Gwendolyn Floresca

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  • Date of Birth: 19th January, 2012
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Loner
  • Rank: Loner
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: Floresca
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Hybrid (57.5% wolf, 25% jackal, 17.5% coyote)
  • Subspecies:
    • 57.5% Great Plains wolf
    • 25% European jackal
    • 17.5% Plains coyote
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Gwendolyn has benefitted greatly from her mixed heritage, in her eyes -- she has the petite body of her jackal and coyote heritage but the coloration of her wolf heritage. She very rarely changes from her preferred form of Optime, where she stands at 5 foot 6 inches (~167cm) and weighs 146 pounds (~66.2kg). She's equally petite across her other forms, being 26 inches (66cm) at the shoulder and 64 pounds (29kg) in Lupus form and generally being around 38 inches (96.5cm) at the shoulder and 110 pounds (50kg) in Secui. She's rather slender even for her smaller stature, though not bony -- it's a natural thinness and not from a lack of proper nutrition. She has a feminine figure, with slight and subtle curves, with her hips being slightly wider than her bust. She carries herself with a more human-like gait, putting her weight on her feet rather than her thighs, giving herself as much of her height as she can. She walks with confidence and with lots of hip motion -- her tail almost always drooping down and swaying with her hips, a castaway from her coyote heritage.

Her coloration is almost entirely that of her father's, who was purely wolf, a dark charcoal gray covering the majority of her body and the entirety of her head. She has a very small patch of white in the center of her throat, and along her arms her fur gradually lightens to a silvery gray at her hands.

Her hair is the same silvery gray as her hands and long, curly, and wild, though she does her best to tame it. She often braids part of it and ties the base of the braid off into a bun or a ponytail, securing it with hairpins she carved from bone. Gwendolyn has piercing, pale blue eyes that almost seem to glow in comparison to the darkness of the fur on her face. She generally has an easy smile on her face and has lowered eyelids, an expression of relaxation and contentment.

Her fur is very soft to the touch and thinner than the average wolf's, so she prefers to wear a coat she made. The coat is made from the Optime skin of her mother, an albino jackal-wolf-coyote mix. The head of the coat was made into a hood that fits snugly over Gwendolyn's head, and at the throat is a simple clasp she made with waxed thread she found, her mother's teeth, and a piece of polished quartz. Gwendolyn fashioned fingerless gloves from the hand-paws, and the hind legs of the skin were sewn together. The tail hangs free. She keeps with her a coat made from the skin of her father, exactly the same but larger and entirely the same dark charcoal gray as her own fur.

2.  Personality

Despite the expression she always wears, Gwendolyn is a hyper-vigilant, extremely observant Luperci. She is very patient and detail oriented, and once she decides to do something, she practices at it until she is able to master it. It is because of this determination that she is a master at skinning all manner of creatures, up to and including other Luperci (as evidenced by her coats), and tanning and sewing the hides.

She deeply enjoys hunting, and enjoys climbing trees to jump down on prey from above to quickly break an animal's neck. She tries to avoid damaging the pelt as much as possible, as skinning prey is something that has grown from a simple desire to a compulsion for her.

Gwendolyn is very opportunistic -- she believes that chances are meant to be taken, and she lives according to that belief. She's a go-getter, and when she lives within a pack, if she finds a rank she wants, she goes for it to the absolute best of her ability. She can be a very bloody, violent Luperci -- when someone has attacked her family or someone she cares about, Gwendolyn can have violent fits of rage that always result in someone being injured, and occasionally result in the death of another Luperci. She always feels deep regret, afterwards, and makes amends as much as she can. This could, and has, resulted in her murdering someone and then taking great care with the body to ensure that the deceased's spirit is able to move on.

As a general rule, Gwendolyn is not very religious in the sense of believing in God, but she does have a worship-like relationship with the moon, sun, sky, stars, and ocean. She personifies and deifies them, referring to them in French, as her mother taught her. She believes that the sky, Le Ciel, is the mother of the moon and the sun, La Lune and Le Soleil, and that La Lune and the ocean, L'Océan, are lovers. She also believes that the stars, Les Etoiles, are the souls of the dead. She can get very upset about her beliefs if she feels they are being disrespected, and has a tendency to ignore people that she feels don't understand. Gwendolyn also adores children and wishes very much to have her own.

3.  History

Gwendolyn Floresca's history begins long before her birth, with the expulsion of her grandmother from her family for pregnancy out of matehood. The jackal had fallen for an American coywolf and left France to find him, believing him to be waiting for her and her litter. When she arrived and it became painfully obvious to her that he was not waiting, she took her small litter and raised them to the best of her ability in America.

Gwendolyn's mother, Marie, was the eldest in her litter and traveled away from her mother and went northwest. She settled down in a loosely populated area of mainly Luperci and did her best to remember the little French her mother had taught her. While wandering one evening, she discovered a bunch of Tarot cards, some of which had survived. She took the cards that were the best quality and studied them, creating almost a religion around the Moon, Sun, and Stars cards she had.

Eventually, a wolfen man wandered into her life and they became mates, resulting in the birth of a litter of four pups. Two were stillborn and one died shortly after birth, but the fourth stayed on, though born very sickly. Gwendolyn's mother and father prayed to the sky for their child's health, and one night on a full moon, according to Marie, the pup's eyes opened and were a piercing blue like the moon. The pup was named Gwendolyn, for the moon, and Marie claims she was perfectly healthy since then.

Gwendolyn grew up and stayed with her parents, hunting often and practicing her skill at tanning hides until she became the master she is today. She lived carefree and jovially, and one day met a male that she admired. Their relationship lasted for one night, and she later discovered she was pregnant. Overjoyed and excited at the prospect of having her own litter, Gwendolyn told her parents and the three of them began preparing for the addition to their small family. 64 days later, she gave birth to a litter of three, all of which were born very sickly. Gwendolyn remained optimistic of their chances of survival, though her parents were less so. One night while she was out hunting, her parents smothered the pups to spare her the heartache of them dying at a later time. Upon her return, they told her the pups had died in their sleep.

Gwendolyn sank into a deep depression, and several weeks later, overheard her parents discussing what they had done. Her violent temper flared up, and within minutes, both her parents were dead. As she calmed down, she mourned them and made coats of their skins. She left and never looked back.

Gwen arrived briefly in Freetown in mid September of 2015 and acquired new stone knives and scraping tools for tanning hides, bone sewing needles, and heard of a large population of Luperci to the north. She set off towards 'Souls after a few days of rest and recuperation.

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