Candela Espinoza

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  1.   1.  Appearance
    1.   1.1  Basics
    2.   1.2  Colors
    3.   1.3  Palette
    4.   1.4  Miscellaneous
    5.   1.5  Images
  2.   2.  Skills
  3.   3.  Personality
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  4.   4.  Relationships
  5.   5.  Assets
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  6.   6.  History
    1.   6.1  Threads

Candela Espinoza is a hunter and falconer from Ceniza Valley. Once upon a time she was an aspiring shaman, but when her predictions failed to come true she was the subject of ridicule, ultimately leading her to seek out a new life.



Pack Information



  • Date of Birth: 06 July 2013
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: —
  • Pack: —
  • Rank: —
  • Co-Ranks: —



  • ---
  • ---

1.  Appearance

1.1  Basics

  • Species: Candela looks Coyote through and through, except for slightly doggish coloration.
  • Fur: Thick, slightly shorter than a typical Coyote.
    • Optime Hair: Chin length, straight and choppy.
  • Facial Features: Large ears and eyes; sharp cheekbones.
  • Build and Size: On the shorter end of average height but carries herself as if she's taller.
  • Humanization: Often wears bone, claw or horn accessories and bands of ash on her arms. Wears little clothing - usually only when the weather is too cold to go unclothed.

1.2  Colors

  • Base coat - Santa Fe
  • Blanket, tail tip, ear tips of Millbrook
  • Eye circles, brow dots, cheeks, mid legs - Rodeo Dust
  • Throat, underside, inner ears, bands round neck and shoulders, lower legs, speckles in blanket - Bizarre
  • Optime Hair: Millbrook with streaks of Santa Fe
  • Eyes: Chamois
  • Skin, Nose & Paw Pads: Copper Rose

1.3  Palette

Santa Fe (#A66D57)
Millbrook (#5B3E33)
Rodeo Dust (#C79C82)
Bizarre (#EEDFD6)

Eyes & Skin

Chamois (#EEDAB7)
Copper Rose (#A0726E)

1.4  Miscellaneous

  • hoop

1.5  Images

2.  Skills

  • Hunting: A keen and skilled hunter of small game.
  • Falconry: One of few Cenizans with her own trained raptor, Valor often aids her in scouting and hunting.
  • Botanomancy: Shhh, she keeps this quiet.

3.  Personality

Misery Builds Character

Glory Seeker

Can't Take Criticism

  • Spectacularly argumentative and not at all fond of being wrong, Candela is a spiky character at best and at worst a complete and utter cowbag. She claims not to hold grudges but definitely does - and for someone so keen on arguing, she doesn't deal well with others not liking her. She has an almost pathological need to be wanted, and if not wanted, then at least right.
  • She believed herself to be above other Cenizans to some extent (she has a hawk you know) but is ultimately driven to excel by a fear of being ridiculed or belittled by others.
  • She'll insult you whilst offering you a beautiful smile.
  • She'll steal your things and leave useless stuff behind in their place, because that totally counts as trading.

3.1  Details

  • Sociability: --
  • Values: Tradition,
  • Vices: Argumentative
  • Motivations: Success
  • Fears: Ridicule
  • Biases: --
  • Sexuality: Bisexual
  • Spirituality:

4.  Relationships

  • put some here?

5.  Assets

5.1  Residence


  • den den

5.2  NPCs



  • White-nosed coati
  • Mettle has given Candela at least one scar, but she keeps her around to show her mastery over the creature
  • Mettle is actually just lazy as hell
  • May or may not have been stolen from a fellow Cenizan

6.  History

  • Born in Ceniza Valley.
  • Was interested in becoming a shaman (with a specific interest in botanomancy), but following 1) a public argument with a more skilled shaman and 2) her interpretation failing to come true in a spectacular way led to ridicule.
  • Departed the Valley and journeyed north, finding Inferni. She joined a little before the Second Boreas War and reunited with some friends from the Valley.
  • Left in the summer.

6.1  Threads

  1. Picked over by the worms and weird fishes (w/ Redtooth)
  2. here comes the farmer with her gun, gun, gun (w/ Joaquina del Bosque)
  3. berrypicker (w/ Fang Espinoza)
  4. We defend our lives against a destroyer who would devour all (Inferni meeting)
  5. Daylight robbery (w/ Vicira Tears and Diego del Bosque)
  6. one hundred years as a sheep
  7. shhh, she's catching wabbits
  8. mallow and sage (w/ Clover)
  9. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing (w/ Cartier Inferni)
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