Ingvildr Knight

This character is available for adoption! Contact Mandi if interested.

Other Information

  • Inga is a youngster born into two very prominent 'Souls families! She is currently on-board in New Caledonia.
  • Her personality is open to player interpretation, but here are some things to consider:
    • Will she strive to live up to the meaning of her name? Or perhaps she will follow a more peaceful path?
    • Will she become devoted to the gods, like her mother was? Or will she denounce all religion like her father?
  • This adoptable does come with additional constraints:
    • Inga must remain in her birth pack until she is at least 1 year of age and has been played consecutively for a minimum of 9 months.
    • Inga already has several preexisting relationships and connections. Expansion of these is expected and encouraged!
  • Inga has a Moderate term contract. More details about this can be found on Mandi's adoptables page.


Ingvildr Knight


Name Identification



  • Etymology:
    • Forename: Lady of battle (Old Norse)
    • Surname: A mounted soldier in armor (Old English)
  • Pronunciation: ING-vill-der Nyt
  • Nickname: Inga

Credit: Mandi



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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Essentials
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Ingvildr Knight is the daughter of Thyri Dawnbringer and Merlin Knight. She is an awkward little bean who was nursed by Teagan Stryder following the untimely death of her mother. She currently lives with her father and sister.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Fur: Her fur is average length and thick.
    • Optime Hair: TBD
  • Facial Features: TBD
    • Eyes:
  • Build and Size: Inga is purely wolf.
    • Lupus: xx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xx cm)
    • Secui: xxx lbs (xx kg) — xx in (xxx cm)
    • Optime: x ft x in (xx in) (xxx cm) — xxx lbs (xx kg)
  • Humanization: TBD

1.2  Gallery

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