BIOS, by Micke
Date of BirthSeptember 29, 2009
Age> 1 year
Subspecies85% Canis lupus familiaris
10% Canis lupus
5% Canis latrans
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Current packLoners

'Souls Profile

Current Pack


DateMay 24, 2010—current[1]

BIOS is a current wolfdog hybrid Loner.


Born near the zenith of the last decayed year, BIOS, had always lived among the wretched and threatened creatures near the badlands in antique ruins left from a race that is nowadays mentioned in old local tales and legends.

As his father, some luperci stray dog known back then as "Quickfang" (known that way since he was a master stealing food and precious stuff from others with his snout), disappeared with no trace behind long time before he was born, BIOS was breed and named by his mother Moonglare, a kind silver colored Labrador that, even after being fooled by Quickfang, loved his son so much and dearly called him "pup of the dawn" for his bright brown hair inherited from his father.

She taught him to act always in the humble way, and not to fear or hate the awful things and situations around him, as there would always be something beautiful in all of them. In order to make BIOS understand and get along with that idea, Moonglare taught BIOS the gift of Poetry... "Fearless and harmless" were the words that constantly Moonglare told BIOS and which would be guiding him the rest of his life...

The time passed, and BIOS grew to turn into a young vigorous poet dog that helped his mom to obtain food trough scavenging or in public poetry recitals voluntary paid with food by the ones interested or that pity on them.

But one bad day while scavenging for food, a group of stray dogs in their lust for Moonglare attacked her and BIOS, trying to kill the last one in order to completely claim Moonglare as his leader's property (getting part of his right ear ripped in the process)..!

Moonglare persuaded BIOS to run and don't look back in any time! and so BIOS did and run as the wind, just leaving crystal drops from his eyes behind, for many minutes until his feet and heart stand no more, then he looked back... his persecutors were no more... but neither his mother was...

Lost, lone and hungry, BIOS unintentionally travelled out his homeland in seek for safe shelter and food, getting near some unknown borders where both vicious and fair wolf and canis species (that he barely knows) coexisted into societys he was about to met...


Enthusiastic, optimist, kind of shy in the begining but after a while determined and encouraging.


Almost all the time he looks like a normal dog (lupus; at this point of the game he doesn't even know about the Secui and much less about the Optime form he inherited from his father).

He is a medium size dog of bright brown hair, long ears, and medium lenght-width snout. Due to an attack, he has part of his right ear ripped and a long scar that extends irregulary from almost the extreme right side of his superior lip to the half of his forehead ascending from his right eyebrow.

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