Ember Stormfall

This character was a pNPC in Midnight Shores.

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Ember Stormfall is a member of Midnight Shores, an ex-sailor and sister to Janus Stormfall.






  • Species: Wolf hybrid
  • None!



  • None yet.

It can be safely assumed that your character has met Ember in Ember's Cafe or helping to man Midnight Shores' ship.

1.  Appearance

Ember has the rich colouring of a red wolf but, owing to her mixed heritage, is a fair bit larger than the typical red wolf. Her base coat is a reddish Tuscany which blends into a darker Cork covering her back and shoulders, as well as the outsides of her upper arms, fading back in towards her hands. Her muzzle is also “dipped” in this shade of dark brown, and it graces the backs of her ears. Her inner ears, as well as a short snip of a triangle on the bridge of her muzzle pointing towards her forehead are a soft Indian Khaki. Her eyes are a bright and clear Mint.

1.1  Basics


  • Species: Ember mostly resembles a larger version of a Red Wolf.
  • Fur: Short and dense.
    • Optime Hair: Her hair is a mass of waves chopped to around chin length, with a straight across (but choppy) fringe; she often appears to have "bedhead".
  • Facial Features: Ember has large ears and a tapered muzzle.
  • Build and Size: Ember is toned in all her forms, with feminine curves.
    • Lupus: Her fur is short and dense, showing the typical characteristics of a double coat.
    • Optime: Tall and toned with an hourglass figure and long limbs.
  • Humanization: She often wears a leather band around her hair and tucked behind her ears with a heart of rose quartz sitting in the middle of her forehead. Ember owns assorted items of clothing but prefers loose and comfortable skirts or dresses tied with a chunky belt which also features a sheath for her dagger. When working in the café she sports a short wraparound apron with several pockets.


  • Fur: Ember's base coat is reddish, marked with dark brown and a couple of flashes of cream.
  • Eyes: Mint
  • Optime Hair: Cork, fading to Tuscany at the tips to give a sun-bleached appearance.
  • Main Body Colour: Tuscany
  • Nose and Paw Pads: Black
  • Markings: Cork; Indian Khaki


Tuscany (#BD542E)
Cork (#40291D)
Indian Khaki (#C3B091)
Mint (#3EB489)

2.  Personality

Ember is gentle and sweet, a good listener but not shy with it. A very affectionate wolf who strives to comfort troubled souls, she can struggle to hold back that affection when faced with someone who’s uncomfortable with physical reassurance. She feels emotions deeply and passionately and isn’t afraid to show that, but doesn’t let her passion rule over her.

She has a sentimental and romantic soul, and sometimes appears to get caught up more in creating perfect moments than appreciating the present for what it is. She’s the sort who might focus so much on making a fairytale out of her life that she forgets to appreciate what’s right in front of her. Prone to daydreaming, she can come across as absent at times, but is more perceptive than she lets on.

She does, however, have a darker side which stems from her days of being one of few females on a ship dominated by males. She doesn’t take kindly to bullying or crass humour and she knows how to hold a grudge, particularly against those who insult her, the Stormfall family or Midnight Shores. While she tries not to use them, she knows a slew of swear words in several languages.

She rarely talks about her past and at times seems afraid of it, opting to focus wholly (and sometimes to her detriment) on building the ideal future. Ember enjoys acting out macabre and sometimes slightly disturbing puppet shows with the skull which she keeps around for reasons known only to her; only she knows whose face it originally wore, and that’s a closely guarded secret.

3.  Relationships

Key Relations

Minor Relations


Former Relations

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4.  Skills and Inventory



Ember has a small garden at the back of her Café in which she grows various teas, edibles and smokeables.


She's a good cook and makes yummy delights for Midnight Shores!


Before joining Midnight Shores, Ember and her brother Janus were sailors.


Ember sometimes performs puppet shows with the canine skull which she treasures. It's kinda creepy.


Canine Skull

Ember has a canine skull that she keeps around. Sometimes she'll use it for a macabre puppet show.


Ember also carries a dagger with her, for protection.

5.  History


Ember was a sailor before she and her brother, Janus, met Arte, who was a traveling loner. Intrigued by his tales, they decided to join him and retire their hard life as crewmembers of a tyrannical captain. She and her brother decided to part ways with Arte when they helped found Midnight Shores.

In the middle of July, 2015, Ember found a small abandoned restaurant in Charlottetown, decently intact. She decorated it and fixed it up, and now runs what she calls Ember's Cafe, and serves various drinks and small foods to those who come and sit a while. She has a small, personal garden behind her shop that she uses to grow plants for tea and other consumables.