Auryon Callaghan

Auryon Callaghan

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Name OriginIrish/Celtic
Date of Birth05/28/2009
Subspecies50% Canis lupus
50% Canis latrans
LuperciYes (Ortus)
Birth placeBantry, Ireland
Current packNone

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Auryon was born with 5 brothers to her father "the lord of their lands" in Bantry. Her mother died when she was young. Aury is currently 7 years old.


Auryon grew up in Bantry, Ireland, with her five brothers, and mother and father. Her mother died just weeks after they were born, and thus resulting in her father raising her and her five brothers.

They grew up speaking Celtic, so she has a very heavy Irish accent, and her father taught her the English language.

Growing up with brothers, she learned early on how to read, as well as write, and had to learn to never cry, for if she did she received a lashing. So, being broken of crying, and having to throw her weight around because she was the only girl and her father never thought she could do what the boys could do, she would eventually prove him wrong. Being close with Aonghus and Emmet, they helped to protect her, but when they were caught helping her they got their asses kicked by Quin, Kian, and Davin.

Her father owned a large ranch with horses, cows, deer, sheep, goats, pigs, and various other livestock that she had to learn to breed, train, break-in, and feed all within her first year and a half of life. Little to say, every day from morning until dusk she would work with the horses, and cattle, and other animals branding them, checking them for illness, putting them down if they had them, or nursing them back to health if needed. She is no way a master at these skills, and paid little to no attention, other than for to care for them and nurse them back to health.

At six months of age, Auryon finally shifted. She was the smallest of the six siblings, and her elder brothers always picked on her, except for Aonghus and Emmet. One day- Kian and Davin thought it would be funny to brand a "C" on her chest as a joke, needless to say- her father told her to grow some balls, and get back at the boys. In getting back at the boys, she accidentally took Kian and Davin's life, in turn her father paid more respect to the girl. Auryon began to work with her child-hood best friend "Harry" who was a year when she was six months, and he began to teach her how to use weapons. The daggers and staff were her favorite, and training for one year straight she became Advid at throwing the daggers, and using her staff.

When she turned a year and a half year old, her father killed her best friend "Harry" because he was attempting to mate with her, as she hit her 'cycle' for the first time. Having hated her father for this, he shut her up in her room for two weeks before she was allowed to leave her room.

She continued to work for her father, practice her weapon skills, cook, clean and do the household chores for her father/brothers until she was finally old enough to out-beat most of her brothers in most skills. She took up Carpentry as well, and it only took her three months to learn the basics of building homes, and making new things from broken down ones. She can now-that she is five- build most homes up (fixing them) and learned to make splints for broken bones.

Auryon decided when she was two and a half- and when her father tried mating with her, and cut the inside of her thigh because she refused to mate with him- she would leave Ireland and go to 'Souls, to hopefully start a new life. She took her horses Garret, Lilly and their foal Push with her. The cart she'd broken Garret into carrying was loaded up with 4 chickens, 2 pigs, 2 goats, and then her 5 ewes, as well as one milking cow.

Having found it difficult to travel through Ireland to get to 'Souls, it took the female almost 6 months before she finally reached 'Souls, with all her live-stock surprisingly not intact. Her horses were the only survivors, however; Lily got a cold and died later on, of which Auryon used her horses body for warmth as well as meat. Upon entering 'Souls, she met a nasty bear who attacked her and gave her the four scars on her back. The bear broke her wagon(even more) and Auryon (at 4) barely fixed it so it is movable again.

She has now been in 'Souls for a two years and some off months, and turned 4 and 5 and 6 within 'Souls lands. She has since obtained a sheep and chicken that she traded a straggler for. She now has an assortment of poisons, herbs, spices, meats, furs, as well as jewelry and inks, that she makes out of wild berries. (So red, blue and purple colors) she also has dandelions for yellow ink, but hasn't really learned more than if you crush them the ink they make is yellow.

During two years in 'Souls, she met several characters, of which she's had many flings with, and on the way to her sixth birthday, her dear friend and former slave Kar, passed away. She became pregnant from a lonely coyote, and gave birth to two pups shortly after the death of her friend. In her drunken stooper and depressed state after giving birth, one of the pups died, the surviving female, was rather tiny being born a few weeks early. The pup was then named Lizah Callaghan, and is currently a year and six months old.

Pretty much Auryon is Advid in general medicines(she has only trained a year and the rest of her three years has been developing it herself) a beginner in carpentry, Advid in animal husbandry, and a beginner with all kinds of other skills. She is great at reading the English language, but cannot write it, she learned to write in the Celtic language. She is very good at notifying different herbs and poisons as she also has a ton of books on a lot of skills since her departure from Ireland, she has traded for a lot of her books and has picked her poisons and herbs by hand. Auryon is not a master at any of her skills, but with a few more years in medicine and medical work, she could become excellent at the skill.


Auryon is strict on herself, constantly working, and constantly focusing on one task at a time until it is fulfilled. She is a natural born leader, constantly taking charge, and when someone wants to step in between her and what needs to be done- you'll get knocked on your ass. She isn't much or a motherly character, and in fact is very hard on her daughter.

There is not much room for error in the world of Auryon. She doesn't like to see mistakes repeated and is very harsh. She has no patience with inefficiency, and can sometimes hit others or become very aggravated when it comes to dealing with children, or those who continue to make the same mistakes over and over again. When someone does not see things the same way as she, she will become argumentative and this likely leads to why she is anti-social.

She is very often forceful, intimidating and an overbearing individual. If she were to ever have children or a spouse, she would be overbearing and not expect anything but the best. Auryon has a tremendous amount of personal power and presence that works well for her when she works towards a goal. However; Auryon is very aware that if she is too forceful with some things, they will break.

Auryon used to be very poor at making decisions and now that she's grown up and out of that stage, she thinks before she acts most of the time. In many cases, Auryon forgets her boundaries and will very likely jump on you and tell you what to do, when you need to do it, and how you need to do it, without really having any thought for the other person(s) involved. If you show weakness, it's as though Auryon cannot help herself and will become as dominant as ever.

She is generally very perverted and loves to make sexual innuendos towards people, her mouth is very terrible. She cusses almost all the time.

Auy believes her feelings to be a weakness and generally hides them under a thick mask. She does not freely express her emotions which causes her to have a very short temper, as well as a very abrasive attitude towards anyone. Auyron does - however; love to interact with people, and enjoys challenging conversations and intelligent people. Auryon will respect others who can argue their point and stand-up to her. There aren't too many people who will do so, because Auryon is a very forceful and dynamic presence who has a tremendous amount of self-confidence and excellent verbal communication skills. Even the most confident individuals may experience moments of self-doubt when debating a point with Auryon.

All in all, Auyron needs to be in charge, has to have everything perfect, is very argumentative, assertive, innovative, long-range thinker with an excellent ability to translate theories and possibilities into solid plans of action, and is extremely forceful as well as seemingly emotionless.



  • Parents


her scars are just a very light pink/look like normal scars (the four on her back, and one on her inner thigh)

Auryon has pretty salmon colored eyes with a small hint of Brown Rust speckles around her iris.

Beige F5 F5 DC 245 245 220 with very light patches of BurlyWood DE B8 87 222 184 135 around her face (the eyes like "eye shadow" and on her nose.)

Within her coat is a mixture of DarkSlateGray 2F 4F 4F 47 79 79 , Chocolate D2 69 1E 210 105 30 which is near her fingers, and toes. On her fingers, it is white, like a glove, and then it fades to the small spots of darkslategrey and chocolate that leads up her fore-arms to her elbows, (sort of like an aussie's spots) which then fades into her beige body. On her hind legs, her toes are all white with only two or three spots where the darkslategrey and chocolate come into play.

Various splotches of brown on her face that resemble "freckles". colored SaddleBrown 8B 45 13 139 69 19, Sienna A0 52 2D 160 82 45, Wheat F5 DE B3 245 222 179, and Peru CD 85 3F 205 133 63.

The saddlebrown and sienna are her "main freckles" along her cheeks/across her nose. The wheat and peru colorations are mized in with the sienna and saddlebrown colors.

Her hair is FireBrick B2 22 22 178 34 34 and DarkRed 8B 00 00 139 0 0, with highlights of Tomato FF 63 47 255 99 71 throughout her entire hair.

Her pawpads/nose are light salmon colored.

Auyr's face and typical body is related to that of a coyote with the bulkiness of the Grey wolf in her.

Auryon has messy curly hair, that is bright red in coloration, coming from her 'Irish' heritage. clicky she never is caught out of her Optime form and always has two daggers strapped to the inside of her thighs, as well as a staff that she carries on her back.

She has seven scars which are really apparent to everyone. The scar on her chest shaped like a "C", the four claw marks on her back, and then the large ugly scar on her inner thigh, that is mostly hidden by her knifes.

  • Lupus: 21" 100lbs
  • Secui: 31" 125lbs
  • Optime: 5' 9" 154lbs

YNPC-- Lizah --

Lizah is almost a spitting image of her mother. Her hair is mostly Dark red with Mint julip (#F2F1C9) highlights throughout the curly hair she leaves long and wears back in a pony tail most of the time. Arrowtown (#948771) is her body coloration with highlights of Japanese Maple on her chest, her shoulders, her back, and her thighs. She has Raw Sienna (#D27D46) colored finger tips and toe tips, and the same white gloves on her hands that her mother also has. She is mostly a with subtle hints of her wolf heritage by having the Saddlebrown markings her mother has, on her face, like freckles as well. She speaks english very well, and is highly intelligent. She's a smart-ass and doesn't take any shit, and is afraid of her mother, as well as known for being reprimanded by being smacked on occasion. She doesn't like yelling, and is very soft-spoken.