Buckshot Boucher

Named Buckshot Boucher, ever since he was just a pup, he was never called anything but Buck. Born in Bayou du Chasseur, the back swamps deep in the heart land of Louisiana, Buck is the middle child of three; all identical save for a few minor details that can only be picked out with a trained eye. The triplets were a whirlwind of trouble, whether it was for their folks or for the other inhabitants of the swampy back wood dwellers.

Each one of them seemed to find a hold in their personalities; Voodoo was always the icy bitch, forged with the most intelligence out of the three, Bass was the dumber than a tree stump but found his calling in pure, rugged, strength. Buck, being the middle child, aptly found himself right where he belonged: in the middle. Not nearly as massive as Bass, Buck's strength only came through to his arms. Buck's reservations make him seem simple and dull, but his mind is a mesh of clockwork. Having been raised in the heartland of the swamps, none of them are prim and proper folk. They're all backwards and ignorant to the point of fault and Buck is no exception to this rule of thumb.

When flooding and other factors threatened their existence in Louisiana, the triplets decided it was time to leave home and their coveted lifestyle behind. Packing what little belongings mattered to them, the Boucher siblings began their trek up north, leaving their family back in the swamp. Though they bicker and argue almost constantly with each other, their connection through blood allows them to remain together through their travels. It is safe to say that without the companionship of the other two, one would not be able to survive on their own.