Alvira Phoenix

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by Hydra

Alvira Phoenix is the daughter of Avinalora Phoenix and formerly the step-daughter of Maelyx Nocturne, fathered by Malik Crane. She has two full-blooded siblings, Winter Phoenix and the late Ghost Phoenix and formerly the step-sibling of Jaketta Einar-Nocturne, Elias Einar-Nocturne, and the late Zea Einar-Nocturne.

Her childhood was relatively peaceful though she did lose one of her siblings at a young age to mercenaries and later witnessed Anathema's fall before she was five months old. Her life in the coven was a peaceful period before her sister and step-mother were kidnapped and later on her step-mother returned blinded. She went through a peaceful month when she learned to shift before her step-mother took her sister and left with only a note. This led to the breakdown of her mother and the coven fell apart. She followed her brother to Halifax, bringing her mother with her as well. And then her mother took she and her brother aside and told them that she was leaving after she told them her story.

Now, Alvira lives in Halifax with her aunt, brother, and mentor.

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  • Date of Birth: November 29th, 2017
  • Gender: Female
  • Luperci: Ortus
  • Residence: Seabreeze Brink
  • Mate: None
  • 72.5% Jackal
  • 25% Dog
  • 2.5% Wolf
  • Name Meaning:
    • First Name: "Dearly Beloved", "Elfish Arrow"
    • Surname: Fiery bird that rises from the ashes
  • Epithets:
  • Argent angel
  • Icy waif
  • Jackal girl
  • Grey-scaled girl
  • Fox-tailed sprite
  • Ghostly girl
  • Frost-hued fledgling
  • Wing-marked wraith
  • Silver waif
  • Pale pixie
  • Winter witch

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  • Puppy (February 2018 - June 2018)
  • Adze (November 2017 - February 2018)
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1.  Appearance

1.1  Essentials


  • Alvira takes after her mother with her small size, fox-like tail, and jackal features. Her fur is longer and silkier due to her dog heritage and capable of withstanding most of the Nova Scotia cold though prefers clothing. She looks almost purely jackal though her coloring and fur gives away her dog blood.
  • Her Lupus form is long-legged with silky fur and a fox-like tail. She looks like a jackal and is average size for one. She is quick and fast in this form.
  • Alvira's Secui form is long-legged and has similar musculature to a normal Secui, except she is still fast and agile. She is quick in this form and the size of a large wolf. This is her strongest form and second-most-used.
  • Her Optime form is small and slender. She has some muscle in this form. Her hips are slightly wider than her narrow shoulders and she has a moderate bust. She wears clothing in this form.
  • Helpful links: Wardrobe, Image Gallery


 Concrete (#F3F3F3)
 Gallery (#F0F0F0)
 Gallery (#EDEDED)
 Gallery (#EFEFEF)
 Mercury (#E6E6E6)
 Alto (#D8D8D8)
 Alto (#DCDCDC)
 Silver (#C0C0C0)
 Silver Chalice (#A8A8A8)
 Alabaster (#FAFAFA)
 Dove Grey (#646464)
 Dove Grey (#686868)

Hair Streak:

 Heavy Metal (#191B1A)

Right Eye:

 Everglade (#234E20)

Left Eye:

 Parsley (#1E5A1E)

Pupil Ring:

 Goblin (#307830)


 Coffee (#776555)

20 lbs (9.07 kg)
15 in (38 cm)

120 lbs (45.36 kg)
39 in (99 cm)

135 lbs (54.4 kg)
4 ft 11 in (59 in \ 50 cm)


  • Speech: Her voice reference is Camren Bicondova as Selina Kyle from Gotham.
  • Scent: Feminine, Jackal, Corvid, Fox, Forest
  • Quirks, Gestures, Etc.: Often has a smirk
  • General Posture and Body Language: Confident, just like her mother.


Alvira wears clothing and is humanized like her mothers. A majority of her current wardrobe was from her mother's own wardrobe. Some of her outfits may be accompanied by leggings or legwarmers.

  1. Red plaid skirt made from dyed, handspun flax and a Trouble T-Shirt made from knitted linen
  2. Blue shirt made from linen, pants made from jute, and a dyed leather jacket with carved designs]]
  3. Black long-sleeve and skirt that was her mother's. Made from linen and wool.
  4. Black dress and red jacket that was her mother's. Dress is made of linen and jacket is dyed leather and buttons. Legwarmers were made from wool.
  5. Black long-sleeved dress that was her mother's. Wool dress.
  6. Black leather jacket that was formerly her mother's. Now with buttons.
  7. Red shirt and leather jacket Red shirt made of wool, pants made from jute, and jacket of leather and buttons.

1.2  Images

2.  Personality

Alvira is very determined and was thrusted into a caretaking role at a young age. She became more mature and her mother's well-being is very important to her. She strives to be a good daughter.

Her childhood left her trusting little and she is no stranger to loss. She is very protective of her mother and keeps her heart hidden from others. Witnessing Maelyx leaving their family and Avinalora's breakdown, she does not trust love.

She has endless curiosity for the world and loves to try everything new. She is a go-getter and while she does listen to adults, she thinks that just because they didn't say it, it doesn't mean that it's off limits. She can be a bit bossy and likes to get what she wants.

Alvira is also fiery and is rather determined once she sets her mind on it. She has a stubborn streak and it is hard to persuade her to change her mind unless she sees that the path she is on is a dead end. She is a bit competitive and wants to do better, to exceed, or at least impress.

  • Future Personality

The Phoenix daughter has inherited many of her mother's traits including her mother's intelligence. She has keen and cunning intellect that allows her to assess situations and react accordingly. She also has her mother's observant nature and her memory is up to par when it comes to learning and information, but she tends to slip up on names and her recall is shaky when it comes to instructions given to her. She is a natural improviser and can think on her feet.

She also has her mother's fiery personality with a healthy dose of confidence. She is as fearless as her mothers and brave in the face of danger.

2.1  Traits


  • Outlook: Realist
  • Sociability: Ambivert, Dominant
  • Expression: Dominant
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with some Neutral Good traits.
    • "Individual, freedom and independence are as important to life and happiness."
    • "Can cooperate in groups, but she won't always trust a group to be more effective than she could be themselves."
    • "Strong individualists marked by a streak of kindness and benevolence."


  • Her mother's well-being
  • Learning new things
  • Ambition


  • Harm befalling her loved ones


  • Likes: Reading, Birds, Stealth, Running
  • Dislikes: other things, but also, stuff


  • Packs: N/A
  • Species: Was raised in a group with many other types of Luperci and holds little bias. But, she does seem to trust jackal, wolf, and dog hybrids the best since that was what her group was made up of.
  • Non-Luperci: Has little to no knowledge of Non-Luperci
  • Gender: Alvira may have a slight bias towards men.
  • Color: ?
  • Sexuality: Alvira had two mothers and doesn't see anything wrong with same-sex relationships.
  • Age: ?


  • Kinsey 3:
  • Bisexual with a preference for women.


  • Alvira was raised in a coven and believes in magic and spirits.
  • She was exposed to her mother's beliefs about the gods that influence fate. Fate, the god of the fate of warriors, Kismet, the god of the fate of hunters, and Moira, the goddess of the fate of healers. She later on added a goddess for the fate of witches, Circe. She tries to appeal to all of the gods. She was also educated in other deities and calls upon them in rituals.
  • Alvira also believes in the mother goddess and calls upon her during rituals. She also believes that there are goddesses of the four directions, Locasta of the north, Glinda of the south, Evanora of the east, and Theodora of the west.


What substances has your character tried? Are they highly experimental or not at all inclined to try? Do they have an opinion on those who do indulge in "illicit" substances?

2.2  Skills and Assets

  • TBA

3.  Connections

3.1  Family

Italics denote unknown

3.2  Relationships

Key Relationships

Positive Relationships

Poor Relationships

  • Maelyx Nocturne was her step-mother but her departure caused a massive breakdown of Alvira's life. Holds some resentment towards her
  • Lux Einar was formerly an ally but his descent into madness made her see him in a bad light.

Notable Associations

  • Sexual partners: N/A
  • Violent encounters: N/A
  • Acquaintances: Aliyah

4.  Property

4.1  Residence

credit, location, whateva

Alvira currently lives in a small home in Halifax with her aunt, brother, and teacher/friend. The home has been fixed up by the previous occupants.

Two floors of the home are habitable and it has three bedrooms on the second floor. Alvira and Winter sleep in one room, Adrian sleep in another, and Kitiara has her own room. The first floor has a living room, kitchen, storage rooms, and in the basement is Adrian's workspace.

Residence Inventory


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4.2  Trade

Offered Goods

  • Specific stuff
  • Even animals I guess
  • Don't forget commissions or mentorship is an option

Requested Goods

  • Stuff you want
    • Specifically this maybe
    • But also this probably
  • Thing
  • Thing

5.  NPCs

Character NPC

Youth NPC

Minor NPCs



Can be Referenced...

Lachesis (Raven)


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Common Raven
  • Date of Birth: 2017
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Length: 25 inches
    • Wingspan: 50 inches
    • Weight: 3.5 lbs
  • Key Features: Peculiar coloration
  • Coloration: Dark head and peculiar coloring. Eucalyptus (#25a55f) eyes.

Around Packs:

  • This


Skills & Abilities

  • This


  • Boop


  • Bap



Can be Referenced...

Pythia (Crow)


  • Gender: Female
  • Species: American Crow
  • Date of Birth: 2017
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Length: 18 inches
    • Wingspan: 35 inches
    • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Key Features: White feathers
  • Coloration: Black with white wings. Gulf Stream (#7DB4AC) eyes.

Around Packs:

  • This


Skills & Abilities

  • This


  • Boop


  • Bap



Can be Referenced...

Haldis (Red Fox)

Face Ref | Ref

  • Gender: Male
  • Species: Red Fox
  • Date of Birth: May 18th, 2018
  • Onboard?: Yes
  • Size:
    • Length:
    • Wingspan:
    • Weight:
  • Key Features:
  • Coloration:

Around Packs:

  • This


Skills & Abilities

  • This


  • Boop


  • Bap

6.  History

Alvira Phoenix was born alongside Winter Phoenix and Ghost Phoenix to Avinalora Phoenix. She was fathered by a male named Malik Crane, though they both don't know of each other's existence. Just after she took her first breath, Alvira's sibling, Ghost died.

She was raised in a large family composed of her mother, "Avi" and her brother Winter, as well as her other mother's, "Mae", children, Jaketta, Elias, and Zea. The girl lived her first weeks in peace.

But she faced loss at a young age when her brother, Zea was killed by mercenaries. Her mother threw herself into work on birds and the girl was acquainted with corvids from a young age as well as a feline caretaker.

They lived their next months peacefully until Kentaro's assault on Anathema and the burning of the village. Alvira did not see much fighting but does remember the burning of the village and her mother coming home bloody. She and the witches of Anathema fled to start their own coven.

There were a couple of months of peace for the family before yet another incident. Mae and Jaketta were kidnapped and while her sister returned, her stepmother came home later and blinded. The family weathered the crisis but that was not the end.

Also, Alvira and her brother shifted at the end of May and the girl was gifted two avian companions and gifts from her mother and family.

In June, Maelyx and Jaketta left with only a note. This caused her mother to breakdown after so much trauma. Her brother left not long after to live with their aunt. The coven broke apart and the girl was determined to get her mother out and to somewhere they could be happy. Before they left, the girl was given a silver fox kit, Haldis.

The girl took her mother to be with her family in Halifax.

6.1  Post Log & Archives

November 2017

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.

  1. yNPC The phoenix rises from the ashes in the dawn's light [M]
    Alvira and Winter are born!
  2. yNPC You'll never know the freakshow sitting next to you
    With Serana Leishman. Avinalora introduces her puppies to another pup.

December 2017

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.

January 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life. Maybe don't write it or add the Hide button until the end of the month!


  1. yNPC The black magic of Mullhound Drive
    With Maelyx Nocturne, Jaketta Einar-Nocturne, Elias Einar-Nocturne
  2. yNPC Witchcraft Sunday School
    With Maelyx Nocturne, Wrath Lykoi, Banshee Lykoi, Abaddon Lykoi, Imp Lykoi. Avinalora joined the other parents in the Helios temple for a school session.

February 2018

~100-200 word paragraph summarizing the key events of the month in your character's life.

  1. yNPC World on fire
    With Anathema.

March 2018


April 2018


May 2018

At the end of this month, Alvira and Winter shift!

June 2018


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