Chioma Monet

Chioma Monet

Chioma Monet, by youngmarblegiant
Name Meaning
Name Origin
Date of Birth13 Jan 2010
Subspecies50% Canis aureus
Golden Jackal
50% Canis lupus familiaris
Standard Poodle
Birth placeNorthern Africa
Current packVinátta

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Chioma Monet is a jackal-dog hybrid born in northern Africa and raised partly in Paris, France. Now the multilingual Chioma has come to Nova Scotia, following her friend Jordyn into Vinátta.


Chioma's birth

January 2010 in northern Africa, from Chioma's mother's POV

I looked out the window of our little home. It was very dark out and the rain that came pouring from the heavens began to leak through the roof. My sister was with me, and she was helping me through the process of delivering my babies. Little did I know, she would be the one who would kill all but one of them.

1 to 5 months of Chioma's life

June 2010 in northern Africa, from Chioma's mother's POV

I lied there on the wood floor, my side bleeding. My sister had beaten me with a knife and I had been lying here for a long I could have gotten up, but I was afraid she would cut me even more. I knew why she had done this. It was because I had what she would never be able to produce. Children.

Months later, I went out into town, and everyone was staring at me. Their eyes burned into me - they were mad at me. I hadn't known why yet. But when I walked back over to my house I found out why.

Tears came from my eyes as I watched my Chioma look over the dead bodies of her siblings and the massive crowd forming around our little home like a swarm of angry bees. As soon as I made my way over there, they started beating me and kicking me.

Just hours later, I woke up in a metal cage. A big man grabbed my leg and pulled me over to the furnace. I knew what was coming.

All of the people of my tribe were gathered around and pointing at me, laughing at me like I was an idiot. Out of the people laughing, there was my sister who had a smile on her face. She was getting what she had always wanted.

Right before I took a step into that furnace, I looked over at my daughter and whispered the words "Nakupenda". Then I died.

Sixth month of Chioma's life

July 2010 in northern Africa, from Chioma's dad's point of view

I was going to see her again, at least I thought I was. When I arrived on the shore, I spotted the town she had lived in. It looked destroyed, possibly by a hurricane or other storm of some sort. When I walked into the town, I sensed how tense things were. I could tell something bad had happened, and that it had some effect on the whole village.

I stepped up to the door of her house and knocked gently. Shortly after, I heard a grumble from inside and yelling in Swahili. A grumpy looking jackal opened the door, she looked to be her sister. She had warned me about her sister, I hoped I wouldn't have to fight her. My daughter ran out the door as soon as it opened, I didn't know she was my daughter right then; I hadn't heard that I was a father right then. My lover's sister chased after the girl with a long knife. Quickly, I grabbed the little girl and ran off with her. As soon as I had the chance to get to talk to her, I found out exactly who she was. The girl was my daughter. I was a father!

Chioma's first birthday

January 2011 in Paris, France, from Chioma's POV

My father and I had been celebrating my birthday today. He had given me the sweetest little cockatoo that I had just picked a name for. "S'il vous plaît excusez-moi un instant, cher", my father said with a small smile. There looked to be a trace of guilt mixed into his eyes, I didn't know that that would be the last time I'd see him alive.

I walked outside to the front of our home, that was where he had gone. He had been gone for just a little too long, I knew that there must have been something wrong. 4 hours had passed. What I had thought would be a quick trip outside to have a smoke had turned into something much worse. My father was lying face down in the snow. I lifted up his head to find a pool of frozen vomit, there were bottles lying around him. I put his head in my lap and burried my head into his chest - crying at the thought of not having him around. My father was dead...

3 months after Chioma's first birthday

April 2011 in northen Africa, Chioma's POV

Since my father had died, a dark side of me had began to reveal itself. I had no idea why I did what I did that day, I think it was just nerves...

I was wearing a cloak that did a good job of concealing my face, I don't believe that anyone from my village would have recognized me that day anyway. There was an axe I held in my hands.

I broke into my old house and found my aunt, I took the axe and killed her with it. Fresh blood trickled from the axe as I held both the axe and my aunt. I threw her dead body into that furnace. I don't regret that part, it's the next part that I wish I hadn't done.

Everyone was in their houses, nobody could have caught me. I pulled out a lighter and poured this liquid around the homes, then I lit them one fire. The next morning when I came back, the town was nothing but ashes and ruins.

As I looked over the place that I once called home, I asked myself "Nimefanya nini?"


When you first meet Chioma, she seems to be very calm and friendly. She never appears to be extremely happy or very mad, and always keeps a small smirk. You'll think that she has no anger in her at all, but this is far from the truth. She is ridiculously passive aggressive - meaning that she never confronts you about actually being mad at you, but getting back at you in some indirect way (an example of this behaviour would be not talking to you for 3 days if you call her a fatty, instead of coming right up to you and slapping you) she will never tell you she is angry with you, even if she is!

Despite seeming calm and quiet, she is very impatient. The thing is, she doesn't seem to be short-tempered at all - it's the last thing you'd expect from her. The reason that she does have less patience is because of her passive-aggressiveness. Chioma, overall, is expressive and cheery, yet short-tempered. quieter, and a full of herself at the same time. She can be a wonderful friend to have by you side, but still has her flaws - just as anyone else does.


The luperci's voice is soft, twittery, and undeniably beautiful. It is quite obvious that she was born somewhere far from Nova Scotia - it has a buttery consistency that can only be found in African voices. She is a very talented singer and can only sing in French or her native language of Swahili. A good voice reference for Chioma would be Josephine Baker.

Chioma has so far learned the following languages:

  • French (This language is the one she knows best - this is the only language she can read and write in)
  • Swahili (She knows this one fairly well)
  • English (She speaks this one very poorly!)

Sexual Orientation

Chioma has more respect for women than men, seeing that they are the ones who are more powerful (mentally stronger, not physically). She believes that they usually care more for the emotional aspect of a relationship while men care more about the physical part. So, she is considered to be pansexual, attracted more to women though.



  • Her family in Africa is deceased.




Animal Companions

Nana Female / 5 years / Cockatoo

Nana is a docile Cockatoo whom Chioma obtained from her father when she had her first birthday. She had once lived in Australia, along with others of her own kind, but her family had left her when she had broken her wing. Chioma's father was grateful to have found her and took her along with him. She imitates other sounds and is very intelligent. Nana can sometimes repeat things that Chioma's daddy said before he had passed from alcohol poisoning.

Tamu Male / 16 years old / Bactrian Camel

Tamu means "sweet" in Swahili, and that's exactly what this big guy is. Tamu is very friendly and playful, he will take objects and hide them, nudge, lick, or nibble those he meets. Chioma traded various supplies for the camel right before she had sailed over to Nova Scotia since she needed a way to bring all her belongings with her wherever she went.


Chioma's mother was a Golden Jackal, a species native to Africa, and her father was a pure-breed Standard Poodle. The first thing you'll notice when you look at her are her well-kept dreadlocks that fall past her waist. She has shorter dreadlocks that resemble bangs, falling in front of her face. Her mane was first put into dreadlocks when she was a young pup, her mother having locks of her own. Another admirable feature of hers would be her blue-gray eyes. They can be seen through her dreads and are very distant-looking, making her to appear deep in thought.

Chioma's only jackal-like traits are the fur covering her body and her shorter frame. Her tail looks similar to a jackal's, but it is much longer; similar to a poodle's in that way. The woman also has a very feminine silhouette; inheriting wide hips, thicker thighs, a small waist, and a larger bust from her mother's side of the family. She stands at a rather short 5'4 and weighs approximately 130 pounds in her optime form. Chioma never appears in her lupus form but will occasionally shift into her secui form to hunt. She is always wearing the dress described below.


  • Chioma wears a button-up white, sleeveless top with a knee-length blue skirt that fits nicely on her body. Underneath, she wears a white corset that does not make her waist appear any smaller, but rather it pushes up her bust a bit.
  • The luperci has an old brown leather bag she occasionally slings onto her shoulder and plenty of storage in the large saddlebags that can be seen on Tamu's back.
  • In her leather bag there are books (written in French), food, healing supplies, a knife, a lighter, candles, and plenty of different soaps.
  • In Tamu's saddlebags there are various items from her old home in Paris, African artwork, a tambourine, bongos, a few notebooks, and a thick black cloak.