Evelyn de le Ulrich


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Evelyn de le Ulrich is the daughter of Faith de le Poer and Coaxoch B. Ulrich-Lykoi. She was born on October 31st, 2018, alongside her brother, Eden de le Ulrich. Her birth killed her mother, Faith, so she was raised by her father and his collective, along with Faith's sister Dahlia.

Evelyn currently resides in Salsola as part of The Family.






  • Date of Birth: 31 OCT 2018
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: — Springhill Cemetary
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: Salsola (31 OCT 2018)
  • Rank: The Family (31 MAY 2019)
  • Family: Ulrich, de le Poer, Massacre, Lykoi, Damaichu, Sadira, & Kimaris
  • Birthplace: Salsola
  • Species: Coyote Heavy Hybrid (~60% Coyote, ~27% Wolf, ~7% Dog, ~6% Other)
  • Subspecies: 46.87375% North Eastern Coyote
    • 8.59375% Common Grey Wolf
    • 8.4375% Plains Coyote
    • 6.640625% Dog
    • 6.25% New Guinea Singing Dog
      • Minor: 5.625% Eastern Timber Wolf, 5.469375% Red wolf, 4.6875% Mexican Coyote, 4.6875% Arctic wolf, 1.1725% Wolf (Other), 0.78125% Great Plains Wolf, 0.78125% Mackenzie Valley Wolf



  • Evelyn will be vying for the Ranger faction in Salsola, anything to help her towards that would be welcomed!
  • Threads relating to Vaquera (Cowgirl) & Collettore (Trap Maker) would also be welcomed!

Packs members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Hanging out/exploring around Salsola.




  • Species: Evelyn is evidently a hybrid, but most notable in her features is her coyote heritage.
  • Fur: Evelyn's fur still holds that soft, puppy down feel to it. It is thick and lucious, especially around her cheeks, nape, chest, elbows, hocks and tail.
    • Optime Hair: Long, and generally tied back, still silk soft to the touch like a child's hair.
  • Facial Features: Pointed and coyote-like, with large baby blues that give her a doe-eyed appearance. She appears more innocent looking than she is which works in her favour as those around her underestimate what she is capable of. Ears sit high up on her head and are pointed, giving her whole face a triangular shape to it.
  • Build and Size: Average in over-all size, she appears thicker than she is due to her fur. Her legs look almost a little too long for her body, which aids her in hunting and agility.
    • Lupus: A typical coyote build, with the wolf heritage showing in her over-all size increase compared to her coyote heritage, along with the thicker fur.
  • Humanization: Moderate.


by Despi



Glacier (#7ABEC2)

Optime Hair

Sand Dune (#876B61)
Muesli (#AA8464)


Soya Bean (#6A5E51)
Sandstone (#786A5D)
Stonewall (#918170)
Sand Drift (#CCB9A3)
Wafer (#DDD3C4)
Tan (#CFAC88)
Mongoose (#B79577)
Antique Brass (#C6916A)
Sandal (#A98165)
Domino (#8E715D)
Spicy Mix (#825F41)

Skin/Nose/Paw Pads/Scars

English Walnut (#3E2F26)
Sand Dune (#876B61)

By Despi!


  • Piercings:
    • None.
  • Tattoos:
    • None
  • Scars:
    • None.


  • Typically, Evelyn wears wraps and loin cloths as they are less likely to impede her speed in the forest when hunting as it has become one of her favourite activities. In the winter she can be seen wearing an assortment of furs for warmth.


Evelyn has trinkets!
  • Nothing yet!



Big Sister Instinct | Little Miss Badass | Beware the Nice Ones | Daddy's Girl | One of the Boys | Tomboy | Born in the Saddle | Horse Archer | Hyper Awareness

Evelyn is still young and very much naive and innocent to the ways of the Thistle Kingdom. The girl is a very hard worker and is driven to help those around her as well as prove herself to her pack. Her biggest motivation is protecting her brother Eden and may act like more of a 'big' sister to him even if he doesn't need her protection. While she is very nice to those around her, be careful, because when Evelyn's buttons are pushed far enough she is not one afraid to react.

Evelyn is a daddies girl through and through and goes out of her way to please him and make him proud! Due to her close relationship with her father she has developed a love for horses since she was old enough to be outside with him watching him train his horses. No sooner when she shifts she finds herself in a saddle and has taken to it and spends most of her free time with the horses and livestock of Salsola. Her biggest motivation outside of protecting her brother Eden is to become a Ranger within the pack, her eyes on the rank of Equinest and tries her hardest to learn more about horses from anyone who will let her watch and learn.

The girl is not afraid of getting dirty, and has always been a tom-boy since she was born. While, this may be heavily influenced as being one of the only females within her immediate family since Dahlia left (who also was not a girly-girl in the least), Evelyn has taken after her aunt and is just 'one of the boys'.

At first glance she may appear quiet and perhaps stupid to some due to this she has a hyper awareness and prefers to watch and learn from a distance. She takes note on every little thing happening around her and may know something about someone before the person themselves is even aware of it. This makes Evelyn a quick learner.


  • Speech: Evelyn has a husky/smokey quality to her voice, yet effeminate.
  • Scent: Salsola (Pine/evergreen, with salty and marshy overtones), woodsmoke, mint, horses, herbs, and eucalyptus.


  • Sexuality: 3 on the kinsey scale
    • "Equally heterosexual and homosexual."
  • Orientation: Chaotic Good
    • "Combines a good heart with a free spirit."
    • "Hates it when people try to intimidate others and tell them what to do."
    • "Respect for individualism."
    • "Freedom and independence are as important to life and happiness."
    • "Will not tread on others to get her own way."
    • "Will help those in need and she prefers to work alone."
    • "Will never betray a family member, comrade, or friend."
  • Outlook: Pragmatist/Realist.
  • Expression: Reserved.

Skillsets, Beliefs, and Fears


  • Trap-Making: Since she could shift Evelyn has taken an interest in making small, simple snares with left over wire she has found. This will develop into more advanced trap making in the future with the right guidance.
  • Animal Care: Evelyn has taken an interest in other animals since she was young, especially horses. Therefore, she has been trying to learn and helps to take care of the horses and livestock of Salsola even if her knowledge is only rudimentary at best.
    • Horses: Evelyn loves the horses of Salsola, and has been taking lessons with her father.
      • Riding: Essentially born in the saddle, ever since Evelyn could shift she has been getting her father to teach her to ride. She has been naturally gifted at riding.
      • Training: Her skills are weak, but she is slowly developing her training skills with Coax.
      • Care: With her training she is learning how to properly care for the horses with her father as well as other members of Salsola that teach her.
    • Livestock: While her interests lie more in the horses of Salsola, Evelyn has been learning basic care for the other livestock that can be found around the kingdom.
    • Healing: Has become skilled at patching up and cleaning minor booboos, whether is is the animals that need basic wound care or her pack mates, she has basic knowledge and skill with healing minor wounds and ailments.
    • Falconry: While still just dabbling, eventually her skills will develop more within this area.
  • Trade: Inexperienced still in the way of trading, Helena is going to take Evelyn under her wing and teach her the ways of the trade.
  • Agriculturalist: Her interest in plants stems from homesteading and wishing to provide food for herself as well as Salsola and their horses/livestock.
  • Reading/Writing: Learning from Sebastien and Coaxoch, Evelyn has basic reading and writing skills.


  • While her parents both had their own beliefs and heavily into spirituality, Evelyn has yet to develop any connection to any particular thing. Instead her spirituality can be seen as apart of enjoying life in nature and the calmness of mundane tasks.


  • Eden: While not necessarily a weakness per se, Evelyn will do anything to please her brother and make him happy even at the expense of herself.
  • Small/Inexperienced: Evelyn is on the smaller side for a canine as she is a coyote-heavy hybrid which makes her weak in close combat.
  • Eager to please: Evelyn is all too eager to please everyone around her and prove herself useful. This could make her open to being taken advantage of and manipulated easily.
  • Selfless: Evelyn will do anything to make someone else happy, especially those close to her, and even if it is at her own expense.


  • Failure: Evelyn fears failure within Salsola and disappointing her family more than she fears the consequences of it.
  • Losing family: Due to already losing her mother, Evelyn fears losing her family and those closest to her.


  • Family: Evelyn's biggest motivation is making her family proud of her. She fears not living up to their expectations, even if the expectations are all in her head. This drives her to make herself better at everything she does every day.
  • Salsola: Her second biggest motivation is being able to provide for Salsola and making herself useful. She never wants to feel like a burden to anyone and therefore she strives to do her best every day.


Family: Ulrich, Lykoi, and De Le Poer

Key Relations

  • Eden de le Ulrich: Evelyn is very protective of her brother and his feelings. She will fight you if you so much as look at him the wrong way.
  • Coaxoch: Eve's a daddy's girl through and through, all she wants to do is please him and make him proud! She loves just hanging out with him and being his shadow, while learning from him and absorbing everything he tells her.
  • Sebastien: While Coax may not see Sebastien as a "mate" per se, Evelyn would not know any different and she does not judge them as she has the innocent mind of a child. Even if they are not "official" she still sees it that way. Seb is her Papa, and she loves him to pieces. She loves hanging out and learning from him.
  • Dahlia de le Poer: Dahlia is her auntie and up until she left was really the only "motherly" figure in her life, while she has two dads that more than make up that role, she deeply misses Dahlia.
  • Till Van Ulrich-Lykoi: Till is Evelyn's grandfather and she also loves spending time with him. He will teach her to use a bow and she learns many other things from her grandfather.

Negative Relations

  • Characters: Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Ut a mauris at tortor consectetur semper eu sit amet dui. Aenean pellentesque ultricies orci eget rutrum.

Pack Relations

Positive Relations

  • Grievous Eternity
  • Julius Valentine
  • Pontifex Troy Lykoi
  • Helena Troy Lykoi
  • Clementine Salcedo

Neutral Relations

  • --

Negative Relations

  • --


  • October 31st, 2018 - Born alongside her brother Eden de le Ulrich to Faith De Le Poer and Coaxoch. Faith dies just after she gives birth and names her babies. Dahlia promises to raise them and watch over them upon her sisters death.
  • February 19th, 2019 - At Eden's behest the two sneak into Dahlia's bags when she disappears one night. They are caught and kept by a fire with the members of the Cartel for the night where they meet a bunch of strange coyotes. After talking to their auntie and realizing how sad she is in Salsola the two agree that Dahlia should be happy and join The Cartel.
  • Early May, 2019 - Evelyn learns to shift for the first time.
  • June, 2019 - Evelyn and Eden are accepted into the adult ranks of Salsola.


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