Amun Ortega

Amun Ortega

Date of BirthAugust 28, c. 2003
Agec. > 6 years

Previous Pack

Clouded Tears

Joining dateJuly 10, 2006[1]
RankSubordinate, Graduierter

Amun Ortega was a former member of Clouded Tears in 2006 and 2007.


As a young pup, Amun was separated from his parents so he doesn't even know their names. He was found not long after (it wasn't more than a day or two later) by a lone wolf named Tavis, who took him in. Tavis raised Amun and taught him about pack life, however the pair never joined a pack. When Tavis died from an injury sustained to his jaw by a deer during a hunt, Amun joined a pack nearby after deciding he was unable to survive as a lone wolf.

Unfortunately he was seduced by the alpha female of the pack, who was a lawless and immortal creature who did anything she could to entertain herself- but when her mate discovered the two of them together, the female denied it, saying that Amun was always instigating intimate relations. Her mate had not grown to trust Amun since he had been a newcomer to the pack, and so Amun was banished. He wandered for nearly a month, then came to Clouded Tears where he was greeted by Bellus and accepted by the Alpha, Laruku.Amun's time in was short but he did live during the time of war with Inferni, though he never actively participated in the war or killed coyotes. It is unclear what became of Amun and some time afterward he vanished from the pack.



  • Parents - Unknown
  • Adoptive father - Tavis

Past Lovers

  • Aurora