Damian Immortales

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    2.   1.2  Miscellaneous
  2.   2.  Personality
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  3.   3.  Relationships
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  4.   4.  Skills and Inventory
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  5.   5.  History
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Damian Immortales was born Damian Corric, to Malia and Gerald Corric in a small village outside of (someplace), England. He was the third child in the second litter of four. His parents, not able to provide what they thought would be a suitable upbringing gave the young child to the Immortales Monastery, named after Master Lazarus Immortales himself. Here Damian took on the Immortales name, along with other youths given to the Master in return for shelter and provision. He cut all ties with his birth family, and never heard from them again.

In the Monastery, the children were taught to devote themselves to knowledge and truth. Damian became captivated with the the workings of the mind and how others thought. He took great interest in learning about navigation and the stars, and could often be found immersing himself in the old scrolls of learning that the Monastery held in its library. Once he was old enough, Damian wanted to spread what he knew with those he considered ignorant or foolish. He took his Master's creed of "Knowledge is power" and began a journey from Europe that would eventually lead him to Nova Scotia.






  • Date of Birth: 31 December 2012
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Mate: None
  • Pack: --
  • Rank: --
  • Birthplace: Liverpool
  • Species: Wolf
  • Subspecies:
  • Name Etymology:
    • First Name: to tame; subdue (Greek)
    • Last Name: never dying; living forever (Bastardization of immortal)
  • Finch
    • A Western Jackdaw capable of broken high speech.
    • Been a constant companion since first arriving at the Monastery.
  • Hadrian
    • A black Percheron.
    • Sturdy mount capable of carrying a substantial load.
    • Given as a gift upon Damian's departure from Europe.



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1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

One could call him handsome in the classical fashion. A vision of simple tapestry, the male somehow encompasses the image that most would conjure when imagining the wolves of old. A canvas of fur awash with russets and browns, greys and black, he is untarnished as an orthodox representation of his lineage. A figure wholly adhering to the restrictions of his bloodlines, the male is larger than most of his Eurasian sub-species counterparts. But unlike his siblings, the man is considered slightly lither than would be expected, perhaps in part to his strengths lying in the mental aspect as oppose to the physical. However, one would be wrong in dismissing his apparent lack of bulk as weakness for there is whipcord muscle under his dense, coarse fur that belies a swiftness of movement that suits his tendency to give grandiose displays of emotions and gestures.

Most of his fur is in the spectrum of browns and russet with lingering hues of tan on his ears. Along with his inner ears, his underbelly is lightly dusted with a grey tainted with cream, which blends quite seamlessly to the rest of the fur. Ashen markings of varying degrees of strength frame his face, giving definition to his forehead before tapering along his spine and back. The greys mesh together in a kaleidoscope of colours, each one complimenting the next as they flow along his back and down towards his tail. Intermittent flashes of russets and browns manage to break through the monochrome palette without clashing. All colours somehow manage to amalgamate in his tail, before darkening in shades towards the tips. Perhaps to offset the natural earthen nature of his fur, the male’s eyes provide a stark contrast with two bright points of yellow like lightning flashes.

While the man prefers to keep to his Optime form, if one was to catch him in either Lupus or Secui, they would find little difference between the two save for the inevitable lengthening of fur along his nape. In his preferred form, the male stands tall and confident. There is a certain amount of what some might consider swagger to his movements, a purposeful self-assurance and coolness bordering on arrogance. His hair is long enough to need taming, a gentle caress of fingers placing tussled locks in a manageable and neat fashion. He likens his look to what he imagines the princes of old might look, perhaps inevitable given his dreams of grandeur and self-importance. As the man tend to use outward displays of emotions, typically one would note his conversations accompanied with hand gestures and the odd facial dialogue to give clear indication of what he wishes for others to perceive of him.

Besides the general quirks of physical tic such as tapping his fingers or adopting what he calls a thoughtful pose, there are other subtleties to his appearance that can only be discovered upon closer inspection. His voice carries a strange trace of an accent, the lingering tell of his heritage able to be deciphered. The scent of pine needles and saltwater still cling to his fur from his homeland but it is also laced with wood smoke for the man tends to find solace in the company of the open flame. He keeps to a high level of humanisation, as he has been taught and besieged to since a young age, and as such, prefers a certain amount of adornment. While he has not found a desire for overtly glamourous trinkets, he keeps a single leather necklace on which is a simple oaken crucifix and a feather from his jackdaw companion.


  • Fur:
    • Primary coat colour
    • Secondary coat colour
    • Tertiary coat colour
  • Markings:
    • --
  • Eyes: --


Cioccolato (#4b2e0c)
Hawaiian Tan (#944e13)
Quincy (#60482e)
Potters Clay (#92673d)
Driftwood (#a38348)
Heavy Metal (#222423)
Heavy Metal 2 (#363732)
Bitter (#858a76)
Green Spring (#b2bba8)
Tana (#dcdec8)
Lightning Yellow (#fac429)

By Despi!

1.2  Miscellaneous


  • Scars: None. He doesn't like the idea of messing up his good looks.


  • Black pants
  • White shirt
  • Ash grey long coat
  • Leather necklace with oak crucifix and jackdaw feather attached


30 lbs (13.6 kg)
27 in (68.5 cm)


Never used finding it far to primitive.

132 lbs (60 kg)
44 in (111.6 cm)


Hardly ever used, except when absolutely necessary.

220 lbs (99.8 kg)
6ft 9in (206 cm)

Optime (Preferred)

Almost always in this form.


  • Speech: Typically carries a warmth in tone but his speech is lightly peppered with a scouse accent.
  • Scent: Predominantly pine but still carries a trace of seawater.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often taps or snaps his fingers when in thought. Sometimes will roll his eyes when dealing with a particularly droll character.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident and self-assured, he keeps a upright but relaxed posture. He will never ever be caught slouching.


2.  Personality

Affably EvilBadass BookwormThe CharmerConsummate LiarDeadpan Snarker

One would never perhaps consider the man came from anything less than a privileged upbringing. His manner is typically affable, with polite constraint and charming affirmations. Many a first impression would see a suave character who often finds enjoyment in either proving his intelligence or for a pleasing romance simply to gain some entertainment. Inevitably it means a man of two main aspects: the charming and flirtatious gentleman, or the slightly insufferable genius with a habit of languishing in his brilliance without concept of humility or humbleness. Indeed, he would never allow himself to wallow with company he deems to be of little worth, and certainly almost everything he does will only be to suit his own purposes. As such, much of what happens can come across as underhanded leading some to think of him as a charming jerk with not-so-noble intentions.

Flaunting intelligence is an easy past-time, typically displayed with verbose dialogue and the need to utilise technical jargon without conformation or consideration for anyone within earshot. The man is irked when there is none around to see his displays of skill but there is a contradictory side which sees him rather disinclined to explain things in a simpler manner. Most of this side of him stems from his love of books and knowledge and such things are his top priority, leaving him disinterested in simple niceties with simple folk. However there is a strange disjunction, for he has a love for teaching those willing to learn and as such, will put aside his lack of patience for those he sees as ignorant for those who share the same passion for learning as himself.

There are a few qualities to his character however that some might see as redeeming. One such facet comes in the form of his tenderness for children and youth. Due to him being estranged from his birth parents, the man feels a compulsion to protect and nurture the next generation. A child in trouble or upset will inevitably lead a change in priorities.

Insufferable GeniusLaughably EvilManipulative BastardSesquipedalian LoquaciousnessWicked Cultured

2.1  Ideals


Charming, flirtatious, know-it-all, liar.

  • Outlook: The Apathetic | Melancholic
  • Sociability: Traditionally introverted, puts on an extroverted facade to suit his purposes.
  • Expression: Typically dominant but slides towards neutral to avoid offense.
  • Myers-Briggs TI: INTJ


  • Knowledge: Constantly striving to reach a 'higher level of intelligence.'
  • Identity: Wants to be known, especially after the incidences in his childhood.


  • Something:


  • Packs: --
  • Species: Finds dogs to be uncouth and unclean. He will tolerate only if they show intelligence.
  • Non-Luperci: Believes that all non-Luperci are inferior and have the intelligence of rocks.
  • Gender: Having taken on the same belief as his Master, he believes males to be the superior gender though secretly admires females and appreciates their beauty.


His ideas of love and reproduction are not mutually exclusive. As such he considers himself pansexual, willing to take on several partners for fun and perhaps have the hope that one might be special to him. Whether this is the same character he decides to have children with is unknown for his still carries the same creed of breeding strong and intelligent offspring - as was intended by Master Immortales.


  • Likes: Reading, flirting, learning and night time, teaching younger characters.
  • Dislikes: Idiots, not being the center of attention, being interrupted.
    • Do not infer that he is being stupid or foolish. Ever. He'll punch you. In the face.
    • Also, do not be mean or cruel to children or young canines. You'll regret it. Seriously.


Loves a good flagon of mead. And tea (he's British).


Having been brought up in a Monastery, he had learned the concept of heaven and hell but as of yet, is still undecided on what he actually believes in.

3.  Relationships

* Does not know this person by name.

3.1  Family: Families

3.2  Relations

Key Relations


Positive Relations

  • Characters is also your character's buddy-old-pal-old-friend-of-mine

Neutral / Negative

Minor Relations

4.  Skills and Inventory

4.1  Abilities

Literacy and Linguistics

  • Education and Learning: All youths given to the Monastery had to learn to read and write from an early age. Damian became a great lover or the written word and as such could often be found trying to gather as much information as he could from reading any material he could get his paws on.
  • Reading & Writing (Master): He takes great pride in this skill and uses it to create his own notes in a journal. It has also proved useful in his journey from Europe.
  • Languages (Master): He can speak Latin, Spanish and Low Speech.
  • He has a tendency to go overboard when speaking in another language, forgetting that not everyone can understand.
  • His fondness for books also means that sometimes he will put himself (and others) at risk to protect the materials.

Social Skills

  • Education and Learning: Growing up in the Monastery meant he was surrounded by various different personalities. As such, he had to learn to adapt as to how to best come across and converse with each.
  • Manipulation (Journeyman): He enjoys playing on the ideas and preconceptions of others to suit his own needs, specifically when it comes to gathering information he wants - or needs.
  • Reading Others (Journeyman): His analytical side tries to take cues both verbal and physical when he talks to others. As such, he likes to think he is adept with reading others and uses it to his own adavantage.
  • There is a drawback to being incorrect with his perceptions, and when he is wrong, it leads him to be in trouble of repercussions.
  • His tendency to be analytical in reading people also means he tends to be cynical and wary of others motives.

Survival Skills

  • Education and Learning: Certain skills were gathered from the teachings by the Brothers in the Monastery, others have only developed after leaving Europe and as such, haven't reached a high level of competency as yet.
  • Celestial Navigation (Journeyman): Before leaving Europe, Damian took it upon himself to learn navigation using the stars. He became intrigued by the concept of astronavigation and was interested to see the difference in the skies between that of Europe and the Americas. It has proved useful when plotting paths and passage routes.
  • Combat (Apprentice): Being more a scholar than a fighter, Damian is perhaps best considered a brawler using only natural skill to get him by. There is little structure to his fighting style.
  • Not being a fighter means he tries to avoid physical conflict. His can be overwhelmed easily if he is unable to disable with the first strike. Typically he takes to running away - as fast as possible.

4.2  Inventory


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  • Accepting: what do they want?



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5.  History

5.1  Achievements


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