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Anya is a common grey Eastern Timber Wolf. Her fur are shades from white to grey. She has a typical mask marking on her face. She is a lean, smaller sized wolf who stands about 3ft. and weighs 50lbs, roughly the size of a large dog. Her legs are white and are delicately refined due to toned muscles from traveling far distances. The one thing that makes her stand out from other wolves are her light blue eyes, the color like that of a clear summer sky. Her ancestors trace back to those of ancient times, giving her an instinctual knowledge of the earth and all that surrounds her, similar to pagan beliefs. All of her senses are hypersensitive, including sound, touch, and sight. A mystical like appearance can be seen through her eyes alone, as they are abnormally a light blue, rare among Eastern Timber Wolves. Her exposed skin featuring the nose, ears, and pads are a youthful light pink. She does not have any scars or obvious wounds. Being from the far North, she has very thick fur.


She suffers from anxiety and has a fear of trusting others, due to her past unstable relationships. Her heart is a gypsy and is always traveling. She seeks a place where she truly feels belonged to. She is a skilled hunter and being a non-luperci, she relies mostly on her her wit, stealth, claws and teeth. This is because she lacks the ability to handling a weapon.She admires the ways of luperci and finds them fascinating creatures. One day, she hopes to eventually find a companionship, in order to become one herself. Her role as a mother is what she truly takes most pride in. Her pup is everything to her and she will readily risk her own life to save his. She is very protective when around him. She is also thoughtful, respectful, and dignified.


Anna and Alexander Valeska were both originally from Russia. For several years they lived peacefully in the thick forests, until a wildfire spread, forcing the pair to travel East to find new land. Eventually, they reached the land of Nova Scotia. They eventually had two pups named Anya and Larssi. Once the two had grown to be a year, they set off to make new lives, leaving their parents behind. Larssi decided to reside in the lost city, along the mountains. Anya ventured west, seeking the ocean. She longed to catch her first glance at the waves flowing against the rocky shoreline. At that time, being the permiscous, playful wolf she is had a short affair with a dark, mysterious male. He had her completely seduced by the time he left her. It turned out he was a womanizer, leaving her feeling used and betrayed. She still longs for him, her lonely howls can be heard on cold nights, when the moon is full. Within the following months, she noticed her hunger increasing and her belly growing full with pups. She would be a single mother, but was determined to be the best she could. They were born in mid winter, a harsh time for wolves, where food was scarce. Only two out of the three survived. A small, mixed colored female much resembling herself with blue eyes and a male, with a black coat, white patch on his chest and yellow eyes. The fragile female pup passed a week later, leaving one behind. She named him Nikolas, meaning 'Victory'. He was destined to face the hardships but ultimately win, from his strong will to survive. That same strong will that came from his mother.


Parents — Anna and Alexander Valeska
Siblings Larssi