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Arkel Etos

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January 5th 2010





25% Canis lupus
75% Unknown




Most of Ark's colours are akin or cousin to the rust mahogany found along the majority of his pelt - it being mostly engulfed in the burnt, reddish brown - though exceptions are found among his markings and eyes. With age his coat has grown to it's full length and his markings expanding with it. What once was a clean, dusk gray stripe running towards the base of his tail has spread almost along the entirety of his hind, and the desaturated cobalt markings wrapped around his forelegs have all but lost their coiled resemblance. His eyes feature a similar shade to the pattern on his legs, though a bright ring of royal blue circles the iris- adding contrast to the otherwise dull value. Ark'el's build is deceiving; his build delicate but not lacking entirely in muscle. He carries a large majority of power in his thick spine which arches up much more then many other canines because of the muscle that stretches from there. Unlike most wolves Ark has relatively short legs ending in thick paws with a wide toe span, giving him a rather ungraceful appearance. His neck and head is slim and not nearly as weighty as the core of his body- almost dwarfing it in comparison to the broad spine from which it protrudes.


Ark'el has a varying personality depending on who it is that he is around. Around those who he considers friends, Ark can open up, be flirtatious, playful and kind-hearted while still maintaining his strong will. When his closest friend died, Ark's social skills dropped significantly; trust is an issue with this canine, and even with his closest friends his intentions are never crystal clear- it is impossible to know whether he is being trustworthy or dishonest. He often tries to at least appear 'friendly'; however, Ark'el can be assertive and bratty to strangers and absolutely despises it when things do not go his way or in a way in which he dislikes. In times like this, he can be very aggressive. Though catch Ark'el in a good mood and he will generally enjoy goofing off. A hopeless romantic, Ark'el longs to find someone to share his life with- someone who he can treat like his princess and take care of. He also wants children some day. Most of his time is spent in Optime form, though occasionally he with tire of being bi-pedal and will shift to Lupus to let off his feral energy in the woods with a good frolic. Lastly, Ark'el's strongest instinct is that which compels him to protect those he cares about. His pack, his friends, his family; touch them and he will rip your claws out one by one. Because of the strength of this instinct, Ark' can often overreact to the slightest disrespect towards his kin or dominants and can be pushed into a confrontation without warning depending on the severity.


Ark'el was born aside three other pups in the midst of a violent snowstorm in January. The untimely birthing subjected the litter to extreme cold, and one by one "Death" picked off the two other youngsters. A mutt by definition, Ark and his siblings' bloodline were generously scrambled and the genes of various canine sub-species held great influence over the pups' builds. Ark- gifted with two layers of thick fur by his Arctic ancestors- was able to survive the rough season and was raised healthy throughout his youth. The rest of his life continued smoothly and was virtually uneventful; he was raised a normal child, was taught to hunt and to fish, and became a generally productive adult. Starting in his early teenage years Ark began to drift apart from his parents, and one day when his mother and father didn't come home he decided it was time he moved on, too. After much travelling, Ark'el stumbled upon the den of a loner wolf much like himself. A strong bond was formed between the two, and Ark found his first friend and mentor through the elder canine, Fauste. Through his youth he had spent most of his time in his Lupus form and it wasn't until meeting Fauste did he fine-tune his bipedal skills. He learnt archery and equestrian skills, as well as became trained in natural medicine. Eventually, the inevitable happened and his age caught up with Fauste. Ark handled badly, and immediately he began to close himself off from others in vain hopes that he wouldn't be as susceptible to such pain again. Recently, Ark'el found the lands of 'Souls, and through even more searching- the borders of Anathema. Here he hopes to find something akin to a family in those who reside there.

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