Dorian Blackmane

(:Dorian Blackmane:)

Dorian Blackmane

Dorian Blackmane, by Kyle
Name Meaning"tempestuous weather"
Name OriginFrom the Gaelic name Doireann
Date of Birth13th November 2012
Age1 year, 9 months
Subspecies50% Canis lupus labradorius
45% Canis lupus arctos
5% Deutscher Schäferhund
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeCounty Durham, England
Current packN/A
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The Blackmane Clan

Dorian Blackmane is a Wolf hybrid from County Durham, England. He sees himslef as an intellectual, and wishes to learn all he can, in order to pass down his discoveries to his people.

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  1.   1.  Character Information
    1.   1.1  Personality
    2.   1.2  Relationships
    3.   1.3  Abilities, talents and skills
  2.   2.  Items
    1.   2.1  Personal items/information(letters, notes ECT.)
    2.   2.2  Weapons
    3.   2.3  Human Relics
    4.   2.4  Miscellaneous
  3.   3.  Appearance
    1.   3.1  Basics
    2.   3.2  Luperci Forms
  4.   4.  Interaction
    1.   4.1  Accent
    2.   4.2  Stance/gait
    3.   4.3  Scent
    4.   4.4  First Impressions
  5.   5.  Wounds
  6.   6.  Story
    1.   6.1  Pre-'Souls History
    2.   6.2  'Souls History
  7.   7.  Notable Threads
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1.  Character Information

1.1  Personality

Core beliefs


Dorian does not believe in a higher power. He does however, believe in an afterlife, his belief in which is a combination of his mother's beliefs and his own experiences. In Dorian's mind a person should always strive to achieve their best and never give in. He also believes that everybody should aim to make themselves the best they can by any means necessary as long as it does not conflict with their morality. Those who fail to achieve their life goals are damned to walk the earth as restless spirits.


Dorian does not see anything as inherently evil. He believes that everybody has their own morality, and so each person has an idea of what good and bad are (Bad being opposed to their life goals, Good being help towards their life goals.) In Dorian's mind, as long as an action correlates with somebodies morality, they have the right to do it even if others disapprove.

Basic personality traits

-Values Companionship

   -Appreciates understanding and kindness
   -Creates deep emotional bonds with those who earn it (and earning it takes a LOT).
   -Has a strong affinity towards females, especially older females. 

-Loves to learn

   -Is fascinated with the legends of the 'old world' and the fur-less ones (Humans)
   -Excitable at the prospect of gathering more information
   -Hopes to write a manifesto of his knowledge, to teach others.

-Is not highly sociable

  -Does not entirely grasp pack dynamics. 
  -Despises Alpha males.
  -Logically assesses a person before deciding to get to know them.

-Easy to anger if...

   -People he cares for are put in danger
   -He is ignored
   -People around him are highly animalistic. 

-Tends to...

   -Never show his true feelings.
   -Only put value in any form of relationship if he will gain something from it.
   -Conceal his motivation from everyone except those he  truly trusts. 

1.2  Relationships

Major Relationships

Kirstin Birdsong (Mother, Dead)

Dorian had a strong bond with his mother. Even though throughout most his life she seemed cold or distant, he understands that she acted this way to try and toughen him up for the real world. Some of his fondest memories are of the time he and his mother spent together when he was a pup.

All relations

A strikethrough implies death


  • Shadow Blackmane(Sibling)
  • Midus Blackmane (Sibling)
  • Khaild Blackmane (Sibling, Estranged)
  • Sophia Blackmane (Sibling)
  • Kirstin Birdsong (Mother)
  • (Father, Unknown)


  • Lupain DuVore (Benefactor, Close friend)


  • N/A


  • Unknown Alpha male and his pack (Murdered Dorian's Mother)

Love Interests



Current Mate


Current Crush


Past Mates


Past Crushes


1.3  Abilities, talents and skills

List your characters abilities, talents, skills, and any knowledge they have!


  • Mid-level Reading and Writing.
  • Mid-level Artistic talent.
  • Weapon Proficiency (Expert): Bow
  • Weapon Proficiency (Journeyman): Axe
  • Multi-lingual (English, Broken French, Low-speak (North eastern English Rabbit) )


  • extreme anxiety in the face of dominant Alpha males.
  • lower-then-average strength
  • obscured vision in left eye.

2.  Items

2.1  Personal items/information(letters, notes ECT.)

  • Letter from Lupain DuVore to (Smudged name)
  • Personal Journal:
   - Page 1: Map of England
   - Page 2: Sketch of Manchester ruins
   - Page 3: Notes on Manchester ruins
   - Page 4: Notes on lighter, pen and glass bottle
   - Page 5: Notes on Yorkshire ruins
   - Page 6: Sketch of mother's murderer
   - Page 7: Notes on London
   - Page 8: Sketch of Lupain DuVore

2.2  Weapons

  • Bow and Quiver (18 arrow capacity)
  • Hand axe (Wooden handle, iron head.)

2.3  Human Relics

  • Lighter (No fuel)
  • Pen (no ink, used as quill)
  • Glass bottle (Filled with writing ink.)

2.4  Miscellaneous



  • Faded and worn navy blue militery coat (Style Circa 1880, cotton/polyester reproduction from 1987 production of 'The Pirates of Penzance'.)
  • Faded and blotchy dark blue trousers. Loose fitting around legs, some rips around the bottom. (Crafted in england by a Lupirci craftsman.)

Carrying capacity

  • Brown leather satchel that is as rectangular, at approx the size of A4 paper.
  • Rope belt with knot for 'axe holster'


3.  Appearance

3.1  Basics


  • Species: Dorian is 50% Canis lupus labradorius (Labrador Wolf), 45% Canis lupus arctos (Arctic Wolf), 5% Deutscher Schäferhund (German Sheppard/Alsation). As such, Dorian manly has features from his Dominant breed such as thick grey fur. However, the large amount of Arctic Wolf means he has a long pointed snout and patches of white over his body. His Alsation blood is evident in his erect, pointed ears. It is obvious by looking at him that he is predominantly wolf, however someone with a very keen sense of smell would be able to tell he an almost negligible amount of dog blood.
  • Fur: Dorian has mainly long and very thick fur. It can easily become matted and is sometimes difficult to clean. Even in Lupus form, Dorian has an exceedingly long mane and thick tail fur.
    • Optime Hair: Dorian styles his Optime hair into long, loose dreadlocks.
  • Facial Features: Dorian has very prominant facial structure, including cheak bones. His snout is long and thing, tapering in thickness as is draws away from his face. It all wokrs to give him a face that looks thin.
  • Build and Size: Dorian is 6'4, but walks like he is about seven inches smaller, straightening up and keeping a strong posture. His body is rather thin, showing that he is lean and athletic, but not as strong as the usual Luperci his size.
  • Humanization: Dorian is very humanised. Part of his cultural customs have been to act civilised and wear clothes. He is highly motivated by curiosity and academia. He is very dexterious with his humanoid hands, and is much more responsive to threats in his Optime form, which he barely ever chooses to change from.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat colour: Mid-dark grey
    • Secondary coat colour: Jet Black
    • Tertiary coat colour: Bone white
  • Markings:
    • Black chin, mane and back.
    • White mask and white stomach.
  • Eyes: Left: Grey-blue with ruddy red cresting at the bottom. Right: Ice blue merging into deep blue.
  • Optime Hair: Jet Black
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Very dark grey (not black)


  • Scars: One broad scar following the line of his eye socket just underneath his left eye.
  • Piercings: N/A
  • Tattoos: N/A

3.2  Luperci Forms


  • Height 29 in
  • Weight 88 Lbs


  • Height 40 in
  • Weight 142 Lbs


  • Height 6ft 4 in
  • Weight 220 Lbs

4.  Interaction

4.1  Accent

Dorian has a northern English accent. The regional dialect is something between a Scotsman, a Geordie and Yorkshire. This means that he occasionally uses rhyming slang and does not annunciate T's which occur in the middle of words ('Don't try that' would become 'don' try thah.'. Though he tries his best to speak properly when in educated company, his natural accent is difficult for him to shirk.

4.2  Stance/gait

Dorian has a generally straight stance, with a slight forward arch to his back and a minor bend at the knees, which are part of his biology. His walk is powerful and as he walks he leans forwards, meaning he walks quickly. Though he is male, his time spent around his mother has meant his walk and stance have slightly feminine attributes, such as extra hip movement and the tendency to put most of his weight on one foot.

4.3  Scent

Dorian generally smells like a canine, however his choice to style his mane has rustled in using honey to bind the ends of dreadlocks, meaning he has a sweet smell in addition to his natural musk.

4.4  First Impressions

Dorian is not one to invest emotionally in people he sees as a waste of time or effort. He will asses a person and their personality before letting his guard down. If he is given the impression that someone is callous or unintelligent, he may seek to avoid that person in future.

5.  Wounds

Scar under left eye, damage to left eye

When Dorian and his mother were attacked, Dorian was left with his life. However, as a reminder never to stray into the pack lands of others, the pack's Alpha dug his claws into the bottom of Dorian's eye, damaging the eyeball and leaving a scar just underneath it. As such, Dorian has 50% less peripheral vision in his left eye and cannot focus on nearby objects when his right eye is closed.

6.  Story

6.1  Pre-'Souls History


Dorian was the third child of Kirstin Birdsong and an unknown father, born in the northern County of Durham in England. He had four other siblings. When the litter was three weeks old, a territorial dispute between Dorian's pack and a nomadic pack from the Yorkshire area resulted in the death of three of his siblings, and the forced abandonment of one other. After this indecent, Dorian's mother decided to leave the pack and search for a safe haven she could call home. The journey was perilous for such a young pup, even one carried by his mother. However, she was very attentive and never neglected his needs. They ventured west, crossing the country in a week and finding a cave in which to reside. The cave was abandoned because of an old legend that told of great spirits that caused death to those who entered. Kirstin however, was not a superstitious woman, and settled in the cave with no difficulty.

By the time he was twelve weeks old,He had started exploring the deeper parts of the cave. Even though his mother warned him not to venture too far, his natural curiosity led him to find relics of some kind. When he brought them back to his mother, she examined them to see if anything was of use. After deciding nothing could help them, she told him the relics must have belonged to the fur-less ones. It is a legend that says there were creatures that wondered the earth without any fur and with skin as smooth as grass, that tried to destroy the world. They could send messages without writing and breathe fire. The stories captivated Dorian, and he demanded more stories night after night. Eventually his mother stopped telling him the stories, and began his education. From when he was just over five months, Dorian was taught by his mother how to hunt small prey. Though he had a natural affinity for it, his mother would then force him to fight her for it. Though she did not injure her son, he never managed to beat her, and so he was only given half of the meal he had captured.

At six months he began to manifest his shifting abilities. His mother helped him through the early stages of the process, but left him to figure out the rest on his own. It was a cruel way to act, leaving him alone when he needed help. Even though the change came naturally to him, it took a small amount of time to perfect the change. In the following months, Dorian was taught basic reading and writing by his mother. He was also taught how to use tools to create fire and how to use primitive weapons, such as bows, clubs and axes. Though she tried to keep an eye on him at all times, sometimes he slipped away from her and explored more and more of the surrounding area. On one such venture Dorian stumbled across another wolf, a female named Tora veel. He was curious, and cautiously approached her. Though they had only just met, she was smitten with him. Dorian however, did not feel the same way, and though he acted kind to her he kept himself distant. He met her on three more occasions. Each time she became closer to him, and he realised it. He asked her to bring him any artefacts she happened across.

On their final meeting, Tora brought Dorian a small metal box from a collapsed house in the lighter part of the forest. The two looked over the relic, and could only work out that it opened. What it did besides this was beyond them. Just before Tora left to return to her pack, she tried to convince Dorian to come with her. Dorian was unsurprised, and declined her offer. She was obviously hurt by this, and left disappointed. The following week, whilst hunting, Dorian was ambushed by a hunting group. They demanded to know if he had seen Tora. Out of fear for his own life, he told them she had never been in his part of the forest. The group left peacefully, but Dorian began his own search for her. After a week of looking in and around his hunting grounds, he decided that she must have died. Though upset at the loss of a friend, he quickly learned to hide his emotions infront of his mother, who saw sadness as weakness.

One day, whilst hunting with his mother, Dorian stumbled upon the ruins of a city. He almost instantly linked these ruins with the stories his mother had told him in childhood. There he began to dig and work his way through the broken streets and decaying husks of buildings. Many of the artefacts seemed alien. One such artefact was a metal box, that could not be moved side to side, But the metal circles underneath it allowed it to move backwards and forwards (If enough force was applied.)Other artefacts ranged from rusted bolts to thin sheets of metal. After studying these items, he gathered those he could carry and brought them to a nearby township. There the metalworkers and craftsmen traded the materials for clothing and parchment. He returned, his mother following, to the ruins again and again, this time writing notes drawing sketches. Of course, one area did not occupy him for very long. And so he moved on to the next set of ruins.

As the Defacto leader of the two man pack, his mother allowed him his eccentricity. His fixation with the 'Old world' and the fur-less ones was unusual, but she felt it could be of use. The ruins of this second location however, were not abandoned. Another pack had made a home in the ruins. Dorian, inexperienced with true pack dynamics, attempted to peacefully negotiate a way he could examine the ruins. His mother protested,and attempted to take him away from the ruins. He protested, and their discussion caught the attention of the pack that lived in the ruins. The much more feral pack did not feel the same way he did about negotiation. He and his mother were attacked. Dorian was pinned down and forced to watch as his mother was assaulted, and then murdered. Feeling superior, the Alpha of the feral pack dug into the bottom of Dorian's left eye to give him a mark of shame, but let him live.

After witnessing such a brutal attack, Dorian lost his faith in his kind, and resigned himself to wondering the forests and moors of the English countryside. He unwittingly made his way south. By some miracle, he avoided nearly all of the pack lands, and near exhaustion, was discovered by the scouts of an outpost. He was nursed in the outpost, specifically by a Luperci called Vorvan. Vorvan explained to Dorian that he had crossed almost the entire country. Though it took some time, Dorian began to trust Vorvan. The two eventually began to have relations, however the union of two males was frowned upon in the pack of guards at the outpost, and Dorian was forced to move on, separated from Vorvan. Continuing south, Dorian ended up in London.

There, he fell into a state of depression, lamenting the loss of his mother and the intolerance of the outpost. He barely had the will to hunt. However, he was determined to keep himself alive and see his goals fulfilled. He made some connections in London, and heard rumours of great ruins in Canada. Supposedly the climate had kept the ruins in better condition then those of England. So, with reluctance, he came into contact with a Wolf who could help. Lupain DeVore. A Frenchman who was a source of aid for many who needed it. DeVore even had friends in Canada. So it was more the likely he could help. And help he did. DeVore became a good friend of Dorian in the following month, and mentored him in the arts, and helped to teach Dorian French. As a gift to his friend, DeVore sent Dorian on his way to Canada on the Ship 'Noir', and all Dorian had to do to pay him back was deliver a letter to a wolf in Freetown.

Detailed moments from pre 'souls history

May 2014, Mother's Death

The birds were silent in this part of the forest. Even though it was a relatively warm and light day, the lack of noise was enough to put the two on edge. Dorian was crouched, his hand gripping onto the shaft of the bow so tightly it began to squeak at him in protest. He was moving silently, his mother at his back with her bow as readied as his. It had only been two weeks since they had stumbled across the ruins of Manchet. The forest around there was deathly quiet as well, the only real noise being the scuttling of the foxes over the craggy grey roads. To Dorian the ruins were beautiful; the mixture of greys, reds and greens spreading like paint over the canvas of the landscape. This felt different however. He couldn't quite say what it was. It may have been the fact these ruins were intermingled with the trees. It may have been the subtle sounds of breathing from around the two explorers.

It didn't matter to him anyway. Knowledge was power, and he intended to be the most powerful when it came to the ruins of the old world. He reached forward with his foot, his paw gently sliding across the concrete for a fraction of a second, before he put more weight on it and rooted the extremity to the floor. His mother, crouched right behind him, rested her hand gently on his shoulder. His head turns slowly, half towards her so she knows he is paying attention.

"You can smell them." she whispered. Her voice was as soft as a gentle stream. Dorian took in a deep breath, his lungs filling with all the scents of his surroundings. Through the stinging musk of the bitter day, he could smell the scent of his kind. He took another breath, and then another. Each time the smells illustrated more and more of his surroundings. The approximate locations of the other wolves, the dust of the ruins, the bitter smell of weeds. Though Dorian had not expected any of these remote ruins to be occupied, he did not plan on simply turning back now.

"There can't be many." He replied, not waiting for any further observations before setting off once again with his mother in hot pursuit. The stubby trees began to thin out even more so then they had been as they drew ever closer to the heart of the ruins. It was the sight of a shadow moving quickly across the cracked ground that alerted them to the presence of a guard. He stood high on one of the crumbling towers, his feet and one of his hands clutching onto a pile of half fallen bricks. The guard was painted in the thick paste of the plants. He was olive green from tail to snout, a ragged loincloth and rope belt his only semblance of dignity. Dorian looked right into the feral one's eyes, slowly lowering his bow.

"What are you doing?!" his mother stressed, raising her own bow towards the guard.

"This doesn't have to be the start of a fight." Dorian started, keeping his tone hushed conspiratorially. "We should try to work something out with those who live here."

"Look at it. There will be no bargaining with these beasts."

"And would you rather kill before knowing that for a fact?" Dorian almost spat, slightly shocked at his mother's seeming animosity towards her own kind. He turned to look at her, and her eyes darted towards him. Her expression was solemn. She quickly returned her gaze to the collapsed tower the guard had stood upon.

"Fyk." she cursed loudly. Dorian turned his head back to the tower. The guard was gone. "He will be back... they will be back." She added.

Dorian sighed, withdrawing his arrow and slinging his bow over his back. "You, mother, are the one who told me we need to learn how to barter with our own kind." He said simply, standing and walking towards the heart of the ruins as if their path had not been interrupted. His mother scoffed, frustrated at his stubbornness to accept what she was saying. She keeled on the spot for a while, gritting her teeth. She knew something bad was going to happen. She could feel it. Against her better judgement however, she joined him. Besides the fallen tower, mots of the other buildings were in a decent condition. Most had not yet crumbled to their foundations, and some even stood whole with negligible damage to the surface.

Dorian kept his guard up, expecting to see the inhabitants at any moment.

6.2  'Souls History

Dorian was caught up in a storm and crashed just south of Prince Edward Island. He survived the crash, and encountered Gunslinger Russo.

Pack Founding


Life in the pack


7.  Notable Threads

7.1  'Souls threads

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