Dmitri Markov

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  1.   1.  Appearance
  2.   2.  Personality
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Born in Portland.

Quick Stats




2 years (Aug 2015)






Yes (Ortus)



1.  Appearance


Build: Tall, muscular.

He exhibits the longer legs of a European wolf and the broad chest and solidity of a Molosser dog.


  • 50% Russian Wolf
  • 25% Mackenzie Valley Wolf
  • 25% Dog

Humanization: Moderate - Light

He doesn't wear clothing or accessories but has an upright, 'non-feral' posture in Optime. He keeps his mane trimmed so that the hair is only slightly longer than his fur.


  • Claw marks on left cheek

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2.  Personality

3.  Relationships

4.  History


Dmitri was born in Portland to an ambitious Russian shipwright and a flighty, feral gypsy. True to her more wild nature, his mother left soon after the litter was weaned. Left alone with six rambunctious, not-yet-shifted pups, his father was overwhelmed and became authoritarian in his rearing methods. Once they shifted his father's stern demeanor only worsened and he demanded long, hard hours from his children to revive his neglected shipyard.

Taking after his mother from the start, Dmitri coveted any time spent away from the bustling port town - and, subsequently, butted heads with his father the most. Yet the more they argued over his time spent 'frolicking in the damn woods', the more time Dmitri spent doing just that. His brothers sided with their father more times than not but his only sister, though she did not understand, at least did not condone him for his time spent in the forest. Anna was the only one to stand up against their father on his behalf and had a way of defusing the uncompromising man when no one else could.

When they were alone, Dmitri would confide in Anna his plans to leave. To search for their mother, he said, though none of them had any idea where she had gone or even what direction she went when she left. To get away from their father, he didn't say, but they both knew the real reason. He would include her in the plans and though Anna never corrected him, she also never agreed to join him. Still, Dmitri believed that someday they would run away, together.

The fight was about the same thing the fights were always about, Dmitri not spending enough time working at the shipyard, but it was different than the arguments that had come before. It escalated quickly and to a higher level and culminated with his father's claws across Dimitri's face. Blood was still running down his cheek when he found Anna and told her to gather her things. She wasn't leaving, she told him, had never planned to. Betrayed, humiliated and heartbroken, Dmitri left Portland alone.

He traveled mostly north, following the shore because it was familiar. With no skills or experience, he struggled to survive alone. He stayed with others when he could but never for more than a week or two. For a long stretch before reaching Nova Scotia he saw no one and by the time his paws crossed into 'Souls territory he was heading towards starvation.


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