Attila Obzhorstvo Potrosheniye

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Attila Obzhorstvo Potrosheniye

Attila, by Maria

Name MeaningScourge of God-Gluttony-Evisceration
Name OriginHungarian/Russian/Russian
Date of BirthNovember 6, 2015.
Age1 year, 4 months.
Subspecies50% Canis lupus familiaris
50% Canis lupus
LuperciYes (Verto)
Birth placeMontana, USA
Current packN/A
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Attila is a larger-than-average wolfdog who is relatively new to the Canadian area and the Luperci packs hidden within. Currently a loner, he is working on creating ties with some of the canines there in order to finally acquire full security and safety from both the elements and outside threats.

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  1.   1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History
    1.   1.1  Early Life
  2.   2.  Personality
  3.   3.  Relationships
    1.   3.1  Aleksa (Sister)
    2.   3.2  Dzmitri (Brother)
    3.   3.3  tba
    4.   3.4  All Friends
    5.   3.5  All enemies
    6.   3.6  Love Interests
  4.   4.  Abilities, talents and skills
    1.   4.1  Strengths
    2.   4.2  Weaknesses
  5.   5.  Appearance
    1.   5.1  Luperci Forms
    2.   5.2  Scars
  6.   6.  Notable Threads
    1.   6.1  Bleeding Souls threads
    2.   6.2  'Souls threads

1.  Pre-Bleeding Souls History

1.1  Early Life

Born into a rather lonesome life, he is the full blood son of Grey Wolf Evgeny and Caucasian Shepherd Dog Vladlena, both of whom were of pure Russian descent. The Montana wilderness of the United States proved to be ideal for rearing pups that fall, as Attila and his two siblings were able to survive the winter without any mishaps, kept clean and safe within the underbrush of what used to be known as the Kootenai National Forest. As far as he could remember, his lineage stemmed from that area for three generations -- his family was rather elitist in that aspect. Only Russian dogs and wolves were welcomed into the small pack as mates; an effort, perhaps, to preserve the culture of his great-grandparents. Early memories are hazy for the still--young canine, but the most prominent are the messages his father and mother instilled into the minds of he and his siblings; "убить или быть убитым" or, "kill or be killed." In this aspect, Attila was able to grasp the laws of the wild very quickly.

Attila didn't grow up with the different classifications of Luperci as one might think -- he was rather sheltered from others like him. He was under a very strict training schedule with his father, and scavenging lessons from his mother. Lessons often felt too treacherous for young pups like him, but his father, a stone cold being, always claimed the young-ling could take it; often unforgiving after Attila's success or failure. His mother was softer, but she often bent easily under Evgeny's rule and offered no defense in light of his punishments, which was probably instilled as part of the culture his mother and father were used to. Both managed to raise three large Luperci warriors, rendering even Attila's sister strong among even the most brutal of males, which Attila soon became at just six months of age.

The actual hunting began soon after they learned how to fight; Evgeny taught all three that fighting on all fours skillsfully would render them more useful in battle, ass most Luperci would want to go into battle on two legs; but they were taught to stay in their Secui forms in order to protect their internal organs and utilize their teeth to attack the center of gravity of those in their Optime forms.

As Attila grew larger with his mixed genes, and even began to surpass his father in height and weight, Evgeny became even more harsh with his lessons, instilling the sense of pain and powerlessness into Attila's bones. This was an attempt to make Attila lust for victory and strength. In truth, it worked; sort of. For as long as he could remember, winning and being powerful was one of life's few highlights and Attila searched for it wherever he went. However, his fear of loss and embarrassment also stemmed from his father's harsh treatment, and those feelings often have violent ends.

At about one year of age, Attila decided he could no longer live under the short leash of his father, sensing that he was being prepared for something monstrous; Evgeny seemed to be leading the family onto a path of destruction, and Attila's best interest was living, so he chose to run away.

It was only five days later that he got word from the smaller carnivores that his family had been killed trying to maim a group of wolf Luperci bandits, and his heart bled for their blindness.

2.  Personality

Upon meeting the fellow, one can notice how quiet he is. Attila never speaks unless spoken to, and hardly voices his opinion in the presence of others. Instead, he relies on the power of silence and body language when conversing with others, especially those that don't know him. He prefers his discomfort to be seen rather than spoken aloud, as he finds it is more effective in getting other people to leave him alone. Attila finds that there is nothing more final than turning and snapping at someone who is bothering you rather than sitting around and politely waiting for them to stop. It's rather unfortunate that Attila has adopted this sense of self preservation, but he possesses an extremely short temper, and lashing out at anything within reach is often the only choice he thinks he has.

He is emotionally inept, to say the least; those who have attempted to get close to him have found that out very quickly. In a almost frustrating manner, he is capable of keeping even the most prominent of emotions (anger, sadness, joy) from decorating his visage. Oftentimes his emotions are warped into some type of anger, whether it be frustration or blind rage; it's the only emotion Attila feels comfortable expressing. No one can hurt him like that, when he is geared up for battle; he is protected, shielded from any negativity because all the negativity is right there with him.

Attila, by Maria

3.  Relationships

3.1  Aleksa (Sister)

3.2  Dzmitri (Brother)

3.3  tba

3.4  All Friends

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  • Tahoma (Black Bear NPC)
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3.5  All enemies

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  • Janka (Half-Brother, Survivng Member Of The Family)
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3.6  Love Interests

Current Mate


Current Crush


Past Mates

None. Literally none -- a very antisocial fellow.

Past Crushes


4.  Abilities, talents and skills

Skilled at the art of The Hunt; his father made sure to show him how to survive alone in the wild. When hunting with a pack, he may not be the fastest, but what he lacks in speed he is able to make up for in stamina; by running slower, he is able to run longer and eventually deliver a devastating killing blow. Fishing is another thing he was lucky enough to master. By dipping his head into the water, he is able to wait for the perfect moment to snap up a large fish just to himself.

4.1  Strengths

  • Hunting - Coupled with his ability to fish, he is large enough and powerful enough to hunt singular elk/moose on his own. However, while he is capable of doing so, it weakens him considerably and he absolutely requires rest after a successful hunt.
  • Battle
  • Problem Solving

4.2  Weaknesses

  • Weakness1
  • Weakness2
  • Weakness3

5.  Appearance

Attila tends to command respect in just the way he stands; at a full and muscular six foot five, it's easy to tell why. Though, he usually remains in his "lesser" form - standing 36 inches at the shoulder and 68 inches from snout to tail. The darkened mane that covers this beast’s body is probably the most notable feature one may discern upon encountering the animal; the soft strands of fur grow in a mangled disarray that just barely count as ‘groomed’, the hairs ranging from two to three inches long. Because of this 'bear coat', his lower winter layer sheds in large clumps; he often has to stay dry because of it, lest it become a matted mess and need to be shaved. The mass the hangs upon his skin in wavy layers, seeming to grow in sections rather than individual strands - some would call the coloring agouti, but he is never quite sure. While is fur is very long around his body, legs, and ears, his face remains relatively untouched by the mess that is his mane - however, it is accented by the pitch black that spread across the snout and eyebrows, fading to the light tan color that seems most prominent.

Described as a rather large Ovcharka, his wolf genes become more prominent in his size and his bone structure -- his ears aren't clipped like they should be; they've grown into thick and stocky ears that have various tufts of hair sprouting wildly from the sides. Resting within the eye sockets seem to be pitch black eyes, but his irises are simply large and his eyelids thin, for they are a very darkened brow color that glows when reflecting from the light in just the right way. His muzzle is fairly stout, thicker than some, lacking the wide and flat features of an American Bulldog or Mastiff. His teeth appear bright white against the jet black fur growing from his face. The canines curl downward for almost 3 inches, the protruding ivory weapons concealed behind his rather oversized jowls. The animal has a bite force that is a bit above average for regular dogs, and for this he can give thanks to his father. This helps him with defense and hunting; he knows what his mother was bred for, and he isn't afraid to continue the lineage.

The canine’s body is pretty proportional to his size, despite the lack of nutrients he consumes as a loner, his torso a healthy width and density, and his legs an acceptable thickness considering his great height. The paws that carry his body are as large as a normal human’s hand, the claws kept short from continuous use. Like the fur on his face, the pads that coat the small digits are a pitch ebony, and are almost indistinguishable from the rest of his foot because of the thick fur that grows between his pads in order to keep them protected from the harsh winter. The beast has excellent hearing, perhaps a bit too sensitive as noises can get very loud very fast. However, he is able to tune most of it out, thinking of other things or simply listening to another speak. Attila is a very silent dog to begin with, the only sounds that can be heard from him are growls or soft pants when the days are hot. He does not bark, not that he ever needs to; whatever is hunting him can surely become the hunted in a matter of minutes.

5.1  Luperci Forms

Prefers to switch between Lupus and Secui forms.


  • 40"
  • 140lbs
  • 68

Looks the most like a Caucasian Shepherd in this form. Wolf genes render him the slightest bit larger than a normal dog of the breed.


  • 64"
  • 270lbs
  • 80"

Wolf build is more apparent; longer legs rather than the short stubby ones he has in his Lupus form - no less muscular, however, so don't let that fool you.


  • 7'4
  • 293lbs

Largest form by far; hair is shortened to a more reasonable length around his abdomen, thighs, shoulders and arms. The mane around his cheeks and throat hangs longer that in his initial forms. Sections of long fur spindle downward from the backs of his feet and his forearms.

5.2  Scars

Smaller scars carve their way through the thick fur all over his body, most of which healed puncture wounds or cuts. The most prominent one is a pink scar, about 2 millimeters in width, that runs its way from the bottom of his left eye to the corner of his right nostril.

6.  Notable Threads

6.1  Bleeding Souls threads


6.2  'Souls threads


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