Corrine Pauva

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Corrine is a pNPC slave in Salsola.

Corrine Pauva

by Mel


None -- Pack NPC




Date of Birth

14 April 2012




Birth place







Current pack Salsola
Current rank Communal Slave

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Build
    2.   1.2  Coloration
    3.   1.3  Modifications
  2.   2.  Lifestyle
    1.   2.1  Speech
    2.   2.2  Abilities
    3.   2.3  Purpose
  3.   3.  Residence
  4.   4.  Personality
  5.   5.  History
  6.   6.  Archive
    1.   6.1  2014
    2.   6.2  2015
    3.   6.3  2016
    4.   6.4  2017

1.  Appearance

1.1  Build

Corrine is slim and frail, not meant for harsh labor but is rather tempered for speed and short distances.

1.2  Coloration

  • Mostly Sirocco in coloration.
  • Edward pales her undersides, cheeks, and the insides of her ears.
  • Peppering her upper body is Ebony Clay, ranging from the top of her head to the tip of her tail.
  • Minutely, Gimblet colors the backs of her ears.
  • Her eyes are Cream Can.

1.3  Modifications

  • Septum piercing, as per Salsolian slave guidelines.

2.  Lifestyle

2.1  Speech

Corrine's native language is French, though she is proficient in English and familiar with German. Her European accent is very prominent and not likely to dissipate.

2.2  Abilities

  • Cooking (Master): An expert at searing, smoking, and rotisserie meats, the food she prepares is spectacularly flavored through her patient use of herbs and spices.
  • Medicine/Herbology (Master): Corrine is knowledgeable of both foreign and domestic plants; she knows how to create healing salves and properly dress wounds.

2.3  Purpose

Corrine is a caretaker overall -- capable of preparing meals, tending to the wounded, and pupsitting.

3.  Residence

Millstone Village, in the communal slave quarters.

4.  Personality

Before being shipwrecked into slavery at Salsola, Corrine was a sweet and loving, sea-faring Frenchwoman, whose physical weakness was overshadowed by her caring nature. Though she has not lost her kindness, Corrine has become shy and withdrawn, remaining useful because she knows it is the only thing keeping her alive. Her capacity for patience and tolerance for abuse (especially at the hands of Osrath) seem infinite, but perhaps her naturally altruistic, gentle, and passive attributes attend to this.

She may or may not have been owned before, considering that she has not refused Salsolan customs in any way and seems to have taken to being a slave despite having technically been tricked into the occupation; but if she is threatened with rape, Corrine is likely to react very badly.

5.  History

  • Born part of an overseas French community, Corrine and her siblings were abandoned at a young age, then found and cared for by an aging couple who had never had kids of their own.
  • When their foster parents passed of natural causes, the siblings split, with Corrine heading west towards the sea.
  • She was captured by a rogue band of pirates, and was made to perform for them sexually under threat of death. She did so with little to no physical coercion, resulting in very few scars from her stint with them.
  • Sold to a crewship as a cleaner, the captain discovered her talent for cooking and befriended her after a while, giving her a more important role than mere property; though her living situation improved, she was not particularly well-off.
  • Corrine, traveling from Europe and serving as personal cook to the captain, was shipwrecked near the shores of Salsola. A few days later, she stumbled upon Dullahan Eternity and his sister, Osrath, before being lured into slavery by their mother, Salvia.

6.  Archive

6.1  2014

  1. Her eyes are like satellites, and my secrets are hers (01 September)
    Corrine is found and bullied by Dullahan and Osrath Eternity. Before long they are joined by Salvia and Blair, the former of which takes Corrine in as a slave.

6.2  2015

  1. both right and wrong, the sound and the song (January)
    Loki dances with a nervous Corrine at the masquerade.
  2. (March)
    Corrine informs Loki of the disappearance of another slave during the flood.
  3. Ease your burdened heart (24 June)
    Corrine discusses herbs to aid in pregnancy with Lillith and Isabella .
  4. [M] Gossamer Threads (October)
    Corrine acts as a midwife for Lillith.

6.3  2016

  1. All in the name of being holy (March)
    Corrine has a panic attack. Weaver and Loki try to calm her.
  2. Wet flowers on the ground (September)
    Corrine relaxes and makes tea with Loki and Pierrat.

6.4  2017

  1. The soul-and-body scars were not too much to pay for birth (June)
    Corrine teases Loki as she tends to his scarification.
  2. in due time their foot will slip (October)
    Corrine babysits Loki's children, escorting them through the woods back home. Boreas-soldier-turned-slave Silas kidnaps Ask despite Corrine's attempts at defending the boy.
  3. [M] world-wrecked, they seek only oblivion (October)
    Acting as her primary caretaker in the aftermath of war, Corrine battles Indra's fever and, in the middle of the night, escorts her to the Eastern Watchtower.
  4. [M] terrify us with your tales of a tragic loss (October)
    When Lokr Revlis comes to visit his daughter, Corrine acts as a buffer between them.
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