Arran Fir-Chlis, of Menel



by Despi


  • Name: Arran Fir-Chlis
  • Date of Birth: 06 Aug 2017
  • Gender: Male
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: #11, City Square, NC
  • Mate: None



Pack Information

  • Pack: New Caledonia
  • Rank: High Lord of Dawn
  • Co-Ranks: Heartward III, Herdsman II, Grovekeeper I
  • Future Title: The Shepherd
  • Guild: In progress

Plots and Assumptions

  • New Caledonia members may assume and reference the following without discussion/asking:
    • Arran's name, rank, and skills
    • Arran being around City Square or where the animals are kept, with or without any of his children or his Gramma Rhavan
    • That Arran helped with a basic task that needed to be done


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  4.   4.  Connections
    1.   4.1  Family: Fir-Chlis
    2.   4.2  Relationships
  5.   5.  Skills and Inventory
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    2.   5.2  Inventory
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  7.   7.  History
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  8.   8.  Catacombs & Pack Prompts

by San

1.  Summary

Arran was born and lived in Old Caledonia until its destruction in 2019. Following that, he fled with his ewe, creatively called Sheep. He met up with some other refugees from Caledonia and they gathered together with new canines as well, banding together to survive. Arran's Great-Gramma, Rhavan Fir-Chlis, turned up with Arran's sister, Erebel Fir-Chlis and two goats. Eventually the band created a new pack, New Caledonia. As they settled in, Arran was able to get a livestock pen set up with help from pack mates, so his sheep and the goats had a place to live.

His skills and disposition were useful among the pack, leading him to be a Heartward and a Herdsman. Arran finds gardening to be fun as well, although it's mainly a hobby because he especially likes to dig. His work there earned him the role of Grovekeeper as well.

Arran is the father of six children. The first four, Gwaun, Tuilinn, Soron, and Tavor, were born in January 2020 two each to two mothers, who were a mated pair of loners. They struggled to raise them without a pack in the harsh winter, so they brought them to New Caledonia and Arran took on parenting all four of the pups since he had a pack to support him. The next two puppies, Meril and Lossë were born to pack mate Saga D'Angelo in December 2020.

Arran Fir-Chlis is currently a member of New Caledonia holding the rank High Lord of Dawn, and the co-ranks, Heartward III, Herdsman II, and Grovekeeper I.

2.  Appearance

2.1  Basics


  • Species: The low wolf content in his genetics is only seen in his height. He otherwise looks very much like a dog, especially with his natural bobtail.
  • Fur: His fur is a bit shaggy, and has a tweed merle pattern.
    • Optime Hair: Arran's hair is shaggy and long enough to reach his shoulders. He sometimes puts his hair into a braid, bun, or ponytail to keep it out of the way.
  • Facial Features: His snout appears to be a mixture of the different breeds in him, not too long or slender, but also not to broad. Arran's right ear stands erect while the other is half flopped, sometimes giving him a bit of a goofy appearance.
  • Build and Size: Arran is tall and somewhat lanky, but not quite elegant, which is partly because his posture is usually very relaxed.
    • Lupus: 110 lbs (xx kg) -- 28 in (xx cm)
    • Secui: 150 lbs (xx kg) -- 41 in (xx cm)
    • Optime: 200 lbs (xx kg) -- 5ft 11in (71 in / xx cm)
  • Humanization: Arran sometimes wears clothes when he's in his Optime form, but they aren't a high priority for him. When he does wear clothes, he tends to wear things that he likes and are as comfortable as possible over his fur rather than things that are traditionally masculine or match the fanciness what some of his pack mates wear, and what was worn in Old Caledonia.


Arran's right side design by Myst | Arran's left side design by Dale | Lines by Kitty

2.2  Palette


Emperor (#4f494b)

Zambezi (#625558)

Cement (#876a5e)

Muesli (#ab7f63)

Orange White (#fefaf1)

Eyes & Skin

Eucalyptus (#23A15C)

Black (#000000)

Champagne (#FBEBC8)

Lines by sarastallet99


Hover for Credits

By Nat Lines by Ray, Colored by Randi By Raze

3.  Personality

3.1  Overview

Arran is a high-energy dog. He makes friends easily (he thinks anyway), and is willing to talk to anyone. Because he always seems happy, and his attention is often scattered between a few things at once, he doesn't necessarily always come off as the smartest canine around. Really, he is good at solving problems once he manages to focus on one thing at a time. If his flock or family are in danger, he turns into a snarling ball of aggression with a big, deep bark.

Despite his sometimes scattered focus, Arran is a really good listener. When he knows he needs to focus, he can do so to make sure whoever is talking to him feels heard. It's part of his role as a Heartward. He enjoys helping other solve problems, or at least being there as a supportive pack member while they work through their problems on their own. He knows that there's often no quick fix for them, and he may not always be able to offer advice, but he can listen and empathize along the way.

3.2  Traits

Enthusiastic, outgoing, hardworking

  • Outlook: Optimistic
  • Sociability: Extroverted, submissive
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Lawful Good

3.3  Ideals


  • Likes: sheep, goats, horses, cows, talking to other canines
  • Dislikes: having to be quiet, having to sit or stand still for long periods of time


  • Rebuilding: Arran misses his home and how nice it was when it wasn't destroyed by fighting. He hopes to build something equally great with other refugees once they find a place to live.
  • Something: something something


  • That his family is dead: When fleeing Old Caledonia, Arran did not have time to find his family. He had to leave or he would have died, and he fears that they perished in the destruction. He feels guilty that he did not stay long enough to search for them more.
  • Losing his sheep: He's only got the one sheep left. Arran mourns for all the livestock he's lost and worries constantly that the ewe is going to wander off or that something will happen to her while he's sleeping or otherwise not looking.
  • That their pack will be attacked again: He knows that some of their attackers over the course of the war in 2021/2022 got away and he is afraid that they may regroup and come back someday.


Arran believes in the dual gods of the Menel. He feels a particular affinity to them because they are genderless, and while he doesn't identify as non-binary himself, gender in general is not something he really thinks about too much in regards to himself.


  • Packs: The Salsolans who have visited make Arran nervous. He has no biases towards the other packs.
  • Species: none.
  • Non-Luperci: none.
  • Gender: none.
  • Color: none.
  • Sexuality: none.
  • Age: older canines are to be respected for the knowledge they have gained during their lives. Puppies are to be guarded and coddled and taught everything possible.


Arran is aromantic and grey-asexual. Although Arran cares a lot about his pack mates, he doesn't really think about romantic relationships. He is also not incredibly interested in sex in general, preferring to cuddle or talk instead. For the most part, sex is for the purpose of reproduction, so most of his partners are female. If he finds himself in a relationship, which is unlikely, he doesn't mind monogamy, but he also doesn't mind non-monogamy, either; he generally leaves that up to his partner. Polyamory is common in his family.


Arran has had alcohol but nothing else. He's not sure he would seek out ways to anything more. If someone was very adamant that he would like whatever drug they were offering, he would probably go along with it.

4.  Connections

4.1  Family: Fir-Chlis

4.2  Relationships

Positive Relations

  • Fennore: Arran thinks Fennore is just great. He's liked her since he first met her, and he also likes her cat, Macha. He was pleased to see her climb the pack's ranks and thinks she's good at her leadership role.
  • Saga D'Angelo: Saga is the mother of Arran's two youngest children and he thinks of her as another family member even though their relationship isn't romantic. They co-parent well.
  • Vodeva: Although Vodeva would perhaps categorize Arran differently, Arran adores her. He was so pleased to have found her before New Caledonia formed, and to have been part of the search party that found her when she went missing. He also worries about her a lot, especially with the way her relationship with Iomair progressed, and how she seems to be spending a lot of time with Rand Coara.
  • Skua & Lark: Skua and Lark are the mothers of Arran's four older children. Although he only had a one night stand with them, he formed a connection that he still feels and he always wished that they would have stayed in New Caledonia. They pass through sometimes and he's always pleased to see them and have his kids spend time with their moms.
  • Hokori Tanaka: Hoko has helped Arran out a few times in the pack, and he enjoys being around her.

Neutral Relations

Negative Relations

Minor Relationships

5.  Skills and Inventory

5.1  Abilities

Animal Husbandry

  • Education and Learning: before he could shift, Arran was taught by his family how to herd the sheep and goats, something he could help out with on four paws with his endless puppy energy. Once he could shift, he was taught how to shear sheep, milk goats, and help with a few basic maladies that the animals sometimes got.
  • Herding (Master): partly instinct, partly practice, Arran is good at herding animals, mostly sheep and goats.
  • Shearing (Master): so many sheep to shear, so little time. Sometimes the number of sheep that needed shearing felt endless, and he gained his skill through repetition under the watchful eye of his grandfather.
  • Horseback Riding (Apprentice): with calm, even keeled horses, Arran is comfortable enough in the saddle to be useful for whatever task he needs to do while riding.
  • Since he did not work as often with cows or horses, Arran is less able to herd them, although he's still pretty good at it. This works best if he has someone helping him.
  • Arran is not skilled in any sort of advanced healing or the creation of salves. Everything needs to be already in a supply stash for him to use.
  • Arran has always been more comfortable working with his feet on the ground and he would much rather travel or herd livestock that way than on horseback. If the horse he needs to ride spooks easily or doesn't listen well, he won't be getting much done.

Reading and Writing

  • Education and Learning: this was not a major focus in Arran's family, although several of them are quite good at reading. Arran is not one of them: he was much happier running around after the livestock than sitting around practicing his reading and writing skills. He is not ashamed to have to find someone to help him read.
  • Reading (Apprentice): Arran can read if words are not too large and he has the time to concentrate.
  • Writing (Dabbler): Arran has the required motor skills to write with a steady hand. His handwriting tends to be quick marks.
  • Reading anything, even a short letter, will take a lot of time for Arran to get through, and he often needs to read the words aloud to understand them.
  • His spelling is not good, and Arran tends to include symbols rather than words if he can't figure out how to spell the word he needs.


  • Education and Learning: for the most part, Arran relies on his instincts in a fight and will use his teeth and claws without hesitation. He was also trained to use a staff because he often carried one while tending to the livestock herds.
  • Feral (Journeyman): Arran's skills in this type of combat starting as the normal play of puppies and later turned to more formal training from family members. No one was an expert in this, so Arran learned as much as he could and practiced what he knew.
  • Staff (Apprentice): Fighting with a staff is more of a backup, situational skill if he happened to have his staff with him. He also liked it for if he had to fend off larger, non-canine predators because it kept them further away from himself. He really only learned the basics of how to use a staff since there was no expert available to teach him when he was learning.
  • Against anyone who has focused heavily on their own combat skills, Arran will likely lose unless there is some major other factor such as size. In those cases, his best course of action would be to call for help and then stall.
  • Arran doesn't practice as much as he should with his staff, so his skills are usually fairly rusty.
  • His protective instincts sometimes drive him forward to defend before he fully takes in the situation or form a plan of attack. This can mean getting into fights that are more than he can handle.

5.2  Inventory

Household Goods

  • An assortment of mismatched bowls
  • Several blankets and furs, used in a pile as a bed


  • A staff for fighting/sheep herding


  • An array of sticks and antlers in different states of chewed to bits

6.  Non-Canine NPCs


By Alaine


  • Sex: Ewe
  • DOB: ~2017
  • Appearance: Sheep's fiber is whiteish and her face and legs are black.
  • Personality: Although Sheep is often somewhat standoffish, she can be bribed with treats. Even then, she tends to warm up slowly, so once the treats run out, so does her attention. Paying consistent attention to her will eventually earn her friendship. She will be friendly but not overly affectionate.


  • She was originally part of the flock Arran watched in Old Caledonia.
  • When Arran was fleeing the destruction, he came across her and brought her with him.

NC OOC Assumptions

  • Her name and that she belongs to Arran
  • That she lives with the communal flock


Colored by Veldt


  • Sex: Queen
  • DOB: 2020
  • Appearance: Like a typical silver tabby, Silif has light gray fur with darker gray tabby stripes. Her eyes are light green. She is on the small side for an adult cat.
  • Personality: Silif is extremely affectionate and loves attention. She is not shy unless someone has threatening posture, although she does get startled by loud sounds like thunder.


  • Silif was born to Fennore's cat, Macha, in 2020 and came to live with Arran's family that October.

NC OOC Assumptions

  • That she is Arran's companion.
  • Seeing her around the pack, with Arran, or especially around Arran's house in the City Square.

7.  History

7.1  Overview


Born into the Menel clan, Arran grew up in a family who kept livestock. He had two moms and a dad who loved each other, along with a bunch of siblings. From a young age, he learned to herd sheep, goats, and other animals that his family cared for. Once he shifted, he was able to help with more tasks rather than just moving the animals around and helping to guard them. Keeping an eye on the animals was his favorite task, though. It provided him with lots of opportunities to run around and burn off his large amounts of energy.

Unfortunately, his life was not always peaceful, and his clan fought off enemies from time to time, meaning he had to learn to fight as well. He was okay at it, preferring to fight in a feral style or with a staff as his weapon since it could also be useful as a walking stick when he was watching their flock.

(Vague fight stuff + being told to leave here)

In the wake of the fighting, Arran was left with the pants he had on and managed to save exactly one sheep, a ewe he has been just calling Sheep. Save was perhaps not quite the right word. He found her as he was escaping the destruction and got her to come along with him. In the confusion, he was split off from those he knew, but he figured it was most important to get out and that he would catch up with them later. He was quickly forced to leave his pants behind in order to herd her more easily in his Lupus form, and so off he went.



DurationApril 2019 - May 2019

Since he wasn't the best hunter, Arran struggled to keep himself fed as he traveled. He also failed to immediately come across any other refugees from his homeland, a fact that both surprised and worried him. Eventually, Arran stumbled upon Asura Creo's home and she helped him out before he set off again, hoping to find others from Old Caledonia.

Eventually, after more time spent traveling, Arran stumbled upon the Queen of Old Caledonia, Vodeva. She was in rough shape, hidden among the underbrush. To Arran's delight, his excited barks drew Iomair back to his wife. Arran had found his people. He chose to stick with the King and Queen, happily guarding Vodeva and Sheep as Iomair scouted around, looking for more of their brethren.

Loner (New Caledonia)

DurationMay 2019 - August 2019
RankThe Shepherd

Once the group had gathered a fair number of other refugees from Old Caledonia, they settled down at Mount Oromocto, calling their group New Caledonia. They gained a few more members while continuing to explore. Arran's great-grandmother, Rhavan Fir-Chlis, and his sister, Erebel Fir-Chlis, found him and brought two goats with them. The Loner Band eventually decided on a new home to live in after gaining more members and founded a pack under the same name.

New Caledonia


New Caledonia

DurationAugust 2019 - Present
RankHigh Lord of Dawn (Jan 2022)
 Escal (Sep 2021)
 Oeglir (May 2021)
 Tavar (Feb 2021)
 Aear (Nov 2020)
 Distinguished (Dec 2019)
 Privileged (Aug 2019)


Heartward III, Herdsman II, Grovekeeper I

After New Caledonia was officially founded as a pack, Arran went about getting things set up for the goats and Sheep. He and Rhavan also chose a small house in City Square. Erebel had decided that she was going to continue traveling and did not join the pack. Arran was able to get help with setting up a open for the sheep and goats.

Fall of 2019 brought times of heavy fog, often referred to as mists. It lent a spooky feel to their new pack lands, and sometime Arran wondered if it was an omen. The bell tower would some how ring sometimes, and they kept finding blood spots and little idols. Vodeva also went missing, and despite searching for her she was nowhere to be found for a long time. Arran was eventually part of a search party that finally found her. She was thin and frail, but alive!

During the late fall of 2019, Arran did a little bit of traveling where he met up with a female couple named Squa and Lark. A couple nights of fun led to both females being pregnant, which was unknown to Arran at the time.


An especially bad blizzard buried the area under sometimes 10 feet of snow. Arran had brought the sheep and goats into his own house just in time, which lead to utter chaos and a lot of smelly poop inside. Eventually he was able to dig out from their door and get them a little area to move around in while waiting for the snow to melt some more to make it easier to get out of the house and around City Square.

In the meantime, Skua and Lark were new mothers struggling to raise the puppies without a pack in the harsh winter and aftermath of the blizzard. They eventually found New Caledonia and Arran took on parenting all four of the pups, Gwaun, Tuilinn, Soron, and Tavor, because they were weaned and he had a pack to support him. He wished that the mothers had stayed so that they could all raise them together, but they moved on. Raising four puppies was utter chaos, but Arran enjoyed it immensely. He had help from Rhavan and other pack members and he got to watch the puppies grow into their little personalities. The pups especially took to Vodeva.

The puppies grew, becoming more independent even though they all remained living in the same house and the family slept in a pile every night. Arran was gaining recognition as a Heartward, and the sleeping pile offered the opportunity of a unique, comforting cuddle pile for the 'invite someone into your bed' aspect of the co-rank. The pups' mothers stopped to visit from time to time, and during one of the visits, Soron decided she wanted to go traveling with them. It made Arran sad, but he also understood why she wanted to do that. Around this time, Arran brought home his very own mini-Macha with stripes. He named the kitten Silif, and she quickly settled in with Rhavan's two cats. In the fall, Tavor considered leaving with them, too, leaving Arran feeling more sad than before. He sought out Saga because she had been considering the Heartward role as well, and ended up poking emotional wounds that he didn't know Saga had. Their comforting of each other led them to bed, and to more puppies.

Meril and Lossë were born in December of 2020, leaving Saga largely confined to her bed for several weeks. Sine the puppies had to stay with her, Arran did everything he could to be useful, including taking his turn with them once they were able to leave Saga's side for a bit. Although his relationship with Saga was not romantic, he thought that they made pretty good co-parents.


Raising these two puppies was a lot different from raising the previous four. They had a log of extra hands with his older offspring and Saga's as well. Arran got to enjoy the first couple of months before weaning, too, which he hadn't been able to do with the first ones. Meril became his shadow, often following Arran around as he worked.

During the spring, Arran was approached by Bellad Songthorn with the idea of a healers guild, which was to cover both physical and mental healing. Arran thought that it sounded like a good idea, and agreed to be one of the founding members if they were able to get enough interest to create the guild, which they were able to do soon after in April.

Del Cenere Gang held their Lancaster Stockshow in late August, which Arran attended, along with Gwaun, Lossë, and several other New Caledonians. Arran competed in a timed sheep herding event, but did not place well due to an injury to his paw during his turn. He was also part of the pack's BBQ team, together with Gwaun and Celaeno Bonecarver. He accidentally added far too much spice to some of their food, causing them to be extremely spicy and result in some stomach upset. They didn't place. Arran also attended the livestock auction where he won two lambs for the pack, paying with goods provided by the pack.

As what seemed to be an annual occurrence, mysterious events started happening during the fall. Depictions of eyes and tears began appearing around the pack lands, carved into trees and painted onto things--sometimes in blood. The situation escalated with a house in City Square being burned down. Some of the pack's children went missing, returning after various lengths of time. While leaders were trying to figure out what was going on, the pack became divided on whether they were doing enough. The whole situation led to the borders being closed and suspicions of spies among them. Arran attempted to check in with pack mates, both to make sure that they were okay and to let them know that he was safe for them to tell information to if they had anything that might be helpful. The entire situation left Arran feeling uneasy, worried that their home may be ripped away from them.


The new year began with war. Their enemies were numerous and Arran was forced to retreat to the Bastion with the rest of his pack members. After making sure his children were accounted for, he turned to seeing how they could help. The pack ended up barricaded there by rocks thrown by catapults. More than one pack member died during the siege, their storage ransacked, and their hope dwindling. Arran worried the whole time about the livestock he looked after, terrified that he was going to lose another flock to war. It was on the fifth day that they realized they had Salsolan allies arriving and New Caladonians took up the fight once more. Uncertain that he would be of any help during the fights, Arran ensured that his Gramma was staying in the relative safety of the Bastion and then went with two other pack mates to destroy one of the catapults. The New Caledonians and Salsolans were victorious, though not without casualties (and lots of lost eyeballs).

Following the war, Arran joined the effort to rebuild their home.




  1. Hold up a Light (Apr 2019)
    Hungry and a bit disoriented while herding Sheep, Arran stumbles upon Asura Creo's home.
  2. In Exile (Apr 2019)
    Arran and Sheep come across Vodeva and then Iomair.


  1. It's a Beautiful day in the Neighborhood (Jun 2019)
    When Arran gets a bug stuck in his nose, Fennore and her cat, Macha, come to his aid.
  2. But if We're Strong Enough to let it in (Jun 2019)
    Prospective New Caledonia members gather for a meal.
  3. And There is a Design, an Alignment, a cry (Jun 2019)
    The prospective New Caledonia members clean up their camp in preparation to move to what they hope will be their new pack's home.


  1. To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow (Early Aug 2019)
    Arran starts digging up a spot for a garden and Ánh Thị Linh supervises.


  1. Off to Work we go (Mid Sept 2019)
    Following instructions from Alistair Callow, Arran starts building a fence, and Willow Cormier shows up to help with Toklo Ikiaq.
  2. The First Escape (Late Sept 2019)
    A goat escapes and Arran tracks it down with the help of Cora Cormier.


  1. City of the Dead (Early Oct 2019)
    Vodeva is discovered missing early in the morning.
  2. Black Honey (Early Oct 2019)
    Arran and Rhavan Fir-Chlis find some totems. Athras Eryn and Nkechi Ndaiye show up in response to their barking.


  1. Moon and Back (Early Nov 2019)
    The bell tower has started chiming. Iomair bursts into the bell tower searching for Vodeva, and they find the space in disarray, and a warning of "watch out."
  2. Deadbolt (Mid Nov 2019)
    Arran seeks out Nkechi Ndaiye for help in making a lock mechanism for the gate of the sheep and goat pen.
  3. Sundials (Mid Nov 2019)
    Arran does more digging in the garden plot to prepare it for winter. He also chats with Percival Parhelion about his past in Caledonia.
  4. Salt and Shadow (Nov 17th 2019)
    As part of a scouting party, Arran, Fennore, and Percival Parhelion discover Vodeva in rough shape. They call for Iomair and Athras Eryn.

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8.  Catacombs & Pack Prompts


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