Galvin Justus

Galvin Justus

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Date of Birth01 Jan 2011
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Galvin Justus is a loner, the former mate of Sitara Paruvanni and the step-father of Solas Justus.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
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1.  History

Galvin was born to a pair of loners. He grew up with a normal childhood with one exception; his mother. Anything that he wanted, his mother always gave to him without any question. Once he became older and wanted more and more though, things that she could not give him or let him have, he would become aggressive and violent. Galvin was never taught boundaries as a pup and always has had a very "My way or the highway" kind of outlook on life.

Before long, young Galvin grew in size and could cause a lot more damage. He would go on rampages when things would not go his way, sometimes beating his mother. His father did nothing about this, a weak-spined canine who Galvin ended up outgrowing in his adolescence, in more ways than one.

As he grew older he began to look for territory of his own to claim, and he and his parents came upon another pair of wolves who were fighting over a very nice, forested piece of the mountain. He and his parents made a deal to help them defend the land as long as they could also live there, the other pair becoming the leaders as more and more canines came to stay. Galvin did not like having to follow anyone's orders, and as he got older and was given more responsibilities, he began to formulate a plan to get rid of the pack leaders for good.

The male started to zero in on Sitara Paruvanni, the daughter of their alpha, and soon had her under his spell. She would believe most anything that he said, and always seemed to want to impress him. She was young and very easily manipulated. He tricked her into wanting to go out and hunt with himself and her father one day. During the hunt they sent Sitara off and Galvin took this chance to attack. He was nearly finished with the alpha, but the other male had called out and Sitara had returned. He managed to convince her to help him finish her father off, scaring her and telling her that her father had attacked him and was rabid.

Sitara went into a state of numbness and followed his orders, strangling the rest of the life out of him. Galvin watched this with a grin on his face, then ordered her to help him put the body into the river, where it would flow away from the pack. They'd just say he disappeared, Sitara would obey him in this, not wanting to shame her own family by admitting the (fake) illness and her own role in his death. The alpha's son Vidar was at the bottom of the cliff side, however, and saw his father's fall into the water. He got him out and tried to resuscitate him, but couldn't. A few pack members started to come when Galvin howled for them, and he painted Vidar out to be the true murderer to them and stated that Vidar was to be exiled from the pack. The pack didn't know what had truly happened and Sitara wasn't talking, so Vidar was forced out.

He took the reins of the pack after that, stealing the pack name and giving it to himself. The canines of the pack had no idea what to do, having just lost their leader, and it seemed that Galvin was the hero in the situation. They praised him and seemed to rally behind him, and at the same time he asserted his power over Sitara, claiming her as his unwilling mate now that he was the leader.

Sitara's mother passed on not long after her mate, and she was the only one left of the original family that they'd originally allied with. His own parents were of very high stature in the pack as the parents of the leader, but Galvin continued to abuse them privately both verbally and physically if they caused problems for him. He had a very close-knit friend group who ruled the pack and used harsh discipline to punish packmembers who broke his new pack laws. Sitara was on the receiving end of beatings quite often, always seeming to find a way to piss him off. He slept with many other females in the pack as well but took particular joy in his time with his cream colored mate, there was something different about her.

His mate began to meet up with another male and Galvin caught wind of this. He began to seal Sitara up in a cave whenever he felt, trying to show her that he still had power over her and could keep her just where he wanted her. He had been too kind to her before, apparently, and she'd broken his trust. One night his mate began to shift into a strange, messed up looking monster that stood on two legs. He'd seen a few before in passing as a loner, but never up close and she had completely disgusted him. It was the same day that one of the wolves guarding her approached him, telling him he overheard her talking to herself when she thought she was alone. She thought she was pregnant. Even more disturbed by this and unsure if she was carrying pups of his or someone elses', he dropped her from the ranks down to Omega and kept her confined most days until the very end of her pregnancy.

During this time she'd managed to convince him that she needed a little exercise in the day, so first thing in the morning he would follow her out for a run around the border of the pack. One such morning he failed to get up in time, having enjoyed himself with a different female of the pack, and Sitara asked the guards to be let out for her morning run anyway. They didn't know that Galvin wasn't meeting her at the mouth of the cave, and she slipped away.

It was a few hours later that he learned she'd gone, and he collected his Black Wolves (wolves with particularly black hearts) and started out after her scent. She'd stopped to give birth and had then found her old loner lover out on the road by the time that he found her. She held only one pup and one of his men had jumped at her and grabbed it from her. He assumed it was all that she'd had. Then Galvin took the loner himself on, killing the male with the help of his remaining Black Wolf. Badly injured, his compadre would be lucky to make it back to the packlands. He then turned on Sitara, who had taken a thick tree branch in her hands. She was much taller than him in this freakish form, and managed to bash him over the head with the branch and knock him unconscious.

When he awoke, it was to find her ex-lover and his friend both dead from their wounds, Sitara nowhere to be found. Knowing he couldn't get her by himself, he went back to the pack and got what he assumed was his son from the last Black Wolf. He then sent the dark male out after Sitara immediately.

His Black Wolf did not return after months, and he was faced with very few options as the rest of the pack was now beginning to doubt him at times. As his son grew Galvin trained him in many different ways, abusing him and putting him through all kinds of pain and agony to harden him. He turned him into a spry young killer, then set him loose to go after his mother. He preferred that Solas just kill her and get rid of her once and for all and told his son that anything less would be unacceptable.

Months pass and he received no word back from his son, but heard rumors of a cream colored luperci traveling in the eastern parts of Canada. She had a weapon she had used to beat one loner's head in, while another had waited in the brush and witnessed it. Sounded just like Sitara to him. This wolf came to live in Justus for a short time until Galvin realized that he would need to go and pursue Sitara himself. He took his new and loyal friend with him on his search, leaving the pack in the hands of his most trusted adviser. He would find her and end this once and for all, finish the job everyone else had failed to do.

2.  Personality

Manipulative, Charming, Personable, Two-Faced, Selfish, heartless

3.  Relationships

4.  Appearance

Galvin's coat is a pure white, his eyes a bright violet color. He is very large and has a long and shaggy coat. He's unable to shift and remains in lupus form, born a non-shifter and never infected with the virus.

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