Endymion Russo

Endymion Russo

Date of BirthNovember, 2005
Age> 4 years
SubspeciesRed Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeAshen Mountain, Jaded Shadows
'Souls Profile

Previous Pack

Jaded Shadows

Joining dateNovember 2005
SignificanceBirthpack, member

Endymion Russo, son of Fatin Kali and Thorn Russo was a previous member of Jaded Shadows.


Endymion Russo stems from not two, but three extensive family lines. Fatin Kali is his mother, whom he reveres and also takes after in appearance. He has two fathers: Thorn Russo and Salvaged Eternity. Fatin and Salvaged were mated, but a certain event between the pale pirate and her produced our Endymion in November of 2005. Therefore, he is named after the pirate. Salvaged, however, raised him in Jaded Shadows, so 'father' status belonged more to the rapist. This still does not stop Endymion from considering Thorn his father, despite the fact that he was never there for the boy. Though he is slightly bitter, he still longs to find his blood father.

When Endymion was a year old, he left his birth home of Jaded Shadows to live in Awenasa, Fatin's birth tribe. There he met much of his Kali-Nakado family, and picked up a few skills. Almost a year later he set off with his beloved aunt Alarice, with the intent to return to Jaded Shadows. However, Endymion caught scent of Thorn Russo along their journey, and felt moved to go after the trail. The duo split with a promise to meet in Jaded Shadows. when Endymion's search for his father failed, he arrived at Jaded Shadows about a month after his aunt, much to the joy of his mother.


Serious and quiet most of the time. Worries a great deal over the safety of his family. Relaxed and calm for the most part, unless faced with a social situation or difficult task. Caring and passionate by nature.


Family, loyalty, Jaded Shadows, mountains, leatherworking, wood carving, sunsets.


Indecency, awkward moments, people who try to hurt his family, disrespect.


Quick, gifted craftsman, level headed (most of the time).


Compassionate, optimistic (at times) and trusts people easily.




Apart from family, he's gotten along quite well with Jasper de le Poer, Valentine Valiant, and Kieran Heartsong.


Gabriel de le Poer


Although too young to be considered an enemy, he despises Andrezej Lykoi for trying to hurt his sister, Legacy, and his brother, Merit.


A generally red coat with shades of dark brown to gold mixed throughout. Silver-gray forehead, cream underbelly and legs. Dark red tail and ears. Guard-hairs of silver on shoulders and haunches. He has pale green with a hint of yellow. He has red, loose curls that fall just upon his shoulders when they aren't tied in a knot on his head.

He has a warm, organic smells; cinnamon and evergreen trees. His movement is quick and sometimes cautious. Often crosses his arms when he talks, or musses up the back of his head. Fidgety. However, the Kali genes provide certain grace and agility that allows Endymion some self-respect.

He has no tattoos, but bears gossamer-thin slices on his hands from woodcarving and leatherworking.

Luperci Forms


95 pounds, 30 inches tall. Very coyote-like in appearance, with pointed ears and a narrow face.


125 pounds and 35 inches tall.


6'11" and 185 pounds. Mostly red and cream in this form. Small build, like a sprinter. Will fill out come spring/summer.

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