age, and much of what she was taught can be attributed to several individuals: Lokr Revlis, Heine Kaiser, Scorpius D'Angelo, and Vesta. She practiced and honed these skills through lessons with these Salsolans and, later, through her own self-development and learning. With many of them no longer playing a large role in her everyday life, Kamari maintains a lot of these skills through her own discipline, though may be helped by her mate, Krios Revlis, or her mentor-companion, Velimir Voronin.
  • Tree Climbing (Master): Completely self-taught, or, at least, mostly. Being small, Kamari had often enjoyed climbing up to places where she could feel tall and see much farther than she could on the ground. She began climbing trees as early as she could shift, and with the help of her feline companions, she was able to figure out and learn useful tricks and techniques that would allow her to better her unique skillset that would help give her the advantage with her espionage work, as well as her roles in scouting and archery. Her small, lithe figure helps allow Kamari to scale trees with little worry about limbs breaking beneath her weight as they would a larger and heavier Luperci.
  • Hunting, Tracking, Scouting (Journeyman): Basic skills taught to her by her father in order to help lessen his responsibilities in being the family’s sole provider for food. Kamari took to it all easily enough, and her lessons learned helped nurture and better her other skills in the stealth field. These skills are used regularly, and her roles within the Kingdom have only enhanced them.
  • Skinning, Leather tanning, Arrow-making (Journeyman): A set of crafts that she learned from her father in order to have an income of sorts since her parents had so little to begin with. Obtaining these helped her father obtain more items of perceived wealth for the lowborn family, and actually helped Kamari herself rise from her sparse roots. She has become quite good at skinning animals for their pelts, turning hides into leather or leather strips, and crafting arrows. She uses these goods often for trade.
  • Archery (Journeyman): First taught by her father to help provide for the family’s food, Kamari’s experiences with a bow stem back to shortly after the girl could shift. Multiple hunts and lessons with her father and Lokr furthered Kamari’s talents in the art until she took to maintaining her skills on her own. She practices and challenges herself regularly, using her bow in hunting, for fighting, and in completive games with her mate. She has recently added mounted archery (Mongolian/thumb draw style) to her archery talents, a technique furthered and lessons overseen by Velimir.
  • Fighting (Close Combat, Acrobatics, Knives) (Journeyman): From an early age, Kamari was interested in fighting, both as a way to protect herself and those she loved, and because of the initial, pent up anger she had for her lowborn status and how she was perceived by those in the Kingdom. Her lessons began when she was six-months old and under the watchful eye of Scorpius and Vesta, with whom she was taught how to properly wield a blade and how to fight in close quarters against a larger opponent. Kamari continued to practice, spar, and otherwise hone these skills as she grew older, developing a quick, deadly, and acrobatic-like fighting style that was furthered with the help of Velimir.
  • Equestrian (Apprentice): Yet another talent Kamari showed interest in when she was younger, she was given private lessons by Scorpius(D'Angelo and Vesta upon gaining a relationship with the pair. She was originally taught on Scorpius and Vesta’s personal horses, as well as some of the communal horses, before Kamari finally gained her own mount, Cedar, in the late spring of 2018. She continued her training under the pair up until Velimir came to Salsola, and Kamari’s lessons continued under his tutelage. Kamari can do basic handling, riding, and care, and, while confident in her skills, may defer to more experienced riders or horseman.

4.  Inventory


Raised by her father in how to bargain with others, Kamari is a generally fair trader. Mainly, she trades in handcrafted arrows and the furs/pelts/by-products of the animals that she kills for food or hunts specifically for their fur. She is not easily duped by others, as she has a good eye for detail and is rather critical in her inspections. She can sometimes be rather stubborn about her idea of a certain pelt’s worth.

  • Offering: Pelts of various local animals (all of good cut, though the fur itself may vary pending the killed animal’s condition), leather, leather strips, feathers, handcrafted arrows, animal parts (claws, teeth, bones, etc.), crude glue, wooden animal totems and grass-woven bowls/baskets/mats (both provided by Velimir Voronin)
  • Accepting: Blades (knives), leather armor, bows, horse goods, paper, journals/books, (relevant) maps, credible information, clothing, blankets

Personal Inventory


  • Knife with jade accents; Cueponi reward
  • Two skinning knives
  • Three personal hunting knives of varying sizes
  • Various number of handcrafted arrows
  • Varying number of hunting knives of different makes



  • Various number of pelts (higher quality furs more numerous in the colder months)
  • Western-style tack for Cedar and Walnut
    • One set of decorative gear (browband and breastcollar)
  • Two sets of leather saddlebags
  • Various wool blankets (some specifically for riding)
  • Various wooden and metal bowls and plates (wooden only)

5.  Residence

  • The Hideaway Home
    A one-story cabin hidden away by a small patch of forest on either side, and blocked off by a small lake at its back. There is a paddock on the northwestern side, an unattached open workshop (for Kamari's pelt-making and the pair's arrow-crafting) of sorts towards the southwest, and a hidden archery range (built by Kamari and Krios) in the portion of forest to the southeast of the house. The house itself has two bedrooms, a study, a sizable storage room, and a general living room with a fireplace. There is a porch at both the front and back entrances that are usually used for collecting firewood. A stable located within the paddock is connected to the house's northwestern wall.

Previous Residences:

  • The Kaiser Home
A small, family home consisting of two bedrooms, a loft, and a dining/living area. On the first floor, one walks immediately into the dining/living area. The room is sparse decorated, with simple cabinetry and counterspace lining the back wall, a table that seats four, and a worn couch. Various projects may dot the smaller end tables that are shoved into the room’s corners. On either side of this room is a small bedroom able to have a single, twin-sized bed and perhaps a nightstand with a bit of extra space for moving around, but nothing else. The loft that sits above one of these rooms is accessed by a ladder. This “bedroom” is able to hold a queen-sized bed and two end tables on either side with little room for much else.
Heine and Abeni originally took up one of the lower bedrooms, but moved to the loft when the twins grew of shifting age and were each given a room. Heine originally used Kamari’s room for his projects.
Outside of this house, there is a crude firepit and hitching post.

6.  NPCs


  • Kamari typically names her companions after materials/items so that she can use them easily in code without it being obvious of what/who she is speaking of



Can be Referenced...

Stone (Domestic Short-haired Cat)

  • Size:
    • Height: 14 in (36 cm)
    • Length: 26 in (66 cm)
    • Weight: 16 lbs (7 kg)
  • Key Features: Stub tail, tufted ears, large size for domestic cat
  • Coloration: Brown tabby with yellow-green eyes

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …around the Kingdom, particularly in forested areas or around Kamari’s home
    • …with Kamari or her other companions
    • …hunting or playfighting with his cousin, Agate
  • Being glared at or otherwise regarded coldly by him


Skills & Abilities

  • Capable of High Speech
  • Intelligent and stealthy hunter with excellent tracking/stalking skills
    • May be used to spy or collect information on others
  • Good at climbing/scaling trees and coming back down them
  • Protective and will fight off a larger animal if perceived as a threat

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Hunting, sparring, climbing, fishing, acrobatics, Kamari
  • Dislikes: Being a “small cat,” unknown cats (especially toms), arrogant Luperci, anything that threatens Kamari


Stone is very much like his namesake; cold, aloof, and tough. He’s not a nice cat, and is more often described as “mean” (physically, verbally, etc.), a trait that is often seen in how he interacts with others than Kamari. He doesn’t go out of his way to pick a fight (not without reason, anyway), but, neither will he back down from one if challenged or put on the spot. Stone is quite bold and brave, and while he would gladly take on a creature three or four times his size, he has an intelligence to him too that keeps him from acting recklessly.
He’s a resilient feline, and an admirable and loyal companion animal. He is very protective of the Kamari, and, to a lesser extension, of her twin brother, Kamil, and, later, held a loyalty to Kamari’s betrothed and mate, Krios Revlis. Due to Kamari’s size and their time together, he often feels the need to protect her, and is not afraid to square up against something he feels threatens her being or her honor.
Stone is also protective of his cousin, Agate, with whom, he is usually found around. He often thinks Agate to be rather lazy, and may often lovingly—or not—insult his kin, however, he truly does love his cousin and is very tolerant of Agate and his actions. The two work together a lot, and will gang up on a perceived threat.
Often, Stone wishes that he had been born as a larger, wilder cat (i.e. lynx, bobcat, etc.), and has idolized Salsola’s Salvia Eternity’s companion, Abendrot, from afar. Stone is also highly territorial of the homestead and his and Agate’s usual hunting grounds, and will actively seek and attack unknown cats (especially other tomcats) that wander too close to Kamari’s home that he has not been formally introduced to.


Born in Portland to a feisty alley cat and a forest-dwelling tom, Stone lived his early life in the overgrown wilds of the nearby woodlands rather than the docks where his mother had grown up. His mother died early on upon being attacked and killed in a fight with two other cats. Thankfully for Stone, his mother’s relationship with her sister allowed Stone and his siblings to be taken under his aunt’s care. The small litter was moved to the docks, where they lived in a house with a Luperci fisherman. It was here that Stone bonded with his cousin, Agate. The pair were eventually traded off to Heine Kaiser when the fisherman realized his home was overrun with kittens.
They were brought with the father to the Kingdom of Salsola as a present for his children, though, the pair formed a stronger bond with his daughter, Kamari. The cats and Kamari grew up together, partaking in games with one another that would eventually aide in Kamari’s talents in the espionage field. Growing into adulthood, Stone has remained as a companion of Kamari’s.

Agate (Domestic Short-haired Cat)

  • Size:
    • Height: 10 in (25 cm)
    • Length: 18 in (46 cm)
    • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Key Features: Patchy orange markings
  • Coloration: Orange and white tabby with hazel eyes

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …around the Kingdom, particularly in forested areas or around Kamari’s home
    • …with Kamari or her other companions
    • …hunting or playfighting with his cousin, Stone
  • Being greeted in a friendly manner or rubbed on by him


Skills & Abilities

  • Capable of High Speech
  • Intelligent and stealthy hunter with excellent tracking/stalking skills
    • May be used to spy or collect information on others
  • Good at climbing/scaling trees and coming back down them

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Hunting, climbing, sunbathing, affection/cuddling, playing, swimming, horses
  • Dislikes: Fishing, being forced/badgered to work


The more affectionate of Kamari’s cats, Agate gets along with just about anyone. He enjoys being pet, having casual conversation, playing, and doing whatever quirky or fun thing may come to mind. He is much more open to strangers, and is often the first to greet someone if not barred from doing so by his cousin, Stone. Agate can be lazy, and can be found sunbathing when not on an errand or coerced into doing something with Stone.
Despite his friendly demeanor and rather laidback way of doing things, Agate is not above conflict, though, he is not nearly half as brave as Stone. He often follows Stone’s lead, even if the larger feline may be too gung-ho for Agate’s liking. So long as Stone is unwilling to back down, neither will Agate, though, he may try to act as a voice of reason to his cousin. And while he is not fond of Stone’s abrasive nature and tough love, he understands it and accepts and loves his cousin for how he is.
Where Stone plays a larger role as a protector to Kamari, Agate finds his place more as emotional support and helping lighten her mood when she’s down.


Born in Portland to a pretty alley cat that frequented the docks, but had a sometimes-home with a resident fisherman. His mother gave birth to his litter in this Luperci’s home and raised them there. His cousin, Stone, and his two littermates came to live with Agate’s family when his mother found out the news of her sister’s death and decided to take in the kits as her own. Agate and Stone formed a bond, and were eventually traded off to Heine Kaiser when the fisherman realized his home was overrun with kittens.
They were brought with the father to the Kingdom of Salsola as a present for his children, though, the pair formed a stronger bond with his daughter, Kamari. The cats and Kamari grew up together, partaking in games with one another that would eventually aide in Kamari’s talents in the espionage field. Growing into adulthood, Agate has remained as a companion of Kamari’s.

Cedar (Mustang horse)

  • Gender: Stallion
  • Species: Mustang hybrid
  • Date of Birth: Spring 2013
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: 890 lbs (404 kg)
  • Key Features: Dorsal stripe, striping on legs, one white foot
  • Coloration: Bay dun with one white ankle, black mane and legs; dark brown eyes

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …in the paddock next to Kamari’s house roaming freely
    • …with Kamari or her other companions
  • Knowing he is a good scouting horse and follows Kamari’s commands
  • Having him watch you carefully and unwilling to let you close/touch him without Kamari present or being someone that he is very familiar with (i.e. your character is very close to/is good friends with Kamari)
  • May chase, feint charge, or attack you if he thinks you’re a threat to his herd or Kamari


Cedar is a handsome stallion of mustang ancestry. He’s of a rather plain, bay dun coloration, something that, to one without an eye or care for detail, may make him an easily forgettable or an otherwise unimportant/noticeable looking horse. He has a rich, pure-black mane where his tail has lighter hints of brown faded throughout it. Primitive markings, such as the black dorsal mark, faint striping on his legs, and tipping of his ears are the few features that really set him apart from an average-looking brown horse. He also has one foot that has been dipped in white. When used for travel, he is equipped with a western-style saddle with leather saddlebags.

Skills & Abilities

  • Rider-trained
  • Good endurance, fast
  • Trained for scouting sorties; surefooted, quiet, very alert
  • Can take simple commands (stay, follow, carry on, etc.) and can be summoned with a whistle

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Running, traveling, being pet/shown affection by Kamari, apples
  • Dislikes: Shady and unknown individuals, pushy or bossy mares


Cedar is a generally tolerant and quiet horse who is very mindful of his feet and body, making him rather ideal for someone going on missions and sorties that require stealth. He’s not the most affectionate horse (and often comes off as being quite aloof), but is not opposed to receiving affection by those he is comfortable with. He doesn’t overly react to a lot of things, seeming to be quite tolerant of sounds, movement, or new things, however, he may be cautious of them. He is a very vigilant horse, and seems to be pretty intelligent when interacting with his environment.
He is not easily spooked, though, he is wary of those he does not know. With strangers, it is best to approach him with Kamari present, otherwise, he will be sure to maintain a certain distance, and, if chased, may turn and fight. He will watch someone and “judge” them until either reassured by Kamari, or, he deems them to not been an immediate threat.
His polite, well-mannered, and calm nature is the reason he still remains an intact stallion. It is thought that he has low testosterone levels.


Born and raised by a breeder who lived close to Portland. The breeder was an individual who once specialized in scouting and trail horses for a pack, leaving Cedar to be in good hands in his youth. He was socialized young and trained with specific quirks and skills that his original buyer requested. The deal between the breeder and buyer went south though when it came to finally hand Cedar off, and, to spite the man and to keep him from trying to steal the horse, the breeder had every intention to kill Cedar.
Heine Kaiser had shown interest in the breeder’s available stock over the course of a few months prior when he had been searching for a gift for his daughter, Kamari. When Heine came to pick out a horse though, the breeder decided to trade Cedar to Heine, having grown fond of the father, and deciding that he didn’t want to kill a “good horse” if someone could benefit from the years he had spent training Cedar. An exchange of goods was made, and Cedar was brought back to Salsola, where he was gifted to Kamari in early May 2018.
Upon coming under her ownership, Kamari has worked tirelessly with Cedar, gaining his trust and his confidence and loyalty to her.

Walnut (Mule)

  • Gender: Gelding
  • Species: Mule
  • Date of Birth: Unknown (spring 2014)
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Height: 15 hands (60 in; 152 cm)
    • Weight: 945 lbs (429 kg)
  • Key Features: Lightly-colored face, short mane, large ears, shaggy coat
  • Coloration: Chestnut with cream undertones and face, white mane; dark brown eyes

Around Salsola:

  • Seeing him…
    • …in the paddock next to Kamari’s house roaming freely
    • …with Kamari or her other companions
  • Knowing that he…
    • …is a good pack pony and very willing to work/carry loads
    • …is a bit wary of unknown Luperci (but is more curious/open than Cedar)
    • …gets a bit nervous around fighting Luperci (currently being trained to ignore otherwise)


Walnut has a rich, chestnut-coloration with lighter, cream undertones. His face is also of a lighter hue than the bulk of his body, the coloration spilling down along his neck and resulting in a white mane. He appears to have some sort of draft-horse-like ancestry, as, though he did not gain their height, he gained their body-type; with somewhat thicker bones and a more robust, stout build. His fur is a bit longer than most, giving him a furrier look to him, particularly during winter time. When used for travel, he is equipped with a western-style saddle with leather saddlebags.

Skills & Abilities

  • Rider and pack-pony trained
  • Good endurance, moderate speed
  • Very strong and tough
  • Surefooted, patient, quiet

Likes & Dislikes

  • Likes: Attention, playing, working, other horses, squash
  • Dislikes: Aggression, being left alone at night, fighting Luperci (especially those that are noisy or fight with weaponry; currently being trained to ignore/tolerate it)


A docile, hardworking, and amiable creature, Walnut turned out to be a rather beneficial and surprising acquisition for Kamari. He is a non-dominate and very calm, gelded mule who tends to get along quite easily with other animals, which helps Kamari greatly with innate strength. He’s a gentle beast that enjoys working, and does great when riding or following another horse or caravan. Walnut seems to prefer the company of stallions or other geldings over mares, but enjoys play in general with any horse, with Luperci, or with Kamari’s cats. He has quite a bit of character when comfortable with someone, and may do quirky little things or show various signs of affection.
While he can be left alone for long periods of time without issue, and does not spook easily, Walnut gets very anxious if left alone at night. He does better when with another horse or with a Luperci nearby that he can see and sleep near.


Walnut came into Kamari’s ownership in July of 2018 after she and a packmate killed his previous owners [M] when they were casing the Kingdom. He spent a small amount of time immediately after with Kamari’s father, Heine Kaiser, in Portland, where the breeder that Heine obtained Kamari’s main horse, Cedar, from assessed him. He was later returned to Kamari in October, when it was deemed that the mule would likely not cause any issues with her other male mount. He was introduced slowly to Cedar and Kamari’s husband’s mare, Seduction, and upon their acceptance, was allowed to roam with them in the paddock.
He appears to have been used as a pack horse for quite some time, and likely passed between a few owners. He may have been castrated very early in life, as he exhibits little to no stallion-like behaviors.
Velimir Voronin is currently aiding in his training to be more tolerant of conflict, and to be more suitable for scouting-type missions that Kamari may take him on.

7.  History

Kamari and her brother, Kamil, were unplanned and illicit children born to Salsolan slave parents, Abeni and Heine Kaiser. With Abeni heavily pregnant as the Thistle Kingdom fought a war with an old but aggressive enemy, the stressful circumstances made the twins the only survivors of their litter. Forbidden, they should never have been born or allowed to live a free life if not for the intervention and support of their mother's master, Lokr Revlis, who helped provide the newly-freed couple with what they needed for their children to grow healthy and provided lessons for them when they grew older.

A lowborn, Kamari’s childhood was not as lavishing as most, and she grew up humble with relatively little to call her own. Most of her days—when not taking cultural and aristocratic lessons from Lokr or survival lessons from her father—she spent watching and observing the denizens of the Kingdom, learning what she could and what made the slave family so different from them. Upon shifting, Kamari poured her interests into learning how to fight, hunt, and improve her stealth skills. Another war was forced upon the Kingdom in October of 2017, and, driven to prover herself and bring honor to her family name, Kamari sought to take the next step in her life and climb out of the proverbial hole that she had been born into. She stole a coyote skull from Inferni’s borders, completing her Cueponi Riddle and being welcomed amongst the Family. Selected to help burn down the coyote’s home, the D'Neville Mansion, Kamari played a pivotal role in what would help lead to the Clan’s surrender to the Kingdom.

Amidst the Inferni-Salsola war, Kamari began an odd sort of friendship with a highborn boy, Krios Heiwa. After an outing gone wrong in the late months of winter 2018, however, their relationship became strained after a heated argument, one that Hierophant Elphaba Revlis happened upon. Later, during a Last Supper held at the beginning of spring, Elphaba revealed Krios’ Revlis bloodline…as well as tested the two’s rocky friendship by betrothing them to one another.

Place holder for re-written open summary stuff


7.1  Timeline

Year 2017

  • February: Kamari and her twin brother, Kamil, were born to newly-freed slaves, Heine Kaiser and Abeni.
  • March-April: The twins grew under the watchful eye of their parents.
  • May: Heine returns from a Portland trip with two kittens, Stone and Agate. The twins also start having lessons under their mother’s previous owner, Lokr Revlis.
  • June-July: Kamari starts to go on more and more hunting lessons with her father and continues to grow and become more confident and bold.
  • August: Kamari shifts, and takes up the bow like her father, and starts private fighting lessons with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta.
  • September: She continues to growl, practice, learn, and explore the world around her.
  • October: Takes—and passes—her Cueponi Riddle. Participates in the Inferni-Salsola War and begins her path down the path of espionage and subterfuge thanks to O'Riley Eternity. Kamari also makes a friend in Krios Heiwa.
  • November-December: Continues to practice her fighting prowess, mastery of the bow, and talents in the spying field.

Year 2018

  • January: TBA

7.2  Threads



  1. I’m having fun; don’t put me down (01 Aug)
    Amherst, with Helena Troy Lykoi.
    Kamari heads to Amherst to try to help clean up part of the pack’s new claim in their portion of the city. She is found and aided by Helena.
  2. Nothin’ but a couple of bottles of piss and vinegar (06 Aug)
    Salsola (Blackwoods), with Lace Valentine.
    After stealing one of her father’s knives, Kamari practices using it and receives an impromptu lesson in how to properly wield the weapon.
  3. All around the mulberry bush (07 Aug)
    Millstone Village, with Coaxoch and Dirge Trombetta-Ulrich (cNPC).
    Wanting to give a present to her mother, Kamari sets out to find some berries, only to be accosted by Coaxoch and his younger sibling.
  4. Growing a little older (12 Aug)
    The Ruins (Loki’s home), with Stjarna Helsi.
    Kamari finds Stjarna making soap and asks her about the process.
  5. [M] Then it all goes a blur, let instinct take flight (19 Aug)
    Salsola (Lake Ligeia), with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta (cNPC).
    While out and about, Kamari stumbles upon Scorpius and Vesta sparring, and receives an impromptu lesson herself.


  1. Dust and gold (04 Sept)
    The Ruins (Lokr’s home), with Elphaba Revlis.
    Kamari goes to her mentor’s home to receive her lesson for the day, only to find Lokr absent and his daughter present instead.
  2. I try twice as hard and I'm half as liked (10 Sept)
    Salsola (Barbed Wire Fence), with O'Riley Eternity.
    While out scavenging, Kamari formally meets O’Riley, and the two are distracted as they hunt down a mysterious figure.


  1. I feel a little foolish, am I floating? (01 Oct)
    The Ruins (Loki’s home), with Loki Helsi.
    On the advice of her father, Kamari goes to Loki and request that he teach her how to be more masculine so that she may hide her feminine nature and mannerisms when outside of the Kingdom.
  2. It's only in your head you feel left out or looked down on (02 Oct)
    The Ruins (Salvia’s home), with Salvia Eternity.
    Finally ready, Kamari asks to receive her Cueponi Riddle.
  3. Soldiers of the fallen land (Early Oct)
    Salsola (Stone Ship), with Salsola.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    The Kingdom is called together, where they are informed that they are officially at war with Inferni.
  4. This our last soirée (Early Oct)
    Salsola (Fishery), with Scorpius D'Angelo, Heine Kaiser (aNPC), Vesta, Serene Eternity (cNPCs), Corrine Pauva, Darijus Ostroszek (pNPCs).
    Inferni-Salsola War
    Kamari and her father help set up a triage project led by Serene.
  5. If you want it, you take it (09 Oct)
    Salsola (Pine Barrens), with O'Riley Eternity.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    Kamari is met with a dilemma upon solving her Cueponi riddle, only to be unable to figure out a way to present it before the Boss. O’Riley offers a risky idea.

OCTOBER 2017 (cont.)

  1. (RO) When the lights go up, you'll understand (09 Oct)
    Inferni (Border), with Shikoba Whiplash (NPC) and Scuttle (cNPC).
    Inferni-Salsola War
    After splitting up from O’Riley, Kamari makes it to Inferni’s border, where she steals one of their painted wolf skulls and escapes with two Infernian scouts on her trail.
  2. Makes you stop your hand again at turning the page (10 Oct)
    The Ruins (Salvia’s home), with Salvia Eternity.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    Kamari returns to Salvia with the answer to her Cueponi Riddle.
  3. Flights of angels (Mid-Oct)
    Drifter Bay, with Duncan de le Poer.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    Kamari discovers Duncan and his feline companion, Connor, killing ravens and decides to help him.
  4. On the bated breath of those undying (19 Oct)
    The Ruins, with Krios Heiwa.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    While searching for ways to test her archery skills, Kamari finds and formally meets Krios for the first time.
  5. Before the storm (Mid-Oct)
    The Ruins (Scorpius’ house), with Scorpius D'Angelo.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    In the midst of playing a game with her cats, Kamari wanders upon Scorpius’ horses and receives her first lesson about the animals.


  1. It destroys responsibility and consequences (08 Nov)
    D'Neville Mansion, with O'Riley Eternity, Elphaba Revlis, Khael Mwinyi Lykoi, Brocade Valentine, Scuttle (cNPC) .
    Inferni-Salsola War
    In an act to put a stop to the war, Kamari is enlisted in a special infiltration mission in which they burn down one of Inferni’s housing locations, the D’Neville Mansion.
  2. forces pulling from the center of the earth again (26 Nov)
    Salsola (Stone Ship), with Salsola.
    Inferni-Salsola War
    Salsola is declared the victor of the Infernian-Salsolan war, however, their Lord Commander, Lokr Revlis, is name a traitor before the Kingdom and Elphaba Revlis rises to Hierophant.


  1. You're always riding in the back seat (01 Dec)
    Salsola, with Krios Heiwa.
    Kamari and Krios patrol the borders and find someone caught in one of the traps.
  2. [M] I never miss a beat, I'm lightning on my feet (02 Dec)
    Salsola (Blackwoods), with Idrieus Eternity.
    Kamari and Idrieus go on a night patrol together where they find two trespassing Outsiders and deal with them.
  3. I'm dancing on my own, I make the moves up as I go (Late Dec)
    Drifter Bay, with Avinalora.
    While exploring Inferni’s newly-abandoned territory, Kamari is discovered by another jackal, whom she pries for information about her pack, Anathema.



  1. And fall upon us all (January)
    Millstone Village (Kaiser house), with Kamil Kaiser.
    Kamari is woken up in the middle of the night by her brother, and the two discuss their family’s placement in the Kingdom.
  2. We make a life by what we give (January)
    Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Salsola.
    Kamari attends her first Last Supper.
  3. Like passing notes in secrecy (January)
    Salsola (Borders), with O'Riley Eternity.
    Kamari asks for O’Riley’s help, and the two consider how to communicate in code.
  4. She of the spear stands present (January)
    Salsola, with Khael Mwinyi Lykoi.
    While playing a game with her cats, Kamari finds Khael practicing with her spear and asks about it.


  1. Wild thing (08 Feb)
    The Ruins (Scorpius’ house), with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta (cNPC).
    Kamari practices her horse-riding skills on a young stallion she and Vesta obtained from their escort trip to Portland back in December.
  2. [M] You've been going round, going round, going round (Mid-Feb)
    Amherst (Biff's Bar), with Krios Heiwa.
    Krios takes Kamari to a bar in Amherst, where they end up fighting off an angry pair of Luperci with their sights set on Krios.
  3. Depeche (February)
    Salsola (Pine Barrens), with Krios Heiwa and Elphaba Revlis.
    Kamari misreads a gift given by Krios and a heated argument breaks out between them. Elphaba puts an end to it.

MARCH 2018

  1. Blood & wine, forever mine (06 Mar)
    Salsola (Feasting Hall), with Salsola.
    Another Last Supper is held. Krios Heiwa is named a Revlis…and Kamari is named his betrothed.
  2. Find out games you don't wanna play (07 Mar)
    The Ruins (Scorpius’ house), with Scorpius D'Angelo, Heine Kaiser (aNPC), Vesta, Serene Eternity (cNPCs).
    Distraught over the previous day’s announcement, Heine takes Kamari to Scorpius and asks the Jaegermeister to help them.
  3. Is this what you wanted? (10 Mar)
    Salsola (Great Falls), with Krios Revlis.
    Krios finds Kamari, and the two tensely discuss their new predicament.
  4. In that rich earth a richer dust concealed (15 Mar)
    Salsola (Apple Orchard), with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta (cNPC).
    Kamari engages in another training session with Vesta as her sparring partner and Scorpius to monitor her progress.
  5. Tripping in the world could be dangerous (16 Mar)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Oscar Morelli.
    While out on her first, solo-trading trip, Kamari is met by a mongrel dog, whom she discovers is from Krokar and later trades with him as well.
  6. You were standing in the wake of devastation (March)
    Amherst (Biff's Bar), with Ichabod Bertram.
    While at the bar, Kamari finds an Infernian, and she pries information from him about the Clan, their views on the war, and tries to learn of where they have moved to.

APRIL 2018

  1. [M] An epoxy to the world and the vision we've lost (April
    Amherst (Biff's Bar), with Avinalora.
    Kamari finds a familiar face at the bar, and learns of the destruction of Anathema and the rise of the Loner group, The Circle of Ravenshadow.
  2. A girl can bring her family great honor in one way (08 Apr)
    The Ruins (Heiwa House), with Krios Revlis, Ondine Heiwa, Isabella Heiwa (aNPC).
    Kamari is invited over to the Heiwa household to eat dinner with them and formally meet his mother and grandmother.
  3. Futures encased in concrete miseries (April)
    The Ruins, with Krios Revlis.
    Krios and Kamari search for a house to share together.

MAY 2018

  1. (RO) Nurture and prepare you for the road you've taken (01 May)
    Salsola (Border), with Heine Kaiser (aNPC).
    Heine returns home late from one of his trading trips to Portland, bringing with him a gift for Kamari: her own horse.
  2. The law of the jungle 06 May)
    Salsola (Stone Ship), with Salsola.
    The Kingdom is summoned to a meeting where things take a quick and twisting turn as Elphaba and O'Riley attempt to overthrow the Boss, Salvia.
  3. from the midnight sun where the hot springs blow (07 May)
    Salsola (Blackwoods), with Etoile Montgomery.
    Kamari happens upon an injured Etoile and the two engage in a light spar.
  4. Hit the wall until you feel it no more (08 May)
    Salsola (Training Grounds), with Kaeli Blacksun.
    Kamari formally meets Kaeli, and the two have an impromptu sparring lesson.
  5. Of pith and might and muscle (09 May)
    The Ruins (Scorpius’ house), with Scorpius D'Angelo and Vesta (cNPC).
    Kamari introduces her new horse to Scorpius and Vesta.
  6. Je ne sais quoi (10 May)
    The Ruins (Helena’s house), with Helena Troy Lykoi.
    Kamari goes to Helena’s home in one of many lessons in writing in French.
  7. [M] Trusting men is like trusting water in a sieve (23 May)
    Salsola, with Khael Mwinyi Lykoi.
    Khael finds Kamari and asks her about her betrothed, offering to give her advice in how to tame men.

JUNE 2018

  1. I understood then the hunger I felt (02 Jun)
    Millstone Village (Kaiser house), with Elphaba Revlis.
    Elphaba pays Kamari a visit after her parents leave for Portland, and the two discuss Kamari’s betrothal among other things.
  2. We got nothin' but time (03 Jun)
    Salsola (Pine Barrens), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari and Krios engage in a friendly archery competition to practice their skills.
  3. Can't be sure when they've hit their mark (05 Jun)
    Salsola (Ediling Ravine), with O'Riley Eternity.
    O’Riley and Kamari have a casual conversation, and O’Riley gives Kamari her first mission as her Erilaz.
  4. Mission Top Secret, destination unknown (11 Jun)
    Broken Occident (Fundy Crossing), with Saga D'Angelo.
    After scoping out the new landmass, Kamari crosses the landbridge with the company of Saga, whom she discovers, is from a newly formed pack in the area.
  5. And when that sun goes down, hope you raise your cup (17 Jun)
    Amherst (Biff's Bar), with Kalypso Savoy.
    On her return to Salsola, Kamari stops at the bar and tries to weasel information out of a patron whom she discovers is a member of Cour des Miracles.

JULY 2018

  1. (RO) Every time I turn around, I'm back down to one (01 Jul)
    Millstone Village (Mirte’s house), with Mirte Haumann (pNPC).
    Sent on a mission to spy on Mirte by Helena, Kamari engages in her first mission to dupe a packmate into giving her information without their realization.
  2. Reporting in (02 Jul)
    The Ruins (Helena’s house), with Helena Troy Lykoi.
    Kamari returns to Helena with what she has gathered about Mirte Haumann.
  3. [M] Even you can't be caught unawares (06 Jul)
    Isthmus of Chignecto, with Kaeli Blacksun.
    Kamari enlists Kaeli’s help to take care of two Luperci that have been skulking too close to Salsola’s borders for too long.
  4. Domesticated hearts, make me weak (07 Jul)
    The Ruins (Hideaway House), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari and Krios move into their house together.
  5. Mama taught me not to lie (14 Jul)
    The Ruins (Hideaway House), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari discovers Krios in the midst of making a private archery range for them, and she helps him.
  6. The night is young, so are we (23 Jul)
    Bathurst (Government Estate), with Brocade Valentine.
    Brocade enlists Kamari’s help to search for the missing Etoile, and when their search brings them close to Sapient, they are surprised to find them in the midst of disbanding.


  1. Never gonna change (06 Aug)
    The Blacklands, with Brocade Valentine, Kaeli Blacksun, Seppo Rask, Otilie Novak, Faith de le Poer, Symre Rask, Dahlia de le Poer (cNPCs).
    Brocade takes a group out to Inferni’s territory, where they have been rumored to have recently disbanded from.
  2. Nothing is written in stone (12 Aug)
    The Ruins (Hideaway House), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari helps Krios with practicing mounted archery.
  3. Waiting in the calm before the storm (12 Aug)
    Millstone Village, with Delfina Heiwa.
    While on her way home, Kamari is stopped by Delfina, who gives her the fateful news to bring back to Kamari’s betrothed.
  4. And I know this isn't enough, I still don't measure up (12 Aug)
    The Ruins (Hideaway House), with Krios Revlis.
    Kamari returns home to tell Krios what has happened to his mother.
  5. roots spread all the way back to godless times (13 Aug)
    Salsola (Stone Ship), with Salsola.
    Ondine Heiwa’s funeral is held before the Kingdom.
  6. All the small things, true care truth brings (Late Aug)
    Salsola (Clinic), with Grievous Eternity.
    After having her arm clawed by a bobcat, Kamari goes to the Clinic to receive medicinal help.


  1. A brilliant ball of clay, you could be a work of art (02 Sep)
    Salsola (Border), with O'Riley Eternity and Velimir Voronin (cNPC).
    Velimir seeks to join the Kingdom, and Kamari is there to present him to the Mafiosi in her father’s stead.
  2. Kecharitomene (16 Sep)
    Salsola (Apple Orchard), with Elphaba Revlis, O'Riley Eternity, Krios Revlis, Brocade Valentine, Loki Helsi.
    Kamari and Krios are formally wedded to one another.
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