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  1.   1.  Personality
    1.   1.1  Summary
    2.   1.2  Traits
  2.   2.  Appearance
    1.   2.1  Basics
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Key Family Relations
    2.   3.2  Family: Amaranthe, Revlis
    3.   3.3  General Relations

Calrian is a young man who enjoys the finer things in life. Currently, he is wandering 'Souls territories with The Troupe, acting as their Broker.

Calrian and his brother Malik were born to Semini and Lokr Revlis one bright winter morning. They were mostly raised in Krokar, though they made frequent trips to a cabin in the mountains to see their doting father. Calrian knows nothing about Salsola or his own dark lineage there, but he has heard many stories of his mother's homelands and his older siblings.

Following the inheritance of her father's ship, Semini decided to leave Nova Scotia with Lokr in the winter of 2017. This was not what Calrian or his brother had planned; much to his mother's surprise, he declined going with them. He and his brother left Krokar to make a new life for themselves in Portland. While there, they met many interesting characters, who upon realizing each other's talents, formed a certain group. Things were good for a time, until an incident involving an old man led to their entire group being booted from the city.





Player Info

  • Date of Birth: January 25th, 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Species: Wolf/Coyote/Dog

Pack Information

Plot Opportunities

The Broker
  • Any deals or trades of all varieties are welcome! Calrian is in the business of business.

1.  Personality

1.1  Summary

Calrian has the silver tongue of a Revlis and the charm of an Amaranthe. He's shaped into something of a smooth-talker, a gambler, and there is no one who can beat him at horse racing (at least in Portland, where the competition is admittedly slim). He possesses an enterprising spirit, and is always on the lookout for unique and rare objects and opportunities. Calrian has a way of kindly commanding attention, whether to himself or to others, to keep tensions light and spirits lifted. He loves to take a gamble on new things and experiences - as long as it's new.

At his worst, he can be a manipulator of people and a little self-serving, even if his heart is mostly in the right place. He's got a hard shell against failure, but no spine for conflict and would rather run than stick his neck out for someone.

1.2  Traits

  • Demeanor: Friendly, Quick-witted, Clever, Cheerful, Confident
  • Speech: Calrian has a pleasant, honeyed voice that's easy to listen to, which is good, because he talks a lot. His pitch is always just right. No, really, babies fall asleep to him talking, that's how nice it is.
    • Fluent: English, Spanish
  • Scent: Incredibly varied - the sea, the woods, grass, campfire smoke, hay, horse, mud, you name it, he's wearing it.
  • Outlook: If you looked up the definition of "optimist" you would find a picture of Calrian
  • Myers Brigg: ESTP
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Always looking for the best deal and will work with anyone to get it
Believes in luck and chance, rather than fate or destiny
Avoids authority, resents restrictions, and challenges traditions

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics



Lean and angular and always wearing some manner of ostentatious attire*.

* Note: Depictions of Calrian may display dress that appears of human-made quality, but please note that Calrian's clothing is entirely luperci made in game, abiding by 'Souls realism rules. I am in the process of updating his drawings accordingly. 8)


  • Species: A blend of wolf, dog, and coyote
  • Fur: True to his wolf and shepherd ancestry, Calrian's fur is plush, double-coated, and soft to the touch.
    • Optime Hair: A cool, dark slate hue that he keeps short and pushed back
  • Facial Features: He has a scoundrel look about him, giving most the impression that he's up to no good. His smile looks very self-satisfied - maybe he thinks he's cute.
  • Build and Size: Calrian is of average proportion with a slightly large-ish head. He has a leaner figure with some of his father's edges.
  • Humanization: He grew up in a humanized household and feels most comfortable with clothing, tools, and shelter. His Revlis blood has given him a love of fine things, especially useless but aesthetically pleasing things.
    • Lupus: lbs ( kg) ↔ in ( cm)
    • Secui: lbs ( kg) ↔ in ( cm)
    • Optime: lbs ( kg) ↔ 5ft 11in ( cm)


Coloration and Palette

Please note that Calrian's color palette may be artistically exaggerated in his depictions, but is not representative of actual fur colors.

General Colors
Haiti (#27212f)
Ebony Clay (#2b3045)
Cloudburst (#394055)
Comet (#595f77)
Manatee (#858b99)
Mishka (#afb1bb)
Silver Rust (#c9c0b6)
Westar (#e3ded9)
Millbrook (#5d3c31)
Old Copper (#764a3e)
Ironstone (#815342)
Fallow (#c19067)
Whiskey (#cf9b77)
Eye Color
Luxor Gold (#a57a32)
My Sin (#f9bb3c)
Sahara (#b69a27)
Lemon Ginger (#9f9323)


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3.  Relationships

3.1  Key Family Relations

  • Malik: Calrian loves and adores his brother unconditionally. He tries to look out for him in his own way, but also doesn't mind if Malik gets in trouble with him. For better or for worse, Calrian sees Malik as his partner, his best friend, the person he will stand by and who will stand by him through thick or thin.
  • Semini: Although she was always exasperated with him growing up, Semini was a loving mother to Calrian. She instilled in him the importance of duty to family. Calrian perceived Semini's attempts to nurture the more withdrawn Malik as favoritism, and so has a complex related to women (he wants them, but secretly doesn't think he's good enough).
  • Lokr Revlis: Lokr's frequent absences from his childhood led Calrian to highly idolize and value the small moments he had with his father. He values skills with a bow and arrow, hunting, and riding, and tries to practice these with some regularity in the event he ever comes across his father again. He would really love his dad's approval and validation.

3.2  Family: Amaranthe, Revlis

Unknown relations indicated by *

3.3  General Relations


  • Mateo Salcedo: A happy lad
  • Leander Sadira: Cool guy gambler
  • O'Brien: Fast hands, steady heart
  • Adrianna Julia: Big............brain
  • Sawyer Cook: Lovable goon
  • Ruckus: Muscles
  • Griffin: Sad man no cry
  • Cassia: Cassia is the witty daughter of the farmer whose barn that Calrian and Malik stayed in while living in Portland. He just thinks she's neat! She's taking care of his horse right now.

Neutral Relations

  • Tiamat: For some reason, his older sister hates him and Malik. Calrian is happy to give her space, but he'd be more happy if they could be friends.
  • Lotan: mel have they met?? lmao i gotta update this

Negative Relations

  • No one: Calrian hasn't met a person he doesn't like! Except, well, maybe those guards who were beating up Cookie. And generally, you know, bad people.