Colibri Haki

Colibri Haki is a founding member of Vinátta where she serves as a gardener and an apothecary (and until recently, the subleader). She is the oldest daughter of Haku Soul, mate to Niernan Stormbringer, and mother of five daughters: Fiora, Farina, Florina, Fionna, Ninian; and one son: Russano. Her main talent is horticulture, and she is happiest when found in a flower garden. She is also known for being quite obsessive over certain key figures in her life.

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Colibri Haki

Colibri Haki, drawn by Nat


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PostlogColibri Haki History
Name Origin"colibri" - 'hummingbird': named after her grandmother, Colibri Soul. "Haki" - feminine derivative of 'Haku'.
AlignmentLawful Neutral


Date of BirthJanuary 04, 2007
FamiliesSoul, Sadira, Nasphrite
Subspecies62.5% Canis lupus lycaon (Eastern Timber Wolf)
37.5% Canis lupus arctos (Arctic Wolf)
Birth placeMilla Jolie's pack
Current packVinátta

Current Pack


Joining dateMay 19, 2012[1]
Current RankEljun
Previous RanksHollr, Sannindi
SignificanceFounding Member, Subleader
Co-RankGardener + Apothecary

Previous Packs

Crimson Dreams

Joining dateNovember 2, 2009[2]
Departure dateJune 18, 2010
Final RankBasic Officer
SignificanceMember, lived with Anu

Dahlia de Mai

Joining dateJanuary 25, 2009[3]
Departure dateNovember 2, 2009
Joining RankFilix
Final RankBluet
SignificanceMember, lived with Deuce

Clouded Tears

SignificanceSpent time there as a pup.

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1.  Abridged History

Please see Colibri Haki History for an extended history and full postlog.

Colibri Haki is Haku Soul's first daughter. Her mother and littermates died during childbirth so she was raised solely by her father, outside of any pack. After a brief stint in Clouded Tears, her cousin Cercelee came to live with them and became something like a sister to her, but left at Coli's request when she noticed her father growing more unstable. He eventually assaulted Colibri and left her for dead.

After a long and lonely recovery, Coli joined Dahlia de Mai in January 2009, knowing both Cercelee and Haku were leading the pack. She struggled to find her place there, and in a particularly dark moment, attempted suicide (and was narrowly rescued by a passerby). By November that same year, she renounced her home in Dahlia to join Crimson Dreams and to be in a relationship with Anu. Her father attacked her and took her tail, but she managed to escape him this time with Anu's aid. However, her fledgling romance fizzled out due to Coli's anxiety and depression, and in June 2010 she left 'Souls altogether, traveling alone across Canada and not returning until March 2012.

She stumbled across the youngest daughter of Haku, Lilin Soulstorm, who invited her to be a founding member of Vinátta. Coli agrees to make her home there, but is soon assaulted by a lone dog. On September 14th, 2012, she gave birth to three daughters sired by the loner: Fiora vin Haki, Farina vin Haki, and Florina Soul. She doesn't want to be the distant parent her father was and wishes to better herself for the sake of her children, so she asks Lilin for a noble purpose. As a result, on October 16th she is promoted to Sannindi, or subleader, of the pack.

While it boosted her confidence, the work also kept Colibri too busy to spend much time with her pups, resulting in an ironically distant relationship with her daughters. In April 2013, Florina attacked Colibri and then ran away from home in disgrace; in a simultaneous blow, Lilin abdicated her rule and left the pack. It marked a dark period in which Coli recovered from her broken wrist and reevaluated her relationships in the pack. By July 2013, Coli realized and confessed her romantic feelings for Niernan Stormbringer, and the couple happily became mates.

On November 25th, 2013, she gave birth to Niernan's children: Russano Stormbringer, Fionna vin Haki, Ninian Stormbringer. The second birthing left her anemic and severely weakened, and she could no longer act as Sannindi. By March 2014, Florina Soul returned and challenged her for the rank; Coli agreed to retire and passed the role to her daughter. She has since resolved to spend more time with her youngest litter and not make the same mistakes she did the first time around.

2.  Appearance

Prefers her Optime form for everything except hunting, since she feels more vulnerable lower to the ground.

Warm chocolate-brown fur down her muzzle, back, and sides; her underside and legs are a rich cream. She inherited her basic markings from her father, Haku Soul, as well as a kinder shade of his baby-blue eyes. She is smaller than an average female wolf, with a thick fluffy coat in her Lupus form, and a thinner silkier pelt in her Optime. She has a bobtail and scars she tries to hide, and is typically underweight.

2.1  Forms




45 lbs (20.4 kg)
22 in (55.9 cm)

110 lbs (49.9 kg)
28 in (71.12 cm)

130 lbs (59 kg)
5'9" (69 in) (175.26 cm)

She is smaller than an average female wolf, with a thick fluffy coat and bobtail. Typically underweight. She is more likely to submit in this form than defend herself. Her missing tail occasionally affects her balance when running/turning quickly.

Does not stay in this form; it is masculine and shaggy, awkward for her. She has only assumed this form once, to show Lilin what their father looked like.

Her mane grows long and silky, often unstyled and covering her eyes. She become slender, frail in appearance with very little bodyfat to keep her warm or protect her, but graceful in her movements. Her fur is thin in this form and susceptible to cold chills, so she frequently shivers in the winter. Tries to hide her missing tail.

2.2  Other


  • November 2009 (By Haku Soul): missing all but a stump of her tail. It is docked close to her haunches. Obvious in all forms.
  • March 2012 (By Lyserg Benoît & friends): thin faded scars circling her wrists, ankles, and around her muzzle from being bound during captivity that winter. These are mostly visible from up-close in Optime, otherwise her fur hides them.
  • July 2012 (By Fang, altered by Miskunn Stormbringer): scar above her right breast in the shape of a jagged letter "F" -- this was later altered into the Norse rune "Thurisaz"[4], to make it her own. Visible in all forms.
  • April 2013 (By Florina Soul): thick scar around her left wrist, hairless and puckered from tooth marks. Visible in all forms.


  • Colibri always wears her Frithr pendant, a miniature Thor’s hammer polished smooth[5]. The following rune beads are on the necklace cord, and represent noteworthy accomplishments:
Founding member Sveit Village participant Converted to Norse religion Had pups Celebrated a Norse holiday Organized a pack activity Earned a co-rank Became a council member Taught the Aeska

2.3  Gallery

3.  Personality

Shrinking Violet · Deer In The Headlights · Abusive Dad Victim · The Woobie · Hands-Off Parent · I Just Want To Be Loved

Best described as a dependent personality including avoidant features. Colibri would rather be tending plants in a garden than deal with other living beings outside of her support network. She can be cowardly, self-deprecating, and mistrustful during first encounters. However, her mate Niernan's positive influence has softened her, and when he is present, Coli is more likely to smile, trust, and befriend others, likely to gain his approval. She has a difficult time asserting herself or turning down a direct request, particularly from those close relationships that hold power over her. When around those she considers friends or family, Coli is often ingratiating and eager to please, as she fears they will tire of her and reject her if she does not prove herself useful. Blood relatives are automatically accepted and often idealized, even if they treat her poorly. She is not an ideal parent for these reasons and more; she tends to oscillate between anxious worrier and emotionally distanced to the point of neglectful (albeit still a better parent than her dad was).

On her own, she is hesitant and less confident, but her time as Sannindi has done much to stabilize her moods and make her feel needed. Her low self esteem continues to make her overly sensitive to perceived rejections and animosity, however. Coli has struggled with recurring bouts of depression throughout her life - usually triggered by a major abandonment, rejection, or life change - but she hides this as best she can, feeling shame when it is discussed directly. She is often solitary and withdrawn regardless of her mood, thanks to her anxieties. She is less prone to stammering nervously than she once was, but it still flares up when her social awkwardness or fears get the better of her. She is far less trusting of loners, openly suspicious of their motives and unwilling to open up - this goes double for non-wolves, whom she views as fundamentally different. She is often silent around strangers, preferring to listen rather than speak, and is overcoming an unhealthy fear of being touched or restricted. She will always trust Vináttans more than any other, and when given the option, prefers the company of women and children.

3.1  Demeanor


  • Tends to be pessimistic regarding herself, as she depends on strong figures around her to keep her from failing. She has very low self esteem, and expects others to dislike her before they've even met. She can be jealous and bitter in certain situations, such as when she feels she is being abandoned or ignored by someone she cares about.
  • Introverted, often to an extreme degree. Sometimes this comes across as shyness, other times it is a grumpy unwillingness to socialize, as she would prefer to be alone.[6] She is often defensive, trying to hide her insecurities.
  • Submissive definitely describes Colibri, although this can frustrate her as she was once one of Vinátta's leaders. She expects no one to take her seriously if she asserts herself, but open disrespect or insults can rankle her into anger, and she will lash out (usually in a passive aggressive manner).
  • Coli is ruled by anxiety disorders[7], including a moderate androphobia (fear of men)[8]. She has a classic dependent personality [9] and codependency issues [10], that factor into her recurring depression[11]. She is also a repeat victim of sexual assault[12], with a subsequent dislike of physical contact unless she trusts and respects the one attempting to touch her.


  • Traits: Insecure, submissive, low esteem, self-conscious, defensive, stubborn
  • Fears: Men, violence, rejection, confrontation, pain (physical and emotional), horses, her father, everything
  • Motivations: Seeking acceptance, family ties, children and motherhood, trying to overcome her weaknesses, avoiding her fears
  • Song: "Throw Me Away (acoustic)", KoЯn
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
    • "...will never kill for pleasure, only in self-defense or in the defense of others. A lawful neutral character may use poison."
    • "Values lifelong commitment to a romantic partner."
    • "Considers public service in a leadership role an honor."
    • "Has few close friends and would never betray those s/he has."

3.2  Interaction


  • Scent:
    • Vinátta scent: pine needles, wood shavings, sea salt, Jordheim, white walnut.
    • Personal: floral (esp. honeysuckle & lily), fresh soil, Soul family (esp. her daughters).
    • Mate scent: moss, tomcat, Stormbringer family
  • Speech:
    • Has a nervous stutter. Speaks slowly and deliberately to override it.
    • Often uses "filler" words such as "um, er, well", etc.
    • Has no discernible accent. Soft spoken, feminine voice.
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.:
    • Shies away from most physical contact. Jumps when startled by it, such as being tapped on the shoulder.
    • When intimidated, displays many nervous tics such as fiddling with her hair, blinking rapidly, avoiding eye contact.
  • General Posture and Body Language:
    • Guarded and submissive during a first encounter. Blusters if she feels threatened.
    • Much warmer toward puppies and females in general -- smiles more, stutters less, makes eye contact.


Anything beyond the okayed assumptions, PM and ask first. Vinátta members may assume the following:

3.3  Ideals


  • Species: Coli is most comfortable with pure wolves, as that is what she grew up with. Some coyotes make her nervous, because she stereotypes based on Inferni and the Second Dahlian War. Dogs are a bit of a mystery, though her daughters are half-dog and she worries there could be prejudice against their appearance.
  • Non-Luperci: Hasn't really met any other than the Koios family, and would probably assume they just preferred their Lupus form, not that they were unable to shift. If they mention it, she would immediately assume her Lupus form, for fear of making them feel uncomfortable around her.
  • Gender: Coli is afraid of males in general, especially those who are large, physically powerful, or have a dominant scent. As such, she drifts toward females and trusts them more readily, admiring those with independence and the courage to stand out in what she sees as a man's world.
  • Color: Doesn't really have color bias, although white wolves with blue eyes may remind her of Cercelee and make her feel guilty.
  • Sexuality: She believes in monogamy, though gender is irrelevant. She wants to believe in true love and happy endings, though she is simultaneously jealous of happy couples, as she wants to find her own life partner. Being a single parent makes her feel inadequate, she would rather do it with a partner and assumes everyone else feels this way too. She is uncomfortable around flirts or anyone who speaks openly about sexuality.
  • Age: Coli loves pups for their innocence, and wants them to be children forever. She can be jealous of young adults (esp. females) that still have their looks and found love because of it. She doesn't particularly care about the elderly unless she has a personal relationship with them.


Gardening is her outlet for her mental instability, it calms her. She used to collect plant-based poisons, but harbored guilt over having used them on others and eventually stopped. She adores children for their innocence, and mothers them all, fancying herself as a "nanny" or a "pup-sitter" (although in actuality she lacks the conviction to discipline them, and just spoils them silly).

  • growing plants, esp. flowers
  • herbal cures and holistic remedies
  • identifying poisons
  • making tea
  • being unnoticed
  • calming small children


  • Kinsey 4: "Predominantly homosexual, but more than incidentally heterosexual"

Colibri identifies as pansexual (genderblind when it comes to attraction).[13] However, as her negative experiences with men piled up, her preference for females became more obvious. She may have a genuinely low libido, but is more likely demisexual[14], meaning she does not experience desire without first establishing an emotional bond. She generally does not initiate encounters unless intoxicated, and prefers her partner to take charge. Colibri believed for many seasons she could be infertile, due to her irregular and weak heat cycle. This was dispelled when she became pregnant with her daughters, of course, but since the childbirth was difficult, she no longer hopes to have more children. She is happy to be monogamous with her life partner Nier.


Colibri has never tried drugs, and barely touched alcohol. The few times she tried drinking, she had a very low tolerance and got tipsy almost immediately. It makes her very talkative, removing her inhibitions about sharing personal matters. (Wine in particular can make Coli... erm, in the mood.) Afterward she was embarrassed, and tends to avoid drinking or other substances she knows will lower her inhibitions in that way.


Coli follows the Norse beliefs of the Stormbringer family. She tends to be a bit shy about sharing this aloud, as her conversion was a deeply personal matter. See below.

History of Beliefs

Colibri's earliest memories are of the monotheistic religious pack she was born into. For the first two months of her life, she was lectured on good and evil, Heaven and Hell, angels and demons. This largely bored her as a child, and she quickly forgot about it once she came to live with Haku and Cercelee. However, once she survived the traumatic assault and abandonment her father put her through, she needed something to believe in. The old values they had tried to drill into her resurfaced, and she began to follow the watered-down version she remembered from her early childhood.

This was not a positive influence on her, because the main point they had tried to impress upon her was that she was born into sin. The circumstances of her birth were scandalous, and both her parents had been wicked to conceive her out of mateship, dooming her to a life of wickedness as well. This led to an overwhelming sense of inadequacy and guilt, because Coli wants to redeem herself but does not know how. She tries to commit only good deeds, but bad things still happen to her. She clings to those she sees as bastions of purity such as Anu, with the hope that their presence might cleanse her of the darkness she harbors, but instead she ends up hurting those around her.

When she leaves Nova Scotia for her journey, she is in a dark state of mind, accepting that she must be corrupted beyond repair and she would only continue to sink further. Shunning contact with others for close to two years gradually eroded her hopes of becoming a good person and saving her soul. When she returned, she is aimless; there was no point in apologizing to those she hurt, because they were better off not seeing her again, and there was no point in living by a moral code if she was doomed to fail. Her existence is meaningless without something to believe in.

It is in this state of moral twilight that she is lead to join Vinátta, a pack accepting of all religions but offering Norse pagan beliefs of the Solbjorg Valley to those who would accept them. For the most part, Coli is not interested in converting because she fears it is too late to change herself, but she wears the pendant of Thor's Hammer wherever she goes because she is proud to have a home that does not reject her. Mere weeks after joining, she is unfortunately attacked outside the borders of this home. It was a brutal beating that leaves her shaken and vulnerable, with the assailant having carved his initial into her flesh. After this event, she begins to embrace the Norse culture, even going so far as to ask their spiritual leader Miskunn Stormbringer to alter her scar into the shape of a rune that would bless her with better luck. She finds herself pregnant after the assault, and decides to raise her children with the Norse religion to keep them on the path of good.

4.  Relationships

4.1  Key Relations

  • Niernan — Coli's mate. Nier is the one male she could trust with romantic feelings, and after more than a year of being close friends, they finally admitted to their attraction and became mates. She loves his kindness and patience, and his safe presence draws out a playful side to her. Nier's knowledge of animal husbandry helps her with matters she is ignorant to, though she gently teases him for adopting stray pets and being "a softie".
  • Saul — Coli's dear friend, whom she considers family. Saul is a brotherly influence as well as co-founder of Vinátta. They garden together and share responsibilities, and she has opened up to him as one of the few males she can trust. His honesty sometimes forces him to share bad news with Coli, but she respects him for this. He is the one who delivered her daughters, and he has saved her life on multiple occasions.
  • Lilin — Coli's sister. They first met after her return from her western journey. Lilin is independent, fierce, confident, very much a role model to Coli, and she joins Vinátta to spend more time by her side. They grew close during their simultaneous pregnancies during the summer of 2012, and were co-leaders and good friends until Lilin's abrupt departure. When Lilin returned months later, Coli immediately forgave her and returned to idolizing her.
  • Anu — Coli's ex. Anu used to be a friend, a lover, a hero, the entire world to Colibri. Coli left her pack to move in with Anu years ago as her first love, but when things got rocky, Coli abandoned Anu rather than try to repair their relationship. That remains her greatest regret. They meet again years later as packmates in Vinátta, and it is a lingering source of heartache for Coli who cannot find closure for her feelings of hero worship.

4.2  Family: Soul, Sadira, Nasphrite

4.3  Other Relations


  • Bel Tlu'gv and Orvar Stormbringer — Coli was wet-nurse to these puppies, and developed intense maternal feelings for them. It pains her that she cannot adopt them and be their true mother, even though she trusts Ascher as their father.
  • Miskunn StormbringerVinátta's spiritual leader who had a hand in Coli's conversion to the Norse religion, as well as giving her the rune scar on her chest. Coli finds her wise, but unnerving.
  • Toby — The father of her children by force. She feared him deeply, but in a codependent manner also craved the sick attention he gave her. She does not learn about or comprehend his mental illness until much later, when she meets his true personality and her feelings turn to pity.
  • Ezra Rosen — A fellow founding member of Vinátta, Ezra and his son Elias were welcome presences. His tale of love lost echoes Coli's own, so she can relate to his loss. He left the pack voluntarily, though, which leaves a sour taste in her mouth.
  • Deuce Rhiannon — Deuce looked after Coli when they lived in Dahlia de Mai, using her relationship with Haku to keep his influence away from her. Coli lived there with her strong-willed little half-sister Willow, and Deuce's quiet son Taliesin. The female-centric family helped her regain her confidence in the world during a dark time. Coli learned herbal remedies from the healer until the woman left her for her real family. Deuce was a mother figure to her, so it was painful to lose her presence. Years later Coli and Deuce are reunited, and Coli cautiously forgives her.

Family Relations

  • Fiora vin Haki — Coli's first daughter, and her rather obvious favorite. Fiora's shyness echoes Colibri's own, and they spend much of their time together. They share interests in gardening and healing. Coli gave Fiora her first house.
  • Farina vin Haki — Coli's second daughter, and the one she knows the least about. Their relationship is awkward at best, since Farina's appearance is a reminder that she is a child of rape as well as Haku's granddaughter.
  • Florina Soul — Coli's third daughter, the one who challenges her as she struggles to raise her with good morals. Florina is headstrong and independent, and Coli feels like she never listens or cares. Since Florina attacked her and ran away from home, Coli worries for her.
  • Fionna vin Haki, Ninian Stormbringer, Russano Stormbringer — Too young to establish a relationship outside of infancy, but Coli loves her babies.
  • Eclipse Soulstorm — Her niece, Conor's daughter. She wants to look out for her young relative, and tries to offer her advice. At the same time, Eclipse is much stronger and more self-reliant than she could ever be, and serves as an inspiration.
  • Firefly Sadira — Her "stepmother" of sorts, Coli started off on the wrong foot with this woman and never had the chance to redeem herself. She resents Firefly for being her father's mate, even though she says she no longer loves him herself. She is pleased when Firefly is eventually exiled from Dahlia de Mai, and has not seen her since.
  • Cercelee — Cer is her cousin but was always like a sister to her. Since their childhood separation, Coli was afraid to find out how much distance was between them. She avoided her former best friend in DdM, until Cer and her mate left the pack for good. She regrets this, and wonders whether Cer ever got her happily ever after.

Minor Relations

Former Relations

  • Haku Soul — Coli's father who raised and then raped her. She was frightened and confused by his erratic mood swings, and claimed to want nothing more to do with him, yet she joined his pack to keep an eye on him. When she tried to leave, he bit off her tail as punishment. She cannot honestly say she hates or loves Haku, long after his death. Very complicated, and not something she likes to talk about.
  • Alexey Koios — In Dahlia de Mai, Lexey's confidence and passion were an inspiration to the introverted girl. She looked up to her, considering Alexey and Sankor among her first friends.
  • Conor Soul — Her beloved little brother, one she both wanted to protect and wanted to be more like. News of his death at Itachi's hands shook her to her core, and she still misses him.
  • Mew Sadira — Her "auntie". Coli was very fond of Mew and her litter, but her aunt's close relationship with Haku estranged her. She never learned of her aunt's unfortunate accident, resulting in her death.
  • Vigilante Haskel — This guardian of Cour des Miracles found her attempting suicide, and saved her life. She had returned to him for advice since then, and considers him to be an angel rather than a mortal being. She never learned his name or rank.
  • Anselm de le Poer — She met Anselm shortly after losing her tail, and he was quite sympathetic toward her despite the tension between DDM and Inferni. She mistook him for Jasper, another friend, at first.
  • Svara Thames — This foul-mouthed teenager who defended Haku at the borders rubs Coli the wrong way. Where Coli is cool and collected, even in anger, Svara is brash and hot-headed. They are opposites, and almost rivals in some aspects. She is pleased when Svara is eventually exiled from Dahlia de Mai, and does not see her again.
  • Rin Itou — A young girl Coli took into her home and attempted to foster alongside her own children. Their personalities clashed frequently, and it was not long before tempestuous Rin left without a word.

5.  Home and Garden

5.1  List of Plants

As a gardener, Coli tends to collect flowers and plants wherever she travels, then plant them around her house, as well as on the hill above it. This is separate from the VN communal herb garden, though she does keep smaller cuttings of many of the same plants for easy access. Her flower garden, as she refers to it, has gotten quite extensive and in the spring and summer, when most of the flowers bloom, her hill blazes with colors and attracts many butterflies and other pollinators. Birds and mice unwittingly aid in propagation by distributing seeds.

5.2  Residences

  • Off-board Loner from Jan '07 to '08(?), Coli lived with her father Haku Soul and cousin Cercelee in a cabin in the woods. For a brief stint she was left in Clouded Tears, but returned to her father.
  • In Dahlia de Mai from Feb to Nov '09, she shared a log cabin in Berwick? with Deuce, Willow and Taliesin; when they leave, Coli remains in the cabin alone.
    • The yard had a picket fence and Coli added flower beds throughout the inside, mostly containing plants poisonous to canines, as well as Deuce's tea leaves.
    • Later Henratha built her a nearby greenhouse with her name on the door, and when she left the pack, she moved all her plants there.
  • In Crimson Dreams from Nov '09 to June '10, she shared a room in Haven Manor with her lover at the time, Anu.
    • She returns to the area after CD disbands to collect some of her sentimental favorite flowers, but she does not find the Pink Lady's Slipper[44] orchids she gave Anu.
  • As a Loner from June '10 all the way to May '12, she drifted from place to place across the north, eventually settling in the Dampwoods but eschewing a house or den.
    • Not having a garden makes her unstable and lonely, pushing her to join Saul and Lilin when they pass through on their way to the north to form Vinátta.
  • In Vinátta from May '12 to Nov '13, Coli claimed a small windowless house by herself in Jordheim. The interior is more like a den than a house, one room with scattered furs on the floor to serve as furnishing. Her pups grew up there.
  • In Vinátta from Nov '13 onward, Coli has chosen to leave her Jordheim house to her eldest daughter, and move in with her mate Niernan. Niernan's house is much larger and more furnished, and full of a menagerie of companion animals.