Dale's Adoptable #3

This character is open to adoption under a Relaxed Permanent Contract. You have free reign to choose, edit and modify any of the traits listed here, or even the design of the character itself. Once you claim the character as yours, it's yours, and you are free to put them up for adoption to someone else at any time. If not, you may drop, kill them off, or NPC them as you please. All I ask for is a vague outline of what you plan to do with this character so I can pick a good first fit.

Adopters, once they have claimed the character, will have the following perks:

  • A reference sheet
  • A resized reference sheet
  • A full-size and resized (avatar-size) mugshot
  • A full-size and resized (avatar-size) body shot
  • The hex codes for the character's color design

If interested, please contact Dale via PM on their Dogmeat account.

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Table of Contents (hide)

  1.   1.  Possible Character Names
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Forms
    2.   2.2  Modifications and Accessories
  3.   3.  Personality
  4.   4.  Relationships
  5.   5.  Family
  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Timeline
    2.   6.2  Threads

1.  Possible Character Names

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. They're simply ideas for an adopter to look at if they can't think of a name they like for this character.

Male Names:

  • Ambustus: The male version of an Ancient Roman cognomen (family name) which means "burnt" or "scalded".
  • Helios: The Greek god and personification of the sun, with his name meaning "sun" or "solar".
  • Zorro: The Spanish word for "fox", and the name of the Spanish Californian hero of a large movie and media franchise. Some sources also state it's a Slavic name that means "golden dawn" or "hero of the golden dawn".

Female Names:

  • Kaonna: A name meaning "dragon-keeper" and made using a D&D Elf name generator.
  • Roja: A Spanish name meaning "red".
  • Vixey: A female fox starring in Disney's Fox and the Hound and the eventual mate of the fox protagonist, who is named Todd.

Gender-Neutral Names:

  • Firelight: A compound English word of fire and light, referring to the glow or light given off a flame.
  • Kestrel: A type of falcon that hovers in the air to find prey, with a smaller, more reddish type found in the New World and a less colorful and larger one found in the Old.
  • Lambent: English for "running or moving lightly over a surface", "dealing lightly and gracefully with a subject; brilliantly playful", or "softly bright or radiant". It comes from a Latin word meaning "to lick".

2.  Appearance

Resized Reference Sheet: https://i.imgur.com/pYHuh41.png

Full-Sized Reference Sheet: https://i.imgur.com/eSI8Lfq.png

Lineart is by My Lonely Wolf (Roneri) on Deviantart.

2.1  Forms

  • Lupus: Weight and height, accessories, tattoos and scars, et al are up to the adopter.
  • Secui: Weight and height, accessories, tattoos and scars, et al are up to the adopter.
  • Optime: Weight and height, accessories, tattoos and scars, et al are up to the adopter.

2.2  Modifications and Accessories

  • Up to the adopter.

3.  Personality

This character has been through some sort of hell or witnessed it. Their moral code was iron-forged with some sort of promise or a call to action. After seeing the worst of society or a person, they have decided to strive to being a shining light in the world. With the tenacity of an undying phoenix and a drive just as burning, they rise and rise again from their falls. They believe completely and utterly in an ordered world full of good, and will create new laws and help build just societies to achieve such a world. They are warm and open to most, having few biases and a love for the common fellow, but few can wholly earn their trust. Those that earn the title of "friend" or, perhaps, "lover" might find none more devoted and loyal but respectful and caring to them.

This character, if they had a D&D alignment, would be Lawful Good with a few hints of Lawful Neutral. From most to least importantly, they believe that they:

  • Shall not murder, for an honorable hunter and predator only kills when it's necessary to do so
  • Shall seek unlimited good for others and unlimited order in society, because the world is chaotic and brutal enough and an orderly society means that more Luperci and non-Luperci can survive comfortably
  • Shall not lie, but sometimes half-truths and incomplete information helps keeps others (and oneself) safe
  • Shall bring criminals and evil-doers to justice, but what a "criminal" or an "evil-doer" is can vary greatly from nation to nation and pack to pack
  • Shall not harm the innocent, because what counts as "harm" and what counts as "innocent" varies as much as what a "criminal" and an "evil-doer" is

In regards to their alignment and their behavior, they are, from most to least likely, to:

  • Have few close friends and would never betray those they have, as those that earn their trust earn it for life
  • Value lifelong commitment to a romantic partner, as a romantic partner is one who has earned so much of their trust that they have also earned the character's love
  • Respects the laws and authority figures of the community and nation, but will choose doing good over strictly obeying the law
  • Obey all personal contracts, because sometimes contracts, vows and promises need to be broken out of pragmatism or, more importantly, to fulfill a greater good.
  • Seek secure employment and believe hard work will pay off in the end, because too many times has life proven its unpredictability and the cons of following routine too closely.

Possible Character Inspirations:

4.  Relationships

This character is very estranged or distant from most of their family, though at least one parent has a friendly relationship with them. They were most likely raised by grandparents or even great-grandparents, or a figure or pack elder that took on this role. They have experienced a lot of heartbreak and betrayal in their life, and despite an optimistic outlook and a want to do good, they are very particular about the friends they make. Any kith relationships will be few and far between, but those made will be held onto dearly. A romantic partner would have an even more intense devotion, for a lover would know all the secrets of this character's heart and more.

There are a number of open territories you can use as a place of origin for this character, or create backstory and ties to. Good examples for this particular character include Barcelona, Liverpool, Mer Bleue, and Rome. The on-board settlement of Amherst may also be a good option.

5.  Family

Up to the player that adopts this character.

Immediate Family

6.  History

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6.1  Timeline



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6.2  Threads


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