Galilani is the daughter of Unatsikanogeni Adahy and Ava Ray, and younger sister to Uleyvsv Adahy. She was born in The Great Tribe, though is now living in Aniwaya?.





Art by Nat

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  • Date of Birth: 23rd March, 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Aniwaya?
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Aniwaya? (13 June 2015)
  • Rank: Tsula Agateno (13 June 2015)
    • Co-Rank: Pending
  • Pronunciation: Gal·lil·lane·knee Ah·duh·hee
  • Origin: Cherokee
  • Meaning: “friend”, “lives in the woods”
  • Nickname: Lani
The Adahy Family

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OOC Assumptions

Aniwaya? members may assume and reference the following without previous discussion:

  • Galilani patrols the borders during the early hours of the morning or late at night.
  • Galilani is maintaining the pigeons' holding area.



  • Species: Galilani is an even split of Canis Lupus and Canis Rufus. She has features from both sides of the gene pool – essentially a grey wolf head on a red wolf's body, with a few oddities here and there.
  • Fur: Her fur is thick and double-coated, though it thins around her arms, abdomen and thighs. It is especially thick around her shoulders, chest and rump. Her tail is thick and long.
    • Optime Hair: Her optime hair is thick and wavy. Going about halfway down her back, she has various parts of it beaded, wrapped in green fabric, or weaved with blue and red feathers. She has a straight-cut fringe across her forehead.
  • Facial Features: Though a mostly average looking grey wolf face, her ears are longer than normal, with a slightly more tapered, elongated muzzle. Her eyes are large and heavily lashed.
  • Build and Size: Galilani is of average height and weight in all forms, though her body appears lither and more streamlined than most. Her gait is graceful and confident, and she has the right balance of muscles and femininity.
  • Moderate Humanization: Wears some clothing and accessories.


  • Markings:
    • Predominantly Cape Palliser, with splatters of Copper as her second coat.
    • Ear tips, back and thigh markings, along with her muzzle are Birch.
    • Tail tip, throat, some back markings and the streaks down her forearms are a light shade of Millbrook.
    • Chest, cheeks, inner ears, eyelids, hind legs and hands are a blend of Vanilla and Sandal, fading into Birch and Copper.
  • Eyes: Finch Green
  • Optime Hair: A mixture of Birch and Millbrook, with Copper highlights.
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Birch


Finch (#666d46)
Cape Palliser (#A06F44)
Copper (#AE6C33)
Birch (#413527)
Millbrook (#57432E)
Sandal (#B08C6C)
Vanilla (#CDB7A5)


77 lbs (35 kg)
2ft 5 in (29 in / 73.66 cm)


In both Lupus and Secui forms, Galilani's facial features stand out (oversized ears, longer muzzle, big eyes, etc.). Her legs are long and slender, though more muscular around her thighs. Her shoulders appear broader than they are from the layers of thicker fur.

141 lbs (64 kg)
3ft 5 in (41 in / 104.14 cm)


Hardly ever in this form, and very self-conscious of it, her fur starts to thin around the rump and forelegs. Her mane thickens out to start revealing the longer, wavier hair present in Optime. Her facial features are a lot more prominent, and her shoulders appear bulky and oversized.

164 lbs (74.8 kg)
5ft 11in (71 in / 180.34 cm)


Similar to the other forms, she is thicker-furred in the shoulders and chest than everywhere else. Her ears are still prominent, and her hair is long and wavy. Her hands are small, and her forearms are muscular and well-defined. She is long-legged, though not overly curvaceous in the hips. Her tail appears long and bushy.



  • Two rings burnt around her right wrist.
  • A burn on her right inner thigh.
  • A thin, snake-like scar down her left wrist*.


  • A stretched piercing in each ear, made from Ely Greenstone.

Jewellery & Accessories

  • Fabric, beads and feathers in her hair
  • Two feathers attached to a wooden bead armlet on her right arm.
  • Leather knife sheath around her left thigh


  • Green cotton loin cloth.
  • A dirty, bloodied bandage around her left wrist (*Covers Scar).
Art by Laura


Art by Laura
  • Redwood bow, decorated with four strips of green fabric.
  • Redwood arrows, with blue and red feathers for fletching.
  • Broadhead point arrowheads, made from stone.
  • Green fabric strap that goes across her chest.
  • Family symbol embroidered into the brown leather
  • Green cotton lining inside and green stitching.
  • Leather, lined with fabric to prevent discomfort.
  • Knives are stainless steel, black, with slight decoration.



Unkempt Beauty, Girl with a Psycho Weapon, Broken Bird, Dark Magical Girl & Technical Pacifist

Galilani Is anything but ordinary. A mixed up hybrid of personality traits gives her a mysterious edge, however, she is actually quite polite and friendly to (though inwardly terrified of) those she comes across. Though not exactly impulse-driven in a literal sense, it could be said that her ‘desire to please others’ is what motivates her. She thrives on making other people happy, often neglecting her own needs and desires in the process.

As a child, she was bubbly, confident, and full of life. She has, however, developed darker, more negative elements within her personality, due to the trials she has been subjected to: The mysterious leaving of her mother, the struggle to connect with her father, and the torture and mental abuse from Tomas all aided in this. As such, her views can be quite jaded and naïve. She has a lot to learn about the more pleasant things in life: love, laughter, friendship. It leaves a lot to be crafted within her in the long run.

She is intelligent and a quick learner, though her nativity and social awkwardness often gives the illusion of average, or even lower than average, intelligence. She hates making important decisions, often avoiding completely and/or passing the choice to someone else. She’ll often panic if pressured, emphasizing the image of foolishness and childlike under-developments. She hates the idea of failure, disappointment or negative consequences, as drilled into her by Tomas, and the belief that being a disappointment is why her mother left so suddenly.

Within hunting, Galilani has a high level of ability with a bow and her knives. She can also scout reasonably well. However, faced with conflict and aggressive situations, she is more likely to try and talk her way out of it, or simply flee. This is down to her semi-pacifistic nature. She can fight with weapons, and she could probably kill, but she just wouldn’t. However, her basic hand-to-hand combat is an utter mess. She can barely throw a punch, let alone much else, so don’t expect any secret fight club meetings any time soon. She is unlikely to trigger any hostility toward others, unless involving threats to her family. Even then, she would feel some remorse at the idea of being even a slight asshole to someone.

To those of a higher rank, she’ll display the utmost respect and do their bidding regardless of personal beliefs (even if it niggles at her mind for a while afterwards). Fellow tribe members (of equal or lesser rank) get treated with the same levels of respect. She sees no reason to remind anyone of their failures or struggles in life, so she will not ‘put someone in their place’ or ‘play on her higher rank or power’, so to speak. Those outside of the pack/tribe are greeted in a generally friendly and positive manner, though with reservation and introverted mannerisms. She is considered quiet, shy and soft-spoken to those around her, as her ‘damaged goods’ personality affects her demeanour quite a lot.

She is an observer at heart, hiding in the background; listening to everything, book in her hands, with an opinion on nothing. She could probably bring down the sky with all the secrets and dirty laundry she’s amassed from not being noticed, however, her meek, kind-hearted nature means she’d never let any of them slip. She’s just too nice for that.

She is extremely clumsy at expressing herself. This means more often than not, she doesn’t show many emotions publicly, leaving her to breakdown and judge herself in private quarters for any regrets she might have from previous encounters. This can also make her unintentionally appear cold and withdrawn at times. The exception to this is animals. She finds comfort with them, often going out of her way to feed birds or groom horses in Aniwaya. She will always smile in the company of animals.

As touched on above, one of the bigger elements of her personality is the compulsive need to please others and seek acceptance. This is perhaps due to the fact her mother left without obvious cause, creating a fracture in her mind: she blames herself. She won’t, however, do foolish things to seek acceptance. She has a clear line of what is good and what isn’t, and believes that doing something for attention, pleasure or acceptance would only be considered disappointing and/or an annoyance, so therefore pointless. This also leads onto her currently developing wrinkle of separation anxiety and abandonment issues. She would be lost without her rank in Aniwaya and the knowledge that her family are out there waiting, if she ever wished to return to the Great Tribe. Within friendship and love, however, she is utterly clueless and almost believes she is just undeserving of that kind of loyalty. She is still waiting for someone to show her life just isn’t all that bad after all.

One last thing to note is her overwhelming phobia of small spaces. Her claustrophobia often haunts her nightmares, having been tortured in this way by Tomas in the past. She will not go into caves and other such spaces, no matter how pretty they might appear. Even the stalls in stables make her nervous.


  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Outlook: Conflicted
  • Expression: Vacant and/or nervous.
  • Sociability: Submissive Introvert
  • Likes: Reading, Animals, Puzzles, Weapons, Body modification, Thunderstorms.
  • Dislikes: Small spaces, social situations of all kinds, abuse, slavery, rape, animal cruelty, all things evil.


  • Speech: Fluent in both Cherokee and English. She is a quiet, reserved speaker. Her accent fluctuates between British and Cherokee pronunciations when angry or upset. She is known to ramble when nervous, though will often avoid talking, if possible, instead.
  • Scent: She smells faintly of burnt wood, with a strong waft of almonds from the black cherry bark used in her hair-beads and jewellery.
  • Quirks: Her eyes are the window to her soul. (& She talks in her sleep.)
  • Demeanor: Stands tall, giving the illusion of confidence to protect herself.

Ideals & Beliefs


  • Family Honor: Galilani hates the fact her father was a coward when it really mattered. She believes that she must find a way to restore her family's honor and remove the association of cowardice from the Adahy bloodline. It encourages her to live in a way that promotes motivate honesty, courage, hard work, faithfulness, loyalty and truth.
    • Side note: Despite the cowardice of her father, the rift with her brother, and departure of her mother, she loves her family dearly. She would give her life for them.
  • Need to please: Galilani feels an overwhelming need to please those around her. Everything wrong must be righted, and everyone in need must be helped. She needs to create happiness in others to make herself feel good about herself. The downside is that it emotionally (and in some cases, physically) wears her down, and she often blames herself for the failures and/or incidents that aren't actually her fault.
  • Knowledge: Galilani thrives when learning new skills or improving current ones. She loves to read, study and observe. However, she gets frustrated if her skills do not improve as quickly as she would like. She considers herself a high achiever.


  • Non-Luperci: She struggles to understand why someone wouldn’t choose the Luperci way of life, even just for its evolutionary benefits.
  • Form Choice: She has no issue with those who stick to a single form. Though Secui does scare her somewhat.
  • Age: She is intimidated by the Elders, though respects them without question. Puppies make her panic.
  • Packs: See here for the current state of affairs between Aniwaya and the other packs.


  • Alcohol: She was briefly reliant on alcohol, though is not comfortable being drunk. She becomes loud, emotional and unpredictable.
  • Drugs: She probably would if offered, as she is susceptible to peer pressure.
  • Cigarettes: She has never smoked.


  • Tomas Mealain: Attractive, charming, and a sadist in disguise. He takes delight in the mental torture of others, though occasionally branches toward physical abuse. He is a capable manipulator and a silver-tongued snake, taking his time to woo his victims, before tricking them into imprisonment. He enjoys showing off his ‘trophies’ by branding them with his family's insignia, or keeping them in a box as punishment. He is a sexual predator, preferring rape over submissive or willing encounters. He is, in a word, evil.
  • Failure: Stemming from her quest to bring honor to her family name, as well as the engrained mental abuse from Tomas, Galilani is terrified of being a failure. She hates to let anybody down, no matter how small the favor, and is quick to stress f she can't achieve something quick enough. She has been known to sacrifice elements of her own happiness to achieve greatness.
  • Claustrophobia: After being locked away in a small, damp box as punishment by Tomas, Galilani developed fairly severe claustrophobia. She will avoid small, cramped locations as much as possible. She even gets nervous at the stables because of how similar they are to her ‘prison’. The idea of being locked in and trapped in these cramped spaces causes panic, unreasonable behaviours and mental breakdowns. She will look to run away as fast as possible. She also has quite severe nightmares. She has been known to lash out whilst dreaming.
  • Social Anxiety: Social situations, no matter how small, trigger high levels of discomfort and/or fear in Galilani. She can often be found having panic attacks if she believes she has become the centre of attention, or is required to speak publicly. She is constantly afraid of being judged or evaluated by others, and tries to avoid all social interaction as much as possible.


  • Kinsey Scale: 1 – “Predominantly heterosexual, only incidentally homosexual.”
    • Important Note: She has only ever experienced forceful sex. She has no knowledge of what real love, or lovemaking, actually feels like. She has limited ideas about romance from books she has read. She cannot flirt and gets embarrassed by the whole ordeal. She is essentially a virgin, just without the biological elements of it. Sex and/or courtship would not come easy to those who tried.


See Aniwaya? and The Great Tribe for her spiritual views and beliefs.

Spirit Guide

transcended souls with little or no ties left to their once-living self or specific life. They exercise great control over their visual representation and are capable of limited physical representation. Spirit guides are firmly entrenched in the "living world" with no desire to interact with their fellow dead. ("Supernatural").

  • Name: Digalvnvhi
  • Nickname(s): Noodle, Dig, Digal
  • Species: Coluber constrictor flaviventris, Eastern Yellowbelly Racer.
  • Gender: Male
  • Personality: Nonvenomous and speedy. Cocky and sarcastic, though cares deeply for Galilani. Brutally honest, though a bit of an ass at times, with good intentions. He often talks in riddles just to see the confusion on others faces, or just to be awkward and/or annoy Galilani.
  • Appearance: 63.5cm in length (2ft, 1in). Thin-bodied. He has a base colour of off-cream, with blotches of brown and grey toward his tail. However, his head and neck are a dark shade of olive, mottled with yellow on his underbelly. His eyes look almost black, with a slight sliver of yellow either side of the pupil.
  • OCC Assumptions: He will probably be either wrapped around Galilani's arm, or dangling upside-down from a nearby branch. Sometimes he sleeps in her quiver.




  • Master
  • Fire an average of 13 arrows a minute at a fixed target.
  • Fires around 8 per minute at a moving target.
  • Prefers stealth and will avoid being spotted where possible.
  • Made her own bow and arrows.


  • Journeyman
  • Uses knives mainly to hunt or self-defence.
  • Knows all the right places to stab someone and keep them alive.
  • Has a great throwing arm.
  • Also uses the knives for wood carving.


  • Journeyman
  • Learned hunting at the Great Tribe.
  • Has basic categorizing skills for local prey and their scarcity levels.
  • Prefers to hunt with her bow or knives.
  • Can only improve further if she learns hand-to-hand combat.


  • Journeyman
  • Can follow targets via tracks, scat, kills, trails, sounds and scents.
  • Highly trained in stealth.
  • Still needs to improve her tracking skills on hard, stonier grounds.
  • She is fairly capable of anticipating and predicting a target's movements.

Wood Carving

  • Apprentice
  • Built her bow from scratch.
  • Makes her own arrows from redwood and stone.
  • Would like to learn how to make more decorative pieces.
  • Is seeking proper wood carving tools.


  • Master
  • Taught to read in Cherokee and English.
  • Will read anything she can get her hands on.
  • Doesn't own any books at the moment.
  • Would like to learn to write.

Animal Care

  • Apprentice
  • Knows basic care requirements for most domesticated animals.
  • Has the ability to spot early signs of sickness or behavioural issues.
  • She grooms horses and cares for pigeons in Aniwaya.
  • Would like to advance this skill and learn low speech.


  • Apprentice
  • Knows basic treatments for burns, bleeding, and broken bones.
  • Has some herbalism knowledge for first aid.
  • Knows CPR.
  • Would like to study first aid and medicinal botany further.



  • Is extremely shy and timid around new people.
  • Despises public speaking or decision making.
  • Large crowds make her panic.
  • Has no charisma whatsoever.

Hand-to-hand combat

  • Cannot defend herself with tooth and claw.
  • Throws a terrible punch.
  • Is likely to get her ass kicked without weaponry.
  • Is looking for a trainer to help her improve.

Horse Riding

  • Has never ridden a horse.
  • Would like to learn but is very nervous.
  • Would like a horse of her own one day.
  • Looking for a teacher.


  • Cannot handle closed or small spaces, caves or rooms.
  • Avoids some trivial situations because of the fear of confinement.
  • Will sweat, tremble, retch, and struggle to breathe. May also lash out due to confusion, disorientation and terror.
  • Goes numb in her hands and suffers from palpitations, overpowering nausea and dry-mouth.


*Does not know this person by name.




  • N/A
  • N/A



  • Tomas Mealain


  • Tomas Mealain

Detailed Relationship Information

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Created by Raze

Unatsikanogeni Adahy
Despite being a bit of a motormouth, and a known coward, he is a loving father. He raised Galilani and her brother to respect the ways of the Tribe, and well as the importance to find their place in the world. However, after their mother's departure, Galilani found it harder and harder to deal with his clumsy personality. Eventually, it erupted into an argument and Galilani left to find her mother. She loves her father dearly. She just wishes he had done more to find their mother, or to keep her around in the first place.

  • Galilani wishes they hadn't left things on such bad terms.
Live long & Prosper! ADOPTABLE!

Ava Ray
A wild, care-free explorer who stumbled across the Tribe on a voyage from England. With her English accent, long flowing hair, and sparkling dark eyes, Ava could light up any room. She fell in love with Unatsi's dorkish ways and settled at the Tribe after accidentally becoming pregnant. She raised her children well, teaching them various skills and encouraging greatness. However, her spirited ways finally overwhelmed her, and she disappeared into the night. She hasn't been seen since.

  • Galilani partially blames herself. She is trying to find Ava and put her family back together.
Created By Raze. ADOPTABLE!

Uleyvsv Adahy
As Galilani's very slightly older brother, they had a close, typical sibling relationship in the beginning. He teased her for reading, and she poked fun at his need to impress the ladies. Despite being polar opposites in the personality department, they were always there for each other when the storms rolled in. However, with Galilani's sudden departure, it caused a rift between them. They haven't seen or spoken to each other since the morning before she left the Tribe.

  • She misses him all the time.
I'm Batman! ADOPTABLE!

Tomas Mealain
Galilani's first bitter taste of life outside the Tribe, he charmed her, wooed her, and then tortured her for weeks on end. She still has feelings for him, occasionally missing the 'good times', however, she also fears he will show up to claim her, or make good on the threats to kill her family. He has a sense of ownership over Galilani, and would be infuriated with the idea of her with someone else.

  • He is Galilani's first, and only, sexual encounter. He is all she knows of ‘love’.


Galilani had a relatively normal upbringing within the Great Tribe. She was taught the traditions and cultures that came with being in the Tribe and was loved by all those around her. She was bubbly, outgoing, and spirited as a child, often curious about what lay outside the boundaries. Her family were close and well-functioning, and she was especially close to her mother, who often told her of tales beyond the sea.

However, at around 9 months old, her mother left her family and the Great Tribe to continue on her travels. It was a complete shock, and it hit Galilani the hardest. Over time, she developed a complex; blaming herself for her mother leaving, and feeling as though she failed her family somehow for making this happen.

It was this rift in her bubble that caused her to look into the hunter and scout paths. Becoming withdrawn and distant, she built up her skills and kept her discontent to herself until reaching 11 months old. One evening, after hearing her father talk about her mother for the hundredth time, Galilani snapped. Accusing him of not fighting hard enough to keep her mother around and for creating such disappointing children that she felt she had to leave, Galilani packed up her things and left to find her. She said nothing to her brother of her leaving; something she regrets every day.

Galilani gradually crossed through varying clans, groups and packs, seeking help from those who offered and trading her archery skills for those who wanted something in return. With no experience outside of the Tribe, her nativity and over-friendly nature was often used against her, and she had trouble keeping friends from ‘trying too hard’.

Within a few weeks, she managed to make her way to the outskirts of Maine. Here she fell across the Mealaín clan; a group of bandits, thieves, whores and other such characters who gave the illusion of stability and family. Their leader, Tomas, was particularly charming and illusive, taking a liking to Galilani as soon as he saw her. Taking her under his wing, she was quickly swept up in his charm, and the romance they shared; walks through the woods, long talks by the ocean, stargazing; the list goes on. He stole her heart, and when the time came for her to return his needs, he took it by force.

Shattering the illusion, he took to taking her whenever he wanted, emotionally grating her down with insults and mental abuse. When she didn’t do as he wanted, he locked her away in a box as punishment, sometimes blowing hot ambers into the cracks for more amusement. On her best behaviour, she was displayed in a cage for the other members to see her ‘in all her beauty’, or, on special occasions, she would hold his hand and follow him in complete silence.

Her nights were sleepless and terrifying. Her days were dark and cramped. At her breaking point, Galilani found a knife whilst walking after Tomas on one of their daily parades of the camp. Convincing Tomas she needed to take a minute for herself to ‘relieve herself’, Galilani took the knife and slashed awkwardly down one of her wrists. She was caught, however, from the unstifled yelp of pain that leapt from her tongue. Tomas, enraged by her actions, quickly sought medical treatment of the wound, and she was left in the box for days following, badly stitched up and bandaged. Eventually, Tomas released her from the ‘prison’. Whispering sweet nothings and declaring his burning love for her, he fed her a good meal, offered her clean water, and bathed her wounds. He couldn’t have his best girl looking dishevelled after all. He made her promise to never do something so foolish again, before taking what was rightfully his once more, and burning two rings around her wrist; ‘promise rings’, or so he said.

Weeks into the ordeal, one of the females in the clan befriended Galilani whilst she bathed her new branding of the Mealaín insignia on her thigh. Still disillusioned and worn down by her situation, Galilani let her guard down and opened up about her overwhelming ‘love’ for Tomas and the nice things he would tell her. This angered the female, who swiped at Galilani in a jealous rage, having been trying to win Tomas’s affections for years. Dodging the attack by stumbling clumsily backwards into a tent, Tomas intervened. Shouting at the woman for attacking his ‘favourite girl’ and threatening to skin her alive, Galilani took the opportunity to notice her belongings were in a pile in the corner. Grabbing one of the three knives, she kept it hidden as Tomas returned his attention back to her.

Ensuring ‘his trophy’ wasn’t wounded and telling her how much he loved her, he proceeded to swipe a knife across the other woman’s face as punishment. Her screams caused Galilani to panic, and she shoved the knife into his abdomen, franticly apologising aloud over and over, grabbing her belongings and fleeing as fast as her legs could carry her.

She ran for days. She barely stopped, terrified he would find her. Reaching Freetown, Galilani managed to get directions to St. John from someone who felt sorry for the dirty, smelly, bloodied youth. They gave her a bottle ‘to keep her pain at bay’ and pointed her in the right direction. With so many more miles between them, she begun to feel safer. It wasn’t until she began to calm down, with St. John’s in sight that the pain crept back into her veins again. That bottle came in very handy, and Galilani proceeded to get very, very drunk. She spent a week inebriated in fact, passed out wherever she could find a quiet spot, and on the move whenever she felt the paranoia hit.

Running low on supplies, she stumbled through various territories, avoided many packs, eventually found herself lost in some woodland (Dampwoods). Sober, withdrawn and hopeless, Galilani felt despair wash over her. She was tired, mentally drained, and unsure of who, or where, she was. It was at that moment, when she felt darker than ever before, that a voice echoed through the trees without a scent to follow.

‘I am angry, sad. Pathetic and mad. What am I?’

Galilani, believing she had finally lost it under all the stress, tried to ignore the voice, settling under a large tree to sleep. However, after the question was repeatedly asked, Galilani snapped back that she had no idea and that the voice should just leave her alone.

It was then that a colourful, thin-bodied snake dangled from the branch above her; his face right up to hers. Asking the riddle once again, Galilani sighed and looked away, swatting at the startling creature with a limp motion.

‘The answer is you… Gosh, someone with your intelligence should be able to figure out one simple riddle, Lani.’

Galilani looked back at the snake, realising he was in fact her spirit guide, and that her teachings from the Tribe hadn’t all been forgotten over the past few months. She took comfort in his playful taunts, thinking of her brother, and letting the despair slip away. The pair talked for hours; Galilani cried, vented and raved; he spoke in riddles and told her to ‘man up’ and ‘get over it’, nicely of course. He then told her of the path to reaching Aniwaya; a safe place where she could ‘fix’ and find herself again.

The following day Galilani gathered up her things and set on the path discussed. She headed for Aniwaya, her spirit guide wrapped around her arm, a new hope in her heart. She arrived at their borders the following day.



  • 23 March: Galilani and her brother were born.
  • 25 December: Her mother leaves her family behind.


  • 23 February: Galilani leaves the Great Tribe and father and brother.
  • 20 March: She reaches Maine, and falls in with Tomas and the clan.
  • 24 May: She escapes Tomas and flees to Freetown
  • 26 May: She reaches Freetown
  • 28 May: She gets to St. John
  • 04 June: She arrives at the Dampwoods
  • 12 June: Galilani meets Cody Dallas. He takes her to AW.
  • 13 June: She arrives at Aniwaya and becomes a Scout.
  • 15 June: Bumps into Eliza in Dampwoods.
  • 16 June: Meets Ibycus in AW.
  • 19 June: Tries to heal Harbinger's wounds in Quartz Shoreline.
  • 20 June: Meets Simcha in AW. Gifted a second bow.
  • 26 June: Joins the AW Pack Hunt.
  • 30 June: Attends the AW Spirit Guide Ceremony.
  • 05 July: Meets Alistair Callow-Knight.
  • 09 July: Meets the AW Priest, Dion Akreon.
  • 12 July: Explores Halcyon Mountains. Meets Leo.
  • 13 July: Comes across Bridget during an AW patrol.
  • 14 July: Goes to Halifax. Meets Sophia.
  • 16 July: Still in Halifax. Meets Calanthia.
  • 17 July: Discovers Styxx Moonbreaker at Quartz Shoreline.
  • 18 July: Meets Bear in Seabrink Breeze.
  • 21 July: Comes across Cody Dallas & Grynn Garcia-Knight on AW patrol.
  • 23 July: Finds Cody in AW.
  • 24 July: Meets Fenrir Lupercus in AW.
  • 27 July: Finds Eliza Cormier at AW borders. Discusses men.
  • 30 July: Trades information with Blair Eternity on AW borders.
  • 02 August: Meets Ceiridwen Hayes in AW.
  • 03 August: Goes tracking with Simcha Fletcher in AW.
  • 10 August: Discovers Halifax Prison. Meets Socel van der Woude.
  • 12 August: Finds an injured Leo Shepard at AW borders. Freaks and calls for help (Claudius, Joy, Payne).
  • 14 August: Rescues Nate Snow from a bear in Flander's Field.
  • 15 August: Is visiting Leo at Joy's Medicine Hut. Talks to sheep.
  • 28 August: Meets Rugbii Irving at the Swamp.
  • 29 August: Greets AW newcomer, Ripley.
  • 01 September: Discovers Lithia Napier in Greater Halifax.
  • 03 September: Greet Amorette Aston & family at AW borders.
  • 05 September: Sends a courier pigeon to Eliza, inviting Krokar to Aniwaya's festival
  • 06 September: Invites Alistair to Aniwaya's festival. Gives him a gift.
  • 07 September: Starts construction on the Aniwaya Hot House for the festival.
  • 08 September:: Goes hunting for festival food preparation with Cody Dallas.


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* Dates have been altered for timeline purposes.
M Mature content.

  1. Galiheli Tsidenalv (12 June 2015)*
  2. A Spot of Bother (15 June 2015)
  3. Rain, Rain, Go Away (16 June 2015)
  4. The Optimist thinks this is the best of all possible worlds (19 June 2015)
  5. Ulihelisdi (20 June 2015)
  6. I heard talks of a new beginning (26 June 2015)*
  7. Lest we forget who we love & honor (30 June 2015)*
  8. got a feeling that I'm going under (05 July 2015)*
  9. Tsi'a'qua Ugasesdi (08 July 2015)
  10. Mountains, meet the goat (12 July 2015)
  11. What could I have been? (13 July 2015)
  12. A tango is meant for two, and not three (14 July 2015)
  13. But I've wandered much further today than I should (16 July 2015)*
  14. Some things we don't talk about, rather do without (17 July 2015)
  15. The Anthem (18 July 2015)*
  16. There is a blur between friend and foe (21 July 2015)
  17. When this world turns you down (23 July 2015)*
  18. Osdv Gasaqualv Uweyvadisadadisdi (24 July 2015)
  19. A baby sleeps in all our bones, so scared to be alone (27 July 2015)
  20. If you look up, there are no limits (30 July 2015)*
  21. The Same In Different Ways (02 August 2015)
  22. With your ear to a seashell (03 August 2015)
  23. The promised land (10 August 2015)
  24. A violent push in the right direction (12 August 2015)* M
  25. That's not a wolf (14 August 2015)
  26. Count my blessings (15 August 2015)*
  27. Uwoida Gadohi (28 August 2015)
  28. An unfamiliar face (29 August 2015)
  29. Toil and Trouble (01 September 2015)*
  30. Coming Home (03 September 2015)
  31. Ganohilvsv asdaya (05 September 2015)
  32. I could use a friend (06 September 2015)
  33. Udilegi Galitsode Anesgehv (07 September 2015)*
  34. When you get your rabbit, you'll skill his hide] (08 September 2015)*


  1. Digosisodi (23 February 2015)* M

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