Dresden Thrace

Dresden Thrace

Dresden by Jenny
Date of Birth23 April 2008
Age3 years
Subspecies100% canis familiaris
Birth placeKobol, midwest US
Current packNone
'Souls Profile

Dresden Thrace is a warrior and hunter currently traveling alone through Nova Scotia.

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  1.   1.  History
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
  4.   4.  Skills
  5.   5.  Appearance
  6.   6.  Horse Companion

1.  History

Dresden was born to two Siberian Husky parents living in the tribe of Kobol, located in the mid-western United States. A fairly large tribe, Kobol was made up mostly of wolves, with small numbers of coyote and domestic dog members. Dresden’s parents had been travelers from the northwest, arriving at Kobol a just over a year before his birth. They quickly grew fond of the friendly tribesmen and soon decided to settle down there, adopting the Kobol belief system as their own. The Kobol people worship twelve Lords, gods and goddesses that preside over the elements and various aspects of life. Their tales claim that the Luperci rose from the ashes of humanity after the apocalypse that was orchestrated by the Lords in order to cleanse the world.

Dresden was raised with the other youths of the tribe, and once he learned to shift, he began his training as a warrior and a hunter. When he mastered use of his hunting bow and sharpened his close quarters combat skills with his claws and daggers, he was deemed a full-fledged hunter and warrior and began to go out with the adults to provide for and protect the tribe.

The area the tribe was in seemed to be near a frequent path taken by travelers. While most travelers were decidedly neutral passersby, from time to time, some of the nomadic clans in the area would press an attack. After one particularly trying battle, Dresden displayed his expertise in slinging a blade while protecting a wounded comrade. Upon his return from the battle, Dresden was honored by being named as one of Kobol’s honored warriors. Shortly after this, he approached the snowy white she-wolf, Lily, that he had been courting for a few months and asked her to be his mate. Happily, she accepted, and come springtime, the new couple was blessed with two beautiful daughters.

The two-toned male was not simply a shining hero, however. He had the tendency to take things that belonged to others, rationalizing the thefts by arguing that it would be selfish for any one person to claim anything the gods had given them for themselves. If someone were to steal from him, he would merely turn it into a game to see how fast he could snatch it back. His sticky fingers inevitably got him in more trouble than he could handle when he took an idol of the god Apollo from the tribe’s temple for himself. This was not the first time he had done this, and his actions were seen as defiling the temple, a terrible crime against the people of Kobol. The consequences for his crime would have fallen to his family as well, leaving them to be treated as outcasts by the rest of the tribe. With some convincing, the Elder Council ruled to leave his family out of it should he go into exile.

2.  Personality

Dresden has a good heart, though it doesn’t always show. He has a generally carefree and aloof attitude, though the weariness of travel has subdued it some. Once he warms up to a person, it’s easy to see his playfully wry sense of humor. Past experiences and months travelling on his own has made his own best interests his first priority. At times, this makes him come off as self-centered, but unless there is something for him to gain in interacting with another, he’s generally apathetic to what others think about him. He has a very short fuse, falling into a cold and silent anger that can quickly descend into violence if pushed

3.  Relationships

Nothing in 'Souls atm, he is a lonely loner. :[

4.  Skills

Dresden is proficient in both hand-to-hand and knife combat, as well as use of bows and arrows for hunting. He can craft new arrows and is somewhat knowledgable in creating new bows. Has moderate skills in horseback riding and horse care.

5.  Appearance

Dresden’s coat takes on one of the most common appearances of Siberian Huskies, with black and dark grey fur along his back and the top of his head and white coloring the rest of him. Icy blue eyes stand out against a subtle husky face mask—streaks of black just beginning to creep around his eyes and down his muzzle with a flash of white above his eyes and sneaking up his forehead. He stands fairly tall at 7’0” in optime form, with an athletic build gained from his lifestyle as a warrior and a hunter.

His left ear has three small, silver hoops going up his ear, while his right only has two, each symbolic of his achievements in the Kobol tribe. In a similar vein, the simple ouroboros tattoo that circles around his upper-left arm is a symbol worn by warriors of the tribe. There are a number of scars across his body, the most prominent being two slashes across his left calf, a jagged scar just above his right hip, and a thin slash behind his left ear.

Typically, his mane is cropped short, though at times, if it is long enough, he will style it into a bit of a faux-hawk. Dresden most often prefers to avoid clothing, generally wearing nothing more than a simple, brown loin-cloth, though in rare instances he can be seen sporting a tattered pair of shorts at most. He almost always carries his hunting bow with him, a quiver full of hand-crafted arrows slung across his back. A makeshift holster crosses his chest opposite the quiver’s straps, holding two daggers in their sheaths on his left side, within easy reach. A third dagger sits on his right side, attached to the simple belt worn around his waist. On the opposite side of this belt are two small satchels: a burgundy one carrying a small collection poisons and a white one filled with various herbal remedies. Attached to this belt is a third and somewhat larger satchel near his back, filled with various tools and a small idol of the god Apollo.

6.  Horse Companion

Stranger - Stranger had joined Dresden after the warrior had won him during a bet and a duel with a member of a small group that was settled a few weeks travel from Kobol. Wisely, Dresden departed from the group before he got sucked into another challenge. Dresden first referred to the horse as a stranger, and over time the title developed into a name.

The stallion is a dark bay with black points and about 7 years old with a sturdy build. Can be tempermental at times, especially in close proximity to canines he doesn't know. He's warmed up to Dresden after plenty of travel together, but he has been known to challenge him every so often.

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