Isla Austral

Isla Austral is the sister of J'adore, Leon and Arena Austral. Aunt of Analise Austral and the now deseaced Gloria Austral and the adopted Gunnar LeStrange. She is an OPEN CHARACTER.

Isla Austral

DOB- Feb 9th 2009

Heritage- 50 % Italian Wolf, 50 % Iberian Wolf, Luperci Ortus

Family- Austral Family

Gender- Female

History- Born the youngest alongside her brothers Leon and Arena in Santander, after their older brother left not knowing about them. In her fifteenth month she was out walking near the packlands when she was attacked by a lone male, who's only intention was to get it on with her, Arena saved her and killed the loner. This episode didn't faze the head strong Spaniard, who returned home. (You may bulk this up on adoption).

Appearace- She is a cocoa colour all over with bright blue eyes and a heart shaped scar on her left hind leg, given to her by a creepy loner. Reaching 6.8 in optime form, her long blacky brown hair falls in deep curls and she retains a curvy, tempting body shape in each form.

Personality- Isla is a headstrong, stubborn, but caring girl. Despite being the youngest she was always asserting her power over her brothers, but her loud mouth got her into trouble sometimes and still does. She is very sassy, yet isn't afraid to get mucky.

Other- She is free to go anywhere. NOTE- She has never met her brother J'adore but has heard of him and probably would recognise him by very faint scent. Her tallado encanto (Carved Charm, see Austral wiki for details) is a Cobra Snake.