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Charlie is a member of Inferni.







  • Date of Birth: 2nd April, 2014
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Mate: —
  • Pack: Inferni
  • Rank: Tirones
  • Pronunciation: —
  • Nickname: —
  • Epithet: —
  • Etymology: —
  • Family: ??
  • Birthplace: ??
  • Species: Hybrid (37.5% coyote, 37.5% dog, 25% wolf)
  • Subspecies:
    • ??
  • cNPC:
  • yNPC:
  • Companion Animals:

1.  Appearance

Charlie is primarily Pearl Bush. Her paws, underside, collar and a small marking right below her nose are a lighter Citrine White. Sapling is seen in a saddle along her back and her nose stripe. Her ears as well as some ticking (mixed with the Sapling) on her back are Mongoose. In Optime her hair is Mongoose with Sapling highlights. Her eyes are Asparagus.

For the most part Charlie looks like a coyote, particularly in her face. Her ears are large and upright and her muzzle is narrow. However there are tell-tale signs of her mixed-blood. Her fur is softer and she is built small and slender, hinting at her dog heritage.

In all forms she has a feral demeanor, though it is most noticeable in Optime. Her hair is kept short and she uses wax to spike it up away from her face. She wears neither clothing nor accessories. It is rare that she spends her time grooming herself and so her fur is often dirty and scruffy.

Her voice is deep and often gruff but becomes melodic when she is excited or is trying to swindle someone.

In general Charlie carries herself confidently and aloofly - yet she often has a disheveled and careless appearance.

2.  Personality

When Charlie first meets someone she is openly distrustful and distant. Even after spending some time with someone she'll remain closed up and reveal very little about herself. Around friends she has a great sense-of-humor, though she can sometimes be cynical. Toward her close friends and family she is fiercely protective, to the point of suffocating. She'll always help someone out in a pinch, regardless of her feelings toward them, if only to hold it against them later.

While Charlie isn't afraid to fight when its necessary, she will rarely be the first to strike. She prefers to run from conflict, both physical and emotional. She dislikes anything that is confining (rules, clothes, buildings, etc.) and so favors the opposite. She enjoys using her hands to create, be it something useful or just something interesting or appealing, and has a particular interest in old human things.

In contrast to her affinity for human artifacts and ruins Charlie has a pronounced feral demeanor. She refuses to wear clothes or accessories of any kind and uses all three of her forms with equal frequency. She prefers hunting on four-legs but also uses traps for their efficiency.

Growing up with only females, Charlie has a slight bias against males. Mostly she's just uncomfortable around them.

3.  History

Charlie was born in Halifax, along with one surviving sister (Jo), to a pair of hybrid loners. Her father didn't stick around long enough to see his daughters born and so they were raised solely by their mother, Ruby. Ruby was an overbearing and paranoid parent, keeping the girls close to her at all times. They were raised to distrust the nearby packs (and everyone really). Charlie and Jo became really good at navigating and hiding in the human ruins to escape their mother's watchful eyes. Charlie in particular was fascinated by the human buildings and artifacts and spent most of her time exploring the city. This led to a rudimentary skill in creating useful, or interesting, things out of old human junk. Her adventuring also sometimes got her in trouble with the other Halifax residents, though, and she quickly learned how to use a knife.

One day her exploration led her into a part of the city that was, unknowingly to her, 'owned' by a small gang. While she was rifling through a pile of their scrap metal, they caught her and beat her. With the help of her knife she managed to escape and evade them but not before they promised to hunt her down and kill not only her but her entire family. Her life, and the lives of her family, threatened, Charlie had no choice but to leave Halifax.

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