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25 Apr 2009






50% Russian Wolf
50% Arctic Wolf







110-120 lbs.
36 in

225-235 lbs.
40 in

250-260 lbs
6 ft, 10in

While not a hulk of muscle and fur Jack is quite handsome. His fur is completely white save for the scars that can be found here and there on his body. The muscles he has are well trained and his body type is one that shows off fine muscle tone wherever the snow white fur is short enough. His muzzle is well defined and wide and full healthy teeth. The windows to his soul are alight with green fire, eyes that hold your attention and express whatever he wishes. Every feature is attractive in the traditional sense save for the eyes that come off as exotic and brilliant.

In lupus form his fur is relatively short from paw to shoulder. He gets a bit bushier as you approach the arch of his back and along down to his tail. The tail mounted to his backside is fluffy and gorgeous seeming even a bit over fluffed when the fur becomes unruly. His paws are nicely proportioned and claws are a midnight black. Atop his head sit soft, straight ears that hear perfectly.

In Secui form not a whole lot changes under the extra fur. The repositioning of his legs and muscles give him a bit more leverage and strength while robing him of speed and endurance. His stance becomes wider and he carries himself heavily on the rare occasions he takes this form. The fur on his body becomes longer giving him a shaggy look that covers all but his most prominent scars. Handsome but dangerous would be a perfect description.

In optime form (and leather garments) the toned muscles about his body are most easily observed. Jack’s fur is short everywhere but his unruly tail which keeps its volume. His scars are most easily visible in this form when he is unclothed though this is rare. Most often Jack is wearing a tight-fitting hooded robe that reaches down past his shins and a fine cape. Bother are made from complete bovine leather in a dark shade of brown that can look black in the darkness. Their claps are made from various large predator teeth, namely cougar and bear though the capes main clasp that goes around Jack's neck is fitted with a single jagged shark’s tooth. About the neck of the cape is soft black fur for comfort. The robe is fitted with a few deep pockets (two at the hips, one inner vest pocket, and a large outer chest pocket) and the hood is deep and has a pointed tip so it hangs low over Jack's brow when up. The sleeves are long and cover mid way up jack's hand.

Current hair style: His hair is shoulder length and kept brushed but not pulled back or styled in any way. It hangs free and Jack often hast to push it back from his eyes.


Due to his present lack of friends or family in Nova Scotia and his mission to take the blood of others, Jack can be hard to predict. He believes that everyone can kill given the right incentive and that those who believe otherwise are foolish. He isn’t malevolent and will try to stay out of trouble so long as it isn’t necessary. Women who are aggressive, overly assertive, or otherwise unkind often receive heavy negative feelings from him. Jack believes that wolves are the strongest canines though he doesn't flaunt this belief. Should Jack make any good friends or fall for a fine lady, however, it will dramatically change his views. Jack is extremely dedicated to close friends and family and believes they deserve to be cared for beyond much else. He will try to avoid such dedication though because he currently believes he will probably have to leave the souls area after a few months. Jack’s temper is hard to agitate as he is quite intelligent but to make an enemy of him is to assure you will suffer. The strange traveler is also quite dangerous if made to be desperate. For the moment, it is best to walk the other way if you were to see Jack and hope he doesn't take a special interest in you.


Seamus (Shay-mus) Jacob Lucas, Jack’s full name though it wasn’t always so. Jack was part of an unplanned litter born to an unlikely pair of adventurers. His father, James, was an adventurous wolf who had spent his life exploring all he could find while crossing land, continent, and sea in search of something though he had no true idea what. His mother, Lucia, was an educated Russian wolf who grew up learning all she could and utilizing that knowledge to help others. The two had fallen madly in love and had planned on exploring the world until their unplanned litter. It happened in the fall while the pair was on their way through Africa. Upon realizing they had pups on the way the pair turned and tried to make it to Lucia’s family in southern Russia for help as quickly as they could.

Unfortunately, a large litter and particularly harsh winter slowed their retreat and Lucia ended up giving birth somewhere in what was once known as the Middle East. Four healthy pups were born in a warm cave from a litter of seven. But the winter did not let up and slowly the new born pups fell to sickness, hunger, or the unrelenting cold. Jacob Lucius was the only to survive that first hard season due to a kind village of wolves that offered the starving family food and shelter.

The small wolf family never made it to Russia. When Jack grew healthy and his parents were sure they would have one of their little ones live the two adventurers decided to call that small Middle Eastern village home. His father was not nearly as educated as his mate but knew enough to raise a small home and leaned enough to start building a farm. His mother knew enough to trade herbs and medical knowledge for food and supplies. For a time Jack grew learning and working hard for his loving family as they grew their small farm. His second birthday was spent celebrating the completion of their farm and the prospect of growing crops in the next year for the kind village who had taken them in.

That winter wasn't as hard as the year of Jack’s birth but hard enough to drive most who did not stock enough food to desperate measures. A nearly starving group of travelers took notice of the newly built farm and attacked one night. The freshly purchased animals, seeds, and tools promised enough wealth to keep the travelers alive though the winter. These were good people but even good people driven to such a point could do what they needed to survive, a lesson Jack learned painfully. The small family fought hard to defend all they had but the travelers overwhelmed them with sheer numbers and made off with all they could before the rest of the village could rally and fight back. Jack was wounded and his father more so but his mother was not as lucky.

Lucia was killed by those travelers who then disappeared into the country side. James was heartbroken at the loss and grew depressed and sour. He eventually grew spiteful of the villagers who had been so kind, blaming them irrationally for their inaction to save them. He took Jack and left the group in search of something more sinister to heal his broken heart.

The father and son duo fell in with a dark cultist group who offered James the power to avenge his fallen love. This, however, did not come without a price. The good person Jack once called father dissolved into an unforgiving pessimist. James took a new mate shortly after taking his revenge who was the absolutely cruel leader of the cultist group. For the next year and a half Jack spent his time learning the cult’s ways. They then gave him a new name: Seamus they sent him on a pilgrimage to prove himself a true member.

Jack knew of the Americas from stories his father told him. They were his destination from the start of the journey. He traveled across Europe before catching a ship and spending a rather unpleasant amount of time on the ocean. He found land in Free Town. From there he heard of souls and traveled north to the peninsula to truly start his journey.


Parents — Cyrus Flauus & James Lucas