Aria Soul

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Aria (ahr ee uh) Soul is the daughter of Miriette morte dre Soul and Zither Huxley, born in Areas. She is currently the {RANK} of Packs.

Aria Soul

by Trollface



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Date of Birth

15th February 2011




Birth place



Soul, Sadira, Huxley



  • 50% Canis lupus familiaris (Dog)
  • 37.5% Canis latrans (Coyote)
  • 12.5% Canis lupus (Wolf)





Mate --
Pack None.
Rank None.


  • Eyes: Tana (#D1DDC5).
  • Nose: Base color of Sandal (#A5826F), with spots of Raffia (#DBB29E) and Tan (#D4B494); pawpads are also spotted with these colors.
  • Optime Hair: Pearl Bush (#EDE7DD) with tones of Bone (#E4D1BF) and Double Spanish White (#ECDAC9), with a Vanilla (#d3c1b0) under layer.
  • Fur:
    • Primarily Grain Brown (#E1CBB4) with paler hues of Bone (#E4D1BF).
    • Socks, underbelly, ruff, tail tip, blaze, and facial markings around eyes are Pearl Bush (#EDE7DD) with brighter shades of Double Spanish White (#ECDAC9) for depth.
    • Forehead, between the eyes, muzzle top, shoulder, back and tones in the ruff are interspersed with a coppery shade of Cameo (#DBBEA5) and darker Tan (#D3B493).
    • Facial mask, brindling, tail, and various darker tones and markings are a darker Thatch (#B8A697).
    • Lighter tones of Vanilla (#d3c1b0) give depth to her cheeks, hips, elbows, tail, and shoulder.

Concept by Despi


Though all three of Miriette's children are primarily of sighthound and coyote blood, Aria displays the most doggish build. Her forehead is smooth and low, and her muzzle is borzoi-smooth in line, but boxy in shape, one of the few places her wolfish ancestry manages to display itself in her phenotypic form. Tana (#D1DDC5)-colored eyes are large, and display the Soul incompletely dominant silver, overlaying a pale green rare for a Soul canid, but common for a Huxley one. Her musculature is carefully balanced and tightly wound, owing to her lean and lithe sighthound bloodlines, lain over a deep chest and curving up into slim hips. She is a delicate vine of a canine, effortlessly twisting and turning away from the chilling shadows of evening and ever reaching for the warmth of the sun. An avid dancer by adoration and talent, Aria can only be described as having a dancer’s build; she is home to a strong body made of soft, feminine lines and chiseled muscle, yet, she retains a delicate, graceful air in any movement. Stemming from being built primed to bolt from one thing to another, the young fae is also in possession of magnificent muscle control, and could flow through every muscle group by itself if she so desired. This assists with retaining the hybrid's toned image, while her natural day to day life and appetite do the rest.

In color, her Huxley heritage shows through over the Soul, manifesting in faint brindling over an albeit warmer shade (thanks to her mother's warm color palette) of champagne (Grain Brown (#E1CBB4)) instead of the usual silvers and greys. Her ruff is Pearl Bush (#EDE7DD), as are all four of her socked feet, underbelly, and tail tip. A thin Pearl Bush (#EDE7DD) blaze streaks down the center of her face, stopping short of her piebald pink and brown nose by a few inches, and her eyes are also patched in Pearl Bush (#EDE7DD). Coppery Cameo (#DBBEA5) and darker Tan (#D3B493) splash over her back to the base of her tail, but carry upward into her ruff and onto her face, pooling on her forehead and down her muzzle, again coming short of her nose. She exhibits a partial Huxley facial mask in Thatch (#B8A697), which starts at her whiskers and pulls back into a thin line up to under her eyes; her tail also is mostly Thatch (#B8A697), with tones of Vanilla (#d3c1b0) and Bone (#E4D1BF) underlaying the darker shade. Her fur is long and silky, exhibiting a gentle wave over a generally flat laying pattern, and curls slightly at her elbows and hind-feathering. In the same vein, unlike her father's side of the family, she exhibits a full double coat, another coyote/wolf gene she inherited from her mother, and has no need for the additional clothing most Huxleys require in the winter.

She carries herself with a quiet confidence, gracefully moving through crowds like a fish through water, and tends towards taking up either a dominant or submissive role based on what a situation or group is lacking at the time. Since becoming able to shift, Aria tends to prefer her optime form, finding that the odd high-stepping and otherwise goofy means of dancing she enjoyed as a child are even more fun (not to mention more graceful and choreographed) upon two legs. Though optime is now her favorite form to frequent, she does little to dress it up on most occasions, and tends to just let her long mane do as it pleases, commonly giving her a wild, wind-blown sort of look. Every once in a while, her thick, silky locks might be coiffed into an elegant updo or prim braid, but these are rare times usually reserved for special situations.





43 lbs (19.5 kg)
21 in (53.3 cm)

91 lbs (41.3 kg)
33 in (83.8 cm)

145 lbs (65.8 kg)
5ft 5in (65 in) (165.1 cm)

Aria exhibits the most borzoi in her build of the siblings, but she still sorely lacks in terms of the borzoi height and weight, leaning more towards the spectrum of silken windhound and coyote than wolf or borzoi. Her paws are rounder like that of a wolf's, and splay in a fashion befitting a capable swimmer. Her chest is wide to house large lungs and heart like any agile sighthound's, and tapers back into thin hips over long, light legs that allow her to seem almost flying when she runs. She always has on her tail wrap while in this form.

In this form, Aria takes on a considerably more wolfish look, with a shorter, blunter snout, thicker legs, and wider hips. Her weight overall is still lacking, but what she loses in weight she makes up for in agility, proving to be quite agile even in secui form as compared to the usual lumbering beast a canid in secui tends to be. Her feet become wider, teeth slightly longer, and ears rounder and more wolfish. This is probably the only form in which she looks the most like a dog/wolf cross, tweaked slightly to still be agile by coyote interference, instead of mostly dog/coyote.

Aria lacks in height and weight thanks to some gene inherited from her mostly coyote mother, and so stands at five foot six in Optime form. With decidedly feminine curves, her overall structure is delicate and slender like a well-kept runner; her ribs show subtly beneath her soft skin, while her muscles smoothly lead from one into another. Her legs are shapely, arms proportionate, and hips tapered just so to give the willowy hybrid a pear-shaped look, with gentle curves from her bust to her legs. Her hands are small and long-fingered. Her feet are slightly small for her height, and so she is prone to rolling her ankles. Months of walking in a lop-sided gait will also likely affect her hips later on.



Aria is not often prone to flights of fancy, but the occasional modification has come to grace her body in her short lifetime. Each and every change to herself has been thought over carefully, and each change has a personal meaning to the young Soul child.

  • Piercings: Aria has a total of three piercings; a silver stud in her left ear and right, and an additional silver hoop in her left ear alone.
  • Tattoos: She has yet to discover tattoos.
  • Scars: One long scar down her left leg and a few small scars on her arms from a prior incident with XXXXX.


Aria doesn't tend to wear accessories if she can help it, though she does have a few things from her mother that she continues to sport, despite her father's dislike of them, as well as more functional things.

  • Sheet Music Pendant: This necklace features lovely vintage-style white on black sheet music paper that has been sealed beneath a thick layer of resin. The paper is set in an antique bronze bezel and hangs from an antique bronze chain.
  • A dark green tail wrap, opposite in color from her darker sister, Tara's, red leg wraps. It helps to keep her tail feathers out of harm's way - she got sick of them getting stuck on things when she was younger.


  • Blah blah clothing...



  • Scent: Aria smells like a mixture of:
    • Pine
    • Wind (?)
    • Smoke (?)
  • Speech: Talks like...
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Quirky quirk things!
  • General Posture and Body Language: Does mah bodeh make you randeh? ;P


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Family: Soul, Sadira, Huxley


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  • February: Aria is born.
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