Aurora Etoiles

Aurora Etoiles

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Ana Maria

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April 22, 2010






100% Eastern Timber Wolf




Aurora is a Eastern Timber wolf with a pelt as white as freshly fallen snow, not a patch of freckle of gray lies on her winter like fur. Aurora is odd-eyed having a violet right eye and the left almost milky looking blue green eye. The white lady has a unusual and beautiful face. Her features seem to set a perpetual smile upon her lovely face. Her looks could make and goddess envious. She keeps her striking appearance in any form but she prefers Optime. In this form the white lady keeps her long thick main cut in layers and adorned with flowers and beads. Aurora's thin figure makes her faster and more flexible than other wolves, however she is not as strong as she is fast. Her Lupus form is thin, leading to a sleek neck and dainty paws with soft pink pads. Aurora finds this form beautiful and free of concerns. She can run tirelessly forever in the thick pelt of a true wolf. Aurora feels that her Secui form is a war like form. She sees the Halfling form as an ugly demon that is against her peaceful heart.


Aurora may appear soft and small, but every thing is not what it seams! The odd-eyed lady is strong willed, intelligent, ambitious, and friendly. Her most obvious aspect is her positive disposition. Aurora seems to beam with an inner light of joy and happiness. She can usually be found smiling and laughing or using her beautiful sing voice to brighten others days. The odd eyed lady is also quite girly haveing a hatereb for drit, bugs, and dust. She is content with most of the world around her and Insists on spreding her good will. The white lady can be quite persistent and bullheaded when giveing her input, but is still knid of heart. Aurora loves to be loved and loves to give love because of this she is quick to care and conform others.

  • BEAUTY IS IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER: Even though Aurora Is the picture of beauty she refuses to believe she is any thing but ugly.
  • LANGUAGE AND SKILLS: Aurora grew up in the south west far from the Canada packs and learned many different things. The white lady learned four languages English and Spanish where native languages then French and sparse German taught to her by her French grandfather. Her grandfather taught her advanced reading, writhing and algebra in her previous pack all female member were to Lear natural healing and sewing. Aurora grew to be quite a talented holistic healer and seamstress. Her grand father also taught her a variety of other skills.


The white lady lived with her wolf mother and father until she was almost ten and a half months old. Her parents were of a nomadic pack, they traveled from south Texas to south California each year, only staying at there destination for a month or two. It seamed as if each day Aurora and her sister grew apart, fighting over ranks and the scarce resources of the desert. During the summer trip from Texas to California, her sister Estimen with the help of her half brother killed the pack's leader and Aurora's beloved grandfather. Soon after, her sister blamed this deed on the pack's Newly made gamma, Aurora! Though no one could believed this at first, the new Alfa; fearing for his life banished her. Aurora then sent the next two and a half months traveling northward towards Nova Scotia. After finding the climate and land of this area more suitable for her, she hoped to join one of the surrounding packs of this new and strange land.

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