Belial Massacre

Belial is the son of Toxic Destruction and Myralda, and the brother of Izual Massacre. He is a current member of Inferni, ranked as a Regulus. He originally joined Inferni and took refuge there after performing some suspicious acts while he was a member of Cercatori d'Arte. He has since grown and evolved as a member and now holds a respected position in the Triumvirate rank tier.

In ____ 2016, Belial found out that his ghost guide, Beezlebub, had been lying to him and manipulating him to kill Luperci for no reason. He realized the religion and the demon he believed in so faithfully were nothing but tales told from the sadist ghost's mouth. Jehan de l'Or had stolen the necklace and the ghost, but eventually was the one to come clean to Belial. Distraught and feeling lost, Belial eventually threw the talisman the ghost was attached to into the sea. And while that was satisfying, it did not keep Belial from feeling utterly lost and confused. In August 2016, Belial left Inferni without word, taking with him his horse and his belongings.


Belial Massacre

by Nat

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Date of Birth

05 September 2010




Birth place

Leeds Point


Coyote Hybrid

85% Northeastern Coyote
10% Dog
5% Eastern Timber Wolf




Mate None
Pack Inferni
Rank Regulus


Mates None
Cercatori d'Arte (Nov 2013 - Mar 2014)
Obscurabitur Arcanorum (Mar 2012 - Aug 2013)
Tranquil Shadows (Sep 2010 - Jun 2011)



  • Optime Hair: mostly Shadow (#886C52), with scarce highlights of Cape Palliser (#937248) & Makara (#867A6D) - mostly located in the front, but throughout his whole head of hair as well
  • Eyes: Golden Grass (#DE8E2A)
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Shadow (#886C52).
    • Specs Cape Palliser (#937248) & Makara (#867A6D) mottled spots on his back.
    • Tobacco Brown (#725E4D) colors legs (up to knees).
    • Pale Oyster (#998C7C) on face & underside.

Art by Alaine

Belial is pretty lanky, sporting bones instead of musculature. He's quite the charmer - coming off as a generally nice guy. He's generally always on edge on the inside because while he enjoys the company of females, they are his easiest victims for his satanic rituals. He has smooth, straight fur with a bushy tail. His mane is cut short in Optime form, and he sports a multicolored frohawk at the top of his head.

He mostly resembles a coyote - with the big ears, narrow muzzle and the skinny features throughout the rest of his body. The oranges and grays in his coat are the only things that suggest that he has dog heritage. He is generally hygenic for the most part; he doesn't let himself go for too long after a particularly dirty day and rarely smells bad. He usually smells like Inferni or blood.





xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
xx in (xx cm)

xx lbs (xx kg)
6ft 10in (xx in) (xx cm)

Belial is lithe in his lupus form. He rarely takes to this form since he needs hands to perform most of his work.

He only uses this form to track down his prey or catch something getting away from him. He's thicker in this form, from his other forms, but he's still pretty thin despite the Secui build.

This is the most used form. Belial is skinny with a little bit of arm muscle in this form. His body is toned and he wears his hair in a frohawk, allowing the natural highlights in his hair to fall to his handsome advantage.




  • Piercings: None.
  • Tattoos: None.
  • Scars:
    • Lips, from stitching.


Belial comes from a natural sort of pack and he doesn't waste his time with clothes.

  • Upside-down Pentagram Necklace, he wears this as some kind of religion token.
    • A ghost is attached to this old necklace, which was found in a Satanic ritual cave during his travels.


  • Charming. Generally, he's kind and charming. He talks smoothly and is able to charm anyone into doing something he wants - with promises of imaginary gifts and favors that he will never fulfill. He holds somewhat of a controlled conversation with those he meets. He’s charming to the ladies, and educated from past experiences.
  • Intelligent. He’s knowledgeable in various human items because of a friend he had on his travels that had done extensive research on the stuff. Mostly, however, he likes to keep to himself.
  • Selfish. He’s a free spirit - he does what he wants without a half of a thought about anyone else. He is always out for self-preservation - if there's magical properties to be found, he'll find them! And if there's a threat, he'll take care of it.
  • Creepy. He has a few creepy hobbies; he’s artistic, a painter at heart - but doesn't just like to paint with paint, he prefers to paint with blood instead. He creates these beautiful, violent masterpieces out of animal blood that smell like death even after they're dry.
  • Forgetful. Very rarely, Belial forgets where he put a slave. Sometimes he scatters them about so that he doesn't look to suspicious with all these whining, screaming women in his house. So, sometimes he will lock a slave in a broom closet in another house, or very rarely will one escape and he would have to track her down.
  • Void of Love. Due to his difficult upbringing, Belial doesn’t trust women enough. He assumed to not be capable of love itself - of course, he can pretend and he can mate, but that’s different. No matter how much he pretends, he will never fall in love. He is actually afraid of it, even.
  • Ghost. More often than not he is followed around by a ghost who calls himself ‘Beelzebub’. Belial believes he is the ghost of the Prince of Hell himself, so heeds any advice that it gives him. It is unknown who this ghost really is, but so far, he only seems to advise Belial when he is killing for a ritual or around others.
  • Belief. Belial believes in the Devil, so often he has to find wolf sacrifices to slaughter, drain and offer to his demons. The ghost helps with this, constantly hovering and lingering around when Belial does these rituals. Most of them require a victim, then once one is found and captured, it contains cutting (torturing) the victim, the more screams the better, draining her of her blood, ‘’’sometimes’’’ there will be sex involved. Eventually the victim will die before she can actually become pregnant though.


Art by Dark


  • Likes: art, blood, men, women
  • Dislikes: his mother, his conscience


Forgetful, angry, depressed, insecure, vicious, charming

  • Outlook: Pessimistic. If anything could go wrong, he'd prepare for it.
  • Expression: Belial is dominant for the most part - taking over whenever he finds someone lower than he is. He is introverted because whatever he's thinking or feeling is bottled up inside of him waiting to explode on his next victim.
  • Alignment: Neutral evil


  • Being alone, falling in love, death


  • offspring, sex, personal gain, art


Belial constantly uses drugs (hallucinogens and sometimes relaxers) on his victims, and once in a while indulges on them himself.


Belial doesn't hold a specific approach to his sexuality. He doesn't see it for what it is - he has sex with women for the purpose of offpsring and pleasure, and men for the purpose of acquiring magical sperm. To everyone else, he's bisexual - to him, he's nothing.

Despite his outlook on sex, that doesn't stop Belial from curbing his sex drive. Whenever he has the urge, he usually satiates himself with one of his pets - but rarely he goes out to find a normal woman.


He believes in magical properties that could lie within another's bodily fluids. Blood and sperm hold possible properties that he could benefit from (either for longevity or other strengths) - his body would either need to absorb such fluids either by absorbing or drinking them.


  • Speech:
    • Laid-back English, not too proper
    • Speaks carefully
  • Scent:
    • Death, musk, blood, forest, rust, Inferni
  • Obvious Quirks:
    • Speaks carefully and doesn't say extra words that could potentially make him look 'guilty'
    • Instantly flirts with the ladies
      • Instantly will flirt with men too, given that they exert some kind of special 'characteristic' that intrigues Belial (ex. a demonic name would mean they have magical sperm or blood)


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Family: Massacre, Addiction, and Holocaust

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  • A quiet corner room scrubbed clean of age by the previous owner. There isn't much but a pile of small pillows, caribou fur (stolen from Room 09) and thick, handwoven blankets providing a makeshift bed. There is a shelf positioned opposite the door.
  • Belial lives in a house, similar to the red one in the picture complete with porch and backyard. He uses this house as a cover for his wrongdoings. Whenever he kills someone, he takes them back to this house to cover his tracks. He only takes residence in the downstairs part of the house, and locks his doors with a key he carries with him when he leaves. The downstairs part of the house consists of a kitchen that he rarely uses, a living room with two couches, a dining room and an office in the back, which he doesn't use. He sets up an easel in the front of the house by the door which he paints on old canvas he finds around the city. Most of the house has dried blood stains on the walls, floors, every piece of furniture there (and forget about the basement), and in the basement there are 3 or so human-sized cages where he holds his victims.

Photo (C) Trophica



  • Species: Ghost (Wolf); believed to be a demonic advisor sent from the Abaddon himself.
  • Age and DOB: Unknown.
  • Description: Beelzebub is a ghost believed to be attached to the necklace Belial wears. He feeds off of Belial's energy and pretends to be his adviser from Hell. He's actually just a normal ghost, who happens to appear to him as a black wolf's silhouette with glowing red eyes - so he looks a lot like a demon. When introduced to Belial, he told him that he was one of the Princes of Hell and he had come to be his counselor. Belial respects him and never disobeys when Beelzebub tells him something. His voice.
  • Personality: Beelzebub is observant, calculating. He often talks out of term, commenting on things going on around.



  • Tracking (Journeyman): Belial is a good tracker. He knows what to look for when looking for someone.
  • Blood-draining (Master): In order to get the 'paint' for his paintings, he has to kill something and then drain its blood. Unfortunately, its impossible to paint right out of someone's carcass.
  • Skinning (Journeyman): Belial makes use of every part of his victims - he constantly uses their pelts for rugs or to make clothing for others out of them.


  • Belial is prone to agitation and sudden anger. He doesn't like being blamed for anything, even if he did do it. Though, of course, flipping out every time that someone points a finger is prone to get some stares. He always looks guilty.
  • He can't express himself that wonderfully. Every time he had done so, it ended up with either him getting exiled, or a big fight. So, he just doesn't try anymore.


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After killing his mother and getting exiled from his pack, Belial set out on the world to find someone to take the wiring out of his mouth. Numerous times he thought that maybe it wasn't tied tight enough and by pulling it will come undone - but he was gravely mistaken. It only ripped at the wound more, which caused him more pain.



  • BORN this year, into a pack called Tranquil Shadows located in New Jersey. He had an okay upbringing, though his mother was wildly abusive and it slowly developed a monster inside of him.


  • His mother, his brother and him leave the pack because the alpha had a problem with her beating on her kids. By then, they find a nice little cabin in the woods where they stay, and his mother becomes even more abusive with him and his brother. His brother leaves, being less tolerable (and smarter) than Belial, and soon after, everything changes. One night, Myralda beats Belial pretty badly because he had scared off one of her potential nightly flings. The beating gets worse and worse - leaving Belial battered and bruised - and in defense, Belial throws her into the fire pit and watches her burn to death. After he kills her, he leaves and starts his journey North.


  • Belial joins a pack in Canada called Obscurabitur Arcanorum where he lives for about a year before getting himself into a bit of trouble.


  • After all his attempts at saving his ass failed, he was exiled late in Augsut and was blamed for treason. The enraged alpha, thinking Belial as his right-hand man, but finding out he was a liar and a traitor, he sentences him to death by sewing his lips shut with metallic wire - and chasing him out of the pack. Not having any wire cutters, Belial needed to find another group of Luperci and fast.