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1.  Brief Historical Overview

Kaena was born winter of 2001. All three of Kaena's siblings perished before their second month, and all of her mother's aggression and abuse turned to Kaena. When the gray hybrid was still very young, her father returned to visit his former lover and children. Upon finding mangled and starved Kaena, Andre immediately killed Delphine and took Kaena home to live with him. All was not well -- shortly after being rescued from her mother, her half-brother Kairo began to abuse and rape her. She became pregnant twice with his children, both litters of which were born extremely prematurely and did not survive. Kaena's father eventually discovered his son's violent streak and killed him for what he had done to Kaena -- but his mate, Kairo's mother, killed him in turn for her son's life. A distraught Kaena took off, wandering aimlessly for some time until she happened across Sabryne. Kae killed her stepmother as retribution for her father's death, and turned her back on her homelands, departing forever.

Kaena was raised as a wolf by her father, and upon striking out on her own, she came across a wolf pack and joined up with them. After some time, the young hybrid managed to work her way up to third-in-command. Unfortunately, she snapped and her position only allowed her to easily kill the pack's alphas, running away as fast as her legs could carry her. After another long journey, Kaena came across a valley filled with many wolves, and though they had nine flourishing packs, she was turned away by all of them for her hybrid blood. She wandered southward and found the Darklands Clan, a group of coyotes scratching out a living in the less-fertile valley to the south of the wolves. It was there that Kaena discovered the coyote life, and there also that she met Yasu Zarah. Kaena's faithful service earned her the subleader position, but her demented mind brought her back down again, and she was an unranked member of the clan by the time the volcano exploded and drove all of the creatures out of the vicinity.


Pack Ranks
Murmuring Falls
Winter 2001
Hunter, Delta
DarkLands Clan
Spring 2001 - Summer 2002
Member, Subleader, Member
Summer 2002
Inferni (I)
Summer 2002 - Fall 2004
Subleader, Leader
Spring 2005
Inferni (II)
Spring 2005 - Spring 2006
Rogue, Member, Accensi, Soldat
Inferni (III)
Winter 2006 - October 2007
Inferni (IV)
9 June 2009 - Present
Tirones, Veritas, Centurion, Causarius

Kaena wandered again for some time, happening on another cluster of packs in southern Canada. The silver coyote remained here and eventually ran into Yasu Zarah again. The pair recruited several more coyotes and began their own coyote clan. They called it Inferni, and Zarah led with Kaena as her subleader. The ashen coyote met a wolf named Zulifer Yfel. They became mates, but just before Kaena was to deliver Zuli's children, her jealous one-time lover Salvaged Eternity killed him. Shortly thereafter, Zarah also disappeared, leaving Inferni to Kaena. Her distraught emotional state kept her from effectiveness as a leader and led to her departure when her children were still very young.

Eight months following her departure, she returned with a taste for vengeance on her tongue. Upon her first failed attempt to kill Salvaged Eternity she returned to Inferni, finding it under the control of an unknown coyote. Still, she settled back into clan life and her other pursuits, a new interest -- Ahren de le Poer. After Kaena became pregnant with his children, Ahren moved to live in Inferni with her for a brief time to raise their eight children. Approximately nine months later, Kaena was seduced by a coyote named Astaroth Kimaris]], who claimed to be the devil. They slept together and she became pregnant, delivering a total of eleven children in just under a year. When they were only a few weeks old, Kaena took them to the city and stayed for several months, depending on her older son Molochai to help her raise the children.

Upon her return to Inferni, the leader handed the clan over to her and departed, leaving Kaena as the top coyote once more. During this period of time she was more effective as a leader, reorganizing the ranks again and serving for longer than her prior term. During this time she also incited war with the neighboring pack Aremys, driving them out of their territory and claiming part of it for Inferni. She also finally exacted her vengeance on Salvaged Eternity, inadvertantly becoming pregnant with a child of his, though she has kept the father's identity under wraps. Near the end of this time period, the silver canine ran into Laruku Tears and his alter ego and ended up reproducing with him, though she did not remain very long at all following the birth of their children.

When her youngest children were still small, Astaroth Kimaris returned, and Kaena began to see him outside of Inferni territory. He got her to bring along Eris, and promptly kidnapped her, taking off with her. Kaena chased and tracked them for some months, finally killing Astaroth and nearly dying in the process herself. When she awoke, her child was gone and she was left to tend to her own wounds, quite far from home and thoroughly lost. Upon her recovery, she wandered for some time, happening on an outpost of hybrids called the Malai Ratree. She spent some time there, moving on when she ran into someone who was able to direct her back to 'Souls.

2.  Achievements

2.1  Basic Achievements

Find a Mate
Pink: Find a Mate
Became mates with Ahren de le Poer.
Have Puppies
Green: Have Puppies
Had children with many daddies.
Rescue Someone
Cross: Rescue Someone
Rescued Characters on DD Month YYYY.[1]
Lose a Fight
Yellow: Lose a Fight
Lost to Haku Soul.
Win a Fight
Red: Win a Fight
Won against Aquiliak.
5 AW Threads
Henna Red: Participated in 5 AWs
1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Luperci Change
Burgundy: Luperci Change
Changed Characters into a Luperci OR was changed into a Luperci by Characters on DD Month YYYY.[2]
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Pack Membership

3 months
Light Blue: 3 Months
09 Jun 2009–09 Sept 2009
6 months
Sea Blue: 6 Months
09 Jun 2009–09 Dec 2009
One year
Deep Blue: 1 Year
09 Jun 2009–09 Jun 2010
Two years
Shock Blue: 2 years
09 Jun 2009–09 Jun 2011
Three years
Midnight Blue: 3 Years
09 Jun 2009–09 Jun 2012
Participated in foundation
Cadet Blue: Pack Foundation
Founded Inferni on 24 October 2002.

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Lead/sublead for 3 months
Sparkling Gold: Pack Leadership
Inferni (2006 - 2007, Sept 2009 - Apr 2011)
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Earned Nursemaid co-rank of Inferni ~July 2012.
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'Souls Participation

Adoptable Love
Adoptable Love
Kaena is not eligible for this catacomb.
Yearbook Superlative
Emerald: Yearbook Superlative
  • 2006: Most Pack Pride
  • 2007: Most Unexpected Couple (with Fatin Kali)
  • 2010: Most Likely to Live Forever
Spotlight Soul
Starlight: Spotlight Soul
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3.  Complete History



someday~ someday~

Legionnaire Crowns

Nex Nicis - Killed IF Enemy (<a class=Salvaged Eternity)' title='Nex Nicis - Killed IF Enemy (Salvaged Eternity)' /> 6 months IF Membership 1 Year IF Membership Earned Immunes title Rex Greet 10 Joiners Earned Co-Rank


Co-Rank: Nursemaid 1627w, 1746w
Socii 2567w, 2471w, 1635w
Amici 01, 02, 03
Rex 01, 02, 03

Chapter 1: Before Kaena

Kaena's history does not start with her birth. To explain her entire history, one must delve three generations back, to a pair of mixed breed dogs. One was a Siberian Husky and German Shepherd cross, and the other was a Pharoah Hound crossed with another sighthound, likely an Afghan hound. They were direct descendents of showdogs, who bred just after the virus spread around the human population and killed off most of it. They produced a few litters of children together, and lived for years in the same spot: an abandoned warehouse where the first dogs had their last show. They called themselves the Veneum family, and they flourished for a while. The next generations introduced varying breeds of dog into the Veneum lineage, most of them different purebreds of varying pedigree.

On one hot July night, however, their world crashed, as a pack of rogue, all-male coyotes entered the warehouse. They called themselves the Cruorem clan, after the leader. They found the entire Veneumfamily and killed them all for the sheer sport of it, save the last they found: a young, pretty dog. She had golden fur, scattered with a black fur here and there, and brilliant husky-blue eyes. Her name was Sibylla. Sibylla they decided to keep, and as the coyotes made their home for the next few weeks in the wreckage of Sibylla's home, she found herself with a "mate." This "mate" was the leader of the coyote clan. His name was Vasilik. He was a brutal coyote who took pleasure in the pain of others. Vasilik tormented, abused, raped, and did all manner of awful things to Sibylla, and broke her will to fight back. She became submissive and followed the coyote clan whereever they went, meek and mild. Even though she was Vasilik's claimed, the rest of the coyote clan had their fun with her as well. Undoubtedly, however, Vasilik had sired her first and only litter.

Of this litter, only one youth managed to survive. Most of the others were picked off here and there by predators or neighboring coyote clans. This sole survivor's name was Delphine, and from day one she was raised in an environment of terror and hate, just as her mother -- only she loved it and reveled in it, very much unlike Sibylla. She enjoyed the sex and violence she received from the rest of the clan, and even, at one point, seduced her father into having sex with her, just like the rest of the clan. Sibylla, who saw her life slipping as the coyotes found a new "queen," decided to take action, and did one thing of value with her life -- she convinced Vasilik that Delphine was slipping off the clan radar at night to consort with other males of other clans.

Vasilik did not like this one bit, and expelled his offspring from the clan. Delphine was, for the first time in her life, completely and utterly alone. She did not know what to do, so she walked until she found wolf's borders. She had no idea they were wolf's borders -- her life with the coyotes had sheltered her from everything but a constant barrage of sex and violence, and sometimes violent sex, and sometimes sexy violence... but she had never seen or learned anything about wolves or anything outside of the Cruorem before.

Andre Lykoi was a high-ranking male of the Lykoi Pack, headed by his parents, alpha female Amarante and alpha male Arsen. His aunt, Morgyn Lykoi, was the beta female of the pack, and her mate, Scurr, stood beside her. The Lykois were perhaps the most powerful canine clan in the area, and they referred to themselves as wolves, though they were not totally purebred wolves. Many in the Lykoi pack had taken to dog or coyote mates a few generations prior to Amarante and Arsen's rule, and Amarante's grandmother decreed that only the Alpha and Beta pair can reproduce, and they must only take wolf mates. Amarante's mother and Amarante followed these laws strictly, taking wolf mates for themselves and producing children who were progressively more wolfish in appearance and strength.

It was Andre who happened to be patroling the borders about the time Delphine showed up on them, and it was he who found her. Delphine's immediate reaction upon seeing the jet-black wolf was to ensnare him, and that she did -- most excellently. Within the first night, Andre was completely taken by her, and within three nights, they were feverishly devouring each other, despite Andre's knowledge of his pack's laws -- coyotes, dogs, and hybrid canines were completely off-limits for mateships*. Their excursions and consorting carried on for nearly six months before Andre was caught bringing food to Delphine, who still had yet to learn to fend for herself and depended completely on Andre for sustenance. He was immediately ejected from the pack, and found himself living alone with a half-dog, half-coyote mutt. Disgruntled, he continued, only because he, at that point, was completely wrapped around her finger. * This Lykoi law was due to the fact that they had been mating with coyotes and dogs for some time, and their bloodline had become muddled. Amarante's grandmother, a coyote-wolf mixes herself, decided to purify the bloodline by taking a wolf mate. She decided she could and would carefully control the Lykoi breeding lines. This carried on all the way down to her granddaughter, Amarante, who followed tradition and took a completely wolf mate, Arsen. Andre himself was approximately 75% wolf, 25% coyote.

Delphine eventually became pregnant with Andre's children. Unfortunately for Delphine, Andre had been seeing a she-wolf of a nearby pack for quite some time before he had been with Delphine, and shortly before Delphine had the chance to inform him of his soon-to-be fatherhood, he split, and she was forced to birth and learn to feed the children by herself. The new mother was not keen to slip out of old habits, however, and soon the puppies began to die of starvation and the torment Delphine put them through daily. She cut each one above the eyes with her claws, and threw them around her makeshift den, an empty meadow she'd picked out. Eventually, only one remained: Kaena Lykoi. She lived three months eating grass, bugs, and tree bark, bleeding from the fresh wounds scattering her body every day. Her mother whispered and screamed and talked incessantly, and through this Kaena learned her mother's history, all the way back to the dogs that had spawned Sibylla.

Chapter 2: Early Life

Andre drifted back from his pack one day, out of guilt for leaving so suddenly and without notice, and found his former mate smashing Kaena's head into the ground, screaming obscenities and forcing dirt inside of her mouth. Without thought or hesitation, Andre leapt onto her, threw her to the ground, and tore her throat out. He carried his skinny, beaten puppy (for there was no doubt it was his; Delphine smelled of no one else and there were no other packs in the area, save the Lykoi, and it was sheer luck they did not kill Delphine the first time they encountered her) back home to his new mate, Sabryne, and his nine month old son, Kairo. Andre and Sabryne had been secretly seeing each other for over a year in the Lykoi pack, since their customs forbade anyone below Beta from having a mate or producing offspring. When Sabryne became pregnant with Kairo's litter, she, too, was ejected from the pack. They'd lost contact for a while because Sabryne had traveled back to her parents to see if she could seek her position back, but was denied. She had only just made her way back to the Lykoi area and found Andre shortly before Delphine was to announce her pregnancy. Andre left his new flame, Delphine, for his old one, Sabryne, because he came to dislike Delphine's violence and constant sexual needs eventually.

Kaena's life made a turn for the better. Even though all of her siblings were dead, her mother was killed by her father to protect her, she felt almost no bitterness and no trauma, merely a super-submissive attitude toward everyone and everything. Her father treated her like a queen. Her half-brother, however, was cruel and teased her mercilessly about her muddled lines (unbeknownst to him, he had coyote blood in him, as well). Her step-mother took part in this teasing occasionally, carrying with her a strong adherence to the Lykoi rules which she had lived under for most of her adult life. Her father was never witness to this, and Kaena never considered telling him. She feared some sort of retribution from her father, as she carried strong memories of her life with her mother, where a sour word or even the wrong look could end with a beating.

When Kaena turned approximately six months old, her brother began to nudge her and touch her all the time. The yearling took advantage of the youth, half his age, and turned his little sexual play into nearly constant rape. He would lie awake and wait for his parents to sleep, and then he would slip to Kaena in the night and grab her by the scruff, dragging her outside. She "knew better" than to make noise, still believing she had done something wrong and was being punished for it, and he was too swift and silent to be caught. Kairo beat and pounded the living hell out of his half-sister every night, his teeth in her neck and his voice in her ear whispering curses and obscenities and insults about her half-and-half bloodlines while she stood and endured, tears streaming down her face and pain shooting throughout her body.

When she was approximately seven months of age, she became pregnant. Horrified and disgusted with herself, she hid the pregnancy from her family, still enduring Kairo's merciless torment every single night. When the time came for her to give birth (she was nearly a month premature), she did so in a secluded corner of their territory (as Andre and Sabryne's plans had come to fruition, and they were a declared pack, the Lykoi-Aequitas pack. Her litter was a stillborn, pathetic six. They were far too small and weak to survive, and Kaena returned, defeated, only to endure more of Kairo's brutality. She became pregnant again, and this time her premature litter of four were larger, more powerful. They looked as though they were going to live. Mortified and insanely frightened, Kaena simply left them, and when she returned to check on them three days later, all four of them had perished of starvation.

Relieved but filled with disgusted hatred for herself, Kaena returned to her family, only to have Kairo "smell the puppy on her" (as he put it) and demand to know where they were. Kaena admitted she had given birth and told him where, and he left. She went to sleep that night and didn't expect to get up. She was, however, forcefully roused a few hours after passing out by an enraged Kairo. He was worse than he had ever been before, and he pummelled her to the ground and was clawing her back. He put his claws inside of her, spun them around, and tore them out, and she screamed, for the first time unable to hold back. He grabbed her scruff and yanked her neck back, wrapping his bigger arms around her throat and choking her as he continued to rape her. His fist connected with her ribcage again and again and again, in time with his thrusts, and he bit her scruff as he held it, feverish growls of hatred escaping through the fur.

For the second time in her short life of almost nine months, Kaena tetered on the very edge of death, and for the second time, her father pulled her back. Andre had been roused by the scream and investigated, and upon finding Kairo savaging his half-sister, the alpha leapt on him without hesitation and killed him. He threw the body off of his daughter and picked her up in his arms, crying as he did so. He thought her neck was broken, so flimsy was the flopping little head. But Kaena came to, and held her father, crying and screaming everything that had happened. The first strings of her sanity were beginning to snap, and she slashed her little claws at her wrists right in her father's arms. He stopped her, however, and told her he loved her, holding her close to him.

It was at that moment Sabryne grabbed him. Andre dropped Kaena, and she fell into a broken heap on the floor, only to look up and see her father's throat being ripped out by her stepmother. Screaming, she gathered every strand of strength left in her and bolted. For the next three months, she cowered and recovered in dank corners of the universe, making her home in the sewers of the suburbs and eating whatever sustenance she could find. In her isolation, more strands broke, and she began speaking to herself in strange tongues and exhibiting extremely promiscuous sexual behavior, courting anything with four legs and a pointy ears which came her way. Her lovers were numerous and faceless, and she found she could only feel okay about herself with someone between her legs. It was the only way she felt remotely special, remotely important -- allowing some stranger to make himself feel good.

It took another short few weeks before Kaena encountered Sabryne again. She was alone, and scrounging for food in a dumpster bin. Her belly was heavy with pregnancy, Andre's children, the last possible reminder of her father left, and his killer carried them. This broke something big in Kaena, and she tore-assed out of the alleyway she'd been lurking in and slammed into her stepmother, throwing her to the ground. Without hestiation, Kaena was on top of her, tearing her face from her skull. Both of her eyes were out, her nose was half off, and the rest of her facial flesh was hamburger meat by the time Kaena finally let her die with a swift slash to the throat. Her heart pounded in her ears, and, for the first time, violence awakened in Kaena. Violence coursed through her veins, two generations of violence punctuated by the death of the only one who had ever mattered to Kaena, her father.

Chapter 3: Roleplayed Beginnings

From there, she began to run. She found a pack of wolves, and tried to integrate herself into their society. The pack welcomed her for the most part, taking her in despite her wretched appearance and unsightly wounds, though there was some protest from some of the pack members. Kaena proved capable after a short while, however, and she found herself at a Delta rank after serving a brief stint as Hunter, and she began to chafe with the leadership somewhat. After a particularly violent argument with the Alpha, Kaena snapped and tore out his throat and his mate's throat, leaving the pack to find the mess in the morning.* * This didn't actually happen, the RPG died. But since I don't think anyone actually cares about an RPG that was around for all of 6 months almost a decade ago, I altered the story ever-so-slightly. <_<

Deeply disturbed by her actions, Kaena ran again, and this time she ended up in the Salvaje Valley. There were several booming wolf packs within its flourishing lands, and though there was plenty of room, Kaena was turned away, chased, and bothered by wolves there until she left. She gained a newfound hatred -- wolves. After all, a wolf had killed her father. A wolf (as far as she knew) had raped her and beaten her. Wolves had chased her out of their valley into the Darklands Valley, a neighboring valley to the Salvajes. There she found coyotes who shared her hatred of wolves, and she made her mark as the Subleader of the Darklands coyote clan for a while. Her lack of stability (in other words, the fact that she was and still is completely batshit) got her a much lower rank, eventually, and she left the valley with everyone else, when Nova Mountain exploded. She made her way north and east, and eventually, she came across Bleeding Souls.

Her first encounter was, of course, one of sexual promiscuity: she encountered a raven-black werewolf with eyes the color of a bleeding heart. His name was Zulifer Yfel, and he was on his way out of Bleeding Souls as Kae was on her way in. They had a very brief liason, and Zulifer bid her farewell, though he left a lasting impression on the hybrid. For quite some time she roamed as a loner, establishing herself as a prominent fighter. Most of her fights were caused by her indifference to wolf borders -- inevitably, when the pack scout found Kaena traipsing around on claimed territory, their argument escalated into a brawl. After a period of time, she found a long-lost friend: Yasu Zarah. Zarah had also served in the Darklands Clan under Svenlia, and the two decided to rekindle an old flame: the Inferni clan. There were plenty of uncoordinated, loner coyotes out there getting picked on by the wolves -- why not band together again? Zarah took the leadership role in the clan, and Kaena served as her faithful subleader.

Though Kaena had decided she hated wolves, she found herself inexplicably attracted to them -- she had numerous liasons, mostly with wolves, the most notable of which was with Salvaged Eternity. The two met by chance in the city on a rooftop, and went from standoffish conversation to out-and-out sex in record time. Inadvertantly, Kaena played a primary role in the creation of the monster she came to despise; she introduced the dark, young Eternity to sex and violence, and he found he loved it. Though this was perhaps their only friendly meeting, it forever altered the courses of both of their lives.

Kaena began to love Zarah, and the feeling was mutual; they were nearly destined for mateship. Just before they might have consummated their love, however, that mysterious black werewolf returned, and Kaena almost immediately forgot about Zarah, causing plenty of anguish to the leader. Kaena was ignorant to that, however, and happily set about taking Zulifer as her mate and arranging him into Inferni as an outsider. She loved him fiercely despite his wolf's blood, She became pregnant with his children, and just days before their birth, a black cloud of tragedy struck. In a fit of possessive jealousy, Salvaged Eternity attacked and killed Zulifer while Kaena slept soundly and heavily pregnant just yards away, robbing Kaena of the first chance she had for a "normal," happy life.

She woke to her mate's cold body and her life destroyed, and had her children a few days later. She named them Maeryn Lykoi and Kerberos Lykoi, Maeryn for the bitter heart she now carried and Kerberos for the three-headed dog Cerberos. Shortly after their birth, Zarah left Inferni to Kaena. Kaena did not care for her children or the clan she had helped cultivate, and she appointed a subleader, Arlo Xyl, who acted in her stead for most of this time period, though Inferni's numbers had dropped dramatically. Kaena was too broken-hearted and bruised to leader, and within months she left the coyotes in Bleeding Souls with intent to stay away forever. Maeryn followed her mother, and just outside of Bleeding Souls, Kaena turned on the youth and brutally killed her, slashing her stomach open and leaving her to bleed to death. Kerberos came to hate his mother after her departure, and his father's very killer, one Salvaged Eternity, took him into the neighboring wolf pack, Jaded Shadows, and slowly turned him against Kaena.

Chapter 4: The Lykoi Family

For six months, the gray hybrid wandered the earth, her sanity shattered. She spent most of her time stalking and killing others, and she took a few lovers during this time period, only to kill and consume parts of them after the deed was done. All the violence and hatred in the world could not fill her, and she returned to Bleeding Souls, drained and aimlessly contemplating a new life.

She found Inferni had a new leader, Kidorah Talik. She had just recently taken over before Kaena's return, and Inferni was on the rise again from its decline during Kaena's leadership. They were strong, nearly fifteen large, and Kae reveled in this new power. Before long, however, another liason got her in trouble again. Kaena courted a young male of the Chimera pack, son of the king, Damian de le Poer. His son, Ahren de le Poer, became her new lover -- she took his virginity as he was strapped to a cross in the church his mother had raised him in, not three feet from her bones. His eyes entranced her; they were the same bleeding-heart red Zulifer's had been, and that was clearly her first attraction to him, though she grew to love him for other reasons. He sired a litter to her, a large litter of eight puppies: Molochai Lykoi, Corona Lykoi, Ikatha Lykoi, Vitium Lykoi, Gabriel de le Poer, Rikka de le Poer, Conway de le Poer, and Baneesh de le Poer. Ahren came to live with Kaena in Inferni to help raise the children and protect Kaena, and things were good for a short period of time.

Before long, however, trouble brewed for the Lykoi-de le Poer family. Baneesh was killed by a wolf, Lucifer, and Gabriel, who had been with him at the time, was witness to his death. Traumatized, Gabriel ran from Inferni, and was not heard from for some time. Ahren was drawn away from Kaena by the crown of Chimera, and he took his leave to rule the pack after his cousin Mab de le Poer gave the pack to him. Corona followed her father to Chimera, and shortly afterward, Ikatha was killed by a wolf, the same one who had killed Baneesh. Molochai was witness to her death, and though Kaena was on the scene just after Ikatha's death, she was unable to track the murderer.

Relations between Kaena and Ahren were strained, but throughout the Lykoi-de le Poer litter's youth, they remained on somewhat friendly terms. Kidorah began spending more and more time away from Inferni shortly afterward, and Segodi assumed the secondary position in the clan. Kaena found herself rising through the ranks, remaining for some time at the rank of Soldat, or "soldier." Kidorah returned to Inferni, and for the first time since Zarah and Kaena had ruled, the clan found itself with two stable leaders.

Before her last litter was even a year old, Kaena found herself pregnant again. A coyote named Astaroth Kimaris seduced her, convincing Kaena that he was the devil incarnate, and that she would have demonic children. Entranced, Kae slept with him, and naturally fell pregnant. On June 6, 2006, she gave birth to Ahemait Lykoi, Samael Lykoi, and Razekiel Lykoi. Though Astaroth had sworn to return, he did not immediately make good on his promise, and it was Molochai who took up an almost fatherly role to the children, following at his mother's side and assisting her in raising his younger half-siblings. They spent most of the litter's youth hiding out in the Concrete Jungle, though Kaena took leave again shortly afterward, however, and left Bleeding Souls with Molochai to search for Astaroth after delivering her children to Inferni.

Chapter 5: The Lykoi Dynasty

Kidorah had long since disappeared from Inferni, leaving Segodi Mogotsi in her place. Though he established a new ranking system and solidified the clan again, he soon departed, leaving a friend, Roane Kinsella, in charge. Inferni's numbers, which had been suffering already, shot down under his leadership, and in the fall, as Roane was departing, Kaena was making her way back into Bleeding Souls. By chance, she ran into Roane, who left the clan to her after learning she had been one of the founding members. Kaena was disappointed with her prior leadership run, and made up her mind to do the best for Inferni.

For a time, Kaena made good on her resolution, and Inferni began to grow more powerful again. Kaena again rearranged the ranks of Inferni, and welcomed a few familiar faces back into the ranks -- Gabriel returned during this stretch of leadership, as did Molochai, his solo search for Astaroth turning up nothing. Kaena stirred up trouble with Aremys, the hybrid pack consisting of Chimera and Syemv, because they had settled on Inferni lands, and the prior leadership had allowed it. She led an attack on the wolves, and annexed the territory, driving the pack to the former Chimera lands in the Haunted Forest. During this time, she became involved with one Ryoujoku Ame, who was in actuality, Laruku Tears of Clouded Tears. The alpha was suffering from some sort of split personality disorder, and had a rather demonic side. The two complemented each other well for a brief time, and Kaena became pregnant for the sixth time.

Kaena had another chance encounter early in her pregnancy that proved important, with none other than her longtime nemesis, Salvaged Eternity. Kaena did not hesitate to exact her revenge, and raped the wolf before she tore his throat out. This rape caused her to become pregnant by Salvaged as well, and a fourth embryo formed in her alongside Ryoujoku's three. Two months later, Kaena gave birth to Eris Lykoi]], the mostly-wolf child of Salvaged Eternity, and Andrezej Lykoi, Rachias Tears de Ame, and Arkham Lykoi. Just after they were born, Astaroth reappeared, and Kaena began seeing him outside of Inferni's territory, spending more and more time away from her clan, again entranced with Astaroth and his stories of the devil. In turn, Kaena shared the truth about Eris with Astaroth, who was immediately intrigued. At Astaroth's request, she brought Eris to meet Astaroth one day, and Astaroth kidnapped her without hesitation.

Chapter 6: The Wanderer

NOTE: This entire chapter wasn't roleplayed. He was gone in an instant, carrying off the young puppy in his arms, fleeing for his life, for certainly, Kaena was snapping at his heels. She lost him a few miles east of the furthest charted territory, and spent the next five months meticulously tracking him, varying between days behind him and just hours behind him, but unable to close the distance either way. Astaroth was convinced Eris was also a demon -- and since his own children were too big to be forcibly carried off by the time he returned, Eris made a perfect substitute. Delusional as he was, Astaroth never so much as touched Eris -- which is perhaps the reason why she grew to trust him so readily.

By the time Kaena caught up with them, Astaroth had filled Eris's head with all sorts of notions, and the young, impressionable puppy believed him. Astaroth told her he was her real father and that he was taking her to a mystical place in the desert, far south and west of here where she would be a princess of darkness and made immortal. Eris had always guessed that she was different from her brothers and sisters, and she took Astaroth's word for it. While Kaena fought Astaroth in a tiny, dusty meadow, Eris made her escape. Kaena almost died in the process of killing Astaroth, and fell unconscious shortly afterward. When she awoke and Eris was gone, she was broken-hearted and half-dead. She made her way very slowly to a cabin she had passed behind her, and spent the next two months recovering from her fight and contemplating Eris's disappearance.

When she was well again, she didn't immediately set out home. She searched for Eris, but the coy child had jumped into a stream and followed it a hundred and fifty miles south, and Kaena was far too late to find a usable scent trail by the time she was able to follow the stream to its ends. When she found no sign of Eris at either the pond at the end or the spring at the beginning, she returned to the recovery cabin and mourned, knowing Eris had left her voluntarily this time. She spent another month in the cabin, searching half-heartedly and contemplating a return home, hesitating for she knew owed one hell of an explanation, especially now that she was returning empty-handed.

It turned out the road home was not so familiar and very, very long. She'd actually ended up somewhere in east Oregon, and the scent trails leading her back were long gone. She traveled north, and drifted west and hit the coast. She found something of a settlement, the Malai Ratree clan. They were Thai immigrants who had sailed across the Pacific in much the same fashion as Syemv had, only these canines managed to form a permanent outpost. There were plenty of hybrid canines who dressed like men and carried weapons -- and she was something of an freak at first, the wild, naked woman running the streets with a permanent scowl.

She ended up liking the place after a week or two scrounging at their borders -- one of the residents invited her to dinner after seeing her killing rats and eating them. Kaena was completely taken by surprise by his generosity, and accepted almost accidentally. Rangi Ratree, descendent of one of the founders of the settlement, was a generous tobacco-farming canine who lived in relative poverty on the outskirts of the settlement. He was of mostly coyote descent with a healthy dose of dog and just a little wolf, and naturally, Kaena found him attractive. They messed around quite a bit while she was in town, but neither of them were emotionally into it. Their worlds were far too different and both knew it from the start, though their relationship was certainly mutually beneficial. Kaena awakened some forgotten wild instincts in Rangi, and he taught her just a little civility.

Eventually, one of the Malai canines were even able to point her in the direction of home, and she set out again shortly afterward. She traveled east until she hit the coast, and south until she hit the old burned territories. The journey took her the better part of eight months, accounting for her year and a half-long absence from Inferni.

Chapter 7: The Return

Upon Kaena's return to Bleeding Souls, she found something extremely unexpected -- everything she had known had burned to ashes in her absence, and the beach where she had raised her children was little more than charred remnants. Disheartened and broken, she stayed for a few weeks, nursing the "possessed wound" on her leg and fishing from the beach, since it was about the only viable food source remaining on the burned territories. Before long, a faint canine scent drifted to her, and she followed it, beelining for the southern mountain range where she had not explored prior.

The intimately familiar scent of her son brought her to Inferni's borders, where she came face to face with her legacy: her granddaughter, Zana Lykoi. Shocked and delighted, the hybrid woman was a accepted to the coyote clan by Gabriel, who had carried the clan over the mountains and refounded it here. Inferni alone had survived that trek -- all of the other packs had perished, their leadership unable to hold it together. The coyotes were the only reformed entity, and that gave Kaena great pride, naturally. She immediately set to work meeting her clanmates -- including three previously unknown grandchildren by Vitium Lykoi: Jael de le Poer, Halo Lykoi, and Enigma de le Poer. Though they had dubious origins, the hybrid accepted them readily as her kin.

Her early months were spent meeting her clanmates, including at least one or two familiar faces. Hybrid Holocaust was still resident within the clan. She met Gabriel's cousin, Anselm de le Poer, a wolf hybrid who had helped the coyotes refound themselves on this side of the mountain. The pair became good friends. Kaena accepted a few coyotes to the clan, and set to work patrolling the borders. Her knowledge of the clan's history and origins earned her the Veritas rank, and she set to work re-proving her loyalty to Inferni almost immediately, dutifully spreading the story of Inferni to anyone who would listen. Though the clan's numbers dwindled and they suffered a few setbacks throughout the early months, they remained strong, with a core group of members to pad their ranks.

The hybrid's return did not go entirely smoothly -- quite early on, she and Jezebel chased a young hybrid from Inferni's territory since she smelled like an enemy pack. Kae also had a run-in with a member of that same pack, Xeris, for the same offense -- trespassing. Outside of Inferni's territory, however, she encountered her most dangerous foe -- Haku Soul. It was sheer luck and experience that brought him down, and for a time Kaena believed she had killed him outright. Unfortunately, some weeks after she recovered from her own injuries sustained during their fight, she smelled him around the Dahlian borders, and is now unsure of whether or not he is really dead.

Roughly five months following her acceptance, the clan's Centurion, Ryan de le Poer, stepped down from her position. Gabriel appointed Kaena to his second-in-command spot instead, and the hybrid woman was delighted to serve in her first position within the clan once more. Though Kaena proved to herself several times over was unfit to lead, she knew the role of subleader quite well and is quite excited that she can better serve the clan as its subleader.

4.  Thread Archive


Era I: Inferni's Dawn (2002 - 2004)

  1. I Sold My Soul, But Don't You Dare Call Me a Whore (02 June 2002)
    Kaena fights with Aisha, the then beta-female of Silent Dawn. This thread is unfinished and I do not remember how the fight was supposed to turn out, so it is officially listed as a draw.
  2. Broken Bruised Forgotten Sore (15 September 2002)
    Kaena fights Ravyn Stormbringer and Kiriska on Clouded Tears territory, and suffers her first loss. When Kaena is mere inches from death, the alpha female of the Tears pack, Nirupama Rashmi, saves her for unknown reasons and tells Kaena never to return. Badly injured, Kaena leaves immediately, vowing not to tread on claimed territory again.
  3. [M] Boredom is a Sin (15 October 2002)
    Kaena fights Aquiliak and kills him on Storm territory, then eats part of his body, leaving it to be found by the Storm wolves. Eventually, the Storm wolves take this information to Jaded Shadows, causing a minor amount of strife between the two packs for a brief time.
  4. The Undefined Beauty of Hell (24 October 2002)
    Zarah and Kaena start the Inferni clan on Hell's Coast. Only a few other coyotes show up -- Riot Yote, Kesho Maisha, Mune, and Eclipse -- but such is the birth of the Inferni clan on Hell's Coast.
  5. Sick of Thee (20 December 2002)
    Kaena fights and kills a deer for no apparent reason whatsover. No, I don't know why this is considered a fight and not hunting, but it's pretty epic anyway.
  6. [M] Kingdom Born of Dirt and Tears (15 January 2003)
    Kaena has sex with Salvaged Eternity, taking his virginity and inadvertantly giving rise to the jealous rapist demon who would haunt her (and many others) for years. Though they are extremely friendly (to say the least) at first, every meeting of the two canines save this one ends in bloodshed. BTW we were really graphic back then. 8D
  7. Rape Me and Take Away My Soul (6 April 2003)
    Kaena introduces Zulifer to Zarah, just before Zarah was to have admitted to liking Kaena (and vice-versa). This thread is the primary example of Kaena's balkiness when it comes to her attraction and relationships with women; she likes girls and she will readily pursue one sexually, but she fears being in relationships with women.
  8. Chemical Burn (1 August 2003)
    I forget what the hell this thread was supposed to be about. O_o But apparently, Kaena has met virtually every active generation of de le Poer on the board. ♥
  9. Hell's Angels (11 November 2003*)
    This is a brief Inferni meeting, in which Kaena reveals she is pregnant with Zulifer's children. She refers to them as parasites and does not seem to rejoice in motherhood at all.
  10. The Place Where People Go When Their Dreams Have Died (08 December 2003*)
    Salvaged Eternity kills Zulifer Yfel in a fit of jealous rage while pregnant Kaena sleeps nearby. Three days after Zulifer's death, she gives birth to his children, Kerberos and Maeryn Lykoi. Also, apparently Kae has always been prone to having massive litters of children; she had six babies by Zulifer but only two survived obviously. Three were stillborn and another died shortly after birth.
  11. Comforting is a Mystery, Crawling out of My Own Skin (9 January 2003*)
    Kaena meets Kiriska again, and finding she has lost her limb entirely, calls her useless. Kiriska responds by prodding at Kaena's near emaciation, and Kae threatens to eat her. Or, more accurately, she asks Kiriska: "Is that an invitation to eviscerate you and gorge myself on your carcass?" Kaena tells the wolf she'd automatically be chosen over herself any day, just because she is a pureblood. She also tells Kiriska that she doesn't need anyone, though she's completely mangled in the head at this point. Kae is also a whiny emo and she whines about all the crap wolves have put her through as well as her family -- she mentions her mom and her stepmother and her half-brother.
    This was supposed to be her first conversation since Zulifer died and everything, and it is sort of a turning point for her -- sort of. She grapples with wolves for a really long time after this, but this conversation sort of makes her less psycho toward them... sometimes. 8D She grapples with change and says she is not capable of it, but of course she has changed many times. Kaena is also ridiculously wordy for no reason, but it works: "In bloodshed I seek atonement for the wrongs done to me." There's also religious references here, though whether that was just Sie being wordy or Kae's actual beliefs filtering through isn't clear: " I can pass onto the next life and have my heart judged and weighed against a feather, and I think my heart so heavy with the sin I carry, the feather would disappear into heaven and my heart sink to the bottom of hell."
  12. I Hurt Myself Again Today, Darling (10 January 2003*)
    Kaena tells Zarah what happened to Zuli, and also what she's done with Maeryn and Kerberos -- that is, leave them near a pack's borders. Maeryn is returned to her home shortly thereafter; Kerberos is not. He remains with Salvaged Eternity and is raised as the man's son.
  13. I Have No Regrets -- Yet (11 January 2004)
    Kae torments Atlas, killing and eating a small fox in front of him. She then threatens to eat him, and presumably, he runs away crying.
  14. Follow the Falcon's Shadow (18 January 2004)
    I forget what the hell this one was about, too. I think Kaena was supposed to be playing alpha, tricking Colibri to do things or something?
  15. The Sweet Elucidation of Savage, Meaningless Aggression (19 January 2004)
    Kaena fights WindSong.
  16. There Are No More Lies (2 March 2004)
    Kaena waits for Zarah on the outskirts of Jaded Shadows territory; they had planned to head back to Jaded Shadows and collect Kerberos from Jaded Shadows. Zarah never meets up with her outside of Inferni territory.
  17. So Anesthetized in Our Comfort Zone (14 April 2004)
    Kaena fights Syliat, beta female of Chimera, after Syliat challenges Inferni's claim to the coast. I think they were supposed to fight here, anyway.
  18. Heresy (23 April 2004)
    Kaena accepts Malvagio to Inferni.
  19. Flower Power (30 April 2004)
    Kaena accepts Cinnamon Flower to Inferni.
  20. I Will Eat You Alive (7 May 2004)
    Kaena tries to get Kerberos Lykoi from Jaded Shadows on her own, and ends up fighting Salvaged Eternity instead. I do not remember if this was a win, loss, or draw, so it is listed as a draw.
  21. An Imitation Christ (17 June 2004)
    Zarah returns to Inferni, four months after departing. Even though this is an OOC joining thread, one may assume Kaena and Zarah met each other here, and as this is the last thread prior to Kaena's departure, we'll say that seeing Zarah again alive and well screwed her head up (along with all of the recent Zulifer stuff) and she left a week later, not planning on returning. She finds her daughter, Maeryn, has tagged along -- looking at the girl reminds her of Zulifer, and this causes Kaena to go momentarily insane, and when she regains her consciousness, Maeryn is blooded and dead and she is unquestionably the culprit.
    She leaves for some months after this, and this is where she goes more than a little batshit. She kills and eats a few people while she's wandering out in the open wilderness and is generally a huge creeper, but she finds out that none of that makes her feel any better. She eventually figures out that Salvaged Eternity is the root of all of her problems, and she returns to 'Souls to hunt him down. She does not return for Inferni or even her lost son -- vengeance is the only thing that brings her back.

Era II: Lykoi Blood (2005 - 2006)

  1. Eight Months Seems Like Fucking Eternity (2 March 2005)
    Driven back to Bleeding Souls by thoughts of Salvaged Eternity, Kaena returns and immediately seeks him out on the Jaded Shadows border. Of course, she is still motivated by her desires to have vengeance for Zulifer's death once more and have her son Kerberos returned to her. She threatens him: "An eye for an eye, and I do believe I'd like to take one of yours." They are generally nasty to each other in this thread; Kaena reveals to Salvaged that she killed her own daughter, Maeryn.
  2. I See Hell When I Close My Eyes (13 March 2005)
    Kaena meets Rook Skybuck, and talks smack about Sal. She tells Rook just what his beta male is capable of, informing the Shadows wolf that Salvaged is responsible for the death of her former lover and the father of her children.
  3. We Are Still Living on Broken Glass (3 April 2005)
    Kaena rejoins Inferni, presumably after recovering from her injuries. She is greeted by its new leader Kidorah Talik, and she is surprised to find the clan in far better shape than she left it, and Kae is appreciative of the new leader.
  4. Shaking Shadows (3 April 2005)
    I honestly have no idea for who or what this thread was intended to be. >__>
  5. I Bet (05 June 2005)
    I'm pretty sure Kaena and Konane were supposed to fight here, or at least Kae would have chased her off.
  6. [M] Deliverance (6 April 2005)
    Kaena finds Ahren de le Poer in a church in the Concrete Jungle. This is the church where he grew up, and the church where his mother died, shot in the head by his father Damian de le Poer in what is probably my other most favorite thread ever. His mother's bones are still where she was left to rot. Kaena is drunk, and she listens to him speak of his mother and father and himself. Obviously intrigued, she puts Ahren to a cross and straps him there, and she cuts him and he asks for more -- Kae takes his virginity. They meet a few times after this and have sex over the span of a few months; eventually Kaena ends up pregnant, giving birth to eight children on 30 August 2005.
  7. Someday I Know I Will Make My Monsters Go Away (18 June 2005)
    Kaena talks to Spade, new alpha male of Jaded Shadows, about Salvaged. She fights her wolfish instincts at being presented with an alpha, but she requests only information from him; he provides it, and in turn she tells him of what Salvaged did to her. She asks whether Salvaged's particular fancy for bloodlust, violence, and rape runs in the blood he has donated to his children; Spade tells her of his intelligent daughter, Ophelia, who seems to realize her father's truer nature.
  8. [M] She Knows My Name (23 May 2005)
    Kaena fights Kerberos Lykoi in the Concrete Jungle. She has found that the boy is positively bitter over what he believes to be his mother's abandonment, and he has taken on none other than Salvaged Eternity as his adoptive father. In the end, Kaena leaves Kerberos for dead in the city streets; she does not kill him outright, but she leaves him with a chance to live. Even somewhere in all of her craziness, there is love for her family, even if she doesn't consciously detect it yet.
  9. I Don't Believe in Self-Sacrifice (23 June 2005)
    Kaena meets one of the older members of Inferni on the beach, Kesho Maisha. Kaena shares what she learned from Adreon, the alpha of Storm, of their mutual friend Zarah: "She'd been raped by a coyote of Inferni and bore his children. She left those three in Storm and left for a while, back to her homeland ... Arlo Xyl, her adopted son ... raped the alpha female of Clouded Tears, Kiriska. Kiriska died in childbirth, and her successor, Ceres, avenged her friend by killing Arlo ... so Zarah went to Clouded Tears to try to avenge her son, and I guess she just never came back. Ceres, I guess." Kaena and Kesho Maisha plot to take back those children from Storm.
  10. Let the Guilty Hang (24 June 2005*)
    Kesho and Kaena go to Storm to try and get Zarah's daughter, Layla, to come to Inferni. She is the only one of Zarah's trio of children still remaining in Storm. Her siblings, Kyran and Suki, have long moved on. Kesho and Kaena teach Layla a little about her mother or something.
  11. I'm Picking My Own Flesh Out From Under My Nails (25 June 2005)
    Kaena encounters London of Inferni's neighboring Syemv pack, and then chases him off of Inferni lands. She tumbles over him and that's about it.
  12. The Madness That You Feel Will Soon Subside (12 July 2005)
    Kaena and Kidorah talk. Kaena compliments the leader on her abilities with the clan.
  13. The Throbbing Illness of Memory (22 July 2005)
    Kaena tells Segodi Inferni's history. She philosophizes that maybe wolves hate coyotes as a leftover from when they were all still four-legged. She also explains what made her leave Inferni in the first place, and what brought her back: "I came back ... to exact my revenge on that bastard, but now that I am here I realize this is where I want to die."
  14. The World Turns (23 July 2005)
    Kaena and Ahren meet at their spot, and Kaena tells him she is pregnant. Kae contemplates what she wants to do -- "kill them all." However, she cares for Ahren too much, and though she is intensely fearful of Salvaged terrorizing her family. Ahren and Kae request that Ahren be allowed to join Inferni, and Kidorah demands his father's head in return. Instead, Ahren offers to burn down his father's holy cabin. The trio go to Chimera and do just that.
  15. Devils Born (30 August 2005)
    Kaena's litter by Ahren de le Poer, consisting of eight healthy puppies, is born. Their names are Gabriel de le Poer, Molochai de Odi Lykoi, Corona Lykoi, Rikka de le Poer, Vitium Lykoi, Conway de le Poer, Ikatha Lykoi, and Baneesh de le Poer.
  16. Save My Blood and the World (3 September 2005)
    Despite their prior meeting and how poorly it went, Kaena seeks out her eldest son again to tell him he has half-siblings.
  17. Mister Brightside (18 October 2005)
    Kaena and Ahren break up.
  18. This is the Dawning of the Rest of Our Lives (16 November 2005)
    Kaena meets Arlo and Kiriska's son, Laruku, and they discuss his parents, which Kaena knew better than he did.
  19. Your Ways of Moving On (27 November 2005)
    Segodi tells Kaena Baneesh is dead. Segodi believes the murderer is Ahren; I never played it as if Kaena believed this, so we can possibly pretend that this thread just kind of ended there, with Kae going :| and walking off or something.
  20. Who Do I Feel Sorry For? (30 January 2006)
    Kaena meets Janus and Hollow Nothing.
  21. [M] Drunk on a Bottle of Sin (3 March 2006*)
    Kaena meets Astaroth Kimaris and gets impregnated by him.
  22. My Mama Couldn't Beat Me Hard Enough (4 March 2006)
    Lestat kills Ikatha while her brother Molochai watches; he runs back to Inferni to fetch Kaena, who immediately begins hunting the lone wolf.
  23. Murphy's Law, Corollary (7 March 2006)
    Kaena learns what happened to her friend and the former leader of Inferni, Yasu Zarah, from Adreon, the then-alpha of Storm.
  24. Would You Like to Forget (16 March 2006*)
    Kaena fights Salvaged. Again. She threatens him with her new batch of children: "I have five children to fill the hole you dug in my heart. Five children, and each one I kept knows your name, and they hate you for what you did to me." Because the thread was not finished, this is listed as a draw.
  25. Drinking You Good-Bye (19 March 2006)
    Kaena heads to Chimeran territory to try and find Ahren and tell him what has happened to Ikatha.
  26. Applause, Applause (13 April 2006)
    Kaena attends an Inferni meeting, in which the leader, Segodi, announces they will be altering the ranking system first laid down by Kidorah.
  27. Pealing Thunder (16 April 2006)
    Gabriel returns to Inferni for the first time. Kaena tells him that his father has returned to Chimera to wear their crown; in turn, Gabriel tells his mother where he has been and what he has been up to in the days since they were last together. He tells her he fled south and stayed with a coyote until a wolf killed her. Gabriel killed that wolf in turn.
  28. Maybe I Should Hate You For This (16 April 2006)
    Hollow Nothing informs Kaena that he has taken care of Ikatha's killer, Lestat. He tells her where the body is -- later, she brings this knowledge to Ahren, who goes to the body to fetch the man's jawbone, which he later presents to Kaena.
  29. A Dream Within a Dream (23 April 2006)
    Kaena breaks her cardinal rule and heads to Chimera, trespassing on their territory to seek her daughter, Corona. Kaena was made aware of trouble between Ahren and their daughter, and she wanted to make sure that Corona was alright. Be damned if I remember what the trouble was. ._.
  30. The World Glued Your Back to the Wall (25 April 2006)
    Kaena discusses the prospect of having children again with Segodi.
  31. A Thousand Black Flowers (29 April 2006)
    Kaena briefly meets Kaliska.
  32. Clear My Mind from the Shit I See (16 May 2006)
    Kaena runs into Misery D'Angelo of Chimera and they discuss bodily modifications. Misery gives Kaena her chaos star here, but it was never roleplayed out. Still, she has one now because of this thread. :p
  33. Gonna Make You Sweat (16 May 2006)
    Kae goes to talk to Ahren.
  34. Endless Hours of Wasted Moments (6 June 2006)
    Samael Lykoi, Razekiel Lykoi, and Ahemait Lykoi are born. They have two stillborn siblings.
  35. Welcome Home (5 October 2006)
    Kaena comes back to Inferni after hiding out in the Jungle for a while with Molochai, Razekiel, Ahemait, and Samael, only for all three to disappear completely shortly thereafter.

Era III: The Aquila (2006 - 2007)

  1. We Say Good-Bye and Go Underground (16 December 2006)
    Kaena heads back to Inferni, and intercepts Roane as he is on his way away from the clan. Roane hands Inferni over to Kaena after learning she helped to found the clan.
  2. Saviors and Saints, Devils and Demons (17 December 2006)
    Kaena pries some information about Salvaged from his adopted mother, Mordulin, the alpha of Jaded Shadows. She finds that Salvaged has moved on; however, his adoptive mother will not give Kaena any information regarding Salvaged's family.
  3. See the Greed in My Eyes (20 December 2006)
    This is an Inferni meeting thread; Hybrid Holocaust, Faolin Mogotsi, Voltaire Cavil, Vitium Lykoi, Nyika Mogotsi, Ahemait Lykoi, Matthieu Halifax, Razekiel Lykoi, and Samael Lykoi are in attendance. Kaena reintroduces herself as Inferni's Aquila and reinstates the original purpose of the clan, which troubles some members and excites others. "For too long now, we've let the wolves trample over our borders. Syemv first settled to the south of us, and Kidorah made an agreement with Rurik, alpha of that pack, that they could stay on Hell's Coast so long as they didn't bother us. Garbage. And now there's an even bigger pack there -- Aremys. How long will it be before their wolves decide they've had enough of us, and drive us out of Hell's Coast, our homeland for many years?"
    OOC Note: I have no idea how Kae knows Rurik's name here. SELF-METAGAME? I N C E P T I O N. It's possible Kidorah mentioned him at one point, though why she'd remember this detail I've no idea. 8D
  4. The Quote Unquote Degenerate Lifestyle (21 December 2006)
    Kaena greets Vitium and reaccepts him to the clan; they discuss his whereabouts and what has gone on with Inferni through Viti's absence. She learns he has seen the ocean and the other side of the world, which surprises her.
  5. Dreams of Bloodied Snow (21 December 2006)
    Kaena accepts Merrick Phire to Inferni. One of the first things he does as a member is to travel to scout out the packs, and he returns with information for Kaena (mentioned in this thread) regarding the [[Inferni-TearsWar|Inferni-Tears War]].
  6. The Snake Charmer (22 December 2006)
    Matthieu Halifax joins Inferni.
  7. Down, Down, Down, Down (25 December 2006*)
    Kaena meets Serwa, who claims to love her son Vitium -- Kaena does not recognize Serwa's breed, as she is an African Hyena, and she reacts poorly to the creature's claim that land and water cannot be claimed.
  8. You Will Never Understand My Pain Page two) (26 December 2006)
    Kaena and Fatin Kali meet up. They are wary and standoffish at this point -- prior to this meeting, they fought twice before, with Kaena the victor each time. This time, however, Kaena is less violent, and the pair learn from one another. Kaena learns that Azathoth attempted to castrate Salvaged once upon a time, and she also realizes that having a woman for a mate is totally not weird, thanks to Fatin's explanation of her former mate Shaeniire. Kaena tells Fatin about Zarah: "Once upon a time, I think I loved a girl... her name was Zarah. I loved her, I think, but I threw her away for fear of being rejected by everyone around us. I ran into the arms of a male, the same one Salvaged destroyed without thought. Maybe I threw away the best thing that could have happened to me."
  9. Whatever You're Selling, I Ain't Interested (27 December 2006)
    Kaena unsuccessfuly attempts to seduce Phoenix, the gamma male of Storm.
  10. My Finger on the Trigger (27 December 2006)
    Ahemait, Razekiel, and Samael return to Inferni, escorted by their older brother Molochai.
  11. Beyond the Black Hole (29 December 2006)
    Kaena accepts Nova Libra into Inferni.
  12. Where's Your Crown, King Nothing (30 December 2006)
    Kaena finds Hollow Nothing again. The pair both express discontent with the Syemv-Aremys pack -- Kaena tells Hollow that Kidorah seceded a small chunk of land to these wolves when they first moved in; Hollow shares that he has a child amongst the Syemv wolves. He shares with her the story of Summer and Soran, the pair of mated wolves, and how he stole Summer away and kept her locked up, and then gave Soran a child while Summer was away. This lays the foundation for the Aremys-Inferni War
  13. I Was the Dreamweaver, But Now I'm Reborn (4 January 2007)
    Gabriel returns to Inferni once more; Kaena greets him, of course. They discuss Gabriel's whereabouts: he tells her vaguely of the Scintilla war, though he spares her most of the details. They speak of the sea, and Gabriel tells Kaena of the Pacific ocean. There is creepy early foreshadowing to Kaena's departure here; she says she'd like to see the Pacific, and of course, she later ends up living on the Pacific for several months during 2008.
  14. Wrecked and Jealous (5 January 2007)
    Kaena decides to loop around the borders to inspect the various packs territories and how they might have changed in her absence; when she gets to Storm, she encounters Skoll, and the pair fight to a draw.
  15. Waves that Washed Away Love (5 January 2007)
    Kaena chases Phasma Kiles, Aremys's alpha female, off of Inferni's land. Kaena is unsympathetic toward the woman's plight; Phasma claims to have lost her family, and Kaena merely tells here that "there are no wolves here."
  16. What Blind Eyes See (7 January 2007)
    Gabriel encounters DaVinci Daite Nasphrite while patrolling; the child tells him that he is looking for his mother, Iskata, and Gabriel tells him to leave. Kaena eventually shows up, and DaVi calls her an ugly princess. Kaena attacks DaVi, though she does not kill him.
  17. A Dream Within a Dream (8 January 2007)
    Kaena forms a friendship and an alliance with a crow, Marlowe. Kaena agrees to let Marlowe and his crow friends pick the flesh from Inferni's dead enemies in exchange for Marlowe's aerial support.
  18. Blood Will Cleanse the Lands (8 January 2007)
    Hollow comes to Kaena with a proposal. He is extremely angry; he tells her how the Aremys wolves attacked his mate, Faith Requiem, and threatened his son, Conri Church, who was living in Aremys at the time. Hollow and Kaena basically start the Aremys-Inferni war: "The Aremys wolves are weak and untrained. I've had many a fight with them. With myself and my followers and the coyotes of Inferni, would take them down easily."
  19. Mechanized (10 January 2007)
    Kae very briefly meets Kerberos again. This is the last time she sees her eldest son; his memory haunts her in her old age, of course, and she wishes she had been a better mother to him. The scars across her shoulder are her only physical reminder of Kerberos.
  20. Alone on my Throne in This Universe of Fear (10 January 2007)
    Kaena assembles the Inferni coyotes, telling them of her plan to attack Aremys and drive them from what was Inferni's land and then some: "I've spoken out against Aremys before, as most of you know. Hollow Nothing, a former member of this clan, came to me just a few moments ago with a proposal. He will rally his followers, and I will rally mine. We'll attack Aremys and drive them off of their land as soon as Hollow arrives. Aremys's lands will become ours."
  21. Eat You Alive (10 January 2007)
    As the Inferni coyotes are bearing down on the Syemv house, Kaena attacks a puppy and kills it in front of its caretaker, Noah, beginning the attack on Aremys. Kaena and Remigus fight Noah, and Remigus is killed. Phasma sounds the retreat, and Aremys draws back to the Moaning Wood. Part of the Inferni-Aremys War.
  22. I'm Sick But I Need My Disease (13 January 2007)
    Kaena meets both Faith Requiem and young Stygian Nothing, Hollow Nothing's mate and Stygian Nothing's mother. Eventually, Stygian and Kaena's daughter, Ahemait, become mates and produce a litter of three children.
  23. Once I Dreamed, But Then I Woke Up (18 January 2007)
    Kaena has a brief conversation with a new recruit to Inferni, Matthieu. I guess she was also supposed to learn to tattoo here?! I have always played it as if she did. :3
  24. I Ate the Spine of Atlas (18 January 2007)
    Kaena gives Razekiel his Chaos Star. There is creepy foreshadowing to Razekiel's long departure here: "You'd never leave, would you?" Kaena asks him. He responds that he would not, though Razekiel leaves Inferni before he is a year old, returning only in late 2009.
  25. Alyssa Lies (20 January 2007)
    Kaena fights off Iskata Sadira from Inferni lands. At this point, Iskata has lost her memories and her mind, and she does not realize where she is or what she is doing, really.
  26. Speaking on Impromptu (3 February 2007)
    Kaena unsuccessfully attempts to draw a female loner coyote, Steel Rose, into Inferni.
  27. For the Memories (20 February 2007)
    Kaena meets a new member of Inferni, Ioannes. The man gets into her good graces by pledging to fight by her side for the mere thrill of the battle, which Kaena of course identifies with.
  28. A Ghost-Faced Killer (22 February 2007)
    Bonding time with Samael and Kaena? D;
  29. Love is Not Enough (Page Two) (22 February 2007)
    Gabriel strikes Samael, and Kaena finds out -- she confronts her older son, and strikes him in the face, knocking his cigarette away. Kaena relents after a moment, and Gabriel finally shares with her what happened to Baneesh, and Kaena eventually recalls from the wolf's description that Ahren had given her the wolf's jawbone as a present. They burn it together, and Gabriel suggests a new tradition for Inferni: "When I was in the desert, one of the things the clan did was nail skulls on posts with our symbol painted on them. Call it psychological warfare."
  30. Redemption is a Sinner's Best Friend (25 February 2007*)
    Sal and Kaena meet up with each other again and immediately begin fighting. Kaena takes his eye and is poised to kill him; she is interrupted by Fatin, perhaps the only canine at that point capable of stopping her from killing Salvaged and finishing what he started three years prior to this. There is unfinished business between Fatin and Salvaged, however, and Kaena does not wish to deny the woman what she is owed from the monster.
  31. No Brave New World (27 February 2007)
    Razekiel and Ahemait come to Kaena, bruised and battered from their encounter with Skoll. Razekiel tells her that Molochai was attempting to get rid of a trespasser when another wolf attacked him, and Kaena recognizes the scent clinging to their fur as the very same wolf she had fought three months prior. When Ahemait collapses, Kaena leaves immediately for Jaded Shadows, as Inferni has no healer among them.
  32. Damaged in a Beautiful Way (27 February 2007)
    Kaena runs up the Jaded Shadows mountain to ask Fatin Kali to save Ahemait. The pair turn right around and head back to Inferni immediately. Prior to this point, Kaena and Fatin were extremely secretive -- though they were close neighbors living in Inferni and Jaded Shadows, they took care to meet safely and in secret. Neither had ever met the others' children -- of course, Kaena merely wants her daughter's life saved; she is beyond caring about the secretiveness of their relationship.
  33. I'd Give You My Heart, My Soul (27 February 2007)
    Fatin comes to Inferni to heal Kaena's injured children. Ahemait is attended to first, and later Razekiel. I think this is the only time Kaena ever prays to any deity; beyond this she doesn't really acknowledge or deny a god, gods, or higher power. She probably refers to it as the Angel because Samael was all "AKJSGKJLSDG I SAW THE ANGEL!!!" at this point in his life. Ahemait's rib is broken, but Fatin says she will be alright. Gabriel shows up (and guess what his face looks like? Go ahead, just guess. YUP. Unibrow!), followed by his brother Molochai. Both are exhausted and injured; it is at this point that Razekiel also loses consciousness. Fatin saves everybody and then there's minor awkwardness between Kae and Fatin, and then everybody goes home.
  34. An Ode to No One (5 March 2007)
    Kaena meets Vienna Havazik; Kaena gives Vienna some information about her father, Segodi Mogotsi.
  35. Sewn Together (6 March 2007)
    Razekiel, Ahemait, and Samael turn nine months old.
  36. A Massacre in Action (7 March 2007)
    Kaena and Molochai find Hollow Nothing's body in the old Syemv house; though they do not know what has killed him, they speculate someone from Aremys returned to exact their revenge on Hollow.
  37. Set the West in Flames (12 March 2007)
    Ahren briefly returns to Bleeding Souls and finds Kaena, and they converse and catch-up: they learn about their respective new children, and they share details of what they have done with their time in the last year. Ahren tells Kaena that he does not want anyone -- not even his own children -- to know he was here. Kaena reflects on what could have been: "what if she told him the other day she'd been in the church, nose in the ground, remembering herself and Ahren together?" He calls her "kindlich" and tells her if she ever needs anything, she can reach him through his cousin in Freetown, but this is the last time Kaena and Ahren ever see one another.
  38. The Emperor Remains Insane (16 March 2007)
    Kaena meets Judas Demetrii. Something important was possibly supposed to happen here.
  39. And Looking at Me Like I've Been Here Before (20 March 2007)
    Spade, former alpha male of Jaded Shadows, returns for a brief moment to converse with Kaena. Kaena shares that she stole Salvaged's eye from him and warns Spade that he still walks the earth.
  40. Trust Me, I've Got a Plan (20 March 2007)
    Zaets Russo of Aremys shows up on Inferni territory and demands an explanation for why they were driven back; Kaena Lykoi, Gabriel and some other Inferni members are set to give him a proper explanation -- with their fangs, of course -- when Vitium Lykoi dashes in and stops them, saving the life of Zaets and enabling him to run off. Vitium is ejected from the pack by his mother, his Chaos star slashed over to remind him of his banishment.
  41. Sweet Dreams or Nightmares (21 March 2007)
    Kaena accepts Kujo to Inferni's ranks.
  42. Blind Cave War (21 March 2007)
    Skoll trespasses on Inferni territory and demands to speak to Kaena, who naturally reacts poorly, and kindly tells him to GTFO: "If I ever see you near or on Inferni again, I will wage war on you and I will not stop until you are in pieces. If you ever touch my children again, I will personally deliver hell on earth to you and make you plead for your death." Several of the clan rally around her, though this does not escalate into true violence.
  43. Eat the Weak (23 March 2007)
    There is an Inferni meeting to discuss the Storm wolf who has trespassed on Inferni recently. I think she warned everyone to stay the hell away from Storm and watch out for trespassers, and explained what was going on? Perhaps.

Era IV: Thought You Were Dead (Jun 2009 - Oct 2009)

  1. They Say It's Better to Bury Your Sadness (9 June 2009)
    After a year and a half away, Kaena returns to Inferni at its new location, and encounters her son Gabriel and one of her grandchildren, Zana Lykoi. She explains the reason for her absence to both coyotes, and Zana leaves in a hurry after Gabriel reaccepts Kaena into Inferni. Prior to this, Kaena had been suffering from an "arthritic" wound delivered to her by Astaroth; the moment she steps over Inferni soil, the pain and the wound disappears, and it does not trouble her again. Although the wound itself was certainly real at one point, the sudden disappearance of the "arthritis" suggests the lasting pain from it was in Kaena's head as some kind of subconscious punishment for having left Inferni.
  2. It's Gonna be a Bloodbath (9 June 2009)
    Kaena learns about what has happened in Inferni and to her family during her absence from her son Gabriel. Subjects range from family to Inferni. She learns of her grandchildren: Zana; Halo, Jael, and Enigma; Ahemait's children by Stygian, far to the north. Gabriel tells Kaena that he believes Samael and Andrezej are dead; she asks how they died and Gabriel tells her that Samael may have died from disease. He tells her he has killed Andrezej for raping his daughter, Talitha, and though Kaena verbally says she would have done the same [in the case of her own daughter being raped], she wonders if she would have made the same decision as an Aquila, looking at her rapist son and victim granddaughter. She learns of the first Dahlian War, and Gabriel invites Kae to come and stay in his cave for a while and there are warm fuzzies of family lurve.
  3. Burning Down Bridges (10 June 2009*)
    Kaena meets the first of Vitium's triplets, her grandson Enigma. They discuss his father; Enigma has his father's deep brownish eyes, and Kaena does not realize what had happened to Vitium and his siblings prior to her arrival -- their connection to Vitium had made them, to some extent, outcasts among their own family.
  4. Seeking Fun, Seeking Trouble (15 June 2009)
    Kaena confronts a Phoenix Valley intruder, Skylar, and is joined by Jezebel and later Jael. Skylar claims Jael is her half-brother, and she does have a fair amount of coyote appearance, which is the only thing that keeps Kae from attacking. Skylar eventually leaves, but this is a mystery that Kaena investigates for some time.
  5. I Will Battle for the Sun (17 June 2009)
    Kaena meets Halo, her granddaughter through Vitium (or so it was thought at the time). The two discuss tattooing Halo with the Chaos Star symbol, and Kaena gives Halo one of Astaroth's teeth so Halo might make a necklace from it.
  6. No One Here Gets Out Alive (19 June 2009)
    Kaena explores the Wastes, and runs into the leader of the Cour des Miracles pack, Jacquez. They talk civilly for a while about scars and the like. Kae obviously takes an immediate liking to Jacquez: they trade stories, and Kaena tells him truthfully what happened to her eye. Jacquez tells Kaena that he chewed his own arm off; this is not true, but of course, Kaena does not know this, and she believes what Jacq tells her.
  7. You Thought You'd Never Shed a Tear (20 June 2009)
    Kaena finds Rachias out and down near the southern half of 'Souls territory; she learns of Rachias's children, but the girl is oddly silent on who the childrens' father is. This meeting haunts Kae, and she returns to this area a few times afterward to search for Rachias, but she is unable to find the woman again. This upsets Kae considerably -- she left when her youngest children were just a few months old, and she does not know them at all.
  1. Everybody's After Love (24 June 2009)
    Kaena meets Valkyrie, the daughter of Ryan de le Poer. They speak briefly on Inferni's history.
  2. There's Nothing Stranger than a Stranger (21 June 2009)
    Kaena meets her grandson, Jael, and discusses some deep issues with him. They start with Vitium, and move to Inferni's history -- then back to Vitium. There is maybe creepy pre-foreshadowing to Kae's eventual rape in the fall of this year by Haku Soul. She tells Jael maybe one day he will be able to square things with his father, implying to him that she'd be fine with Jael killing Viti if it came down to it. Kaena kind of does some self-reflection and realizes how much she has changed from her youth.
    She discusses some of her interactions with wolves, both within her family and outside of it, and why she is so distrustful of wolves. Kaena blatantly admits she is not a good person, and when Jael asks her if she believes in god, she claims she does not know, but she says, "something else, something that controls parts of life. Whether that's fate or God, I can't say." She does, however, state her more firmly believed mantra, vengeance: "Either way, there's always someone to answer to. Kill someone, rob someone, rape someone -- there's somebody who's ready to hand it right back." They discuss living in peace, and Kaena questions why one would bother living in peace if someone is there to snatch it away again immediately. She blames her mother for who she is today: "I was meant for hatred and cruelty. [Otherwise] I wouldn't have been born to my mother. She made sure I am who I am."
  3. Come On, Take Me Home (24 June 2009)
    Kaena and Giggle investigate the strange markings on part of Inferni's territory.
  4. Picking Up The Pieces to Make Ends Meet (23 June 2009)
    Kaena finds Fatin in Halifax; the pair make plans for Fatin to come to Inferni. She does not come until September, however.
  5. I Am the Bones You Couldn't Break, Break Break (24 June 2009)
    While stitching together some of bones for Inferni's territory, Kaena meets up with her subleader, Ryan, and gets to know her. Another coyote, Vexx, joins them, but declines to follow as they walk a little further away.
  6. It's a Dirty Job, But Someone's Gotta Do It (30 June 2009)
    Kaena meets Vexx on the beach, and the two investigate the debris that has washed up on Inferni's coast.
  7. The Moon is Not Your Mother (30 June 2009)
    Kaena intercepts Brooklyn D'Angelo, a Crimson Dreams wolf on her way to Inferni territory. She is unsympathetic as Brooklyn drops a name she does not recognize.
  8. Washed the Dirt Off Our Intentions (31 June 2009*)
    Kaena meets Lillith Stormbringer, the woman born in Azathoth a week apart from Ahren. He is the subject of much of their discussion; Lillith tells Kaena that Ahren was never meant for her, and Kaena responds with a question by asking if he was ever hers, and that she does not think so. Kae tells Lillith that Ahren left her for Chimera's crown, and admits she did not understand what she had with Ahren until he was already gone. They continue talking about him for a little while, and eventually Lillith leaves and Kae drinks herself to sleep.
  9. Blood on the Wind (1 July 2009)
    Kaena fights DaVinci Daite Nasphrite.
  10. Right Back Over the Edge (7 July 2009)
    Kaena meets Anselm de le Poer, something of a cousin to Gabriel and co-founder of Inferni in its second incarnation. The two hit it off and trade a little bit of information and history with each other before parting ways. The pair form a pretty close bond, and over the next few months, they meet several times to spar and train with one another, learning lots from each other.
  11. A Taste of Hell (8 July 2009)
    Kaena meet Talon Gallu of Cour des Miracles, and they touch briefly on some rather heavy subjects after initial wariness on both sides. She explains to him why she likes living in Inferni versus pack life: "Nobody expects you to lay flat on your belly and grovel. And nobody parades around like being the leader means their ass needs to be kissed at all times." Talon asks about Kaena's chaos star and she responds that it is a mark for her family, chosen by herself, and in turn, she asks him about the raven-feather cloak he wears. She tells him a about Icarus, who flew too close to the sun and burned his wings apart, which is weird and out of place, but Kae is weird and awkward. They eventually decide that they're alright with one another.
  12. I Could Never Forget What It's Like (8 July 2009)
    Molochai returns, and Kaena catches up with him. Kaena tells him about her own "new" children, though at this point they're almost two years old: Rachias, Arkham, and Andrezej. She also tells Molochai Andre is dead, though she does not reveal the cause. She also lies to him about Eris's parenthood -- she tells him that her father was Laruku, when in actuality her father was Salvaged, and Kaena knows it. She also says these children are to be her last. Kaena is disappointed to hear he has not yet had children, though she assures him it will happen.
  13. Only a Gun at His Side (11 July 2009)
    Kaena greets Eli Hunting at the borders, but he is only passing through the area, and he is not interested in settling down just yet.
  14. Don't Know If the World Will End Today (12 July 2009)
    Kaena briefly meets Diavo, a young coyote puppy of the clan.
  15. People in a Dream Wait For the Machine (12 July 2009)
    Kaena happens across a young injured deer and kills it, sharing the meal with her clanmate, Jezebel. Kaena is intrigued when she learns the other coyote had served in the Scintilla War with Gabriel, and more surprised still to learn he had been a leader during the war. He had spared her the details previously, though these revelations by Jezebel were not troubling to Kaena, they did provoke her thoughts.
  16. Close My Eyes and Wait for the Bomb (16 July 2009)
    Kaena meets Tada'asana Sofia up in the Millstone Village of Drifter Bay. Kaena readily admits she is not a pureblood coyote to Sofia, who asks if she is a coyote. Kaena asks what Sofi thinks of coyotes now that she's met one; Sofi says that Kaena is not as frightening or nasty as wolves previously claimed coyotes to be. Kaena compliments this answer genuinely, and she advises Sofi that coyotes are not to be crossed, "but that makes us like everyone else."
    Sofia touches on a sensitive subject for Kaena -- death. Kaena offers two possibilities: rebirth or reincarnation, and her own blend of beliefs. "I think we live on in others, in their blood and memory. Some of us disappear, and others remain as ghosts." She is not certain, however, and she admits this. She also admits and shares Sofia's fear of death, yet rationalizes it: "If we didn't die, canines a thousand years old would still run with us, but where would we run?" She talks about death chasing her since she was born, practically, and tells Sofi she may end up with longer than she thought. Sofia admits she has cancer, and Kaena tries to comfort her. Sofia eventually asks about Kaena's missing eye, and the rest of her scars. Kaena explains about the eye and the scars over her eyes: "My mother gave me these. They are to remind me whose child I am, forever." Kaena offers friendship or something in Inferni by inviting Sofia there.
  17. Too Many Days to Get Lost (17 July 2009)
    Kaena meets Onus, a loner coyote, and the pair are wary at first, but find they do not mind one anothers' company. Kaena doesn't understand what a bacteria is, naturally, and she kind of shows weakness by asking Onus what it is, but she's okay with that because he's a coyote, too, and that makes him better than a wolf or something. Kaena seems to like Onus better than he likes her, and she talks about her family, marveling at the fact that she has grandchildren now. Onus asks her if she has ever cared for children not her own, and Kaena responds: "Yes. My worst enemy, he gave me his child the night he died. I let her live." She is, of course, speaking of Eris, her own child. She does not share that Eris is also her own child with Onus, but she contemplates the girl's existence some.
  18. Our Flesh and Blood Has Found Me In Your Arms Again (20 July 2009)
    Samael finds Kaena on the beach. They get into some sort-of weird and sort-of sweet tangle together on the beach, and eventually, Samael reveals to Kaena how he feels about her, whispering that he loves her (and the undertone is that it is not in a very sonly way). This gives her pause, certainly, but she responds positively and tells him that she loves him, though she tacks the word son onto the end of it, making it clear his feelings are not reciprocated, though for a moment she considers him: "A thought crept to the forefront, a sinister, sickening idea that turned the Lykoi woman's stomach even as her own mind produced it. However unholy a potential union between them, however despicable and against the very laws of nature and the earth that bound them temporarily, what was such a union other than... progress?"
    Samael asks Kaena to kill him, she declines and tells him she cannot. He offers to do it himself, because he is "a monster." Kaena tells him she is one as well, and that he does not deserve to die for "loving her more [than her other children]." Kaena explains where she went and what happened with Astaroth, telling Samael that she killed him. Kaena tells Samael that he is "he only thing of value Astaroth ever did with his life." This is creepy because Samael is actually the most prized child of the Kimaris family, the tiacapan created on Astaroth's ehecatl journey from Eterne. If Astaroth had actually managed to bring Samael back to Eterne things would have been vastly different for himself and his family.
  19. Crush My Bones, I'll Smile (20 July 2009)
    Kaena fights Haku Soul after he asks about Jael's siblings and then threatens life. She then limps home to Inferni, believing she has killed him.
  20. They Came to Cure the Fever of My Brain (20 July 2009)
    Kaena stumbles back to Inferni territory following her encounter with Haku Soul, collapsing once she is inside clan borders. Jezebel finds her, followed by Gabriel, and the pair drag her back to the caves and patch her up the best they can.
  21. Ain't Your Fairytale (20 July 2009)
    Kaena fights and chases Xeris, a Phoenix Valley wolf, off of Inferni territory.
    OOC Note: Kae has two fight threads so close together is because Libri and I had no idea we would be fighting in Kae-Haku thread at this point (we were only a few posts in and we hadn't plotted the thread beforehand, you see!) and Xeris and I were way done with our thread by the time Haku-Kae fight even happened. o___o; So I guess we'll pretend this happened way before Haku fight or something, but I can't actually change the date after the thread has been deaded because I know that Silver has threads in her timeline that hinge on this one. /LONG NOTE IS LONG.
  22. Perhaps the Singing Bird Shall Come (26 July 2009)
    Kaena greets a female coyote on the borders, Merilin.
    OOC Note: For the same reasons as outlined above, Kaena should have been injured here, but Libri and I didn't realize we were gonna end up fighting yet.
  23. Feeling Demonic Harmonic (29 July 2009)
    Kaena meets Warren Elliot, a random wanderer coyote. Asks if he's a hybrid, etc.
    OOC Note: For the same reasons as outlined above, Kaena should have been injured here, but Libri and I didn't realize we were gonna end up fighting yet. SEE THE CHAOS UNPLOTTED THREADS CAUSE? XD They're still fun as shit, though~
  24. I Can Cut You to Pieces (29 July 2009)
    Kaena meets Naniko, and the meeting turns out to be really awesome for Kae. Naniko essentially showers her with gifts, which makes Kaena quickly a fan of the white wolf. Kae, in turn, offers a little bit of advice about children to Nani. Kae explains that the cigarettes Naniko smokes are probably bad for her children,
  25. And Don't Forget to Breathe (29 July 2009)
    Kaena runs into Jacquez Trouillefou again, and the two have sex.
  26. Knowing the Lands (31 July 2009)
    Kaena shows Merilin, a new coyote to Inferni's ranks, around the territory.
  27. Every Last Conviction, I Smoked Them All Away (2 August 2009)
    Kaena greets a male coyote named Eto on the borders, though he does not join up with the coyote clan.
  28. Combat Baby (7 August 2009)
    Mason Alexandre Hesiod joins Inferni.
  29. I Cursed the Sun (8 August 2009)
    Kaena meets her grandson, Ezekiel de le Poer. Ezekiel is dismayed that he left the clan; Kaena reassures him that his return is what is important. They discuss his sister, Talitha, and Kaena reassures him that she is not dead: "All of us have wandered at one point or another, I think. Your sister was crafted from the same flesh and blood as you. She's strong." They talk a little bit about each other, the family, and then part ways.
  30. The Summer Swells In (12 August 2009)
    Kaena comes across a bunch of ruined bones on Inferni's borders, the whole area smelling like wolf. Anselm happens on her, and the pair are found later by Gabriel. The trio happens across a tuft of silver fur, a big, much-needed clue in figuring out who is behind the desecration of their border items.
  31. New Days, New Faces (15 August 2009)
    Kaena meets Dawali Amara, representative of AniWaya. The two discuss the similarities between their clan after Dawali extends a peaceful hand, and Kaena promises to bring the man's request to Gabriel. Kaena takes a liking to Dawali. She is generally more fond of red wolves than other subspecies of canis lupus to begin with, and she finds there are numerous parallels between them.
  32. Crossing the 45th Parallel (21 August 2009)
    Kaena finds Hezekiah, a coyote who seems to be suffering from amnesia related to his wounds. He is in poor shape, and she offers to take him home, calling on Gabriel to grant or deny him permission to enter the territory. Upon acceptance, she carts him off to the caves.
  33. Outside It's Armageddon (22 August 2009)
    Kaena receives her tooth necklace and gives Halo her chaos star tattoo. Grandmother-granddaughter bonding times, so cute!
  34. All the Anger and the Eloquence are Bleeding (22 August 2009)
    After a period of time in which the Inferni borders were being harassed, the coyotes of the clan eventually catch up with the perpetrator, a lone wolf, whom they hunt down and kill together. Famblee bonding! After the wolf is killed, Kaena and Anselm drag him off to string him up on the borders, where Anselm shares his nickname for the wolf, Bastardo.
  35. The Fragile Kingdom Fall (28 August 2009)
    Kaena meets Adonis, who resembles Zulifer vaguely (red eyes, black fur, scars). He scares the tar out of her at first, and then prods at her old wounds regarding Zuli. Eventually the two progress to other subjects.
  36. How Do I Say I'm Sorry (29 August 2009)
    Kaena runs into Faolin, who does not remember who she is. This troubles Kaena, and presumably she mentioned it to Gabe, who made his classic unibrow face at the mention of Faolin.
  37. Spend All My Time Amongst the Animals (1 September 2009)
    Kaena and Hezekiah chat. She tells the (relative) newcomer a little about the clan's ranking system and what he can eventually do in the clan.
  38. You Can't Be Late Until You Show Up (5 September 2009)
    Kaena finds a broken and battered Fatin on the borders. She explains that she was taken prisoner, hence her months late arrival to Inferni. Gabriel shows up and the pair take her back to Kaena's cave.
  39. Aces High (7 September 2009)
    Kaena joins a card game consisting of Anselm, Jac, and a canine she doesn't know. Kae and Jacq are flirty all night, possibly alerting Anselm to the fact that Kae has slept with Jacquez prior to this meeting, causing Kae some amount of paranoia for a short while.
    OOC Note: Also, for continuity we can pretend this thread happened before Fatin's joining thread, because Kae probably wouldn't be a massive flirt to Jacquez two days after Fatin moved into Inferni. >_>
  40. Haemoglobin is the Key (11 September 2009)
    Kaena and Mason hang out and talk a little bit. They discuss wolves, and why Mason should avoid the hell out of them. Kaena does, however, suggest that Inferni might not have lasted so long with just coyotes: "But maybe if it was not for a dash of wolf blood, Inferni wouldn't have stuck together so well." Mason asks Kaena a little about shifting, and she explains some of it to him.
  41. You Want the Sin Without the Sinner (14 September 2009)
    Kaena briefly meets Grimsley, a loner coyote hybrid.
  42. The Trial of Man (16 September 2009)
    Kaena greets Gatsby on the borders, but he is not interested in joining up with the clan.
  43. And We Will Never Sever (18 September 2009)
    This was a Kaena and Fatin thread where maybe they were supposed to become mates, but as it was never finished that part was not played? I think, maybe. :< I am not sure! But I guess I played it as if this was just a regular thread where Kae made sure she was comfortable and everything. :D
  44. Walking the Line (18 September 2009)
    Kaena meets Susquehanna of AniWaya on the edge of Inferni's territory. Kaena likes that Susquehanna does not just wander across Inferni lands, but she is wary to learn Hanna is Haku Soul's aunt. Even so, the two have a civil discussion, followed by Kaena allowing Hanna to cross Inferni borders escorted to access the northwestern territories.
  45. Night Terror (19 September 2009)
    Kaena-Samael thread of love, and Kaena asks Sam to stay home in Inferni with her, despite knowing it will probably get her in trouble with Gabriel. She doesn't care, and she wants her Samael back -- she misses his presence in Inferni terribly, and there is sort of creepy rape foreshadowing in this thread. Sadly Sam's presence in Inferni doesn't do anything to help Kae later on. :(
    OOC Note: >_> I can't really change this one's date because I think it's a joining thread but yeah, they talk about Razekiel before he's acutally in Inferni or something 'CAUSE KAE'S PSYCHIC. >___> Or my sense of timeline is not good? ;D
  46. Shed a Little Light on It (22 September 2009)
    Kaena comes across Anselm and her long-lost son, Razekiel. Although he seems greatly changed, she is excited to see him return.
  47. Necklace Hunting (26 September 2009)
    Kaena meets Rendall of Phoenix Valley. Rendall accuses Kaena of attacking Xeris, and Kaena does not deny it, but she says: "I do not walk on Phoenix Valley land. Perhaps your packmates would have avoided trouble if they could only respect coyote borders." She tries to investigate Skylar a little more here, asking about her some, but Rendall does not know anything of her packmate; it seems that Jael's supposed half-sibling has moved on. They discuss family and so forth, and eventually Rendall heads home.
  48. Where the Road Parts (27 September 2009)
    Kaena accepts Snake to Inferni.
  49. There Was Only Fire (29 September 2009)
    Kaena meets Lolita Monroe, a Dahlian wolf who claims to be dead. Kaena accepts this more or less readily, figuring she is either delusional, a ghost, or somewhere in between -- there are some things Kaena just doesn't question, and she appropriately informs Lolita that "Death has been pursuing me since I was a small puppy. He grows irritated that I have evaded his grasp for ten long years."
    They discuss love and how crazy it makes people, and Lolita asks if Kae has ever known love that was not "weird." Kaena responds by asking what normal love is -- Lolita reveals that the person she loves is actually her sister. Kaena takes a minute to consider this and draws a parallel between herself and Samael, and she suggests that perhaps their love is simply stronger for their shared blood, and... then kind of goes on a tangent about it: "There's no moving on from your sister. Family is forever."
    They also discuss how family can hurt you -- Kaena tells Lolita about Vitium, and how they hurt one another when Vitium soiled his name, and when Kaena subsequently banished him from Inferni. When Lolita suggests that perhaps Kaena should have killed Vitium instead, Kaena smiles and says: "If I had killed him, I would not have my beautiful grandchildren." She tries to reassure Lolita about her purpose and direction in life (death?) but may or may not have been successful in this.
  50. Turning Us Into Monsters (29 September 2009)
    Kaena and Hybrid meet up. Kaena reacts somewhat poorly to a show of rank from Hybrid, and Hybrid eventually informs Kaena that he attacked Gabriel last year at some point. Kaena says everyone's entitled to moments of insanity (herself included) and Kaena eventually admits she does not understand Gabriel, which is true. She loves him, but she doesn't get him a lot of the time. She wishes she had a better relationship with him, but she knows the damage of not having found him when he was young is irreparable. She also admits she sucked as an Aquila, which is truth -- twice she failed. Hybrid only really knows of one, though, I think. There is creepy foreshadowing to the Dahlian war in this thread somewhere, yay! Then Kae and Hybrid go and kill a random loner up on Halycon Mountain and drag back parts of her body to decorate Inferni's borders -- AREN'T THEY LOVELY? ILU HYBRID AND KAE.
  51. Dark Coagulum (1 October 2009)
    Kaena accepts Bramble Saari, a new coyote, to the clan.
  52. Ten Million Fireflies (4 October 2009)
    Kaena accepts Norchester to Inferni.
  53. What Was It I Ran From (6 October 2009)
    Tada'asana Sofia, whom Kaena had met over the summer, comes to Inferni and requests to join the clan. Though Kaena knows there is likely little the woman can do in the way of service to Inferni, she takes pity on Sofia and accepts her to the clan regardless, figuring she will make up for whatever Sofi does not do within the clan. Kaena takes Sofi into the Forest of Nod, and the pair hunt and then head into the D'Neville Mansion to eat their food.
  54. The Man in the Trenchcoat (8 October 2009)
    Kaena runs into Onus again, and the pair discuss his new children and their precarious position in Dahlia de Mai. She learns that Onus's mate, Cwmfen, is the third-in-command of Dahlia de Mai. She also definitively learns she did not kill Haku Soul over the summer, though she had her vague suspicions prior to this. She offers Onus help in Inferni if he needs it.
  55. One Broken Cog to Ravage the Machine (10 October 2009)
    Kaena hangs out with Anselm, and reassures him about his family, which has recently gone missing. His daughter, Ryan de le Poer left a note in the mansion, and her daughter, Valkyrie de le Poer, disappeared with her.
  56. There's a Part of Me That Still Believes (10 October 2009)
    Kaena accepts Amristice Shanti to Inferni.
  57. Believing What He Read Made Him Mad (14 October 2009)
    Kaena and Gabriel argue a little bit about Samael's presence in the clan.
  58. You'd Better Look Alive (15 October 2009)
    Kaena briefly meets Svara Thames of Cour des Miracles.

Era V: 10,000 Days in the Fire (Oct 2009 - July 2010)

  1. Gave Birth to a Funeral Dirge (16 Oct 2009)
    Haku Soul rapes Kaena in the Dalhousie University.
  2. Remember the Gun and the Damage It's Done (16 Oct 2009)
    Misery D'Angelo finds Kaena in the Witch's Cauldron.
  3. Reaching Out a Helping Hand (17 Oct 2009)
    Susquehanna leads Kae home.
  4. A Vampire in the Devil Town (27 Oct 2009)
    Inferni gathers and Kaena is weird and drunk.
  5. Just Don't Let me Go (6 Nov 2009)
    Razekiel Lykoi comforts Kae, inadvertantly.
  6. Time Marching on to a Madman's Drum (6 Nov 2009)
    Kaena meets Finn Fidh.
  7. Time to Drink You Pretty (10 Nov 2009)
    Kaena briefly meets Vukasin Sandalius.
  8. Whether Mice and Men Have Second Tries (17 Nov 2009)
    Kaena meets Naniko D'Angelo's children.
  9. These Ordinary Sins (17 Nov 2009)
    Kae tells Halo Lykoi what her half-brother (!) did.
  10. So What's Killing You (22 Nov 2009)
    Kaena pleads with her dearest Samael to watch Inferni's borders. <3
  11. Staring At the Ceiling (25 Nov 2009)
    Cotl teaches Kae a bit about tattooing; she applies a tattoo for him.
  12. The Big Bang Theory (30 Nov 2009)
    Vieira Lykoi gets threatened by angry Kae.
  13. Your Sons and Your Daughters (1 Dec 2009)
    Rikka de le Poer gets angry over Viera.
  14. A Fever Coming On (1 Dec 2009)
    Kaena talks to Snake.
  15. The Great Destroyer (1 Dec 2009)
    Kaena tries to talk to Gabriel de le Poer about what happened, but she finds herself unable.
  16. You Lied About Your Twisted Sins (3 Dec 2009)
    Kaena tells Vieira to go back to the city.
  17. Bleeding is a Luxury (3 Dec 2009)
    Kaena meets Vesasia Kalilia.
  18. Look to the Western Sky (11 Dec 2009)
    Kaena makes Vieira wear a collar for the lulz.
  19. A Pistol Shot at Five o'Clock (18 Dec 2009)
    Kaena meets Anu of Crimson Dreams.
  20. Dead to the Core (18 Dec 2009)
    Kaena meets Urma of Crimson Dreams.
  21. A Fear I Cannot Shape (26 Dec 2009)
    Tada'asana Sofia dies; Kaena takes her up over the Halcyon Mountains to the former Storm packlands and buries her.
  22. I Wanna do Bad Things (27 Dec 2009)
    Kaena meets Night Thames.
  23. All You Could Hide From (28 Dec 2009)
    Kaena tells Vieira Lykoi about Haku.
  24. I Am the Shoreline, But You're the Sea (2 Jan 2010)
  25. The War Came with a Curse and a Caterwaul (2 Jan 2010)
  26. All That Noise, And All That Sound (2 Jan 2010)
  27. Handicrafts (3 Jan 2010)
  28. A Warning to the People, The Good and the Evil (4 Jan 2010)
  29. All You Can Do is Raise Hell (5 Jan 2010)
  30. The Clock that Ticks (5 Jan 2010)
  31. After Supper Walk a Mile (7 Jan 2010)
  32. Show Me Your Teeth (10 Jan 2010)
  33. Set Fire to the Third Bar (21 Jan 2010)
  34. Smoking 40s und Drinking Blunts (23 Jan 2010)
  35. Mandelbrot Set (25 Jan 2010)
  36. Re-Visit (29 January 2010)
  37. For You I Even Know I'd Try to Turn the Tide (7 Feb 2010)
  38. Lift me Up out of Darkness (11 Feb 2010)
  39. Sorrow Well Rehearsed (11 Feb 2010)
  40. I'm Beginning to Hear Voices And There's No One Around (11 Feb 2010)
  41. My Daddy's Got a Gun (6 Mar 2010)
  42. And All the Wounds are Reopening Again (13 Mar 2010)
  43. Wait for the Clouds to Break (14 Mar 2010)
  44. Don't Ever Fake It (22 Mar 2010)
  45. Hellraiser (1 Apr 2010)
  46. Charred Earth (5 Apr 2010)
  47. I Got a Big Bag of Crabs Here (4 Apr 2010)
  48. Taking Flight (8 Apr 2010)
  49. Gunslinger (10 Apr 2010)
  50. Things We Lost in the Fire (12 Apr 2010)
  51. Black with Sin (14 Apr 2010)
  52. Morning Star (4 May 2010)
  53. How Can You Pretend to Know (8 May 2010)
  54. Got Dirt, Got Air, Got Water (18 May 2010)
  55. Highway To Hell (26 May 2010)
  56. After All I've Tried, You Are Still Inside (28 May 2010)
  57. This is Only a Game (31 May 2010)
  58. My Blood is Pavement (15 June 2010)
  59. The Kings All Became Slaves (29 June 2010)
  60. Not my Intention (2 Jul 2010)
  61. The Last Enemy that Shall Be Destroyed (14 July 2010)

Era VI: Collapse, Fall Out, Collapse, The End

  1. Oh Pilot of the Storm (12 July 2010)
    Post-Haku thread with Jefferson. :O
  2. We Were Made to Never Fall Away (15 July 2010)
    Gabriel gives Kae Haku's jawbone.
  3. If I Wake Before I Die (19 July 2010)
    Samael ♥
  4. Pain is a God (22 July 2010)
    Lucia thread -- post-Daisuke
  5. The Resident Sadness (29 July 2010)
    Talitha Thread
  6. Guernica (2 August 2010)
    Kaena heads to the border and meets Eli Hunting.
  7. The More We Flare (10 August)
    Kaena is beckoned to the mansion by Silas Agata, where she learns his cousin wishes to join up with Inferni.
  8. Only a Fool Would Wish for the World (14 August)
  9. And an Ember Is Lit Within (17 August)
    Kaena greets and accepts Heidi, a coy-wolf hybrid, to Inferni.
  10. The Devil Returns (27 August)
    Sepirah thread.
  11. Moving on to a Different Place (13 Oct)
    Kaena accepts her granddaughter, Clover Love Lykoi, to Inferni.
  12. Keep Shooting at the Devil '(15 Oct)
    Kaena meets Izaak, Cotl's nephew.
  13. Went and Put Me in the Ground (17 Oct)
  14. Sweet Tea, Pecan Pie, and Home Grown Wine (19 Oct)
    Kaena greets Amos Arphralos, Cassius's father, and accepts him to Inferni after Cassius is reunited with his father.
  15. Trouble Melts like Lemon Drops (22 Oct)
  16. Starved to Skin and Bone (25 Oct)
  17. Six Feet Under (27 Oct)
  18. The Palm Sunday (31 Oct)
  19. I Am the Storm (7 Nov)
  20. Life Ends But No One Ever Completes It (30 Nov)
  21. Another Century Spent Pointing Guns (3 Dec)
  22. Our Pace Was Quickened to Her Floor (5 Dec)
  23. Make Sure I See White Sails, Sails (1 Jan)
  24. No Pale Deception (9 Jan)
  25. Hallo, Spaceboy (15 Jan)
  26. Dusk and Daylight (20 Jan)
  27. A New Smell (2 Feb)
  28. ranrahirca (5 Feb)
  29. The Pain of the Innocent (7 Feb)
  30. She's Standing on an Overpass (10 Feb)
  31. Why Am I So Different? (26 Feb)
  32. Home Sweet Home (5 Mar)
  33. My Bird's Bones Make a Hollow Sound (7 Mar)
  34. Heard Terabytes of Perfect Pitch (27 Mar)
  35. Your Biggest Fan (5 Apr)
  36. Night Divides the Day (6 Apr)
  37. You've Suffered Enough (7 Apr)
  38. Our Paths Will Cross Again Someday (18 May)
  39. The Lyrics Don't Matter (02 Jul)
  40. The River's on it's Hands and Knees (NPC) (18 Oct)
  41. Still the Days Stay the Same (NPC) (6 Dec)
  42. Crash, Crash out of Control (NPC) (20 June)
    Great Village, with Ezekiel de le Poer and Myrika Tears.
  43. A Podium Built on Generations Bleeding (NPC) (20 June)
    D'Neville Mansion, with Inferni.
  44. (NPC) But I Assure You, My Debts Are Real (26 Aug)
    Inferni, with Io Berlin, Kuba Lykoi, and Ithiel de le Poer.
  45. We Can't There from Here (25 Aug)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears.
  46. [M] When One World Ends, Something Else Begins (12 Jan)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears.
  47. Dust Devil Swept You Away (25 Jan)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears.
  48. [M] A Highway Back to the Heart (27 Jan)
    Great Village, with Vesper, Cirael June Lykoi, Myrika Tears.
  49. [M] How We Rise to the Height of Our Halo (29 Jan)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears.
  50. It's Just You and Me in This Forgotten Town (2 Mar)
    Great Village, with Myrika Tears, Harosheth Kimaris.
  51. Saw a Wheel Inside a Wheel, Heard a Call Within a Call
    Inferni members journey to the old lands.

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