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Indi Knight is the daughter of Lyris Stryder and Luca Knight, born in August of 2015 alongside her sister Teagan Stryder. Currently, she resides in the Casa Portland Outpost after deciding to leave Casa in early 2018 due to her mothers death. She is normally quite bubbly and social but she feels emotions very deeply. Indi is incredibly protective of her family, and believes that family is inclusive of her pack. At times she can be impatient and prone to thrill-seeking to keep boredom at bay. Due to her vivacious nature she often can come across as dim witted, despite her sharp mind. Will this feisty social butterfly decide it is finally time to return home?








  • Indi is all about that weapons training at the moment.
  • I'm looking for somebody to teach Indi how to work with/make leather.

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing Indi roaming around the Fort, or training with her spear.
  • Small conversations/interactions. Please shoot me a PM/AIM Message for anything substantial.

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Indi's appearance primarily shows her wolf heritage, with her dog ancestry showing in a few small features - such as her thin muzzle and her fur texture - and in her vocalisations.
  • Fur: Indi's fur is soft and thin, not quite as suited to cold weather as her mother; Indi is unlikely to freeze to death from some snow, but she definitely feels the chill. Indi's fur is vaguely longer and fluffier around her neck and chest - a carry-over from her Collie genes - but this is minor and only really visible in Lupus or Secui form. Her tail is fluffier than the average wolf in all forms.
    • Optime Hair: Indi's Optime hair is long and smooth, usually kept clean and in good condition. Most of Indi's hair is kept long and usually worn in a fishtail braid which naturally rests down her back, though Indi tends to hang it over her right shoulder. Some shorter bangs sweep left over Indi's face.
  • Facial Features: Indi's features are wolfish in shape, but a bit more delicate than most of her breed as her dog genes show through. Her muzzle is slightly longer and thinner than the norm, and her ears are lightly dusted with feathery hairs.
  • Build and Size: Indi has inherited her parent's height, but not her father's muscle mass. Overall she cuts an attractive figure, with a lithe and athletic build accented by generous curves and bust. Indi's build lacks the pure muscle for prolonged combat or feats of strength, but she is an excellent sprinter and long-distance runner, able to put-on and maintain impressive bursts of speed.
  • Humanization: Indi's level of humanisation is high. She is fond of clothes, and her current nudity stems from lack of ownership more than lack of desire. (Indi does not yet own the clothing depicted in her image.)




Pampas (#f6f4f0)


Jaffa (#f68a4b)
Old Copper (Faint Highlights) (#73503b)

Markings (Shades vary)

Sandrift (#a88e7d)
Beaver (#8b6853)
Jaffa (#f68a4b)
Manhattan (#f5bf8c)


Cerulean (#10aae2)

Nose, Skin, Paw Pads

Bronco (#ad9e95)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars:
    • Small puncture/tear scar on her right shoulder. Short, but wide and jagged.
    • Short slash across her ribs, right side just below her breast. Rough, but thin.
    • Short slash across her left thigh. Clean and thin.
  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.

Jewelry and Accessories

  • When in Optime, Indi always carries a dagger on a belt around her waist. She often has her spear, either being used as a walking staff or in a leather sling on her back.




85 lbs (39 kg)
34 in (86 cm)


Lupus is where Indi's thin, athletic build shows the most, with long legs and a compact body. Her fur in this form is slightly thinner than the average wolf. This is her preferred form for sleeping, travelling, and hunting. Indi is very quick, agile, and surefooted in this form, able to run for long distances and sprint at high speeds.

155 lbs (70 kg)
45 in (114 cm)


Indi's Secui form is the bulkiest of her forms. Her build is still athletic overall, but rather than being thin her limbs are lined with muscle. Indi looks considerably larger than she actually is in this form as her fur thickens out considerably. This is especially noticeable around her chest and neck, where she gains a 'mane' of sorts as her collie genes come out. Indi is actually slowest in this form, as the extra mass negates the increased muscle strength. Indi very rarely uses this form; it is her preferred form only for feral combat, something that she actively avoids.

165 lbs (75 kg)
6ft 9in (81 in / 205 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

In comparison to her lithe Lupus form and bulky Secui form, Indi's Optime form is rather curvy, though her athletic build still shows through. Her coordination and speed are still above average here, but not to the extent of her Lupus form. Overall she is fairly tall and toned, with a generous bust and curves. Indi's fur is at its thinnest in this form, taking on a faintly silky texture. This is Indi's preferred form for fighting, socialising, and general day-to-day use.


  • Speech: Indi's speech tends to be loud, brash, and casual. Lots of casual laughing, contractions, and incorrect grammar. When particularly relaxed she has a habit of extending the 'a' sounds in her words ("naaaaaahh") and adopt a singsong voice to emphasise certain parts of her speech. Indi will nickname most people she is fond of, usually drawing on a physical feature or shortening their name.
  • Scent: Casa di Cavalieri, Salt, Pine (from Lyris), Metal (from Luca)
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Indi is very fidgety. Unless tired out she finds it vry hard to be still and cna often be seen drumming her fingers, licking her lips and pacing endlessly simply our of a desire to burn energy rather than any distress.
    • A subtle but constant flicking or twitching of Indi's ears is a tell that she is either thinking hard about something, or is interested in a conversation that she is having.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Very confident, but typically non-aggressive.


2.  Personality

|| Social Butterfly; bubbly, playful, extrovert, outgoing, touchy-feely ||

At first glance, Indi is a boisterous and friendly girl, the life and soul of any party. While she tends to blunder her way through some of the more intricate niceties of social convention with the delicacy of a bulldozer, Indi is extremely confident and comfortable in social situations and has a sense of natural charisma about her. Touch is very important to Indi with relations both close and casual; physical affection and roughhousing are fairly typical parts of her interaction even with light friends/acquaintances, and she can get down and upset if she is denied them.

|| A Family Girl; loyal, protective ||

Indi is extremely devoted to what she considers her family. She loves to be around her family and will go to any lengths to make them happy and protect them, often at her own expense. What Indi considers her family isn’t limited to blood, but extends to cover close packmates and very good friends in varying degrees.

|| Fast Paced; quick-thinking, impatient, thrill-seeker, easily bored, mild ADHD ||

Indi has always been a quick mover, using her body’s shape and strength to race around at blistering speeds. Physically, Indi is about as quick as a canine of her size can get – built with just the right combination of lightness and power – and her tendency for speed has bled over into how she thinks.

Indi is impulsive, easily bored, and extremely impatient when she is excited or wants something. Despite being far from stupid, she has a habit of making reckless choices just because she reacts to a situation or opportunity without properly thinking it over. Indi enjoys the sense of freedom and distraction when pushing her body and running, and so spends much of her time hunting or just running for pleasure. That said, she isn’t always in motion. She can often burn through her energy rather quickly, and tends to flicker between periods of extreme motion and periods of sloth and lethargy. One of Indi’s guilty pleasures is a good nap in a warm place.

Indi’s behaviour seems to suggest a minor form of ADHD, which becomes more prevalent when she is tired or stressed. She gets distracted very easily from things which don’t mentally stimulate her, and without a clear focus her thoughts tend to be rather aimless. However, on the other side of the coin, when something truly interests her she can often hyperfocus on it; putting all of her attention into activities that would usually bore her, such as reading, if the specific topic interests her.

|| Smarter Than She Looks; quick-minded, kinaesthetic learner, private ||

To those who have first met her, Indi can sometimes come off as a bit dim. Part of this is because of her tendency to act or speak before she thinks, or because her attention might be far away from what is actually happening, but a large part of it is on purpose. Particularly if she feels threatened or wary - and sometimes out of habit if not - Indi has a tendency to purposefully play the part of the dumb, happy optimist; taking advantage of how it can put others off guard. This can make it hard to tell where you actually stand with Indi, as often the only real difference between how she acts with someone she likes and someone she doesn’t is often how genuine her emotions are, and Indi is good at masking the difference when she's in a stable mood.

In reality, while not a genius Indi is quite intelligent. She has a sharp mind able to puzzle through mental challenges rather quickly and is a very quick kinaesthetic learner. Her short attention span tends to hold her back from scholarly pursuits, but she does quite well with crafts and trades if given proper instruction to start with. One caveat to this is that Indi is used to picking up on simple things easily enough that she tends to struggle when faced with an actual challenge. This also extends to social situations; Indi tends to be very confident socially – if a bit blunt on occasion – but when she does encounter situations she doesn’t know how to react to, she can become flustered very quickly.

|| Pretty And She Knows It; vain, flirty, dismissive, manipulative ||

Genetics, luck, and an active lifestyle have given Indi an attractive body, and she knows it. Indi is extremely vain and always makes sure to take good care of herself. Insulting her appearance or ignoring her when she's preening are both good ways to annoy her. That said, Indi generally strikes a good middle ground between practicality and her vanity; she’s never above getting herself dirty having some fun or hunting, but she always makes sure to clean up afterwards.

Indi has a very casual approach towards romance. She can be very flirtatious and enjoys herself greatly when flirting with and teasing/embarrassing others, but overall tends to place very little importance in the whole thing, and views it as little more than a casual amusement. As such, her attentions are typically brief and based purely on physical attraction, the object of her interest ever-changing. Indi isn’t above using the romantic urges of others to manipulate them if she wants or needs something, and doesn't quite seem to understand just how much she can hurt others acting like this. If Indi is genuinely interested in someone as an actual romantic partner she tends to be more hesitant and awkward around them. She will still attempt to flirt, but in general tends to take a much more passive role around those she is genuinely interested in.

|| Puts On A Brave Face; insecure, control freak, conceal don’t feel, ticking time bomb ||

Despite the happy face she shows the world, Indi is actually very insecure in herself. She is her own harshest critic and she absolutely hates failing at something she is genuinely trying at, to the point where tiny, meaningless failures can infuriate her. Surprisingly, Indi is rather good at taking criticism and correction from others as long as it is well meant. The problems come later, when she mentally tears herself apart over any small failures she can’t fix quickly.

It doesn’t help then, that Indi is almost obsessive about hiding any negative feelings she is feeling from the world. Indi hates situations where she feels as though she isn't in control, particularly when she can't control her own emotional outbursts. If Indi is stressed, sad, or feeling anything except the happy, confident face with which she displays to the world she would rather continue her act than reach out for help. If she fails to conceal her emotions like this it can be a self-reinforcing cycle, with her shame and embarrassment at the public display making her feel even worse. This tends to lead to Indi actively bottling up all her negative emotions without any release, often leading to some spectacular displays of temper when she finally boils over.

Tea is currently the only person who Indi will sometimes open up to, though even then she still feels embarrassed and ashamed about her feelings and hides much of them. Even around the rest of her family Indi tends to be rather closed off; usually too concerned with impressing her parents, aunts and uncles to show any weakness to them.

|| A Nasty Streak; slow burn temper, vicious, nasty tricks ||

With a few exceptions, Indi’s temper is a slow and difficult thing to rouse, but it is a thing to behold once risen. When truly angry Indi has a vicious streak a mile wide, made all the more worrying by her tendency to keep on smiling and playing nice right up until the moment she plunges the – usually figurative – dagger into someone’s back. These grudges can last a long time; when someone does something to truly anger Indi, she is very slow to forget or forgive. Indi has a nasty sense of revenge, generally preferring some course of action resulting in social ostracisation or personal loss to simple violence. A few things - hurting or threatening Indi’s family chief amongst them - can provoke an immediate, violent reaction.

For the most part though, Indi tends to play to her strengths and avoid violence, approaching most confrontations where she is calm enough to control herself as a diplomat before a fighter. However, when she does feel that violence is necessary, Indi is merciless and practically the dictionary definition of ‘dirty fighter’. She will typically aim to kill or maim straight from the start, and will make use of any dirty tricks she can to offset her lack of strength. While she is generally too weak to take advantage of the fact, Indi finds violence and bloodshed very cathartic when she is stressed, and will sometimes lash out at prey animals or - much more rarely - those weaker than her to blow off some steam.

2.1  Ideals


  • Outlook: Outwardly VERY optimistic. Inwardly more analytical, but still optimistic in general.
  • Sociability: Extroverted in the extreme. While not the most socially graceful, she is comfortable and thrives in social situations.
  • Expression: Dominant, but friendly. Indi isn’t the sort to submit easily to others, but neither is she the sort to be aggressive about it or try and make others submit to her.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with a hint of Evil every now and then when angered.


  • Family
  • Self-satisfaction/enjoyment
  • Curiosity


  • Control: Indi dislikes publicly showing negative emotions almost to the point of fear, internally viewing it as weakness. She tends to be understanding if others show weakness, but will not accept it of herself and will bottle up negative feelings and stresses for as long as she can.
  • Closeness: Indi views her own emotions as very private things, and so while she welcomes friendly shallow relationships, she is naturally hesitant and fearful when it comes to opening up to others.
  • Failure: Indi is hyper-sensitive to any failures she suffers. She can be very self-conscious and harsh on herself, which can build up unhealthily with how she bottles up negative emotions.
  • Water: Indi dislikes any water deep enough that she cannot touch the bottom and still move about comfortably, particularly if it has a strong flow. She can deal with rivers and, to a lesser extent, lakes, but the sea freaks her out.


  • Reliability: Indi dislikes people who seem unreliable or flaky, and tends to avoid interacting with them.
  • Strength: Indi feels more comfortable around those who are smaller, weaker, and/or less skilled fighters than her, and threatened by the reverse.
    • This only really applies to strangers; as one of the smallest Knights, Indi is perfectly comfortable around family/friends who are bigger and stronger than her.


Indi leans towards bisexual, with a preference for men. (Approx 2-1 Kinsey Scale)


  • Likes: Family, warmth, naps, roughhousing.
  • Dislikes: Cold, bitter food, boring people, sitting still, water.
    • If you hurt her family, Indi hurts you.


None yet, she'll almost certainly experiment as she grows older.


Indi pays lip service to the gods of her family, but goes along with the ceremonies just to feel involved, and invokes their names more through habit than any true belief. She tries not to really think about the concept of there actually being a deity; the idea of something omniscient watching over them scares Indi. Subconsciously she has some measure of belief in something, but purposefully refuses to explore these thoughts.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name. Nicknames that Indi uses to refer to somebody are included in (brackets) next to their name.

3.1  Family: Stryder, Knight, Damaichu, Marino, Garcia

Familial Relations

  • Teagan Stryder (Tea/Sis) is Indi’s sister and best bud. Indi and Teagan were inseperable when growing up, and are still extremely close even as they age. Teagan is one of the only canines that Indi ever feels like she can truly open up to. Indi would kill for her sister without a moment's hesitation.
  • Luca Knight and Lyris Stryder (Dad, Mom) are Indi’s parents and are the world to her, she looks up to them immensely.
  • Lorenzo Knight (Uncle Enzo)is Indi's mentor. She looks up to him as a badass of the highest degree. Lorenzo's ill health is a source of considerable distress for Indi.
  • Callum Knight (Uncle Cal) is a cool uncle. Indi enjoys hanging around with him and will often seek him out for comfort and advice if she doesn't feel comfortable taking something to her parents. Callum helped Indi learn how to hunt when she was young, and is now teaching her how to use a shortsword.

Major/Romantic Relationships

  • None Yet

3.2  Pack Relations


  • Alistair Callow-Knight (No Nickname): Indi hasn't interacted overly much with Alistair, but he has been a constant peripheral presence in her life as Indi grew up in the fort. Recently, she has started to develop a little bit of a crush on him.
  • Luca Knight is Indi's father.

Notable NPCs


Neutral Relations

  • Indi knows most Casa di Cavalieri members in passing, and is friendly with most of them due to her outgoing nature.

Negative Relations

3.3  General Relations


  • Skoll Haskel (No nickname). Indi has encountered Skoll a few times around Casa's borders, and thinks he's a pretty cool guy. Skoll is one of the only positive relationships Indi has with someone outside of Casa.
  • Name?:
  • Name?:

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations


  • None!

4.  Skills and Inventory

Dabbler > Apprentice > Competent > Skilled > Expert > Master

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Despite a late start, Indi is learning to fight from various sources. Her main two teachers are Lorenzo Knight and Callum Knight, who are teaching her to use spears and short-swords respectively.
  • Spear (Competent): Indi has branched out from the basics of spear usage with her own weapon, a long-bladed spear created by Grynn and based on Viking hewing spears. She uses this weapon in a style which is a mixture of traditional spear techniques and spinning strikes similar to a bo-staff.
  • Dagger (Competent): Indi carries a dagger almost everywhere as her backup weapon of choice. The lightweight weapon complements Indi's natural speed well, and she is confident wielding it in most situations short of an actual battle.
  • Unarmed (Apprentice): With Lyris as a mother, it was almost inevitable that Indi pick up some unarmed combat techniques. She knows the basics of how to defend herself, and can make up for her lack of strength with a fairly deep bag of dirty tricks. She still feels moe comfortable with a weapon in her hands though.
  • Short-sword (Apprentice): Indi has some knowledge on the basics of fighting using a short sword, but this has fallen to the wayside as she has begun to focus her attentions on her spear.
  • Feral (Dabbler/Unskilled): Indi is unskilled in feral combat, but has picked up a few bits and pieces.
  • Indi is physically weak, and while she has excellent overall stamina her muscles will tire quickly in combat.


  • Education and Learning: Indi's mother, Lyris, has passed on some of her excellent survival skills to Indi.
  • Sprinting/Running (Expert): Indi is an excellent sprinter and a good distance runner. She has excellent coordination and control of herself at high speeds, and has a good sense of how to pace herself to maximise her speed over long distances.
  • Hunting (Feral) (Skilled): Tuition from her mother and her own natural speed have made Indi an excellent hunter in Lupus form.
  • Tracking (Competent): Indi is middling in her tracking abilities. Her sense of smell is good, but she tends to overlook physical signs of her quarry's passage and can focus in on small details enough that she misses the big picture.
  • Navigation (Competent): Indi has a good sense of direction and can remember landmarks well.
  • Stealth (Competent): Indi knows how to move quietly through wooded terrain, and sneak up on someone without them smelling her.
  • Indi has no knowledge or traps nor skill with a bow to hunt in Optime form.


  • Reading and Writing (Competent): Indi was taught to read and write at an early age, and is competent at both in English.
  • Medical Knowledge (Dabbler): Indi knows some emergency medical procedures for dealing with basic wounds, enough to stabilise somebody and get them to more experienced help.
  • Indi is a slow reader, and she tends to get distracted when trying to read long passages.
  • Indi's handwriting is terrible.

5.  History

5.1  Achievements


go get yo' catacombs template, son

Indi is the daughter of Lyris Stryder and Luca Knight, born in August of 2015 alongside her sister Teagan Stryder. She resides in Casa di Cavalieri as a Guarire.



  • August: Born.
  • October: Moved out of the birthing den, and into the family’s house.
  • November: Witnessed Luca be promoted to co-leader.


  • January: Graduated from Poco to Guarire; obtained her mentor (Lorenzo Knight).
  • February: Early in February Indi had her first falling out with Tea after Indi's negative feelings over having not shifted yet got the better of her. The two make up in mid-February after Indi's frustration finally bubbles over. Indi remains unshifted and in a terrible mood throughout the remainder of the month. Late in the month.
    • Indi begins to make her first hunting kills this month, taking down rabbits near the fort.
    • Indi visits Windsor for the first time alongside Nadia Ancientfire this month.
  • March: Having still not shifted, Indi spends much of March getting angrier and angrier, as well as becoming fearful over the fact. Other than Indi's moping the month passes fairly peacefully, with notable events including Indi meeting Skoll Haskel and beginning to learn how to read. Towards the very end of the month Indi finally shifts, making the change while asleep and dreaming. Her mood brightened immensely Indi ends the month on a happy note, blissfully unaware of the red star hovering above her.
  • April: Shit goes down

5.2  Threads



  1. Idle paws do the devil's work (28 Oct) Dropped
    Fort Kingsbury (Den), with Luca Knight
    Indi wakes Luca up early, and pesters him while he tries to work.
  2. Goin’ Home (28 Oct) Dropped
    Fort Kingsbury (Family Home), with Luca Knight, Lyris Stryder & Teagan Stryder.
    The family finally leaves the birthing den, and Indi and Teagan are introduced to their parents’ home.
  3. Prepare for trouble, make it double (29 Oct) Dropped
    Fort Kingsbury, with Teagan Stryder.
    The sisters go on their first real adventure…alone.
  4. Down the 'ol river (31 Oct) Dropped
    Fort Kingsbury (Outskirts), with Callum Knight.
    Indi gets lost after getting caught up in the river, and is led back home by her Uncle Cal.


  1. Raise a Glass (31 Nov)
    Fort Kingsbury (Great Hall), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    Luca is promoted to be one of the co-leaders of the pack.




  1. Teach Your Children Well (01 Jan)
    Fort Kingsbury (Great Hall), with Casa di Cavalieri.
    The litters of the previous year are brought together in ceremony to receive their mentors.


  1. Fast Food (05 Feb)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Callum Knight & Teagan Stryder.
    Uncle Cal takes Indi and Tea out hunting, but there's hurt feelings lingering in the air between the sisters.
  2. Help me Help you (09 Feb)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Luca Knight.
    Luca tries to distract an upset Indi.
  3. Stare and Wonder (12 Feb)
    Mirage Glade?, with Lyris Stryder.
    After waking up in the middle of a nightmare, Indi sneaks out in the middle of the night to clear her head. Lyris follows her and, after she saves Indi from a scary encounter with some wild horses, the two have a heart-to-heart.
  4. Tunnel Vision (13 Feb)
    Sea of Grass?, with Teagan Stryder.
    Indi's frustrations boil over when she slips and falls while hunting.
  5. Out and About (20 Feb)
    Windsor?, with Nadia Ancientfire.
    Indi goes out scouting with Nadia, and is shown around Windsor for the first time.

MARCH 2016

  1. This, That and Something Else (01 Mar)
    Casa Border?, with Skoll Haskel.
    While roaming around near the border Indi meets Skoll, the Luperci who saved her sister from a mountain lion!
  2. Step Down and Unwind (02 Mar)
    Steam Baths?, with Sophia Knight.
    Happy to have made up with her sister but still stressed over her continued failure to shift, Indi goes up to the Steam Baths to have a soak and relax. She is joined by her Aunt Sophia
  3. A Close Encounter (03 Mar)
    Windsor?, with Teagan Stryder.
    Indi is scared by a mannequin while exploring Windsor by herself, but luckily Tea is nearby and rushes to the rescue!
  4. A Young Mind Needs Nurturing (04 Mar)
    Sea of Grass?, with Lorenzo Knight.
    Indi's meets with her mentor and uncle Enzo in the library, and begins to learn how to read.
  5. Cabin Fever (27 Mar)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Khyren.
    A bad tempered Indi is driven inside by a storm, and encounters Khyren.
  6. Metamorphosis (28 Mar)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Teagan Stryder.
    Indi finally shifts during the midst of a dream, and the morning after shares the good news with Tea.
  7. Stand On Your Own Two Feet (30 Mar)
    Weeping Lake?, with Munroe Knight.
    Indi encounters yet another member of her extended family, and drags him out exploring.
  8. I'll Make a (Wo)man Out Of You (31 Mar)
    Sea of Grass?, with Lorenzo Knight.
    Shortly after shifting, Inzo has a rude awakening at Uncle Enzo introduces her to the joys of early-morning training.

APRIL 2016

  1. Calling Out in the Night (01 Apr)
    Fort Kingsbury, with Teagan Stryder, Luca Knight, & Lyris Stryder.
    An injured Indi stumbles out of the wreckage that the air burst left her and Tea in, and the two are reunited with their parents.
  2. If This Should End in Fire... (01 Apr)
    Fort Kingsbury, Pack Thread.
    As Casa reels from the aftermath of the earthquakes, a Tsunami strikes the fort! Indi and her Sister are bundled off along with the rest of the puppies in the care of Morty and Clara

MAY 2016

    Areas, with WIKI?.

JUNE 2016

    Areas, with WIKI?.

JULY 2016

    Areas, with WIKI?.


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