Carya Aston

Carya Aston is the daughter of mates Anu and Tayui Aston (biologically Tayui and a male wolfdog). She currently serves as Vinátta's prestigious Starfa Ríkr. She was born alongside her three littermates Andira Coeur, Valerian Coeur, and Auguste Aston in Vinátta on December 31, 2012, and was the first of her litter to shift. Carya has had a litter of still born pups in 2016. She has more recently lost her previous litter from Belial as well 2018. And then has had one still-born child, and then three of which died shortly after birth 2018.

Carya Aston

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Date of BirthDecember 31, 2012


Ash tree settlement
OriginAncient Greek


Birth placeJordheim, Vinátta
Subspecies45% Arctic Wolf
25% Eastern Timber Wolf
25% Dog
5% Tundra Wolf
LuperciYes (Ortus)


Current PackCurrent Rank
31 Dec 2012-present

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  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Appearance
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    2.   3.2  Colouration
    3.   3.3  Modifications and Accessories
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  4.   4.  Relationships
  5.   5.  Family
  6.   6.  History
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1.  Lifestyle

Carya Aston lives in the nomad territories, and is usually found wandering around the Western Forefront.

2.  Personality

Carya has had a significant change in personality. She is off-standish, and cold on the exterior to strangers. Her recent death experiences with her children has led her to train her only living child to be fierce and not afraid of anything. Always on the move and always cautious of everything that is surrounding them.

She is very protective of her daughter as she is constantly worrying about if someone might kidnap her like Judas did to her, or if her child may die like all her others.

Since she left in 2017, she has developed a smart-ass remark and a smile for everyone she has know before and reencounters, as well as a reoccurring anxious and constant worrisome exterior.

Because of her past relationships, Carya has since then decided that perhaps she might be interested in females. She isn't quite sure where the new feeling has come from, and perhaps is more bisexual than anything.

Carya hates Belial and hates that she lost his pups. Originally she was terrified he would hate her but after the loss of their pups and the loss of her other children, she despises him. Despite the fact that she swears up and down she will never speak to him again and if she ever sees him she will kill him, she knows this is a lie.

Carya can be described as neutral good with chaotic tendencies. She also has a developing anxious habit to where every little noise (at night) makes her nervous.

3.  Appearance

coloured by Tammi, template by Despi

Carya has an off-white coat that appears slightly darker in the summer months. During the winter, it fades almost completely to white save for small spots of colour throughout her fur. During the summer, it is an off-white soft amber, which dominates her back, neck, shoulders, and the top of her head and tail.

Carya's ears are erect, but are rounded and less furry like a koolie's. Her coat is long and thick like a wolf's, but her tail is much thinner and less furry. She also has a slight slope in her back and a thin, narrow muzzle from her koolie heritage. Of all her siblings, Carya is the one whose build most strongly reflects her dog heritage. Despite her obvious dog influence, she displays the size and bulkiness of a wolf. Furthermore, as the second-born, she is quite large in size.

Carya has developed several scars from which she's obtained thanks to many events in her past. Such as being kidnapped and gaining her scar across her face.

3.1  Forms

  • Lupus: in this form, her dog heritage is the most visible. Her coat is, for the most part, quite thick save for her tail, where it thins out considerably. Her ears are erect, but rounded like a koolie's.
  • Secui: her dog heritage is less visible, as she bulks up considerably. Her narrow muzzle and thin tail are still noticeable, but the slope in her back is lost to the increase in thick fur.
  • Optime: she is curvy, well-muscled, and has wide hips. Her heritage is difficult to discern, as her fur is very thick.

3.2  Colouration

  • White (#FFFFFF): majority of her coat, underbelly, face, and paws.
  • Soft Amber (#D4C6B6): back, neck, shoulders, and the top of her head and tail.
  • Sandrift (#AB937E): darkest shade of tan, runs down the back of her neck and between her ears. Only visible in her summer coat.
  • Blue Bayoux (#556B82): eyes.
  • Masala (#403C39): nose.

3.3  Modifications and Accessories

  • Judas kidnapped her, and scarred her face with a thick cut just below her left eye down to her jaw line. It is about an inch in diameter and about 5 inches in length. She wears a Fithr necklace from Vinatta. Since her adventures over seas, Carya has come back with various scars on her face and chest, of which aren't very noticeable.

3.4  Gallery

by Alli

by Tammi, image from DawnThieves

by Tammi, image from xCrystals

by Tammi, template by snow-body

Auguste, Carya, and Valérian by Courtney

by Alaine

by Raze

by Miyu

by Nat

by Devo

by Devo

by Tammi, template by hlaorith

by Courtney

by Tammi, template by Kowa025

template by Aly, coloured by Tammi

by Kiri

by San

4.  Relationships

  • Valérian Coeur they aren't as close as she thought they would be growing up. He's distant and she still loves him because he is her brother.
  • Lochlan Stormbringer Lochlan was her best friend, and now is an aquaintance. She avoids him at all costs, and tries to avoid conversation with him due to her dislike for whom he'd chosen to go with. Pretty petty towards him.
  • Anu Her dearest mother who helped her through the roughest of times when she shifted. She loves her mother with everything she has and will protect her to the end of the world.
  • Tayui Aston Her other mother, the one who gave birth to her, and though it is hard for her to establish who her father is, she considers Tayui as the 'father' in the position of her mothers'. She loves her mothers' equally, and will protect Tayui to the end of the world also.
  • Oak though they were close when she was younger, as she grew into an adult, she isn't as close with him anymore.
  • Alder Not as close with him as she was with him when she was younger.
  • Attila is her favorite older brother, since she was just a pup and met him once, she has fallen to love everything about him, and holds him dear to her heart.
  • Claudius is her brother who isn't as close to her as the rest, but tends to come off to her as a bit odd. She loves him for his stutter and thinks it is rather cute.
  • Auguste Aston A distant brother who became very close to her at heart. She loves him very much and confides in him.
  • Andira Coeur her sister, seems to Carya as a bit off in her personal opinion. She blew Carya off and at times was mean to her, but despite past events, Carya still loves her sister dearly.
  • Ascher Stormbringer Ascher and her have a very complicated relationship where she is unsure how she feels about him now that she's a very mature woman. She is conflicted with feelings of lust and love (since she grew up with him).
  • Saul Stormbringer the ex leader, and she wonders where he went off to. holds him in high standards.
  • Shiloh Dawnbringer at one point shiloh could be considered a second mother, now she is nothing but a whisper in the wind of a female she cared about dearly.
  • Bran Stormbringer is not close to her at all. He is an acquaintance, but she will protect him if need be, because he is in the pack. So that makes him family.
  • Samual Dean Menue AKA, Sammy. Or her Bush King. Carya looks after him as though he were her little brother. She loves him with all her might and thinks he is just the cutest thing ever!
  • Colibri Haki as carya has grow she has no opinion of this woman.
  • Athos Athos is a male she met and is very infatuated with. She uses him sexually.
  • Belial Massacre Belial was the love of her life, and when she left him to go off and return to her pack only to discover she was pregnant and loose the babies, she didn't return in fear he would hate her with a passion. She misses him and no one else could come to the love she holds him with, in her mind.
  • Izual Massacre Izual is a shady character who is of little importance to her, but she is constantly reminded of Belial, so tries to keep ties with him loose.
  • Izarian Firebringer Carya's leader, she isn't fond of her, but then again doesn't know her.
  • Falon Aston-D'Nories her beloved child who drowned in the waters on their way back to 'Souls, at only 7 months.
  • Daniel Aston-D'Noires her beloved son who passed away after only 2 months of age due to a cold winter.
  • Aani Aston-D'Noires her only living child who is currently living, and with her in the territory of where she grew up. She has just turned one year and seven months old. Beautiful, sparky and bright, she protects her daughter with everything and continues to coddle and give everything to her daughter in fear of losing another child. She is hardest on her and continually puts her through trials of her speed and intelligence. Trust no one, that's what Carya tells her.
  • Gus D'Noires a one night stand that lead to the birth of her five children. No feelings towards him.
  • Belina Aston-D'Noires stillborn child.
  • Delilah Aston-D'Noires died at 2 days old due to unknown causes.

5.  Family

Carya and her siblings by Alaine

Immediate Family

Aani Aston-D'Noires]], Falon Aston-D'Noires (deceased), Daniel Aston-D'Noires (deceased), Delilah Aston-D'Noires (deceased), Belina Aston-D'Noires (deceased)

6.  History

Carya was born on December 31, 2012 in Tayui and Anu's hut in Jordheim.[1] She was the second-born. Since meeting Bran Stormbringer, a warrior in the pack,[2] and learning about Tayui's weapons,[3] Carya begins to show interests in fighting and sparring. Among her siblings she is the sneakiest. Since Shifting [4] she likes to stick to her Optime form more than anything.

6.1  Timeline



  • Born on December 31, 2012 in Tayui and Anu's hut in Jordheim.[5]

6.2  Threads



7.  Tables

Gimme Love by Tammi
I knew you'd never fly by Tammi
Wooden sword 1 by Alex
Wooden sword 2 by Miranda
Wooden sword 3 by Miranda