Borya Hushhowl

Borya was born to Dusk Hushhowl and Zetsubou on October 27th, 2018. He was born in and is a member of Casa di Cavalieri.

Having been injured in the womb when born, Borya grew up with a very weak right arm due to a deformity in the shoulder. During his first shift, the deformity caused the arm to get even worse to the point where Borya can no longer move the arm and muscle wastage has caused it to become completely limp. Troubled by his weakened body and fear of dying, Borya grew terrified of his own fate. Fortunately, with the help of Tlamatini, the young man has made peace with who he is and embraced his loving family.

In June 2021, Borya and Tlama welcomed their children to the world; Lunatini and Vezdatini.





E T C .


  • Date of Birth: 27th October 2018
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Hushhowl Den, Casa di Cavalieri
  • Nickname: None
  • Pronunciation: Bor-ya
  • Meaning: Fighter
  • Origin: Russian
Wolf 87.5% Mackenzie Valley, Russian, Common Gray, Eastern Timber, Arctic
Jackal 12.5%: Abyssinian Jackal

P A C K ∙ I N F O R M A T I O N

O O C ∙ A S S U M P T I O N S !

Casa di Cavalieri members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:

  • Seeing him...
  • Hanging out with Tlamatini
  • Noting he has a bad arm
  • Writing in a book
  • Being out of breath




  • Build and Size: On the short size from his weaknesses, Borya carries himself with a small hunch due to back and shoulder pain which makes him appear even shorter than he actually is. Skinny physique due to a lack of exercise, especially around his right arm.
  • Fur: Average length for a wolf.
  • Humanization: Too scared to shift, Borya has grown completely accustomed with a humanized life, though doesn’t wear clothing due to struggling with them.
  • Optime Hair: Hair is kept in a messy bun, most of the hair dropping out of the bun to hang like bangs over his head.
  • Scars and other Modifications:
  • Right arm is very bony due to muscle wastage.


  • Preference: Optime only
  • Height: 5ft 1in (61 in / 155 cm) in Optime
  • Weight: 187 lbs (85 kg) in Optime


  • Primarily Silver and Eternity. Eternity fades to Taupe over back and fades to Cod Grey, stomach is Alto.
  • Eyes: Rob Roy
    • Nose and Paw Pads: Cod Grey


 Eternity (1b130a)
 Taupe (#443530)
 Silver (#c4c4c4)
 Alto (#e0e0e0)
 Rob Roy (#e7c770)
 Cod Grey (#121212)


Family: Hushhowl, Itou

Key Relationships

  • Dusk Hushhowl Having grown up with only his mother for the first year of life, Borya adores her. She is gentle and kind and has never seen Borya as weak despite his own inner thoughts.
  • Zetsubou When his father came back into his life, Borya was unsure at first, worried he might not be a good enough son. But things changed quickly, when Zetsubou helped save Borya’s life, the young man now cherishes every moment he can spend with the man.
  • Tlamatini Tlama might be odd and annoying at times, but the big lady not only saved Borya’s life twice, but has kept it going since. She is wise beyond her years and her acceptance of anyone and anything makes Borya love being around her. She makes him feel safe, more than anyone else, and for that Borya wants to never leave her side.

Positive Relationships

  • Nayavota Denahlii Naya was willing to teach Borya when no one else felt like they could. She taught him that he could be strong without all four limbs, and Borya still considers her lessons every day.
  • Hushhowl Family With the family all living together, Borya is very close to all the Hushhowl’s. Although at times he feels different for his disability, he is never made to feel unwanted, and in return plans on never letting any family member forget that he cares.

Neutral/Bad Relationships

  • None so far!

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: Tlamatini
  • Violent encounters: None


Gentle • Intelligent • Open-Minded • Nervous


Borya always used to fear that his weakness would cause a tragedy. That he’d one day be abused or even killed for being weak and would leave his family to mourn. That worry grew and grew until Borya thought the only way out was to leave before he hurt someone. But, when saved and brought back home, Borya realised that living in such fear would never solve anything.

He found new strength in family and in Tlama, who stayed by his side at all times. Borya discovered that his love of reading and writing could become useful, and his open mind and desire to share with others would help him teach those around him even more. Borya remains fairly weak and fearful of his own frailness, but doesn’t let it stop him from embracing life and working hard at what he loves.


  • Speech: Sometimes stutters when nervous, has a very gentle and soft voice. Can speak fluent in Russian.
  • Scent: Hushhowl scent, ink, paper, leather, sometimes a bit musky
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Moves his left arm often, likes to mess with his hair or sling when talking.
  • General Posture and Body Language: Slightly hunched, submissive, incredibly cautious around his right arm.






  • Outlook: Idealist
  • Sociability: Introverted with the desire to be Extroverted.
  • Expression: Submissive
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
    • "Will not want to disappoint his family."
    • "Will support their family even if it means personal discomfort"
  • His family
  • Sharing knowledge
  • Experiencing new things
  • Being useless
  • Causing sadness
  • Getting even weaker
  • Being as submissive as he is, Borya never really thought much on love beyond that of family. But with Tlama in his life, the young man thinks of her as more than a friend, but a life partner he'd want to dedicate his life to. He can't protect her like she does for him, but Borya wants to make Tlama happy all the same.



  • Believes in spirits of the dead, and follows Tlama’s belief on every life being part of a greater cycle, with souls connecting to one another.
  • Hasn’t ever drunk much, occasionally uses mild pain-killing drugs when desperately needed.



  • Literature (Journeyman): Most Borya’s age would be getting used to reading and writing but not expertise in it. But for Borya, he’s never really done much else. Whilst there is always more to learn about words and other languages, Borya is fairly good at translating damaged works, remaking them as well as writing his own.
  • Bow Staff (Apprentice): Borya is not a fighter, but is willing to know at least the basis of defending himself. With the help of Naya and then Tlama, Borya can adeptly wield a bow staff to fight, though he mostly uses it to keep enemies away and not to hit with, since his blows don’t carry a lot of force.
  • One-Armed: With one arm dead in a sling, Borya has to go around every day with the use of one hand. What makes matters worse is that he fears what damage shifting might do, and so cannot shift back down to his other form.
  • Lung Damage: Weakened from almost drowning, Borya often struggles for breath after even minutes of exercise, meaning he spends a lot of his time resting which has caused him to be very thin.
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