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November 11, 2009






Cuomo can boast the size of his wolf parentage. He is on the larger side of what is considered normal for Canis lupus occidentalis and Canis lupus lycaon, which comprise three-quarters of his heritage. In his feral, four-legged form he weighs approximately 145 pounds. The tapering of his muzzle is a nod to his Canis latrans blood, giving him a delicate profile in comparison to full-blooded wolves.

His pelt is made up of a pattern of very dark grays that blend into black. It is not unusual or striking, and the grays are only clearly distinguishable in very clear light. Even so, they are dark enough to be written off as black. Cuomo's eyes are a deep and dark yellow which give way to a darker orange ring on the outside of his iris.


Cuomo is generally easygoing. He is not naive, but he is very honest. He is generally very accepting of others and does not care to give his opinion about the way others live their lives, unless he feels that that lifestyle or habit seems to be negatively affecting him or someone/something he cares about. He is hardly ever stirred to anger. He keeps an even temper and does not get very attached to any one thing, creature, or place.


Cuomo has lived a relatively uneventful life. The product of a night of passion between two free-spirited wanderers, Cuomo has never really had any sense of roots. Much of his youth was spent traveling in a nomadic fashion with a loosely connected group of canines with varying viewpoints on life.

He never really had a serious connection to either of his parents, and as a young pup never sought them out for very much comfort. He was much closer to his siblings. His parents had never intended to have offspring, and so they did not alter their wandering ways when their litter arrived. Because his parents seemed to be drawn to or would draw out the most colorful of characters during their travels, Cuomo experienced a parade of different kinds of canines throughout his youth and adolescence. He has never been particularly attached to anyone in his life, even his siblings due to the fact that they inherited the "free-spirited, wanderer" gene. As a result Cuomo is a bit socially awkward and emotionally confused. He is capable of forming healthy bonds with others and certainly desires to do so, but lacks the necessary experience to help him secure those bonds.

With very little taste left for adventure, Cuomo decided to strike out on his own and part ways with the always changing band that his parents and siblings traveled with. They parted on good terms in January 2011, and Cuomo decided against retracing the paths that his parents had forged. Instead, he decided to break away from the direction in which the group of vagabonds would be heading, and headed north instead, seeking a place within a pack, where he might build his own life.


Parents — Lyra & Bronx
Siblings — Estelle & Crixa

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