Ezio Soldato

Ezio Soldato is the son of Ayanette Da Scene (Austral) and Strategio Soldato, making him the half brother of J'adore Austral, Leon Austral, Isla Austral and Arena Austral, and half uncle to the now deceased Gloria Austral. the adopted Gunnar LeStrange and Analise Austral. He is an OPEN CHARACTER

Ezio Soldato

DOB- August 6th 2010

Heritage- 100 % Italian Wolf

Family- Austral Family

Gender- Male

History- Born from rape between past mates, he was corupted from the start. Often beaten by his father and showed no sympathy from his mother. When his mother ran, he followed, hoping that it was his fathers presance that forced her to shun him.

Appearace- Ezio is a white-silver colour on his body legs and ears, but a dark grey colour on his face, throat and chest. In Optime for his dark grey hair is cut short and rough, he reaches 7 foot when fully upright.

Personality- Ezio is a dark soul. His past is too burdened for him to be a cheerful child. He is nowhere as corupted as his father, but again he is not as hidden as his mother. He simply cannot stop himself when he does wrong, it's a reflex. He is quite likely to hurt someone by accident.