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  3.   3.  Halan's Companions
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Minor NPCs and crap that don't deserve their own pages. This page is intended to work as a COMPREHENSIVE page of all a player's NPCs. c:

1.  Using NPCs in Threads

If your character is in the same pack as my characters (and therefore their NPCs), feel free to reference these characters as being seen around the packlands, etc. in your posts. If you'd like actual interaction with these characters, that's cool, but please let me know what you're doing with them via PM. Special notes are added about each of the characters here, as well -- please pay attention to them, and make sure you are adhering to that character's temperament, etc.

2.  Canine NPCs

Currently, none.

3.  Halan's Companions

Halan's companions.

3.1  Pythia


Species Atlantic white-sided dolphin
Date of Birth 13 January 2013
Gender Female







Name of the Oracle at Delphi




Halan rescued Pythia when she was beached on the shoreline, helping her back into the water. Since then, the two have struck up an odd friendship, each has learned to speak the other's dialect of High Speech. While the pair are separated by the environments they're adapted to, Pythia is usually around whenever Halan is near deep enough waters.


Pythia is a female Atlantic white-sided dolphin, tending towards the larger end of the scale at 2.3 meters and 225 kilograms. She's quite athletic, to the point where she can drag Halan and some equipment around without major trouble, though doing so for long periods irritates her skin and causes pain in her dorsal fin.


As might be expected, Pythia lacks the ability to take most things seriously, and loves to startle Luperci by spitting water at them, or slapping her tail right next to them whenever they're turned around.


Pythia has taken up year-round residence around Prince Edward Island.

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