Heine Kaiser

WARNING: This page contains material exceeding the general board rating of PG-13. It may contain very strong language, drug usage, graphic violence, or graphic sexual content. Reader discretion is advised.

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  3.   3.  Relationships
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By Raze

Heine Kaiser is the son of Falk Kaiser and Mira Valkyrie, born of the Kokoro clan who claimed a vast, rich territory near the Rothaar Mountains in Germany. He was forced into slavery after his pack was massacred by an enemy assault led by Cibet Heidrich, a high ranking wolf of the Rote Reißzahn clan. He lived his childhood and young life being passed from owner to owner, constantly looking for a way of escape from the yoke that was forced upon him.

In late summer of 2015, Heine came under the ownership of Bane D’Angelo, a member of Salsola. He remained there as her personal slave, though, was given many more freedoms than one would have expected for an owned individual. He served her, and, eventually, her family; providing meals, performing mundane chores, as well as providing expertly-made furs for the pack and for his masters to trade.

Over the course of his servitude, he found himself intrigued by the Lord Commander’s slave, Abeni. What was first merely an attempt to gain companionship, slowly turned into something more. Oblivious to his attraction to her, Heine didn’t realize how much Abeni meant to him until circumstances pulled them apart, and, when they were reunited, both were consumed by their feelings.

Their fateful night together resulted in Abeni becoming pregnant. Lokr released her from servitude after finding out, and, soon after, Heine was released from his own after helping protect his masters’ children, Scourge and Grievous, during the Second Boreas Conflict. Loyal to Abeni, and feeling it to be his duty, Heine asked for her to be his mate. He is the father of Kamari and Kamil Kaiser.

Heine is currently a member of Salsola, ranked as a Serf. When outside of Salsola, he assumes the name “Jäger” to disguise his identity.







  • Date of Birth: 03 December 2013
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: None Currently
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Salsola
  • Rank: Personal Slave to Bane D’Angelo
  • Nicknames: Grain, Jäger (YAY-gur)
  • Pronunciation: HIGH-nah k-EYE-zzahr
  • Meaning: "ruler of the estate"
  • Origin: German
  • cNPC: None
  • yNPC: None



  • Teach Heine some animal husbandry
  • Show him more skills that a slave should know
  • Make use of Heine’s deft hands and attentiveness for something sneaky
  • Help make him a better hunter, archer
  • Salsola members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • Seeing Heine with Bane D’Angelo, around her house or the clinic, or performing tasks given by her
    • Heine glaring, scowling, or generally looking unhappy
    • Heine grudgingly looking at the ground or away from a higher ranking member

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Heine looks very much like a wolf from afar, sporting the typical larger height and paws of the bigger animal as well as the powerful build. He is a bit leaner than what one would expect of a wolf though, thanks to the dingo in him, and his muzzle is somewhat thinner due to the jackal in his genes. His canines are also noticeably larger due to being part dingo, and his ears are longer than one’s average wolf due to his jackal side as well.
  • Fur: While built for the elements, thanks to his dingo heritage, his fur is very soft. It is of medium length overall, leaving him to not appear overly fluffy. His fur is a bit dirty (mud, dirt, etc.) due to his work as a slave, but he does his best to maintain a certain cleanliness to him.
    • Optime Hair: His hair is typically neatly slicked back and is of medium length, reaching mid-neck. A few stubborn strands frame his face. His hair is straight and soft to the touch. While working, he may pull it back into a high ponytail.
  • Facial Features: Heine has the fuller face of a wolf, though his overall head dimensions may seem off thanks to the slightly thinner snout of his jackal bloodline and broader head of his dingo ancestors. His ears are a larger than a wolf/dingo’s, but are shorter than a jackal’s.
  • Build and Size: Despite being part jackal, Heine very much weighs in on his wolf ancestors’ side in regards to height. He is tall and lean, and still growing into his body. While he doesn’t have bulging muscles, Heine is a very muscular boy thanks to a life of work as a slave. He is no stranger of heavy-lifting or hard work. He has a very healthy and active appearance to him despite his scarring.
    • Lupus: Heine sports the build of a strong, lean wolf defining a life of work.
    • Secui: Similar to his lupus form, but with more pronounced definition to his working lifestyle as a slave. He is very large in this form, and uses it most often for pulling heavy loads.
    • Optime: Lean and muscular, Heine has a surprisingly attractive appeal to him for being a slave. He does not walk completely up onto his toes like more humanized luperci might, finding it easier to put his weight more on the balls of his feet. He has a rogue-ish look to him due to his typical lack of clothing.
  • Humanization: While Heine is well-versed in the more humanized style some luperci have taken on, he very much lacks the look for it. He does not typically wear clothes due to being a slave. He may appear somewhat feral at first sight due to this.


  • Fur: Heine is primarily Kumera (#875e1e).
  • Markings:
    • Korma (#a1865c) covers the majority of his muzzle, running across his cheeks and down his chin and throat. There is a break before this color is continued down onto his chest, ending mid-torso. The back of his haunches and the underside of his tail are also coated in this hue.
    • Barely Corn (#5b3e10) dabbles on the top of his muzzle, running up his forehead and then spilling down onto the back of his neck, over his shoulders, to his back, down his the front of his thighs, and across the top of his tail. It has also settled between the Corn Field markings under his eyes.
    • Corn Field (#faf5cf) accents form around his eyes, along the Barley Corn’s boundaries on his neck and shoulder, and continue once more along his sides, on the back of his thighs, and down either side of his tail. Around his eyes, they form a double-bar, leaving a Barely Corn coloring to sit between them.
    • His ears are dipped in Dark Ebony (#311903). This coloring also kisses his forehead before dripping down the back of his neck and tapering off between Heine’s shoulder blades.
  • Eyes: Regent Gray (#7D8CA0)
  • Optime Hair: Dark Ebony (#311903)
  • Scars: Cement (#8B7668)
  • Nose, Pads, Claws: Shark (#333436)


Korma (#a1865c)
Kumera (#875e1e)
Barely Corn (#5b3e10)
Dark Ebony (#311903)
Corn Field (#faf5cf)
Regent Gray (#7D8CA0)
Cement (#8B7668)
Shark (#333436)

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Forehead; long, diagonal scar going left to right; punishment for attempting to escape; obtained from Xanto by a broken bottle
  • Snout; multiple cuts focused primarily on the top of his snout, around his lips, and on the bottom of his jaw; punishment for his excessive back-talking to Agata
  • Shoulder blades; multiple whip marks; punishments for disobedience and defiance during Helena and his journey across the Atlantic
  • Hand of Eris brand on his back where the base of his neck and shoulders meet; marks that he is Salsolan property
  • Right forearm; single whip scar; Heine blocked the whip from its intended target of an innocent, younger slave; obtained from Yildiz
  • Left thigh; two long slashes down the outer side; fought against mercenary Saar, who had a knife


  • Durable, hand-crafted hunting bow made of yew wood. It was a gift from Dasha, and he treasures it dearly.
    • Arrows, and a quiver made of deer-skin

Clothing and Accessories

  • Single, gold ring pierces his septum, marking him as a slave


110 lbs (50 kg)
35 in (89 cm)

Lupus - Common

  • Used more for long-distance tasks, travel, or for running away

185 lbs (84 kg)
47 in (119 cm)

Secui - Common

  • Frequently used for heavy work…or for breaking things

255 lbs (115 kg)
6ft 7in (79in) (201 cm)

Optime - Preferred

  • Typically in this form due to work required of him as a slave


  • Speech: Confident, and with a smooth ring to it. His words are often accompanied with some sort of snarky remark. He has a British English accent.
    • He can understand and speak German fluently, and bits and pieces of French and Russian to some degree. He can roughly decipher some Italian and Dutch. Heine can also throw out a slew of insults in multiple different languages, and is well-versed in the language of Sarcasm.
  • Scent: Earthy and dusty, dirt, salt, hints of various plants and pines, horses
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often found with a glare, scowl, or a look of disdain or defiance
  • General Posture and Body Language: Stands more straight and confidently than most slaves, but often holds some form of reluctant submission. Though he may appear relaxed, a trained eye would see that Heine’s ears seem to be always alert, ever listening and remaining aware, and his watchful eyes are ever wandering, constantly looking and analyzing his surroundings.


2.  Personality

THE BAD: Defiant, Stubborn, Rash, Violent, Vengeful, Skewed sense of Justice
Heine is probably best defined by his bad qualities than he is his good ones. He is alarmingly stubborn, not being one to switch his opinions unless given compelling reason to. He is also very defiant, a nature born from his early life as a slave to an enemy. He will purposely stir up trouble if only as an outlet to prove he still has control over his life. His rebellious nature has landed him in tough spots in the past, but even the consequences of these have not curved his actions. He holds strongly to the thought of maintaining whatever little freedom he can. The boy is, like most men, rash in his actions and often only evades death by luck. While intelligent, he does not always show this in the heat of the moment, and is the type to act more by his gut feeling than he is to logically think something through. The Kaiser is not one above making his own “justice” for a perceived wrong, and has been known to be vengeful and violent about it.

THE GOOD: Protective, Confident, Compassionate, Resilient, Intelligent, Observant
Heine’s good traits are seldom seen and are often overshadowed by his louder, unfavorable ones. Underneath this male’s corrosive shell, Heine possess a moral core. To those that earn his respect, he is loyal. He will protect those he feels are in need of his help, and is more than willing to sacrifice his own wellbeing if necessary. Heine is caring, though, he is reluctant to express this fact. He is confident in himself, though not arrogantly so. He has a tough skin and is frustratingly resilient for what all has been dealt to him, and seldom lets much keep him down. The Kaiser is highly observant, and, thus, is very intelligent. However, his rash actions often make him seem stupid, and Heine does not let on how much he may really know about something.

2.1  Ideals


  • Likes: Justice (even if his moral compass is skewed), Games, Irritating those he dislikes, Getting even, Freedom, Learning, Hunting, Archery, Women
  • Dislikes: Injustice, Unnecessary rules, Being forced to do something, Arrogance and selfishness, Incarceration, Unfair punishments, Boredom, Not having control, Men


  • Outlook: Equally pessimistic and optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, dominant
  • Expression: Dominant, Reluctant submission
  • Alignment: Chaotic neutral


  • Pride
  • Helping others that are deserving
  • Justice
  • The hope for a better future
  • Freedom


  • Weakness
  • Failure or accepting defeat
  • Permanent loss of his freedom
  • Lameness (physically or mentally)
  • Illness


  • Packs: None
  • Species: Slight disdain for coyotes
  • Non-Luperci: Pities them, as they are typically worse off in the slave world
  • Gender: Strong dislike for older, dominant men; prefers females over males any day
  • Color: Hates red-furred wolves and will try to kill them
  • Sexuality: Generally none, but despises male-on-male relationships due to negative connotation that he has come to associate it with
  • Age: Older canines are to be wary of, he tends to bond more easily with younger ones


  • His bad experiences under his male owners’ tenure have left Heine to be strictly heterosexual. He is disgusted by male-on-male relations; having come to view them as an act of dominance over one another. Heine cannot bring himself to look at another man with the same eye as he would a woman. Despite this, Heine has never acted on his primal urges towards a female, that part of his brain having never been truly unlocked. Like a child, Heine is dense when it comes to recognizing his attraction to someone. One of his previous owners, Belle, scarred his mind and sexually abused him in his youth, and has left Heine to be very shy about his own body and, if advanced on, Heine would become very submissive and unsure with his inexperience.


  • Heine has never tried substances before, and has no interest in experimenting. He views drugs and alcohol negatively due to his previous owners’ abuse of them. He sees them as a curse that turns bad individuals into worse ones, and only add on to one’s violence upon others. He seems them as a “privileged” item that are forbidden for his usage, not that he would want anything to do with them other than to destroy them to spite his owners…or use them as a method to garner freedom.


  • He does not believe in a higher being with the hand Fate has dealt him. He scorns the thought of there being one, and will vehemently defend his decision to any that try to shove their beliefs down his throat.

3.  Relationships

3.1  Family

  • Mother: Mira Valkyrie
  • Father: Falk Kaiser
  • Siblings: Diesel Kaiser (Brother), Lillah Kaiser (Sister), Karri Valkyrie (Sister)
  • Mate: None
  • Children: None

3.2  Slave Owners

By Songbird

  • Cibet Heidrich | Male | German, Wolf
    • “The Red Demon”
      • A high-ranking member of the tyrannical Rote Reißzahn clan, Cibet led the assault that devastated Heine’s birth pack. Cibet is the wolf that threw Heine into the hell and life of a slave. He kept Heine as both a trophy for his overwhelming victory and out of spite. Despite his young age at the time, Heine still remembers this wolf’s name and face clearly, and holds a deep-seated hatred for Cibet. Cibet verbally and mentally abused young Heine, and while he did physically abuse Heine too, he never left anything more than a bruise on the boy. He introduced Heine to English and forced the pup to use the language when speaking to him. He renamed Heine: “Grain.”

By Songbird

  • Belle Lévesque | Female | British-French, Dingo | DECEASED
    • “Madam Dawn” / “Miss/Mademoiselle Belle” / “Missus” / “Mademoiselle”
      • Belle received little Heine as a gift from Cibet, who had been a frequent and favored customer of Belle’s and had come to know of her secret desire to have a pup. Once Belle accepted the gift, Cibet gradually fell out of Heine’s life. Barren from her countless night visitors at the Howling Nights, Belle and Heine shared an odd, owner-slave-mother-son sort of relationship. She practically raised Heine, and helped Heine learn to shift. She also opened Heine’s mind to the darker side of life, and sexually abused young Heine (though he didn’t realize it was abuse at the time). Of his owners, Heine considered Belle something of a mother to him. Belle seldom raised a hand to punish Heine unless absolutely necessary.

By Songbird

  • Xanto Bartalotti | Male | Italian, High-content Coyote Hybrid | DECEASED
    • “Kusipää” (Finnish: Asshole/Dickhead) / “Pig/Salaud” (French) / “Clébard” (French: Mutt) / “Scheißkerl” (German: Shithead)
      • One of Belle’s many clients, and one of the ones she absolutely abhorred. He brutally murdered the prostitute when she finally drew the line to end their business relationship, and took over ownership of Heine, who witnessed the tail-end of Belle’s gruesome murder. He took Heine to add to his collection of slaves and to work the vineyards of his family’s estate. Heine bonded with Xanto’s other child slaves, a younger wolf-jackal boy named Ivan, and an older, broken coyote girl, Mishka. During one of his many attempted escapes, Heine managed to secure Ivan and Mishka’s freedom at the cost of Xanto’s wrath, resulting in the scar across Heine’s forehead from a wine bottle. After witnessing the rape of one of the child slaves by Xanto, Heine set fire to Xanto’s manor, securing Heine’s escape as well as the escape of many other slaves of the Bartalotti family. Heine made sure that Xanto died in the fire.

By Songbird

  • Helena Crewe | Female | British, Border Collie
    • “Ma’am” / “Miss Crewe” / “Sea-bitch-scut” / “Cagna (fustigazione)” (Italian: (Whipping) Bitch)
      • Heine was captured by one of Helena’s trusted lackeys in his short-lived freedom in Jagasaw. She was running an underground trafficking ring and was in need of a few more bodies to ship overseas. She managed to snag Heine to meet her quota, and kept him as a personal sort of slave during the sea voyage aboard the Jolly Albatross. She saw potential in him despite his incorrigible personality; he was a challenge that she wanted to overcome for her own pride. She taught him better English and did her best to groom him to make him more desirable for potential clients in the New World. Heine’s rebellious attitude earned him multiple sessions under the whip, and brutal beatings of the body.

By Songbird

  • Yildiz Kundakçi | Male | Turkish, Jackal-Wolf Hybrid
    • “Goldy” / “The Peddler” / “Blb” (Czech: Stupid person)
      • Yildiz was a temporary owner of Heine when the trader’s ship arrived in Port Rushington. His dislike for the boy was evident from the beginning, and only grew when Heine seemed to be an inspiration to the other slaves. He is responsible for the whip scar on Heine’s arm, where the boy blocked Yildiz’s strike on a younger slave. Heine tried to runaway multiple times, and was beaten for every failed attempt. The fact that Heine was merchandise was the only thing that saved him from further beatings and whippings from Yildiz.

By Songbird

  • Hendrik Carran | Male | Irish-American, Irish Wolfhound | DECEASED
    • “Old Man/Seanfhear” (Irish)
      • Hendrik was an older gentleman who bought Heine for manual labor with carting his trading belongings north. He was generally kind to Heine, and it soon became clear to the boy that the older dog only really wanted companionship. Hendrik acted as an odd sort of mentor for Heine, showing the boy how to work with oxen and maintain his wares amongst other things. Unfortunately, Hendrik was sick when he bought Heine, and later died from his illness. His death genuinely saddened Heine, as the Irish dog had grown on him.

By Songbird

  • Agata Koziol | Female | Polish-American, Coywolf
    • “Bitch Tits” / “Puttana” (Italian: Slut/Whore/Bitch) / “Jabber Jaw”
      • She and her mate, Gustav, obtained ownership of Heine after Hendrik’s untimely death amongst their traveling caravan. Agata saw potential in the boy’s quick mind and strong, youthful body, and sought to have him as her own slave. Heine and Agata never saw eye-to-eye though, and she often resulted to binding him and entrapping his muzzle in barbwire to quiet his smart mouth. He tried to escape four times, and was nearly successful on one. Gustav physically reprimanded Heine for every attempt while Agata verbally and physically abused him as well. Heine managed to escape on his fifth try.

By Songbird

  • Saar Spiros | Male | German-American, German Shepherd
    • “Mister Dark and Broody” / “Mister Mercenary”
      • Saar was a mercenary sent by Agata and Gustav to retrieve Heine. He apprehended the wayward boy easily, leaving Heine with a wound on his thigh. Heine managed to persuade Saar into selling him off to a new owner, as Saar had already received payment from the Koziols for promise of Heine’s return to their hands. Instead of returning the runaway, the German Shepherd herded Heine to a nearby trading town. Saar ended up taking Heine to a slave market in Waterwood for profit.

By Songbird

  • Dasha Zolnerowich | Female | Russian, Wolf | DECEASED
    • “Master” / “Sudarynya” (Russian: Ma’am) / “Eiskönigin” (German: Ice Queen)
      • Bought from the slave market at Waterwood, Dasha worked Heine like a dog. The Russian wolf was a traveling huntsman and bounty hunter who made a great deal of profit for her wares and catches, but had found herself in need of help in order to increase her productivity and lessen her workload. She ruled over Heine with an iron fist, and taught him how to use a bow and arrow so that he could hunt for her. Heine attempted to murder his captor only once, to which he soon regretted when she not only outsmarted him, but nearly beat him to death for his attempt. She was the only owner to besides Belle to make Heine obey without question. He respected her despite their rough beginning and grew protective of her.

By Songbird

  • Jihan Kader | Male | American, Wolfdog | DECEASED
    • “Shit-nose” / “Boozer” / “Piss-Licker/Shkh al-laakhg” (Arabic)
      • Jihan obtained Heine after a highway robbery of Dasha with his band of rogues. Dasha and Heine had been on their way to Rothtown when the group ambushed them at night. Jihan wanted to get even with Dasha, who had wronged him earlier that year. The duo managed to escape, but Dasha was seriously injured. She ultimately asked Heine to kill her to end her suffering. Jihan later found Heine, and after finding out that Heine had robbed him of his vengeance, he forced Heine to be the tradesmen group’s personal slave amongst their other two. Heine has attempted multiple escapes under Jihan and his group, and thoroughly despises the drunken thief. He was killed by Bane D’Angelo during a raid on the band of bandits when they killed near Salsola territory. Bellatrix D’Angelo helped dispatch his rogue companions.

3.3  Relations

Key Relations

  • Family: Heine tries not to think about his parents and siblings nowadays. Their memory brings a bitter taste to his mouth, and depression for what he could have had. He no longer feels the love for them as he once had due to his enslavement. They have become nothing but a distant memory.
  • Cibet Heidrich: The bane of Heine’s existence, the fiery hatred the hybrid has for him burns brightly even despite the fact that they have not crossed paths since Cibet gave young Heine away. Heine would drop everything on the whisper of his name. He and his pack are the root for Heine’s utter despise (and secret fear) of red wolves.
  • Bane D’Angelo: Heine’s current owner. He respects her, and is tantalized by words of freedom that she whispered to him upon their business arrangement. Through her, he has been re-introduced to a pack atmosphere and has been allowed more general freedoms than he has in the past. He is protective of her, and has grown to be prideful of having her as his owner.
  • Belle Lévesque: Belle was considered more of a mother than an owner to Heine, and has won her spot as Heine’s favorite owner. She taught him many things—including showing him how to shift—and was very kind to him. Her sexual life opened Heine’s innocent mind to the adult world, and her gradual encounters with Heine himself has left him very shy and confused about his own body.
  • Dasha Zolnerowich: Something of a teacher, Dasha was one of the few owners that Heine actually respected, and the only one that he feared. He is thankful for her, and eventually grew to be protective of her when they encountered strangers. When they encountered Jihan and his group of rogues, Heine even fought alongside her rather than try to escape. He was drawn by her prowess and beauty, though his naivety has blinded him of his feelings for her. Even after her death, he does not realize that he loved her.

Positive Relations

  • Basilaris Eternity is close to Heine’s master, Bane. Heine—surprisingly—greatly respects him and quietly views him as an invincible force, and, is fearful of crossing his path due to their obvious difference in fighting potential. He feels the need to prove his worth to the Eternity in order to not feel inadequate as Bane’s servant.
  • Abeni is a pretty slave owned by Lokr Revlis that Heine has found himself intrigued by. Perhaps it’s her fragile nature and his instinctive need to protect the “weak”, perhaps it’s her unmatched beauty. The only thing he knows for sure is that he wishes she wasn’t so damn submissive.
  • Scorpius D’Angelo is another male that Heine surprisingly respects of his own accord. He finds the dark poison master to be highly intelligent, skilled, and meticulous, but unreadable. Heine does well to keep his wits about him in Scorpius’ presence. Despite being on his toes around Scorpius, Heine trusts his judgement.

Neutral / Negative

  • Loki Lykoi is someone who greatly unnerves Heine. He thinks the male witch to be strange, and, while not physically imposing, his potential to do great harm unsettling. Heine tries to avoid Loki, if not for what he might do, then for his general, quirky antics and unpredictability.
  • Weaver Valentine is someone that Heine isn’t sure what to make of his unpredictable personality. Sometimes, he’s kind, which makes it easy for Heine to forget the differences in their rank, and when he does, he is very swiftly reminded of his carelessness. He likes to think Weaver is a good Luperci, but, Heine fears the potential hidden behind the man’s musical tones.
  • None

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities


  • Education and Learning: Heine is a proficient hunter and tracker thanks to teachings from his previous master, Dasha Zolernowich. He caught on to the techniques rather quickly, and has since maintained them under his new ownership in Salsola.
  • Skinning (Master): A skill taught by Dasha, Heine is very good with preserving animal skins. Dasha had a penchant for the art, and her need for perfection often landed Heine on the receiving end of a slap when he messed up.
  • Archer (Master): Something he is proud of and is always eager to advance his knowledge of. Heine is quick on the draw and a sure-shot.
  • Hunting/Tracking (Journeyman): Heine is surprisingly good at this, be it prey or another Luperci. He knows how to read the land and gather whatever subtle hints may have been left behind. He is a tireless predator, and is often reluctant to give up a pursuit. He knows how to use the terrain to his advantage and drive his intended prey into using the paths he wants them to take. Heine is knowledgeable in using snares and traps to catch live prey.
  • Stealth/Fluidity (Journeyman): A talent only recently mastered, it is something that could have greatly benefitted Heine during his youth.
  • Heine is still in the process of mastering how to control his body’s movements in such a way that he creates little to no sound. He excels more on the surprise from afar than he does getting up close and personal. He is always willing to learn and improve his skills, having found an interest in the trade and lifestyle.


  • Education and Learning: Learned early in life, Heine was taught by his motherly-figure/owner, Belle Lévesque. The talent was necessary to keep the brothel, Howling Nights, current with events, intelligence, and avenues of blackmail. For the duration of his ownership with Belle, this was his primary duty, and its skills were maintained over the course of his tenure under later owners.
  • Hawk Eyes (Master): He has a good eye for his surroundings, which makes him very aware of situations and objects or things that my benefit him somehow. He often notices things others would overlook, and can differentiate between authentic and fake jewels.
  • Misdirection (Journeyman): Many may overlook the Kaiser because of his problematic and loud personality, though, sometimes, this is simply a guise for covering up something else in motion. He has used his abrasiveness, objects, and other Luperci to help distract someone from one thing or another.
  • Sticky Fingers (Journeyman): Since his youth, Heine has become very good at making things disappear without his owner’s notice, and thus has come to excel at stealing and knowing what he can and can’t get away with. Belle taught him how to steal from unwary clients.
  • Tactician (Apprentice): Heine is a quick learner, and benefits greatly from his mistakes. Once he makes a mistake, he is not likely to fail as easily on his second try. Because of his high success rate through trial and error, Heine has become very good at putting puzzles together and devising plans.
  • Because of his status as a slave, Heine is often suspect to misdeeds, and, therefore, it is hard for the hybrid to keep whatever is stolen for very long (unless it is something that would not be missed). His status also puts him at odds to always be under scrutiny of insincerity, thus, sometimes his efforts at misdirection may fail or go in a way not originally planned. As well, Heine is not known for being secretive about his lifted prizes if it means it will get a rise out of a troublesome individual. Heine is still learning how to read situations and is ever hungry for a challenge.


  • Education and Learning: Heine is a poor fighter and has had little experience or teachings to improve his skills. Most of what he has learned has been self-taught, though, the Kaiser hopes to progress his proficiencies as a fighter so that he may better defend himself and others.
  • Strength and Endurance: Due to his work as a slave, Heine has a farmer boy’s strength. He may not look the part, but, he can toss a hay bell a good distance and can demolish a wooden wine barrel within minutes. His body is used to carrying heavy loads and accustomed to working. Like with his strength, Heine also possesses a great deal of endurance, something having gained from many hours of hard labor and hauling things from one location to another. Because of this, Heine does not tire easily.
  • Weapons (Apprentice): He prefers projectile weapons, particularly the bow. He is good at judging distance and environmental factors, and shows some talent in figuring out how the weight of the weapon will effect is trajectory. Heine is fair with a blade, though it is obvious that he prefers something that puts distance between him and his target.
  • Unarmed (Dabbler): Despite his strength and agility, Heine is surprisingly poor at hand-to-hand combat. Often times, he gets frustrated, or reacts too quickly or rashly to properly hone his mark or avoid being hit.
  • Feral (Dabbler): He hasn’t tried actually attacking anyone in this manner since he was a pup. He’s not a very good fighter, but, his nimbleness makes him a slippery target.
  • Overall, Heine is not known for his fighting talent (probably why he’s still a slave). He has had little to no training in the field, and has had few opportunities to perfect his downfalls. He longs to fix this fault in his skillset though, and will try and turn any experience into a learning one.


  • Animal Husbandry (Dabbler): Heine knows the basics when dealing with livestock, but should by no means be left alone to take care of them for any extended amount of time. What little experience he has was mostly obtained from Hendrik Carran, though, the boy has been entrusted with maintaining the horses of many of his other owners.
  • Reading, Writing (Dabbler): Heine can read on a very basic level. He can also crudely write, though it is more of him simply copying the contours of the letters and words he’s memorized or seen than him truly understanding what he’s putting together.

4.2  Residence


5.  History

Before ‘Souls

The Fall of The Great Clan

Heine was born into the King’s Branch, the highest class in a multi-branched and large, new-traditional pack called Kokoro. They were nestled in an expansive, wide valley near the Rothaar Mountains. The pack lived well and prospered for many generations, and was largely unbothered by other packs because of their hospitality and size. Heine was the oldest of his unnaturally large litter, which consisted of his brother, Diesel, and younger sisters, Lillah and Karri. His father, Falk Kaiser, was the leader of Kokoro, and led the vast territory with his exotic wife, Mira Valkyrie. As such, this made Heine and his siblings the princes and princesses of the pack, and its eventual successors.

It was a life Heine would never get to experience though. He was but a babe when a threat rose up to be a thorn in his father’s side. Like a cobra finally raising its hooded head above the tall grass, it was a force Falk had not been prepared for. The Rote Reißzahn, they called themselves. They were better known as the “Red Demons,” however, for their fur was as red as life’s liquid and their presence was enough to give even adults nightmares.

These new adversaries hailed from beyond the mountains, and were pledged to serve a blood-thirsty queen. The leader of the small, initial band, a russet-furred wolf named Cibet Heidrich, came before Falk and demanded the pack to surrender to them, and not all of their pack would be slaughtered. Only those worthy in the goddess’ eyes would be allowed to live, however. Finding these terms reasonably unacceptable, Falk turned them away, and threatened war should they plague his territory again with their stench. They left, but not without protest.

Falk called his branch leaders to order, but none had heard of this mysterious pack. For so many years, they had lived peacefully within the valley. And, large as a community that they were, they felt the Rote Reißzahn’s threat to be unfounded, and returned to their respective territories. Within two weeks of Cibet’s retreat though, Falk received news of outer-lying, unrelated packs being attacked by red wolves. The attackers were organized, and trained for battle. It was just a warning of what was to come. Falk spared his soldiers where he could, but the red demons overtook more and more territory with each raid.

Heine was three months old when the fighting reached his home. He, his siblings, and the other royal pups were playing amongst themselves in the presence of a few guardsmen and a sitter when one of the soldiers from the front lines returned bloodied and dying. Heine’s father had fallen to the fangs of the enemy. They were overrun. They had lost the war.

Not minutes after the soldier had arrived, the safe haven was swarmed by Rote Reißzahn wolves. The few guards left to protect the next generation were easily outmatched, leaving the women and children unprotected against the war-hungry Luperci.

A demon named Lucrious attacked the royal children, and while Diesel and Heine did their best to protect their siblings and cousins, they were no match for the adult wolf. The red wolf ended up ripping Diesel’s throat open, leaving him to slowly asphyxiate. Fueled by anger, Heine attacked Lucrious. He was thrown away like a discarded toy though and was rendered unconscious, left to hear his sisters’ and cousins’ screams, shouts, and pleads for his help as his blurred world faded to black.

Fastened with this Heavy Yoke

Lucrious slaughtered Heine’s siblings and cousins, but Heine’s life was sparred only because his unlikely luck of falling unconscious during the fray. The red demon’s attacks were stopped by a mutiny from a fellow packmate, Marley, who had sought to overthrow the group leader for some time since the war had started. What little remained of the Kokoro pack were brought to their own throne room, where they were forced to kneel before one Cibet Heidrich.

Heine was forced to watch as his packmates and family were assaulted and maimed before the Rote Reißzahn Captain. Even his beloved mother, he was forced to watch be abused and tarnished by the deprived “war-heros.” Though still young, the atmosphere, the stench of fear, the looks of defiance, the howls of pain, they were all something that would forever haunt the young boy, would fuel his rage for the red-coated demons that had overthrown his kingdom.

The Kaiser was barred from meeting his blood kin in the afterlife. Cibet had, on a whim, decided to keep the pup alive, much to the disappointment and disapproval of one of his packmates. On the day he had first met with Falk, he had seen the curious pup glaring at him from behind a drawn curtain. And on the day he had placed himself on the same throne as the pup’s father had sat, he had seen those glaring slate eyes once more. He felt karma was due, and found quiet humor in putting the old king’s son into the life of a slave. The last dog of the mighty Kokoro bloodlines, and his head would be forever bowed to a wolf of red furs.

Life with Cibet was a cruel one. The Captain toted the puppy around like a war prize, though treated him like an abomination. He gave Heine a new name, a more fitting name: Grain, for, he was nothing when alone, and an irritation to the body, the Rote Reißzahn body. Despite Heine’s efforts in defiance, he quickly learned to come when called by this new name, or face the wrath of Cibet’s fangs, hand, or foot.

As well, Cibet forced the German-native to speak to him in a tongue foreign to his own. Though the wolf spoke the same mother language as Heine, he wanted to purposely make life more difficult for Heine because of his “tainted” bloodline. When the child disobeyed the war-monger, he was punished. Heine was never severely beaten, but, there were days where the pup found it hard to carry out life normally.

The red demon carted the Kaiser pup around with him as he helped pillage and raid more villages, towns, and packs for their dreaded queen. Heine could do nothing but watch as others fell before the Rote Reißzahn pack.

From War to Prostitutes

There were some nights, days even, where Cibet would leave Heine in the care of one of his fellow officers. Heine grew to look forward to these rare occurrences, as, upon return, the Captain always seemed to be in a better mood. After a time, the red wolf actually started to treat the young pup like an actual canine rather than a pest. The beatings became less frequent, though his words still held their venom.

One night, the red leader had decided to bring his war trophy along with him when he left the encampment of his fellow demons. It was strange, and Heine was suspicious that his time in the world would be short-lived. At the end of his journey though, he found himself being gifted to a sweet, young dingo-woman named Belle Lévesque.

He was apprehensive of her at first, confused as to why Cibet had left him with this strange woman. The red demon returned every so often, but he never took the boy with him each time he left. Cibet’s appearances became less and less, and so did the Rote Reißzahn’s. It took a while for Heine to learn that his new home was a brothel called Howling Nights, a place where Luperci like the pillaging Rote Reißzahn would frequent for…special needs to be satisfied.

He was now under the property of Belle, or, Madam Dawn. She was an experienced, exotic, and popular woman within the crowded home. Unfortunately, her business had left her unable to bear pups, and, thus, Heine had been given as a substitute. Belle was kind and motherly to Heine for the most part. The boy had learned to obey her commands quickly when given special treats as a reward. The dingo’s wrath only came forward if she was with a client, or customer, or if Heine was being unruly.

Belle groomed Heine, progressing his languages (English, French, German, amongst others) to help spy for her on foreign clients, as well as teach him sleight of hand and other deception or thieving techniques for better serving her boss. His drive to please her made him an unknowing student. The boy grew to be loyal to her and her sisters of the night, as well as protective of them.

His shifting came early, brought on when he walked in on a red-coated wolf savaging one of the newer, younger, inexperienced prostitutes. Heine, caught up in a flashback, attacked the wolf in a blind rage, shifting for the first time in the process. Belle managed to get the slave off of the client, and the male was banished from the vicinity by the brothel’s owner. The dingo took it upon herself to properly teach Heine and coach him through the process of his shifting. It was a process that was not taken advantage of, however.

Heine’s youthful body slowly showing more and more signs of maturity opened the way to new doors and opportunities for the brothel. The Kaiser whelp had become immune to the adult-themed home that he had lived in; however, he had never been more than a shadow in the room. With each passing day, Belle slowly started to act…differently around Heine. She began to require him to stay in his Optime form for longer periods of time, and took precious hours out of her day to spend alone with him.

She started off with just touching him at first, softly, intimately like he had seen with her clients. With time, she slowly began do other things. It confused him, and made him uncomfortable and embarrassed when his body did strange things from her affections. When he questioned her motives, she explained that he would understand in due time, when he was older. He would be the precursor of a new business. He trusted her, and so he did not question her anymore.

Vineyards and Whiskey

Heine was still trying to settle with his change in status within the brothel when a notorious client by the name of Xanto Bartalotti paid the establishment a visit. Many of the other Ladies feared him, and refused him if the Boss allowed them. Heine himself very firmly hated the coyote-bastard. On that night, he requested the business of Belle. The dingo-woman took him, biting the bullet for her sisters in the most ultimate of sacrifices.

Belle did not bed the well-off Luperci, instead, she turned him away and bade to dissolve his business at the Howling Nights. The coyote was furious at this, and attacked the unarmed dingo, causing chaos to ensue within the brothel. Belle did her best to defend herself, but she was no match for the coyote hybrid. Heine got to the scene just in time to see his mother figure being brutally stabbed by the enraged customer. The boy recklessly attacked his owner’s assailant, only to be grabbed by the scruff and hauled away by the Bartalotti male instead. Xanto knew exactly who Heine was to Belle, and threw sadistic commentary back to the dying dingo who could only watch as her precious boy was being taken away from her kicking and screaming.

Xanto put the boy to work in his family’s vineyard amongst an already large group of existing slaves. This was the first time Heine got to interact with another of his own unfortunate status. They were broken though, and used to the heavy chain that weighed down their spirit. It was maddening to the Kokoro child, who was stubbornly defiant to the landowners and their orders. He sought freedom, justice, and they only wanted three full meals and a comfy bed. “He’ll learn,” the elder slaves had said, “It’s easier to lay down than it is to fight it.” Heine’s fiery spirit would not allow for him to be yellow-bellied though.

He found himself bonding with two of the few child slaves on the estate, a younger wolf-jackal boy named Ivan, and an older, coyote girl named Mishka. Ivan was naïve, but he still held on to his youthful freedom. Mishka, on the other hand, had been on the opposite side of the slave spectrum, and had been through the toils of beatings, lashings, and general abuse to curve any rebellious streak she might have had in her. She was broken, like the adults, but she was loyal to the two boys.

Heine spent the majority of his days trying to figure out a way off of the estate that wouldn’t either spell doom for the other slaves, or kill them in the process. Many of the slaves had no fight left in them to risk an escape, others, feared the world beyond their simple life. Only a scant few sided with the young upstart. Heine tried time and time again to make a run for it, but was captured on every attempt either by a house slave or one of the landowners. He received his fair amount of beatings for them, but they did little to sway his determination.

On one attempt, however, Heine did manage to secure the escape of his two friends and a few other slaves. It was close though, and came at a cost. Xanto had caught rumor of an attempted escape, and, drunk, had stumbled after the brave band of canines. Heine bought the group the precious time they needed to get their freedom, using his fame as being the notorious ringmaster for the continuous runaway slave idea. Xanto absolutely hated the young hybrid, and was easily too caught up in the distraction to realize he had been duped. As punishment, Xanto bashed his liquor bottle over Heine’s head before drunkenly returning back to the estate, leaving an unconscious Heine in his wake.

The Kaiser child was nursed back to health by a few of the older slaves who had supported his bravery and were thankful that he was able to free some of the slaves. After the event, Heine laid low for a while, letting his constant attempts at a jailbreak take a backseat to his recovery. He was never able to stay fully under the radar though with his raucous mouth.

The day that ended his time on the vineyard came when Heine became witness to Xanto raping one of the child slaves of the estate. He was powerless to stop it though. Outraged, Heine told all of the house staff to be out of the mansion by midnight, giving them only an ominous threat if they stayed indoors. That night, when he was sure Xanto was alone in his room, Heine snuck into the house and barred the slave owner’s room from the outside. With the help of a few other slaves, he also barred the outside doors. It was all for the little boy.

Heine lit the mansion on fire, and let all who lay within burn alive. He relished in the screams of Xanto Bartalotti.

Amongst Seagulls and Cattle

Finally free, Heine tried to make his way back to the Howling Nights. He knew what life he could expect there, and longed to see Belle (not realizing she had died). He ended up lost though, and found himself in the busy trading port of Jagasaw. Wandering the dark alley streets alone made him an easy target for Luperci traffickers, and he was snatched up and dragged onto the sea-bound ship, the Jolly Albatross.

Aboard the trading ship, Heine came under the personal ownership of Helena Crewe, the mastermind and keeper of the ships live “cargo.” She saw both a challenge and potential in Heine to land her a good payout, and so she did her best to groom him to be better suited for the new world. She forced Heine to speak in English to make him more fluent. His rebellious nature, however, often landed him in trouble on the seafaring ship, and resulted in lashings under Helena’s whip.

Once the Jolly Albatross made landfall at Port Rushington, Helena relinquished ownership of Heine and the other slaves to Yildiz Kundakçi. The Kaiser teen made sure to give the stockyard owner hell during the short time he stayed with him; being on a ship for so long caused him to be antsy, not to mention rash. Most notably, he caused a stir amongst the captive slave stock and the slave drivers when he stood up for an innocent pup. The child had meant to be on the receiving end of a lashing when Heine had stepped in the way and boldly took the whip for him, all the while taunting Yildiz.

Yildiz quickly came to realize that Helena had failed to mention the boy’s problem streak when he purchased him from her, and eventually came to view the slave hybrid with a hated gaze. He saw nothing but trouble with him, and detested how well Heine was able to bond with others of his social status. He was an instigator, and Yildiz feared he would cause an uprising amongst his stock if he did not get rid of the boy soon enough.

Of Gentle Men and Hellish Women

Yildiz’s blessing came in the form of a sickly, old dog named Hendrik Carran. The aging wolfhound purchased Heine at the auction house, finding the Kaiser’s youth, strength, and personality both desirable and entertaining. Hendrik was a tradesman of raw materials, particularly glass. He carried goods from one port to another in a traveling caravan of traders, travelers, and entertainers alike. While he still had some spunk left in his old bones, he knew his illness and aging body would soon make him too weak to continue on. And, so, he had bought Heine to slow this process as well as give him company.

Heine, by default, was hostile towards the Irishman, but grew to be appreciative, if not accepting, of the old man as their time together grew. Hendrik was the first adult male Heine showed any respect to since his days in Kokoro. The dog had a cheeky, elderly personality, but he held wisdom in his words and advice. Hendrik was the first male owner to treat Heine well, and it was something that put the boy at odds with him for a time. Hendrik passed away not long after purchasing the European slave though, and Heine felt general sorrow for the old dog’s passing.

One of Henrik’s traveling caravan companions took over ownership of the earthen hybrid; Agata Koziol and her husband, Gustav, thought it would be a waste to let the slave go. Of all of Heine’s ownerships, this one was the most caustic. Heine and Agata’s personalities did not mix well, causing the two to constantly argue and bicker. The coywolf eventually resulted to binding Heine’s snout closed for long periods of time by using barbwire or thorns. It was enough to shut the teenager’s running mouth as well as give Agata the satisfaction of using the method as a threat to force him to do her bidding.

Heine tried to escape the hellish couple multiple times, earning him beatings both physical and verbal from the two traders. It wasn’t until his fifth attempt that Heine finally succeeded in running away from them.

The Mercenary and The Tiger Tamer

Furious to find Heine having escaped, Agata and Gustav hired a mercenary that had happened to be traveling with the group to their next port-side town. Saar Spiros went on the hunt to find the runaway slave, though, not before he received a hefty sum for his efforts beforehand. He found the rebel easily enough, and effortlessly outmaneuvered the inexperienced fighter when he tried to resist capture. Saar had every intention to return the slave to his masters when Heine planted a thought in the German Shepherd’s mind. Since Saar had already swindled payment out of the Koziol couple, why not take Heine to the next trading town instead? He’d earn more money, and wouldn’t have to track down the caravan. Saar agreed to the idea on the reward alone, not caring that Heine was actually trying to keep from being returned to the trading caravan.

He brought Heine to Waterwood and sold him to the slave market there, never to be seen again. Heine was bought within a few days by Dasha Zolnerowich. Her reasoning for buying Heine was similar to Hendrik’s; she needed the muscle power. Dasha was a renowned and capable huntsman known for her quality works and ability to hunt down and apprehend wanted individuals. She collected a variety of pelts, animal parts, and the like, and traded them for simple commodities. With many desiring her trades, Dasha sought to find a partner that could help her carry her wares as well as perform other simple, tedious tasks that would help her life easier and more comfortable.

Heine was a reluctant choice out of the stock that was shown, but, met her needs and purse. Dasha was strict with the growing teen, and made her rules clear to him from day one. Ever the rebel though, Heine spat on the rules and tried to do as he pleased…ultimately failing. He attempted escape only once, scarred out of any further attempt by a well-aimed arrow. He attempted to murder his captor only once as well, she having not only outfought him, but, beat him within an inch of his life.

Needless to say, the boy learned to grudgingly accept his new owner and his new duties in life. Dasha taught Heine the basics of being a canine. She taught him how to hunt and track, but, mostly, how to survive. It was a valuable asset that Heine never realized he was missing. Over many months’ time, the she-wolf eventually taught the Kaiser how to use a bow and arrow, and even allowed him to help her prepare skins. Dasha came to call Heine by his given name, and requested that he call himself “Jäger” when in the company of certain others.

Though their start was rough, Heine eventually began to like Dasha, respecting her as an owner and having unknown, untapped feelings for her as well. He didn’t realize it was affection he felt for his master though, only chalking it up to be simple respect or adoration for her prowess and potential as a Luperci. He grew to be very loyal and protective of her as time drew on, and he slowly began to forget that he was a slave, and not her equal, her partner.

Drunken Thief with a Sober Conscious

Dasha was not without her enemies. The duo was ambushed during the night by Jihan Kader and his ragtag group of bandits. Dasha had caught Jihan in the act of stealing from a trader’s stall earlier in the year, and had caused him to pay for his crimes by the town’s local authorities. Since then, Jihan had wanted revenge on the huntsman for meddling in his affairs. When Jihan was finally released, he had every intention to pay Dasha a less than kind visit.

The bandits had found Dasha and Heine only a day’s travel from Rothtown, and, while the duo put up a good fight, Dasha ended up severely injured. Heine managed to secure their escape from the hostiles, but, there was little he could do to help Dasha. The she-wolf knew that it was only a matter of time before Jihan’s men found them, and bade that Heine end her suffering on her terms rather than by the blade of a flee-bitten cur. It was with some reluctance that the Kaiser killed his beloved master. He managed to bury the huntsman in a secluded location before making haste to flee the area in order to hopefully keep the body from being disturbed by the bandits.

As she had predicted, Jihan’s men found Heine. Knowing he was already a slave and finding that Dasha was already dead, Jihan forced him to serve his crew with their other two slaves, a pair of thin, meek coyotes named Jana and Kipper. While there were many owners Heine hated, he felt a scathing dislike for the wolfdog, Jihan, for what he did to Dasha. Jihan and his motley crew took their thieving caravan northward to Nova Scotia on the tales of more booze than the tongue could taste and more beautiful women than a man could sniff at. Though Jihan is never without his alcohol, Heine has caught on that the mutt is not always inebriated despite what he may appear to be.

Jana and Kipper did their best to console the young Kaiser, and he grew to befriend them over their mutual status. Unfortunately, Kipper passed away from illness, his frail body being unable to fight it off. Jana died not long after her brother out of grief. This left Heine to be the sole slave of the traveling band of four and left him to be at the brunt of all of their abuse.

At ‘Souls


5.1  Timeline

Year 2015

  • MONTH: Blah

5.2  Threads


JUNE 2015

  1. Run to them like Pavlov’s dogs (28 June) (Unfinished)
    Drifter Bay, with Daeva Lykoi.
    Jihan and the group send Heine to fetch them some food and he finds an exotic beauty.


  1. Trading Hands (18 Aug)
    Salsola borders, with Bane D’Angelo, aNPC Bellatrix D’Angelo.
    The band of rogues meet their demise and Heine finds himself under new management.


  1. Won’t you spare me over till another year (07 Sep) (Unfinished)
    The Ruins (Bane’s cabin), with Bane D’Angelo.
    Heine becomes better acquainted with his new owner as they discuss religion.
  2. Dios Mio (07 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Salsola, with Loki Jade Lykoi, cNPC Pierrat Benoît.
    While out running errands, Heine lands himself in one of the trickster’s traps.
  3. Fifteen cans of spray paint and a chemical swirl (10 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Walipini Project
    Salsola, with Salsola.
    The greenhouse construction underway, Heine helps out with cutting trees.
  4. We heard four winds leveling the pines (10 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Walipini Project
    Salsola, with Salsola.
    Once the trees are cut, Heine helps relocate the lumber to its final resting place.
  5. Not a fourth sound, but a star (12 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Salsola, with Salsola.
    Salvia Eternity leads a pack hunt and Heine follows after Bane.
  6. Fearless on our breath (28 Sep) (Unfinished)
    Salsola, with Salsola.
    Unable to help in the kitchens in preparation of the Last Supper, Heine joins the hunt being led by Lokr Revlis.


  1. [M] Freshly disowned in some frozen devotion (25 Nov)
    Salsola borders, with Bane D’Angelo.
    Bane and Heine discover a dead body, one of many recent ones left within Salsola.
  2. I wonder if I could stand toe to toe with you (26 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Pine Barrens, with Basilaris Eternity.
    Bane’s new business partner, Basilaris, decides to confront her slave in the early morning.
  3. Walk around the world to ease my troubled mind (27 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Millstone Village, with Quicksilver Lykoi.
    Practicing his marksmanship, Heine finds the daughter of the local trickster at the end of his arrow.
  4. Tie your napkin ‘round your neck, chéri (30 Nov) (Unfinished)
    Millstone Village, with Plague D’Angelo.
    In order to be a better servant for Bane, Heine seeks out and decides to try to take lessons from her sister.


  1. With scarves of red tied round their throats (01 Dec)
    Blackwoods, with Hyacinth Silevue , cNPC Brocade Valentine.
    Heine makes a mistake of traversing the Blackwood, and comes across the French-speaking Silevues.
  2. Even gods are not above injury (02 Dec) (Dropped)
    The Ruins (Clinic), with Osrath Eternity.
    While Bane runs a quick and urgent errand, Heine watches the clinic and finds himself in the presence of the injured, pregnant Salsolan princess.
  3. You bring the tinder and I'll bring the light (09 Dec)
    Millstone Village, with Fire D’Angelo, cNPC Hope D’Angelo.
    Bane sends Heine to help her siblings prepare for winter.
  4. I have work to do, and no time to play (10 Dec)
    The Ruins (Slave Quarters), with Weaver Valentine, pNPC Darijus Ostroszek.
    When part of the roof caves in on the Slaves’ quarters, Heine goes to help and meets a curious musician in the meantime.
  5. Frozen fractals (25 Dec)
    Pine Barrens, with Scorpius D’Angelo.
    Scorpius questions Heine, confusing him by the suddenness of his actions and the methods and reasoning behind them.
  6. Stoking the flames (29 Dec)
    Blackwoods, with Scorpius D’Angelo, Claire de Valence, Hyacinth Silevue, cNPC Brocade Valentine.
    Scorpius calls for a hunt, and Heine joins in.



  1. [M] I'm scared to death of light and silence (06 Jan) (Unfinished)
    Blackwoods, with Bane D’Angelo, Basilaris Eternity, tNPC Flavian.
    Bane is attacked on the borders, and Heine and Basilaris come to help. There is evidence that the attacker might be one of those behind the random bodies being placed on Salsola’s border.
  2. Weighed heavy with these burdens (14 Jan)
    Upper Tantramar, with Duncan de le Poer.
    Returning from a secret mission, Heine is found by a curious Associate.
  3. Spit and shine (19 Jan)
    The Ruins (Bane's cabin), with Duncan de le Poer.
    Duncan completes the staff in record time and finds Heine to give him the finished project.
  4. Hatred in waiting (27 Jan)
    The Ruins (Loki’s tower), with Ezra Vahn.
    While the Bard is away, Heine is volun-told to watch over his residence, where he finds the latest rumor to be true.


  1. The fals fox camme unto owre croft (11 Feb)
    The Ruins (Bane's cabin), with Loki Jade Lykoi.
    Loki enlists the help of Heine's skills for a personal project.
  2. Get down with the sickness (13 Feb)
    The Ruins (Slave Quarters), with Weaver Valentine, pNPC Gjalda.
    Gjalda is injured and, after an initial scuffle with Heine, Weaver has Heine show him how to treat the older slave's injury.
  3. Just a simple bystander caught in this game (15 Feb)
    Halcyon Mountain, with Haunt D'Angelo, cNPC Horror D'Angelo.
    While on an errand, Heine finds himself in a mess when he tries to save a girl from being a sacrifice.
  4. [M] Something wicked this way comes (16 Feb)
    Pine Barrens, with Duncan de le Poer.
    Duncan and Heine chase off two trespassers.

MARCH 2016

  1. It's all in how you look at things (05 Mar)
    Salsola Storage, with Abeni.
    While dropping off some furs, Heine finds himself in the presence of the Lord Commander's beautiful slave, Abeni.
  2. A diamond in the dust (07 Mar)
    The Ruins (Bane's cabin), with Bane D'Angelo.
    Bane seeks Heine's company, and Heine decides to give her the gift he's been hiding from her.
  3. The scars that come with the greenness (09 Mar)
    The Ruins (Bane's cabin), with Eventide D'Angelo.
    After almost killing Bane's fox, Eventide is sent away to bother Heine.
  4. Obnubilate (18 Mar)
    Millstone Village, with Quicksilver Lykoi.
    Heine decides against his better judgement to help Quicksilver with her archery skills.
  5. Explosions (23 Mar)
    Millstone Village, with Hyacinth Silevue.
    Hyacinth needs help moving to her new house, and Heine helps her.
  6. Stay up through the night (29 Mar)
    Blackwoods, with Scorpius D'Angelo.
    Heine helps Scorpius check his traps.

APRIL 2016

  1. Take you to paradise (01 Apr)
    The Ruins (Hyacinth's house), with Hyacinth Silevue, Elody Lykoi.
    Fall of The Red Star
    Heine helps Hyacinth move the final pieces of her belongings to her new home when the Red Star falls out of the sky.
  2. Find me here and speak to me (01 Apr)
    The Ruins, with Abeni.
    Fall of The Red Star
    While searching for his master, Heine stumbles across Abeni trying to save the pack's jerk of a symbol, Noble the Peacock.
  3. Archers of an afterthought (28 Apr)
    The Ruins (Rafael’s house), with Rafael Salcedo.
    His home worse for wear in the aftermath of the falling star, Rafael lets Heine help him fix it up.

MAY 2016

  1. I'll be the beauty queen in tears (16 May)
    Drifter Bay, with Océane Aston.
    While out on an errand, Heine meets an Outsider.
  2. They come in all shapes and sizes (19 May)
    Blackwoods, with Sari Belgrave.
    Heine accidentally injures himself and is found by the daughter of a slave trader.

JUNE 2016

  1. [M] Remember where your loyalties lie (05 Jun)
    Millstone Village, with Weaver Valentine.
    Having not received the mark of being Salsolan property, Heine is branded against his will.

JULY 2016

  1. Leaving proof of the damages done (11 Jul)
    The Ruins (Feasting Hall), with Salsola.
    Heine works in the background of the pack’s Last Supper.


  1. Both a little scared, neither one prepared (16 Aug)
    Salsola, with Abeni.
    Heine finds a certain jackal in need of some help, and he does his best to do just that.
  2. By three methods we may learn wisdom (17 Aug)
    Salsola, with Basilaris Eternity, yNPCs Grievous Eternity, Scourge D'Angelo.
    Basilaris takes the boys out, and Heine seeks them out to figure out what he should hunt for dinner.
  3. Shackles all ring with the same sound (27 Aug)
    Wabanaki Coast, with Slave.
    On the return trip from an errand outside of the territory, Heine meets an ex-slave.

MONTH 2016

    AREA, with WIKI.
    AREA, with WIKI.

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