Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou

Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou and her brother Clopin are the children resulting from an incestuous coupling between Éponine Fauchelevent and her father Jacquez Trouillefou in New Orleans. Cosette and Clopin travel together as grifters after their family falls apart, and are always together. She and Clopin are the adoptive guardians of Liuva Tarasova in Sonnerie.

Cosette Fauchelevent Trouillefou

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Date of Birth

02 March 2012




Birth place

New Orleans, USA



100% Canis lupus familiaris


Rough Collie
Australian Shepherd
Smooth Collie
Cardigan Welsh Corgi
Irish Setter
Belgian Malinois Shepherd




Pack Sonnerie


Sonnerie (2013-14)
Loners (2013)
New Orleans (2012)



  • Optime Hair: Kilimanjaro (#2C1803), highlights of Red Beech (#733603)
  • Eyes: Tamarind (#291010)
  • Fur:
    • Base color fluctuates between Linen (#FAECDE) and New Orleans (#F3CFA5), darker at her extremities.
    • Dappled with patches of Kilimanjaro (#2C1803) on her shoulders, hips, and the mask on her face. Carnaby Tan (#542C02), Red Beech (#733603), Pumpkin Skin (#B3650C) visible on her muzzle and blended in the patches of color.
  • Ribbons: Wisteria (#8C6CA8)
  • Neckerchief: click to view
  • Cosette's coloration resembles a collie pattern known as color headed white (see image below).

Cosette's lineage combines many herding breeds of dog, the most obvious influence being rough collie. Her almond-shaped eyes are a very dark brown that appear black in all but the strongest lighting. Her ears fold, and in her Optime form, her mane is clipped short and combed to frame her face, the wispy hair turning upward. She is typically seen with ribbons and bells tied into her mane hair, so she jingles as she moves.

More than half of her pelt is off-white, including her muzzle, ruff, all four legs, and the small markings above and below her eyes. A rich mahogany hue forms a collie mask over her face and ears, and hints of that dark color gleam in the patches of color over her shoulderblades and hips. The lighter sable shade is closer to her father's reds and golds, but is only visible dappled in those spots.

Cosette is small like her mother was, petite in stature and graceful in movement. She is still young, with a slender and androgynous figure cloaked in her thick fur; only time will tell if she will grow into a more curvaceous form or remain childlike and slim. She barely reaches 5'5", making her much shorter than a typical wolf. Overall she is quite beautiful, almost bewitchingly so, and uses this to her advantage.

Other than her hair ribbons, she is occasionally seen wearing black fingerless gloves, but otherwise does not wear clothing unless she needs a disguise. She began wearing a neckerchief to hide the bite scar on her throat dealt to her by Jontae de l'Or in Jan 2013. The scarf was a gift from Domovoi Tarasova, and is purple emblazoned with a gold Fleur-de-lys pattern[1].





40 lbs (18 kg)
20 in (50.8 cm)

100 lbs (45 kg)
26 in (66 cm)

120 lbs (54 kg)
5 ft, 5 in (65 in) (165.1 cm)

Strongly resembles a collie, with a lean wedge-shaped head and long thick double coat of fur, especially prominent around the ruff. Dainty little paws and an elegant gait. Ears fold at the tip.

Grows long legged and lean, revealing hints of her less obvious setter and shepherd ancestry. Long fur obscures her athletic body type. Built to run.

Mane is clipped short and combed to frame her face. She is typically seen with ribbons and bells tied into her mane hair. Petite in stature and graceful in movement. Slender and childlike figure, appears delicate.


Cosette is a clever girl. She is quick to appraise whomever she is faced with, and can play a variety of roles to get what she wants -- coy flirting, being shy, pretending to be lost, being the enigmatic gypsy, etc. She knows she is small and could be in danger from the pickpocketing and tricks she plays, so she is careful to measure someone's strength and any escape routes before trying anything. She is just as content to offer fortunetelling in exchange for food. She and her brother are always together. Clopin is her bodyguard as much as her companion and sibling -- Cosette is not much use in a fight, though she is quick and sly, and might try underhanded tactics to forge an getaway.

Both siblings are very mistrusting, but will often feign friendliness to mask it. Cosette is fluent in French as well as English, and has been known to affect accents in order to complete her disguise. It is difficult to gauge her true personality, as even she is not sure who she is anymore. She is more disturbed by her mother's death than she lets on, and refuses to get attached to anyone outside of Clopin. She is a talented reader of Tarot cards, though she doesn't believe in the magic; it's just a trick. Sometimes she misses the colorful city she grew up in, and collects trinkets that are purple, green, or gold to remind her of Mardi Gras.



  • She tends to be optimistic and chipper, buoyant with energy and always looking for an opportunity. Adversity often deflates her, though, and she sinks into a gloomy, pessimistic, even aggressive state and relies on Clopin to cheer her up again.
  • Cosette is clearly extroverted, as she loves to show off and basks in the attention of others. She is talkative, although most of the stories she tells are made up on the spot. She gets bored if she has not met anyone new that day. Tends to sing loudly to attract attention.
  • Her traits lean toward dominant, as she is in complete control of Clopin and makes all the decisions. However, she also knows the value of submitting to authority figures, and will do so to get in their good graces. Internally she will justify this as acting, believing herself to still be in control.
  • Cosette and Clopin display traits of codependency, with Cosette in the dominant role. She displays early signs of narcissism (such as difficulty with empathy), and relies on his neediness and support to maintain her inflated self esteem. She genuinely loves her brother, but as time goes on, they may sink deeper into these roles and become destructive to each other.


  • Fears: Being alone, losing her freedom, starvation, being ignored, separation from Clopin.
  • Motivations: Mischief and trickery, attention, playing roles, privacy and hiding her true feelings, homesickness, freedom.
  • Traits: intuitive and smart, good actress and liar, speaks French fluently (standard as well as Louisiana Creole) and may fake other accents, suspicious of everyone, steals and cheats if it benefits her, tells fortunes with Tarot cards for payment, egotistical and manipulative with anyone other than her brother. She is inseparable from Clopin, and seeing him hurt is the only thing that will make her break character.
  • Song: Romani Holiday (Antonius Remix), Hans Zimmer
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
    • "Finds most people to be narrow-minded and inflexible."
    • "Considers herself above the law."
    • "Will break any contract when she feels like it."
    • "Values flexible relationships with romantic partners."



Tarot cards, pickpocketing, singing, acting, dancing, lying, flirting, giving and receiving flattery, constant travel.


  • Species: To a small degree, Cosette fears wolves and perceives them as mindless soldiers following their alpha's orders. This is not a conscious observation, merely something that colors her opinions. Dogs, coyotes, and hybrids are fine in her book, since she is more comfortable around them.
  • Non-Luperci: She would have difficulty relating to non-Luperci, and would probably avoid them simply because they can't offer her anything.
  • Gender: Remains fairly neutral. Sees males as easier to manipulate, since she is a pretty girl willing to flirt with them.
  • Color: Seemingly neutral.
  • Sexuality: She is naive in this area, but does not formulate much of an opinion based on others' sexuality, seeing it as useless information. Any consensual pairing is fine. Since she knows she is a child of incest, does not judge those who mate with their family members, and may be prone to these urges herself. Infidelity may offend her, though.
  • Age: Remains fairly neutral. Vague dislike for pups and the elderly, since they are an unwanted burden.


  • Kinsey 0: "Exclusively heterosexual"
  • Cosette is straight as an arrow, though she will flirt indiscriminately to get what she wants. She has a growing curiosity about sex in general as she gets older, but does not trust anyone enough to experiment with them, so she remains a virgin. Because of her dependency on Clopin, her views may skew in favor of incest, and she would be more willing to take part in a threesome involving her brother than she would bedding some strange man just to see what it's like. This is a grey area, she has not fully realized the extent to which she needs Clopin, and their unhealthy lack of boundaries. Later in life, her need for attention and excitement may lead her to promiscuity.


Cosette has not tried substances, and is unlikely to do so. Her father was alcoholic and drank very heavily throughout her childhood, and she fears she would lose herself in a bottle if she tries it even once. If offered, she does not tell anyone the reason why she declines, and might even pretend to drink and feign drunkenness or being high so that she could take advantage of the situation with a clear mind.


Atheist. Reads Tarot cards, but does not believe in the "magic" or folklore surrounding them. Has a bleak outlook on death and does not believe in any kind of afterlife or reincarnation, after the trauma of having watched her mother's starvation.


Key Relations

  • Clopin Benoît Trouillefou: Everywhere Cosette goes, Clopin is with her. [2] He is safety, support, protection. He hunts for her and looks out for her well-being, and she would be quite helpless without her brother. She relies on him to an unhealthy degree, and is unwilling to form relationships with anyone else. As she grows into adulthood, she may harbor incestuous feelings for him, though only time will tell for sure. He enables her narcissism with his selfless devotion.
  • Liuva Tarasova: A puppy from the gypsy camp that she and Clopin unofficially adopt, intending to look after her until her father comes home. Cosette insisted it was for her own gain, since the collie pup looked like she could be their biological child and could therefore help them with their many ruses, but her tender affection for the orphan said otherwise. Cosette delighted in teaching Liuva everything she could.

Family: Trouillefou & Benoît Fauchelevent

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Éponine Fauchelevent: Cosette had a great deal of admiration for her mother, whom she thought for a long time was named Ruri Aceline. When she learned it was all a ruse and her mother was also her half-sister, she tried to distance herself from the betrayal and shame. She was cold and pitiless as she watched her mother starve herself to death, and vowed to be a better actress and never break character. Secretly, though, it deeply traumatized her, and she is afraid she will die the same way.
  • Jacquez Trouillefou: Cosette hates her father, since he kicked them out of their home and was responsible for her mother's slow suicide. If pressed, however, she would rather lie and say that he loved her than tell the truth. He drank heavily throughout her childhood and did not spend much time attempting to bond with his offspring, so their relationship was rocky from the start. She never wants to see him again, and is disturbed when she recognizes his traits in herself, such as arrogance, dominance, impatience. She does not touch alcohol, nor does she want to be a parent, for fear she would emulate him in those aspects as well.
  • Jontae de l'Or: Her half-sister, met in Halifax in 2013.[6] Cosette is offended by her and antagonizes the foul-mouthed sibling until she is bitten in the throat. Clopin saves her from the assault, but Cosette requires a long recovery, and while she is healing her hatred for Jontae merges with her anger at their father, leading her to feel negatively about all of the Trouillefou family. Unbeknownst to her, Dom took on the role of avenger for her and executed Jontae.


  • Scent: Cosette's scent is unremarkable, and usually reflects her most recent travels. Clopin's scent is indistinguishable from hers, as they are always at each others' side.
  • Speech: It is worth noting that Cosette speaks without any discernible accent when she is alone.

Cosette learned standard French from her father (along with his favorite curse words), but her mother was heavily under the influence of New Orleans and taught her bits of the local Creole and Cajun dialects. Cosette mixes the two when speaking this way, and it is noticeably different from standard French in both grammar and pronunciation. For example, "I love you" is "Mo laimm twa", rather than "Je t'aime".

Usually, Cosette will slip into these dialects if she wants to say something without anyone understanding her, since even Canadian French speakers are unlikely to comprehend it fully. This is also true of "Nawlins" slang, or yatspeak, which she interjects sometimes like "sug" or "dawlin" as terms of endearment, "ya" instead of "you", "dat" and "dem" instead of "that" and "them", etc.


When independent and spirited traveler Éponine Fauchelevent turned three, she found the city of New Orleans and became enamored with everything about it. She was particularly fascinated with a broken-down theatre she found, and began to appropriate the masks and costumes and pretend to be someone else just for the thrill. Everyone she met was told a different name and story.

At some point, she heard rumors of the arrival of a king, a tall collie-dog with one arm. Éponine never forgot the father that left during her childhood, and begins to chase these whispers to their source. Jacquez Trouillefou did indeed come to her city, and she is overjoyed to see that he has come alone. When she confronts him, he is in a drunken stupor and mistakes her merle fur and blue eye for his old companion, Ruri Aceline. Deciding he would like her better if she played along, Éponine adopts the role and calls herself Ruri.

She follows him everywhere, plying him with alcohol and living out her fantasy. It is not long before Jacquez makes sexual advances on her, claiming he has always been in love with Ruri, the only female he could develop feelings for. Éponine is so swept up in her role that she sleeps with him, becoming his lover. It is something of a dream come true, finally gaining her father's attention and love, albeit in a very twisted way. She becomes pregnant and bears him two children, which she names Cosette and Clopin. However, a deluded Jacquez finally realizes that she is not blind, meaning she cannot be his Ruri. In a rage, he chases his daughter and their children from the city. She is brokenhearted, and never recovers; by the end of August, she stops eating and starves herself to death.

Cosette and Clopin were about six months old at the time of their mother's death. In her delirious state, she revealed her darkest secret: she was actually Jacquez's daughter, but she fell in love with him and claimed to be someone else all this time. It taught them an important lesson: never break character. The lie is more important than the truth - after all, if Éponine had been a better actress and not let her feelings get in the way, Jacquez might never have kicked them out. Cosette and Clopin decide to travel together, using disguises and aliases to stay safe, and learning how to pick pockets and tell fortunes. Clopin was born deaf, but Cosette coaches him to read lips and learn to speak a few phrases flawlessly in order to fool others. They develop a system of subtle hand signals so that they can communicate in secret. They are already adept at lying and acting thanks to their mother and her costumes, and they are both clever enough to survive despite their young age. They trust no one other than each other, and continuously move from place to place, inventing a new backstory for each territory.

They wait out the Hurricane of September 2012 in safety, before camping out around the Northern Tides and meeting members of Anathema and Vinátta. They then travel further south down the peninsula, seeking Cour des Miracles but never making themselves be known. Winter is on its way, and they decide to weather the cold in Halifax. It is nothing like the New Orleans they are accustomed to, and they struggle to stay warm and fed. Still, their pride prevents them from seeking the aid of a pack, especially not their father's pack. While there in January 2013, they meet a half-sibling they did not know existed: Jontae de l'Or. [7] Cosette is offended by her and antagonizes the foul-mouthed sibling until she is bitten in the throat, and Clopin rushes her away to safety and nurses her back to health.

Seeking a safe haven, they arrive at a gypsy camp called Sonnerie in Ontario populated mainly by dogs, and fit in easily with the culture, even learning some new tricks. They take an interest in Domovoi Tarasova, who recently lost his mother and blamed her lover for it, reminding them of Éponine's fate and making them feel oddly connected. Dom's rage builds and he leaves the pack, though Cosette and Clopin stay and even celebrate their first birthday in Sonnerie. They find a newborn puppy named Liuva Tarasova whose mother died from birthing complications, and when they realize Liuva was sired by Dom, decide to take her in and look after her until Dom's return. Cosette claims she wants to use Liuva as part of her many disguises, as the collie pup resembles her and Clopin, but she soon grows attached despite her best efforts. She takes delight in teaching Liuva everything she knows (even though it terrifies her how much she's grown to care about someone other than Clopin, remembering how crushed she was to lose her parents).



  • March: Cosette and Clopin are born in New Orleans. They are named by their mother, who keeps their middle names a secret as she is using a false name at the time. It is apparent that Clopin had some birth defects, namely a misshapen eye and deafness. Cosette appears normal and healthy, albeit small.
  • April - July: Cosette grows up in New Orleans. She learns French, and teaches her deaf brother some hand signals to communicate, solidifying their close bond. Their mother is very loving, to make up for their drunken and emotionally distant father. Generally a happy time for the kids, although their family is much more fragile than they comprehend.
  • August: Their father finally learned Éponine faked her identity, and kicked her out of the house along with their offspring. She falls into a deep depression and stops eating. Cosette and Clopin learn quickly to feed themselves, but their mother will not accept their food, and is soon delirious from starvation. She reveals their full names, and tells them the truth -- she assumed someone else's identity because she is actually Jacquez's daughter, making Cosette and Clopin children of incest. Éponine then passes away after lingering in agony, leaving her children with the grim prospect of surviving alone or facing the same fate. They do not wait to bury her, but immediately leave the city.
  • September - December: Cosette and Clopin travel north to Canada, leaving Louisiana behind and waiting out the Hurricane in safety.[8] Cosette's natural charisma lands her a few easy meals, and her sibling's growing strength protects her from rogue elements. They decide to seek out Cour des Miracles as they have nowhere else to turn, but they only wish to observe with a morbid curiosity whether or not anything they were told in their childhood was true. They meet members of Anathema[9] and Vinátta[10] [11] before winter forces them to take cover.


  • January: Cosette and Clopin take shelter from the winter in Halifax and stumble into Jontae, an older half-sibling who used to be a member of Cour des Miracles.[12] Cosette is sparked into anger by this family member and unleashes some of her latent rage, only to be assaulted and nearly killed by Jontae. Clopin saves her and nurses her back to health. They decide to leave Nova Scotia for a while, shaken by the attempt on their lives.
  • February: They arrive at a gypsy camp called Sonnerie in Ontario populated mainly by dogs, and fit in easily with the culture, even learning some new tricks. They take an interest in Domovoi Tarasova, who recently lost his mother and blamed her lover for it, reminding them of Éponine's fate and making them feel oddly connected. Dom's rage builds and he leaves the pack, though Cosette and Clopin stay.
  • March: Cosette and Clopin celebrate their first birthday in Sonnerie. They find a newborn puppy named Liuva Tarasova whose mother died from birthing complications, and when they realize Liuva was sired by Dom, decide to take her in and look after her until Dom's return. Cosette claims she wants to use Liuva as part of her many disguises, as the collie pup resembles her and Clopin, but she soon grows attached despite her best efforts. She takes delight in teaching Liuva everything she knows.


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