Darken Sidemoon

Sex:Male Date of Birth:31 Oct 2012

Species:wolf (55%) coyote (45%) Luperci:Ortus

Appearance:dark fur with scars lining the body from an attack to his family and their home and then some, and a scratch right across the eye some how his eye was barely missed and not blinded, he also has a cheast plate with slice, bash and claw marks all over it it's abyssal black to were if night time would look like his torso is gone, and a muscular form that would make gods jealous.

He's face says a story all its own a sad painful look that stains his face but a kind but broken smile. When not in luperci's bipedal form he prefers a wolf like form to be his state as this he could be normal looking with out most of the scars he read a book okay! half a book red riding hood he rather liked the cloak she had so during travels due to the tragedies that he had been through found a cloak like in the book in what was a human museum and in the medieval section which is where he also found the it was a hidden blade and an old short sword in a almost perfect state chest plate and a and dawned one of the same look in the war he wore the red cloak all the time so much that its got cuts slashes other cutlery and claw like stuff he as a wolf he looks just like an alpha in looks. yet some beta omega type features. Personality:Bad traits: Post traumatic stress disordermaking him slightly distrusting and his hands or if in wolf form paws or legs shake randomly / uncontrollably also the past sometimes is combined with the present making him relived in a way whether it is watching or think is happening or redoing some old actions he can't help it he's a victim of war and a forgot brother he is mostly sad but you can find in him a playful side if he is willing to trust you it will take a lot even if you are the alpha leader or his wife/mate.

Good traits:

out of all this Darken is a protector, helping hand, and shoulder to cry on type of guy. He's loving, genial, and he has a strong sense of justice. He is a CHAMPION for the defenseless, even if the person he's against is a leader or high rank, even if the person he's against can give the order to kill him.

He's always there for his brothers or sisters of the pack. He has this saying that even if no one's there, "know one left, now know one, know one at all."

He's the person that is scary looking, but could not be a better guy. Darken is literally a walking "DON'T JUDGE A BOOK BY ITS COVER."

Biography:He was born into a time peaceful but yet there where dangers that reached every where peace maybe not but its like he says home is where family is and that's your pack. his family and him where proud people of the emerald isle to be exact they lived in Dublin, Ireland, even though they where always surrounded by a different pack they had help from a very, very large pack they were not a part of said pack but they had an agreement sometimes they would help the border patrol and in return they keep the Darken's family safe, growing up he learn how to whittle how to fight in not just with claws but blunt judo and other martial arts also the art of sword and sneaky type weapons all from his father by age 2 also how to use the environment to your and advantage and how to repair the weapons too repairing certain clothing he will have mastered it all, growing up surrounded by the packs in 2012 to 2013 you learn to fight or die are be a victim of worse and the pack mentioned earlier didn't help being the largest and most powerful pack in Ireland the T.G.E.E.G the green emerald eyes guard, it was a horrible day the day he fought along with his brother his father and even his mother against a pack of rouge insane mercenary/warlord, his sister on the other hand hid in an old cold war bunker (since she doesn't like conflicts of any kind) where she stayed till it was over he fought so hard and his family had done so well afterward the battle left them a broken fiery home a dead mother and father, the choice they had where the choice to go with out the father for he died to save his littlest son Angelo darkens brother so they had taken refuge in Quebec, Canada they stayed in a run down hotel right across from a what human called museums that featured the setup of native american artifacts and medieval era warrior's weapons and clothing stuff.

He so far he pick up a few things from a human place humans called museums, the museum had a many room but they could only get to the 2 rooms where medieval and the native american rooms. The first room is consisting of a cloak red as blood with the exception of model and wear and tear but if needed it could be worn and besides (he read little red riding hood during the travels well half of it, the other was destroyed) he liked it and well he like the fact it looked like the little red girls cloak it wasn't unfix-able, he was more about using his body as a weapon but the next thing was welcoming to, a hidden blade but not like the Assassin Creed kind of hidden although similar it was a lot more primitive made of wood the blade almost was a switch blade like for insistence it could "flip" out like a switch blade but then in could be hidden behind your wrist like it was never there attached to your wrist when it "flips" out it will become a tiny - moderate sized knife like or a smallish dagger like wooden blade with the mid way to the tip out it said the museum exhibit was native american, so little he knew of the world so he took a guess and said natives of north american and there was a short old sword rusty but if polished and sharpened it could be use-able but you can tell its old after you clean it up, and a chest plate black as the night sky with no stars it had a layer of in order of in to out wood, mesh, metal it was war torn but if he could find some metal and patch it up it would be exactly as it was in the 1200 -1400 - so on so forth, well not after he's had a while live in Quebec didn't quite plan out as a safe place, with all the use-able clothing and the weapons he dawned he the crimson cloak he bore the black chest peace and two blades.

Then came the "night"mare that befell his sister and him their camp for the night was attacked by a band of four raider like assassin masked wolf's maybe jackals but i digress they were attacked out of the blue was attacked they almost didn't get out of course it helps to have been every in the hotel and around it, he was barely alive after he was cut by three of the four assassins blades, his sister found him later on after the creeps left.

As they wander on again he started bleeding a lot. She fixed him up the best she could but with way he's going he must find shelter a pack or some thing if he is to live. So far his sis has done every thing she could for his wounds by now 12/31/2013 she died from frostbite by keeping him war and use up her own body heat her last wish is to find him self once more to regain his memory and to live for her their brother and the others and to make the corrupt pay for their crimes to be the voice of the little people.

Relations:a sister Lilia sidemoon 15 months in luperci years of age but a total stranger to him, his sister Lilia his father Jared sidemoon 6 years in luperci age and his mother Karen sidemoon also 6 years and his brother Angelo sidemoon Angelo is 12 months making Darken the 2nd oldest sibling at the age 14 mouths. All but him are dead murdered, Lilia died later on in the late 2013 to keep him safe she use her body heat one night to make an unconscious Darken not die she knew what would happen yet she did it she left him a note saying the wish that she had a dying request: "live on my brother safe the memories you have recover the old be at peace this is not your fault none of it is go.... find a home and make it a place where evil can't stay, sincerely Lilia your sis p.s. love ya bro" he now has no one so now he goes on looking for a home so close to Nova Scotia.